Granville Community Calendar

Council Minutes 3/7/01

CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor Robertson at 7:34pm)

ROLL CALL (7:34pm)
Those responding to the roll call were Councilmembers
Bellman, Crais, McGowan, and Moore; Vice Mayor Wernet,
Mayor Robertson, Manager Hickman, and Law Director Crites.
Councilmember Lucier arrived at 7:36pm.

Mayor Robertson asked those assembled to share a moment of
silent remembrance for Mary Fellabaum, a valued member of
our community. Councilmember Crais expressed appreciation
for Ms. Fellabaum’s friendship and her “utter commitment”
to Granville. Vice Mayor Wernet added his appreciation of
her “unbounded energy.”

CITIZENS’ COMMENTS (opened by Mayor Robertson at 7:37pm)
A.  All Topics
1.  Sensibilities Lease/Sub-Lease  
Ed Vance, 248 Thornwood Drive. Mr. Vance asked for
clarification of the pending resolution. [Manager Hickman
stated he would amplify this at the proper point in the

Ginny Sharkey, Senior Warden-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.
Ms. Sharkey reminded Council that the land now used as
Opera House Park was originally owned by St. Luke’s. She
asked for a full 8-year term on the lease extension since
St. Luke’s will be investing considerable sums to bring the
Sensibilities building up to code. She concluded by saying
that our churches are growing at an unprecedented rate as
they try to meet their obligations to the growing community
and asked Council to enable St. Luke’s to “help raise the
future stewards of Granville.”

2.  Denison University’s Proposal to Reconfigure Burg Street
Lori Green, 445 Burg Street. Ms. Green expressed concern
about the moving of Burg Street and asked why Denison was
not treated as other neighbors—required to notify adjacent
property-owners of planned changes—and whether this project
will go through the normal channels of BZBA and Planning
Commission or just to Council. Manager Hickman noted that
notifications typically go to neighbors for a BZBA
variance; something not required by Institutional-District
zoning. Denison will, however, go through the Planning
Commission for aesthetics approvals for the proposed
buildings. The process of moving the road will need to go
through Streets & Sidewalks before it comes to Council,
which will hold public hearings before making the final
decision. He added that the Planning Commission will look
at the site plan and road layout, but is not empowered to
make the final relocation approval. Mayor Robertson assured
Ms. Green that ample notice would be given of all public
meetings; Vice Mayor Wernet suggested that Ms. Green could
add her name to the Village’s e-mail list-serve to be
notified directly. Councilmember Crais stated that
relocating a road is an exceptional move and asked if
Denison could send out letters to area residents anyway.
Manager Hickman responded that, even though this particular
project is still three years off, he had already discussed
that with Seth Patton and Denison was certainly willing to
do so when the time came. Councilmember Bellman felt that
Streets & Sidewalks should involve the Planning Commission
in the discussions.

3.  Proposed Traffic Study
Cathy Smith, 44 Trinity Court. Ms. Smith expressed surprise
and dismay that Council was still talking about the issue
of neighborhood schools and the Reese site. She stated her
belief that this traffic study is skewed to create more
division in the community instead of acknowledging that
this decision was made and we should all now support it.
[Vice Mayor Wernet clarified that this proposal had not yet
been approved. Councilmember Crais felt it was incumbent on
Council to gather this information since the School Board
had not done so, stating that the “community expects
Council to look into the impact” of the project and the
School Board “left a huge gaping hole on the basic issue of
transportation.”] Ms. Smith said she was not debating the
reasonableness of doing a traffic study; she simply felt
the issue could have been handled without divisiveness.
[Councilmember Crais said Council had tried that route and
their offer was met with threats. Councilmember McGowan
reiterated his stance that he was not elected to do the
School Board’s work. Mayor Robertson stated that this issue
would be dealt with under “New Business.”]

