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Council Minutes 12/5/01


CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor Robertson at 7:30pm)

OATH OF OFFICE Law Director Crites administered the Oath of Office to Melissa Hartfield and Richard Main, newly elected members of Council, and to Lyn Robertson, who was re-elected.

ROLL CALL Those responding to the Roll Call were Councilmembers Bellman, Crais, Hartfield, McGowan, Main, and Moore; Mayor Robertson; Manager Hickman, Law Director Crites.

APPOINTMENT OF CLERK AND DEPUTY CLERK Law Director Crites administered the Oath of Office to Sandy Ellinger, Deputy Clerk. Beverly Adzic, Clerk, was unable to attend this meeting.

ELECTION OF MAYOR Matt McGowan was elected Mayor by written ballot. After Law Director Crites administered the Oath of Office, outgoing Mayor Lyn Robertson presented the gavel to Mayor McGowan. He thanked Councilmember Robertson for her two years of service as Mayor and challenged Councilmembers and Village staff to work together to bring the community together in a cooperative manner over the next two years. He also encouraged area residents to get involved and added he looks forward to working with elected officials in Licking County and the larger Granville community.

ELECTION OF VICE-MAYOR Candi Moore was elected Vice-Mayor by written ballot. Law Director Crites administered the Oath of Office.

CITIZENS’ COMMENTS (Opened by Mayor McGowan at 7:44pm) All Topics (7:44pm) Kathy Lowery, Superintendent of Schools, 130 N. Granger Street. Superintendent Lowery thanked Council for their hard work this past year in trying to create an ordinance that would be acceptable to the Board of Education— culminating in Ordinance 41-01, which appears on this evening’s agenda. She thanked Vice Mayor Moore for her continuing work on this issue and asked Council to approve Ordinance 41-01.

John Crecca, 1550 Welsh Hills Road. Mr. Crecca stated the Village should not disturb the holiday tree on Broadway. He then asked what was going to happen with Sinnett House. Mayor McGowan responded that the Rec Commission had been discussing creating something for the community. Councilmember Robertson reported on her discussions with Manager Hickman, noting that a “Seniors” committee had been meeting all during the fall. That group is very interested in making certain that another facility like Sinnett House exists and Council is friendly to the idea of continuing to support it. Manager Hickman emphasized that Sinnett House and the Granville Fellowship are two different entities, and urged Mr. Crecca to attend a meeting scheduled for 8:30am on December 13th to discuss this issue. Councilmember Robertson shared “Save The Tree” letters she had received from groups of first- and second-grade children about the holiday tree. Mayor McGowan stated he appreciated the fact that the public had been involved before the fact and noted we will continue to solicit public input. Councilmember Moore thanked Councilmember Bellman for his advocacy at the River Road zoning hearing, noting that he had been a “strong voice” for protecting Village interests.

Ohio EPA – Dan Dudley (7:50pm) Mr. Dudley spoke to the issue of “208” (or water-quality) planning. He briefly reviewed the specifics of the situation between the School District and the Village, noting that his job at OPEA is to deal with overall regulations and planning; others deal with specific permitting. He did a brief power-point presentation on 208 planning, followed by Council questions. Councilmember Robertson asked if a 208 plan could limit an area to using a specific service provider. It can. She then asked if it could serve to control growth (i.e., if Granville made a plan for Granville Township, could Newark and Southwest Licking step in and extend sewer/water service?). Mr. Dudley noted that Granville is a designated management agency. It needs to define its current and projected service areas, based on population projections and in agreement with other jurisdictions. In doing so, specific areas could be designated for central sewer service and others for on-lot disposal systems. In short, the Village needs to analyze its ability to serve and zone accordingly. In any case, service could only be provided by another designated management agency. A 208 plan cannot prevent another agency from providing service; it can only require that the service provider have designated management agency status. Councilmember Moore asked if the County needed to be involved in Granville’s efforts to work out a 208 with the OEPA. Mr. Dudley said it does, since they have legal authority for everything outside Granville’s boundary. The plan itself doesn’t have to be a county-wide plan, but local acceptance/buy-in is very important. Mayor McGowan thanked Mr. Dudley for his time.