Patty Brown, 55 Old Farm Road. Ms. Brown agreed with Ms.
Smith’s comments, then asked if the traffic study could
include Jones Road and Cherry Valley Road. [Mayor Robertson
again referred to the scheduled discussion later in the
Monica Grafeo, 235 Bryn Du Drive. Ms. Grafeo objected to
Council repeatedly bringing up the traffic issue and trying
to “strong-arm” the School Board and “protract the issue.”
She said the School Board feels they have done their job
and Council should stop trying to do it for them. Council
should also lose its “condescending tone” toward the school
board, which is leading to the divisiveness. [Mayor
Robertson invited Ms. Grafeo to stay for the scheduled
discussion, adding that Council has a real need to know
whether and how the traffic patterns will be affected. Vice
Mayor Wernet expressed agreement with Ms. Grafeo’s point
but stated he also agreed with Councilmember Crais, in that
Council is left with a situation where it is reasonable to
look at traffic impacts.]
B.  Historical Society—Sinnett House
Bob Hill, 209 West Broadway (speaking on behalf of the
Granville Historical Society). Mr. Hill, in a brief review
of the situation, reported that the Library, after
exploring ways to extend their facilities, concluded they
wanted to expand at their current site and have already
purchased the Pyle home on South Prospect Street. Lacking a
suitable piece of property for the relocation of Sinnett
House (which they own), they were considering tearing it
down. The Historical Society wanted to save the structure
and began to consider moving it to the back of the
Historical Society museum on Broadway, siting it as a free-
standing structure behind the museum with a connecting
atrium that would allow each structure to maintain its
architectural integrity. This proposal was received well by
the Planning Commission.

Mr. Hill emphasized that the Historical Society does not
want to dislocate the Granville Fellowship and hopes to
identify a win-win-win solution for the three entities
involved, without conveying any sense of competing for
Sinnett House. However, the Historical Society finds itself
in a time pinch and needs Council’s assistance. If Sinnett
House is going to end up behind the museum, the Historical
Society needs to proceed with drawings, permits, and the
like so they’ll be ready to take the it when the Library
needs to have it moved. They are obviously reluctant to
proceed, however, if there is any possibility of it going
elsewhere. With that in mind, Mr. Hill asked Council if
there were any substance to the possibility of it being
moved to Opera House Park. [Mayor Robertson asked about
specific timing, since everything depends on when the
Library needs the House moved from their lot.] Mr. Hill
said the Library would like to know sometime during the
month of March where the House is going; Dick Daly,
president of the Historical Society, added that the Library
would like the building moved by this summer. [Mayor
Robertson suggested that all the players come to Council’s
next regular meeting with models, drawings, and background
materials so Council could make an informed decision.
Councilmember Lucier felt that would be infringing on the
Planning Commission’s role.]

Betty Allen, 16681 Columbus Road. Mrs. Allen stated that
any proposal that took the House away from the seniors was
a “lose” situation. She spoke in favor of moving it to
Opera House Park (including re-attaching the add-on
kitchen, which would have to be removed in order to move
the building anywhere). [Mayor Robertson reiterated her
desire to talk about this in greater detail at the next
meeting. Vice Mayor Wernet conveyed his concerns about
maintaining open spaces accessible by pedestrians. In that
vein, he suggested that perhaps Council should approach the
School Board about moving its administrative offices out to
the Van Winkle site and selling their Granger Street
property to the Village, which could then use it for
purposes where location makes a difference. Vice Mayor
Wernet added that future Village—an expanded post office
and a senior community center, for example—should also be
kept in mind as Council discusses land and property
acquisitions. Councilmember McGowan suggested a post-office
sub-station and then noted that Sinnett House would not be
big enough to meet the needs of a full-service community
Councilmember Lucier restated the two questions on the
table—the moving of Sinnett House to 1) the museum property
or 2) Opera House Park. Mayor Robertson asked Council if
they perceived any “fatal flaws” in the move to the museum
property; all seven members said they did not. Mayor
Robertson then asked how Council felt about changing Opera
House Park. Councilmember Crais said he was a “maybe.”  
Councilmember Moore said she would not want to do so since
a number of other downtown buildings will soon be vacant,
we don’t have enough information about how the Fellowship
operates, we don’t know enough about what the Rec
Commission’s future needs will be, and she’s not at all
sure that this is an appropriate long-term solution.
Councilmembers McGowan and Lucier agreed with Councilmember
Moore. Councilmember Lucier added that she didn’t feel the
structure, itself, was essential to the Fellowship’s
activities and she was reluctant to use up “our last green
space in town.” Councilmember Bellman said he was “close to
Councilmember Crais’ ‘maybe,’” but also wanted to consider
Councilmember Lucier’s points. He also would appreciate the
advice of a landscape architect. Vice Mayor Wernet “agreed
with everything that has been said” and added that Opera
House Park is a critical piece of property and this issue
shouldn’t be decided based on the needs of one
organization. Mayor Robertson again reiterated her desire
for more information, urging interested citizens to come to
the next meeting to discuss this.