Bike Pathway/Bridge Funding Request – Ron Sheldon (8:12pm) Ron Sheldon, 278 Llanberis Drive. Mr. Sheldon noted that the deadline for the grant application for this project is approaching. He needs an assured commitments of funds from three local entities—Granville Village, Granville Township, and the Licking County Park District Commissioners. These commitments of $50,000 apiece, for a total of $150,000, need to take the form of a budget line in each entity’s 2002 budget, copies of which will be included with the grant application. Mayor McGowan noted that the budget will be approved at the meeting of December 19th. Councilmember Hartfield asked Mr. Sheldon about the project’s timeline. Mr. Sheldon responded that the work is planned for Summer 2003. However, the historical bridge to be used needs to be moved ASAP (at the request of local authority where it now sits). The Licking County Engineer will store the bridge until we are ready for it. If the hoped-for “green light” is given to the group on July 1, 2003, the project will be completed by October 1, 2003. Councilmember Robertson expressed concern about pedestrian access to River Road across the new Main Street bridge (a 4’4” berm, separated from traffic by a painted line). Manager Hickman and Mr. Sheldon noted that pedestrians would be able to use the bike path and the new bridge to gain access to River Road. Mr. Sheldon also raised the possibility of perhaps installing another historic bridge nearer to South Main Street for additional pedestrian access to the area south of Raccoon Creek. He noted that these old bridges are “draws” in and of themselves because of their historic value. Law Director Crites noted that, while his research is not yet complete, case law would seem to suggest that an appropriation of money for something outside the Village may be somewhat problematic (based on two cases from 1923 and 1928 interpreting Article 18 Section 3, the Home-Rule provision, to confine powers to be exercised within village boundaries). He noted that State statutes may allow otherwise (e.g., parkland, airports). Mr. Sheldon noted that ODNR has said that cases like this fit in the parkland/ recreational area classification. Law Director Crites noted that a joint park district would ensure that this would be possible. Mr. Sheldon added that the Granville Recreation Commission’s territory covers the same footprint as the School District.

PUBLIC HEARING (8:25pm) Ordinance No 38-01, An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 25- 00 Providing For Adjustments Of the Annual Budget For the Fiscal Year 2001 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses, was introduced by title by Mayor McGowan. No one appeared to speak for or against the Ordinance. Mayor McGowan closed the Public Hearing at 8:26pm.

Resolution No. 01-62 (2002 Budget). The Village staff reviewed the budget and responded to questions, in preparation for Council’s vote on December 19, 2001. [Full content of the discussion may be found on the second side of Tape 1, beginning at reference #2020.] Mayor McGowan closed the Public Hearing at 9:10pm. (Note: Councilmember Bellman was excused from the meeting at 8:55pm.)

OLD BUSINESS (9:11pm) Ordinance No. 38-01, An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 25- 00 Providing For Adjustments Of the Annual Budget For the Fiscal Year 2001 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses, was introduced by Councilmember Crais. Second by Councilmember Robertson. A Roll Call vote yielded six affirmative votes (Councilmembers Crais, Hartfield, Main, and Robertson; Vice Mayor Moore, Mayor McGowan. Ordinance No. 38-01 is amended. 

NEW BUSINESS (9:13pm) Ordinance No. 39-01, An Ordinance To Make Appropriations For Current Expenses And Other Expenditures Of The Village Of Granville, State Of Ohio, During The Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2002, was introduced by Councilmember Crais. Second by Councilmember Robertson. Mayor McGowan set the public hearing for December 19, 2001.

Ordinance No. 41-01, An Ordinance To Authorize The Sale Of Surplus Village Utilities For Use At the Granville Exempted Village School District’s New School Site, was introduced by Councilmember Moore. Second by Councilmember Hartfield. Mayor McGowan set the public hearing for December 19, 2001.

Resolution No. 01-68, A Resolution Of Appreciation To Members Of The Charter Review Commission, was introduced by Councilmember Robertson. Second by Vice Mayor Moore. Motion carried, 6-0.

Resolution No. 01-69, A Resolution To Award The Bid For The Purchase Of Water-Treatment Chemicals, was introduced by Vice Mayor Moore. Second by Councilmember Hartfield. Motion carried, 6-0.