Mr. Daly emphasized the Historical Society’s need to make
sure all available options were examined before they invest
dollars and move forward. He added that they don’t want to
put up roadblocks for anyone but rather want to make sure
everybody is well served. He said they look forward to
hearing Council’s discussion at their next meeting.

Mayor Robertson closed Citizens’ Comments at 8:47pm.

A.  A Public Hearing was held on Ordinance No. 03-01, An
Ordinance To Amend Chapter 925.08(d) Of The Codified
Ordinances Of Granville, Ohio. No one appeared to speak for
or against this Ordinance. Mayor Robertson closed the
public hearing at 8:48pm.

B.  A Public Hearing was held on Ordinance No. 04-01, An
Ordinance To Revise The Codified Ordinances By Adopting
Current Replacement Pages. No one appeared to speak for or
against this Ordinance. Mayor Robertson closed the public
hearing at 8:48pm.

C.  A Public Hearing was held on Ordinance No. 05-01, An
Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 25-00 Providing For
Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal Year 2001
And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses. No one appeared
to speak for or against this Ordinance. Mayor Robertson
closed the public hearing at 8:48pm.

D.  A Public Hearing was held on Ordinance No. 06-01, An
Ordinance To Amend Section 921.07 Of The Codified
Ordinances Of Granville, Ohio Establishing Sewer
Regulations And Charges. No one appeared to speak for or
against this Ordinance. Mayor Robertson closed the public
hearing at 8:49pm.

A.  Resolution No. 01-18, A Resolution To Authorize The
Village Manager To Advertise For Bids For The Purchase Of A
Dump Truck, was introduced by Councilmember Bellman. Second
by Councilmember Crais. The motion carried.

B.  Resolution No. 01-19, A Resolution To Authorize The
Village Manager To Seek Proposals For A Compensation And
Classification Study, was introduced by Councilmember
Lucier. Second by Vice Mayor Wernet.

Discussion: Councilmember Lucier clarified that she had not
proposed just looking at classifications. Rather, she sees
the need to look at the whole way staff is organized and
whether or not that organization supports achieving what we
want. Councilmember Crais proposed amending the Resolution
by 1) creating a new Section 2 which would read: “This
study will evaluate and study organizational patterns and
structure of the Village’s administration and staff, in
conformity with Councilmember Lucier’s memo of February 10,
2001.”  The original Section 2 would then become Section 3.
Second by Vice Mayor Wernet. The motion-to-amend carried.
The motion-as-amended carried.

NOTE: Councilmember Crais suggested moving ahead to
consideration of Resolution 01-21 so citizens present to
speak to that issue would not have to wait any longer.
Councilmember McGowan suggested the same for Resolution 01-
22. Council agreed to the change in the agenda. At 8:57pm,
Councilmember Crais recused himself for the discussion and
vote on Resolution 01-21.

D. Resolution No. 01-21, A Resolution To Allow
Sensibilities, Inc. To Sublease The Property At 118 S. Main
Street, Granville, Ohio, Currently Known As Sensibilities,
Inc., was introduced by Vice Mayor Wernet. Second by
Councilmember Moore.

Discussion:  Law Director Crites, responding to a question
from Councilmember McGowan, stated that the original
lessee’s first five-year renewal will expire in 2004. Under
the terms of the March 1994 lease, there is a provision for
an automatic second 5-year renewal, so long as they are
performing faithfully their terms and conditions and give
appropriate notice. In his opinion, the language of this
agreement suggests that Sensibilities should enter into a
lease with the Church, under the terms of which the
renewals would take effect (meaning the church’s sublease
would then expire in eight years). [Mr. Vance stated that
Sensibilities has every intention to renew for its last
five-year term since they have a huge investment at stake.]
Law Director Crites noted that Paragraph 2 of the
Resolution reserves Council’s right to review the lease in

Gwynneth Mudd, Rector of St. Luke’s. Rector Mudd said she
was concerned with Paragraph 2’s language re “reclaiming”
the lease since St. Luke’s would be investing a lot of
money to bring the building up to code for educational
purposes and would not want the lease to be pulled out from
under them. Law Director Crites clarified that Council, if
it elected not to allow the exercise of the last five-year
option, would have to buy out the last five years of the
lease, including adjustments for investments made. In
short, the Village cannot just deny exercise of renewal
without breaching their contract.

Councilmember Lucier tied together this Resolution and the
previous conversations about Sinnett House, wondering if
the Sensibilities space might be an appropriate place for
the Granville Fellowship to meet. Ms. Sharkey reported that
they have already considered using the space for community

Manager Hickman, responding to a question from
Councilmember Moore, clarified that the Sensibilities
building is part of the Village Square and therefore
qualifies for uses for  “religious purposes” under 1159.02
(a)3. Mr. Vance added that, while the exact extent of the
proposed modifications is not yet known, it is an advantage
to the Village to have the building brought up to code. The
opportunity for review will come when St. Luke’s brings
their plans before the appropriate Village entities for
approval. Council-member Bellman expressed concern about
taking the Sensibilities building off-line for retail
purposes for eight years but added that his concerns were
tempered by the fact that the proposed use(s) would bring
people downtown, helping to maintain downtown as a social
and cultural hub. Mayor Robertson said she had also thought
about the loss of retail space but was “convinced that the
founders of the Village wanted religious uses for those
four corners.” Ms. Sharkey said that St. Luke’s was attuned
to the community needs but cautioned that they can’t
guarantee outcomes. Mr. Vance noted that no retail
businesses had approached him in over a year to talk about
the space.

Councilmember Moore stated that, in her opinion, Council
had no right to limit the sublease to just three years
since it had granted the lessee automatic renewals which he
is entitled to exercise. Since he has presented an
appropriate and reasonable sub-lessor and Council doesn’t
have the right to micromanage the situation. She added that
there is plenty of retail space available and she
would “rather see a lighted building than a dark one.”

Vice Mayor Wernet moved to delete the existing Section 2
from Resolution No. 01-21 (“Council expressly reserves the
right to review the Sensibilities, Inc. lease prior to the
second five-year renewal for the purposes of reclaiming the
lease.”). The existing Section 3 then becomes Section 2.
Also, in Paragraph 2 of the recital, remove the
second “Whereas” (“Whereas Council will review the
Sensibilities, Inc. lease prior to the second five-year
renewal for the purpose of reclaiming the lease; and”).
Second by Councilmember Moore. Motion-to-amend carried.
Councilmember Bellman moved that language be added to
include the idea that “St. Luke’s would make every effort
to make the space available to the community.” There was no
second. Vice Mayor Wernet called the question. The motion-
as-amended carried.

Councilmember Crais resumed his seat at the table.

E. Resolution No. 01-22, A Resolution To Authorize The
Village Manager To Enter Into An Agreement With Parsons
Transportation  Group For The Purpose Of Conducting A
Traffic Study, was introduced by Councilmember Crais.
Second by Councilmember Wernet.  

Discussion: Vice Mayor Wernet proposed an amendment to
modify Exhibit “A” of the resolution as follows: page 3, #9-
 “Identify potential solutions to the problem issues, such
as neighborhood schools, use of the Reese property as a
school location, the construction of ….” There was no

Councilmember Moore raised the question of whether this
should be put out for bids since it’s over $15,000. Manager
Hickman cited Section 505 of the Charter, stating that
regulations only require competitive bidding for purchases
of all supplies, materials, and equipment, not for
purchases of services. Councilmember Moore said she still
felt we should seek more than one proposal.