OTHER (9:15pm) Comprehensive Plan (S.R. 161 Widening Project) Manager Hickman will provide someone to address this issue during Citizens’ Comments at the meeting of December 19, 2001.

REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES Regularly Scheduled Meeting – November 7, 2001 Councilmember Robertson moved to accept the Minutes as submitted; second by Councilmember Crais. Motion carried, 6- 0.

Special Meeting – November 28, 2001 The following addition/correction was requested by Councilmember Robertson: p. 3, 6th paragraph, last sentence – delete as shown: “…where sewer-and-water might be extended and where it might not (i.e., where the OEPA is willing or not willing to approve package plants.”

MAYOR’S COURT REPORT – October (9:17pm) The Mayor's Court Report for the month of October was presented for review. Vice Mayor Moore moved to accept the report; second by Councilmember Main. Motion carried, 6-0. Mayor McGowan directed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of said report is attached as part of these minutes. MANAGER’S REPORT – October The Manager's Report for the month of October was presented for review. Councilmember Crais moved to accept the report; second by Councilmember Robertson. Motion carried, 6-0. Mayor McGowan directed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of said report is attached as part of these minutes.

COMMITTEE REPORTS (9:18pm) Mayor McGowan noted that new members for the committees would be set at the next meeting and asked for input from members of Council.

Economic Development Committee (Crais, Robertson; Moore) Councilmember Crais noted the group would be meeting tomorrow morning at 7:30am at Cherry Valley Lodge to hear the final report by the OSU group.

Finance Liaison (Moore) Vice Mayor Moore reported she had reviewed tax collections with Molly Roberts. The 2001 budget for estate-tax receipts was $25,000; receipts-to-date total $128,000. Property taxes are coming in as planned. Ms. Roberts anticipates a $1.5MM unencumbered balance by the end of the year.

Granville Foundation [A new committee to be added to the list, at the suggestion of Councilmember Main. A representative needs to be named.]

JEDD (Robertson) Councilmember Robertson reported that Wes Sargent would represent the Township Trustees on this group, starting in January. She has given him the names of Council’s reps (Dan Bellman and Clifton Crais) as well as the Council-appointed citizen rep (Tym Tyler). She also expressed her hope that this group might express some interest in pursuing the 208 issue on a joint Village/Township basis. Newark/Granville Committee (Bellman, Robertson) No report.

Personnel Committee (McGowan) No report.

Planning Commission (new representative to be named) No report.

Recreation Commission (McGowan) Mayor McGowan reported that participation numbers are up. The Rec Commission is taking over the wrestling activity from the school. They are discussing whether or not to put in a playground by the ball diamonds at Raccoon Park. They are solidly behind the bridge extension from the bike path, though they have no funds to contribute. Mayor McGowan added his concerns to those expressed earlier by Councilmember Robertson about the need for some way to cross Raccoon Creek that would be safer than the Main Street bridge. Senior Citizen Committee (Robertson) No report.

Strategic Land Acquisition Committee (Bellman, Crais; Moore) Councilmember Crais’ final report is done. He asked that a time be set for the review of the report when other items are not so pressing. Manager Hickman suggested it be put on the agenda for the first meeting in January 2002. Streetlight Committee (McGowan) No report.

Streets/Sidewalks/Utilities Committee (Bellman, Crais) No report.

Tree & Landscape Committee (Moore) Vice Mayor Moore reported that about 54 trees have been planted in the fall planting schedule. The committee has discussed several alternatives for replacement trees if the current holiday tree were to be removed.

Union Cemetery Board (new representative to be named)

MEETING ANNOUNCEMENTS December 6 Comprehensive Plan Review (7:00pm) December 10 Planning Commission (7:30pm) December 11 Tree & Landscape Committee (7:00pm) December 13 Senior Living Committee (8:30am) December 13 BZBA (7:00pm) December 19 Village Council (7:30pm)

ADJOURNMENT Councilmember Crais moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:30pm. Second by Councilmember Hartfield. Motion carried, 6-0. Meeting adjourned. 

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