Councilmember Moore wondered what we hope to accomplish
with the study (i.e., what will we do with the
information?). Councilmember Bellman, speaking for Streets
& Sidewalks, responded that we’re trying to quantify
existing traffic patterns, regardless of where the school
is going to go. If, however, school traffic is going to go
through the Village, the intersections at Burg-and-Pearl
and College-and-Pearl will become unusable at some point.
We need to plan for how to relieve the congestion and offer
those recommendations to the School Board. Councilmember
Crais stated that we have also asked the traffic engineer
to provide as detailed an itemization of every issue as
possible so Council can go through it with a fine-toothed
comb. Vice Mayor Wernet stated that, based on his
attendance at a recent meeting that included a School Board
member, the superintendent, a water-and-sewer consultant,
an architect and an engineer, he was not convinced that the
School Board had developed a clear understanding of the
general traffic implications at the Van Winkle site. He
also observed a “striking ambiguity” about the Loudon
Street connecting road (i.e., where would it be? how and
when would it be used?). All these issues have big
implications for the residents of the village, especially
if the Loudon Street connector is not built or if  its use
were to be restricted to certain times of the day.

Councilmember McGowan stated his opposition to voting on
this resolution at the current meeting since 1) the public
has not had an opportunity to comment, 2) he just got it
himself less than 24 hours ago, and 3) Superintendent
Lowery has not received a copy. Councilmember Moore
concurred with some of Councilmember McGowan’s reservations
(especially those pertaining to last-minute presentation of
resolutions) and stated she was not clear as to the urgency
of getting this done in a week or two. In short, studying
current and future traffic patterns, then trying to figure
out how to address them, is not something that needs to be
done in a week. Also, some of the study won’t be meaningful
without input from the School Board (on bus routes, for
example). She added that it is not necessarily a bad idea
to do this study but she would like to see it done more
cooperatively, including the Township Trustees and the
School Board. Mayor Robertson said it is clear we need to
know the projected impact of a school or schools built
anywhere but agreed that it is not an immediate need, that
it should go out for bids, and that it should be done with
the knowledge—and perhaps the financial assistance—of the
Township Trustees and the School Board. Vice Mayor Wernet
agreed about integrating other groups into this effort for
both content and finances. He added that Manager Hickman’s
cover memo had acknowledged that the proposal would
probably elicit considerable discussion, perhaps even
modifications, and urged Council to focus on the
resolution’s essence rather than its timing.

Councilmember Bellman stated that he felt there was an
urgency to the matter since the study will take some lead-
time and the School Board is moving very rapidly on site
planning. It would also be helpful for the Planning
Commission and the BZBA to have the information in final
form when they have to make decisions about the School
Board’s plans. As for bidding the project out,
Councilmember Bellman said he was not satisfied with
results provided by many previous consulting firms who did
not “give us adequate assessments on traffic.” He urged
using someone out of Licking County, stating that local
people tend to “switch hats,” working for a local community
on one occasion, then for an out-of-town developer on
another. He then spoke to the issue of cost, saying that
the $15,000 or so projected as the cost of the traffic
study “paled in comparison” to the potential costs that
might be incurred if, for example, the Village were to end
up having to foot the bill for a traffic light (at
approximately $100,000).

Councilmember Lucier suggested that Streets & Sidewalks or
Manager Hickman contact the Licking County planning people
to find out when they will have their hearings on the
School Board’s proposal, since we should have Village and
Township representatives there to talk about traffic
impacts as well as to see what resources they have or what
requirements they might set up in terms of traffic impact.
Manager Hickman, responding to Councilmember Crais’
question about timelines, reported that the School Board
has to go through Licking County Planning (date uncertain
at this point), and is scheduled to present to the Township
Zoning Board on March 22nd. Hearing those dates,
Councilmember Crais seconded Councilmember Bellman’s sense
of urgency.

Councilmember Crais called the question and a voice vote
was taken. Mayor Robertson, after seeing there were
abstentions, called for a roll-call vote. A Roll-Call vote
on Resolution 01-22 yielded three (3) affirmative votes
(Councilmembers Bellman and Crais; Mayor Robertson), two
(2) negative votes (Councilmembers McGowan and Moore), and
two (2) abstentions (Councilmember Lucier and Vice Mayor
Wernet. [At the request of Mayor Robertson, Manager
Hickman, reading from the Charter, confirmed that a
resolution may be “adopted by a…vote of the majority of
members present.”] The motion did not carry.

Vice Mayor Wernet, after confirming with Manager Hickman
that introduction of a resolution required neither notice
nor a waiting period, introduced the following:

F.  Resolution 01-23, A Resolution To Authorize The Village
Manager To Enter Into An Agreement With Parsons
Transportation Group For The Purpose Of Conducting A
Traffic Study.
BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of Granville, Ohio that:

Section I: The Manager should be, and is hereby directed
and authorized on behalf of the Village of Granville, to
discuss with the Township Clerk and with the Superintendent
of the Granville Exempted Village School District the
proposal from Parsons Transportation Group for the purpose
of conducting a traffic study, a copy of which is attached
hereto, and marked Exhibit “A.”

Section II: The Manager should be, and is hereby directed
and authorized on behalf of the Village of Granville, to
enter into an agreement with Parsons Transportation Group
for the purpose of conducting a traffic study, a copy of
which is attached hereto, and marked Exhibit “A.”

Section III: This resolution shall take effect immediately
upon passage.

Second by Councilmember Crais.

Discussion: Councilmember McGowan asked for confirmation
that it was legal to introduce this resolution; Law
Director Crites said it was. Councilmember McGowan
reiterated his concerns about the lack of community input,
then asked if Mayor Robertson, who had recused herself from
previous discussions about school issues, should recuse
herself from the discussion and vote on Resolution 01-23.
Law Director Crites said the connection to the schools in
this instance was “much more remote and tenuous than
before” and the Mayor’s recusal was not an issue. (He added
that the issue of prior notice to Council was one that
needed to be discussed.) Councilmember Moore expressed her
desire to talk with the School Board and Township Trustees
to get their input before bringing this resolution back to
Council for approval of the study. Vice Mayor Wernet said
he would agree with that only if Council could call a
special meeting as soon as Manager Hickman had met with the
two other parties, rather than waiting for the next
regularly scheduled meeting. He reiterated the need for
action in a “timely fashion,” and said ,“If we can’t reach
agreement, we go ahead. If they can’t meet for two weeks,
that’s a problem and we go ahead.”
Councilmember Bellman asked Manager Hickman what kind of
lead-time would be needed to compile information about the
Van Winkle site only. Manager Hickman responded that
Parsons is planning a physical count and he’s unsure of
when they could start; Councilmember Lucier noted that
their proposal letter said they could be finished in 4-6
weeks. Councilmember Bellman pointed out the need to have
data by March 22nd for the Township Zoning Board meeting.
Councilmember Moore asked how the study would affect the
School Board’s planning. Councilmember Bellman responded
that the School Board should have the traffic information
to help it decide some issues (e.g., do we need a full-
access road between Loudon and Burg Streets? should we
encourage more traffic on Loudon Street by siting the
school closer to Loudon than to Burg?). Councilmember Moore
responded that any citizen could raise those issues without
a traffic-engineer study; Councilmember Bellman felt that
opinions wouldn’t carry the same weight as facts. Mayor
Robertson stated that the study would not only let the
Village know how its traffic might be affected but would
also contain a lot of information that the Township and/or
the School Board would need to know. Council-member Lucier
pointed out that no results could be available by March
22nd in any case and wondered if we couldn’t use the
traffic information compiled by Kendal, along with the
critique done by our own engineers. Councilmember Bellman
felt the traffic patterns would be too different;
Councilmember Moore pointed out that the Kendal study did
contain school information. Vice Mayor Wernet stated that
the information already collected might well give Parsons a
head start, enabling us to have data by the time of the
County Planning Commission meeting. Mayor Robertson
reiterated her point that, regardless of what any other
body plans, the Village needs an understanding of the

Mayor Robertson requested a roll-call vote. A Roll-Call
vote on Resolution 01-23 yielded four (4) affirmative votes
(Councilmembers Bellman and Crais; Vice Mayor Wernet and
Mayor Robertson) and three (3) negative votes
(Councilmembers Lucier, McGowan, and Moore). The motion is

The meeting returned to the regular agenda at 10:25pm.

C. Resolution No. 01-20, A Resolution Creating A Strategic
Land Acquisition And Development Committee Composed of
Members Of Council To Pursue Acquisition Of Strategic Land,
was introduced by Councilmember Crais. Second by
Councilmember Wernet.

Discussion: Councilmember Crais introduced a friendly
amendment to strike the 6th “Whereas;” second by Vice Mayor
Wernet. Councilmember Lucier introduced a friendly
amendment to insert the word, “Village” in “Granville
Village Exempted School District.” Second by Councilmember

Councilmember Crais explained that he had drafted this
resolution following the most recent Joint meeting with the
Township Trustees, when it became clear “yet again” that
the Village and the Township Trustees as well as the
citizens of both entities needed to take “more aggressive
and creative approaches to issues of green space and of
shaping our common destinies.” He emphasized that the
resolution in its present form should be seen as a working
document of a “good idea in principle,” but added the
caveat that Council needs to “move forward deliberately,”
including setting a timeline for discussion and action.

Mayor Robertson noted that she had had a meeting with Norm
Kennedy and the approach represented by this resolution is
parallel to what the Township is already doing, as well as
fitting nicely with the discussions at last week’s meeting.
Council-member Moore stated that, while she is all for the
concept of acquiring strategic lands, she questioned
whether this resolution is too narrow (i.e., is strategic
land acquisition the only thing we should be looking at or
is it just one tool?). She also cautioned that we need to
coordinate with the Township to “yield more bang for our
bucks” as well as to avoid working at cross-purposes.
Councilmember Crais noted that he didn’t intend to consider
just the purchase of undeveloped land but could also see
buying land already in use. He agreed about cooperating
with the Township Trustees but felt it was important for
the Village to take the initiative. Law Director Crites,
responding to a question from Councilmember Moore, said
that it was legal for the Village to use Village funds to
acquire land outside the Village limits. Manager Hickman
added that public-use fees, however, should be used within
the corporation limits. Councilmember Crais said this would
probably come to the voters as a bond issue since the
Village has very little money that could be either
earmarked or reallocated for this purpose. We could,
however, identify plots of land, present them to the voters
of the Village and ask them if they considered the proposal
important enough to fund. Councilmember McGowan asked that
the Rec Commission be an integral part of any such
planning, so as to address their eventual plans for a
community center. Councilmember Crais made a friendly
amendment to add “and other public bodies” to the list of
organizational liaisons on page 2, item “C.”  Second by
Councilmember McGowan. Councilmember Bellman, noting that
the Village perspective is important to this issue,
suggested including citizens from the community on the
committee and advertising that we are seeking a diverse
cross-section of members.

Councilmember Crais asked all members of Council to
consider the proposal, share their comments with each other
and plan to vote at next meeting. Councilmember McGowan
moved to table the resolution; second by Vice Mayor Wernet.
Motion tabled.

OLD BUSINESS (10:47pm)
A.  Ordinance No. 03-01, An Ordinance To Amend Chapter
925.08(d) Of The Codified Ordinances Of Granville, Ohio,
was reintroduced by Councilmember Bellman. Second by
Councilmember Crais.  There was no discussion. A Roll-Call
Vote yielded seven (7) affirmative votes (Councilmembers
Bellman, Crais, Lucier, McGowan, and Moore; Vice Mayor
Wernet, Mayor Robertson). Ordinance No. 03-01 is adopted.

B.  Ordinance No. 04-01, An Ordinance To Revise The
Codified Ordinances By Adopting Current Replacement Pages,
was reintroduced by Councilmember Wernet.  Second by
Councilmember Crais. [Manager Hickman clarified that these
are amendments to comply with state law.] There was no
discussion. A Roll-Call Vote yielded seven (7) affirmative
votes (Councilmembers Bellman, Crais, Lucier, McGowan, and
Moore; Vice Mayor Wernet, Mayor Robertson). Ordinance No.
04-01 is adopted.
Vice Mayor Wernet recused himself for the discussion and
vote on Ordinance 05-01.
C.  Ordinance No. 05-01, An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance
No. 25-00 Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget
For The Fiscal Year 2001 And Revising Sums For Operating
Expenses, was introduced by Councilmember Crais. Second by  
Council-member Bellman. [Manager Hickman clarified that
this pertained to the Mt. Parnassus lift station.] There
was no discussion. A Roll-Call Vote yielded six (6)
affirmative votes (Councilmembers Bellman, Crais, Lucier,
McGowan, and Moore; Mayor Robertson).
Ordinance No. 05-01 is adopted.

Vice Mayor Wernet resumed his seat at the table.
D.  Ordinance No. 06-01, An Ordinance To Amend Section
921.07 Of The Codified Ordinances Of Granville, Ohio
Establishing Sewer Regulations And Charges, was
reintroduced by Councilmember Bellman. Second by
Councilmember Crais. There was no discussion. A Roll-Call
Vote yielded seven (7) affirmative votes (Councilmembers
Bellman, Crais, Lucier, McGowan, and Moore; Vice Mayor
Wernet, Mayor Robertson).
Ordinance No. 06-01 is adopted.

E.  Resolution No. 01-17, A Resolution To Award The Bid For
Public Warning System Installation, As Per Specifications,
To B&C Communications And To Authorize The Village Manager
To Enter Into An Agreement Therefore, was not introduced.
This Resolution remains on the table.

Regularly Scheduled Meeting of February 21, 2001.  The
following amendments were requested: 1) Councilmember
Crais, p. 10  - replace the “!” after “…recipe for
disaster!” with a “.”  2) Vice Mayor Wernet, p. 10 -
correct the spelling of “Kuntzler” to “Kuntsler.”
Vice Mayor Wernet made a motion to accept the Minutes as
amended; second by Councilmember Crais. The motion carried.

Development Committee (Councilmember Crais).  
Councilmember Crais reported that he had followed up with
the person at OSU and is looking toward late March or early
April for a preliminary meeting with the professor from OSU
and one of their graduate students—Kathryn Wimberger—to
make a proposal about “stuff.” In short, things are moving
forward nicely and good progress is being made.

Finance Committee (Councilmember Moore).  
No report.

Newark-Granville Joint Committee (Mayor Robertson)
No report.

Personnel Committee (Councilmember McGowan).  
No report.

Planning Commission (Councilmember Lucier).   
Councilmember Lucier amended her report of two weeks ago to
include the fact that Grace Haven Academy (formerly the
Granville Christian Academy) was proposing to put modular
classrooms next to their building. Their intent is for this
to be a temporary arrangement though they said it could
last “a long time.” They are working on being more specific
about the length of time involved.

Rec Commission (Councilmember McGowan).   
Councilmember McGowan reported that 400 kids and young
adults had signed up for youth baseball, up 80 from last
year. He also noted that there will be a replacement levy
on the November ballot.  

Street Light Committee (Councilmember McGowan).   
No report.

Streets, Sidewalks & Utilities Committee (Vice Mayor
No report.

Tree & Landscape Committee (Councilmember Moore).
No report.
Union Cemetery Board (Councilmember Lucier).  
No report.

OTHER (10:58pm)
Councilmember Crais cited a New York Times article—on tax
relief for retired residents on fixed income and school
enrollment patterns—and asked Manager Hickman to request
Ms. Roberts to look into the issue.

Councilmember Bellman noted the appearance of another radon
ad on page three of the most recent Sentinel. He also noted
that the anticipated modifications to estate-tax
regulations may well reduce Village income in that area. He
asked Manager Hickman to ask Ms. Roberts to project next
year’s estate-tax income, cautioning that we might
experience a huge drop-off, especially since we had had
a “windfall” in 2000. [Manager Hickman noted that the
annual budget projection for this item is a standard
$50,000 and added that Council might want to discuss an
overall policy for the use of windfalls (i.e., should they
be spent? banked?).]

March 21, 2001 – Village Council Meeting
Mayor Robertson declared the meeting adjourned at 11:04pm.

Employee Payroll / Compensation

The Village has thirty-six (36) full-time employees, 16 regular part-time employees and seaonal employees. Village Personnel Policy

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