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Council Minutes 7/18/01


 CALL TO ORDER (by Vice Mayor Wernet at 7:33pm)

ROLL CALL (7:33pm) Those responding to the Roll Call were Councilmembers Crais, Lucier, McGowan, and Moore; Vice Mayor Wernet. Councilmember Crais moved to excuse Councilmember Bellman and Mayor Robertson; second by Councilmember Lucier. Motion carried. Manager Hickman arrived at 7:47pm (having alerted Council that he might be late).

CITIZENS’ COMMENTS (Vice Mayor Wernet opened Citizens’ Comments at 7:34pm) All Topics - Susan Lamson, 123 W. College St. and Paul Jakob, 115 W. College St. Ms. Lamson and Mr. Jakob both supported restricted parking in the 100 block of West College.

Jerry Martin, 15 Briarwood. Mr. Martin cautioned Council that the additional of parallel parking spaces on the west side of the new Taylor’s building would make it virtually impossible for large delivery trucks to be able to make the turn into the narrow alley leading to Petunia Park (behind all the stores fronting on Broadway). If they can’t drive to the delivery entrances, they’ll have to tie up traffic on Prospect while they park-and-walk with all the deliveries. Mr. Martin added that trucks could enter the area from Main Street, but could only exit by reversing all the way back to Main Street.

Steve Mershon, 405 E. College. Mr. Mershon cautioned Council that there might well be “unintended consequences” to the installation of a speed table on Cedar Street in combination with the proposed “congestive improvements” to the Pearl/ College intersection—i.e., motorists coming in from Welsh Hills Road would opt to travel south on Granger Street all the way to Broadway to avoid the other two areas. He strongly urged Council to install one or more speed tables on Granger at the same time to avoid increasing the risk to the children living and playing on Granger. He also suggested a speed table on East College at Sunrise Street, [Manager Hickman responded that speed tables were already planned for Granger but his intention is to install them as an integral part of a street- improvement project (by far the most cost-efficient practice). He also wants to have a single speed table as a test, rather than installing them all only to find out they don’t produce the intended consequences.

Keith Myers, 229 E. College. Mr. Myers spoke in support of the proposed intersection improvements at College/Pearl, feeling it would make it much more likely that motorists would actually stop at the “Stop” sign. He urged all due speed with the installation. Councilmember McGowan urged a temporary installation first—perhaps orange barrels—to give all citizens, not just the neighbors who were notified, a chance to see what was proposed as well as to make sure the extension did not cause more problems that in was supposed to alleviate. His suggestion was not adopted.

Community Center – In Mayor Robertson’s absence, Manager Hickman noted that she had requested a special meeting on July 25, 2001 at 7:30pm for the purpose of allowing citizens to comment on this issue. Councilmember Lucier noted that comments would also accepted at this meeting. None were offered.

Jim & Jeanetta Pyle – Jim Pyle, 123 S. Pearl St. The Pyles have been notified that they must vacate the lot at 122 S. Prospect Street by the end of August 2001 (either by tearing down or relocating the dwelling). They want to move the home, probably to a lot on Sunrise Street but doing so will require, at the least, taking down the large tree directly in front of the house. Mr. Pyle attended the Tree & Landscape meeting of April 1, 2001, and reported that Jim Siegel had said he would approve the action if removing that one tree was all it took; that does not appear in the minutes of the meeting, however. Manager Hickman clarified that Tree & Landscape does not make independent decisions; it is advisory to the Planning Commission which, in turn, is advisory to Council. He added that the Village is “very protective” of its trees and he was “rather sure” that other trees on Prospect, as well as trees on Granger, East College, and Sunrise, would also have to be either taken out or "limbed up” for the house to be moved. The Pyles were asked to settle on a path to the new location so the Village could then document exactly how many trees would be involved before a decision is made. The issue is complicated by the fact the sewer and paving work is planned for those same streets in the same time period. Councilmember Lucier cautioned that Council can’t very well refuse the Pyle’s request then turn around and approve moving Sinnett House. Mr. Pyle noted that the Village Code is “filled with emphases on saving historical structures”— something that needs Village cooperation since, again according to the Code, the Manager makes decisions about moving trees in the right of way. Manager Hickman responded that he depends on the opinion of Tree & Landscape on such issues as the age of trees and whether or not they are diseased. Councilmember Moore noted that we have come around again to questioning the role of Tree & Landscape. Councilmember Crais asked the Pyles for some background information on the house in question; Mrs. Pyle distributed information to Council about trees and houses. Councilmember McGowan asked that the Village be as careful about trees when they are replacing storm sewers or rebuilding roads so that tree roots are not cut and the trees left to die. Jerry Martin – Blues Fest Jerry Martin, 15 Briarwood, speaking for the GFAB. Mr. Martin requested Council’s approval for the liquor permit for the Blues Fest (September 8th). Responding to Councilmember Lucier, Mr. Martin said there would be a larger tent and larger fenced-in area this year, both in response to patrons’ comments from last year. He added that he would also be hiring one additional off-duty sheriff.

Carolyn Kibler, 640 W. Maple St. Ms. Kibler reported that all the same restrictions as last year would be in place— the space will be roped off, with a single entrance and single exit; IDs will be checked and wristbands issued; and a security guard will monitor the exit so no one takes alcohol outside the designated area. Councilmember McGowan asked how much money the Blues Fest had made last year and what was done with it. Ms. Kibler responded that they made $5,000 and gave $1,000 to the Village for beautification expenses and $4,000 to Hospice of Licking County. This year, their main beneficiary will be Camp O’Bannon. They are hoping to double their net revenue, with plans to give $1,000 to the Village, $1,000 to the National Blues Foundation, and the balance to Camp O’Bannon.

Vice Mayor Wernet closed Citizens’ Comments at 8:14pm.

Curb Modification (moved forward from “OTHER” by consent of those present) Councilmember McGowan reiterated his concerns about the proposed modifications to the College/Pearl intersection and his desire to use a temporary set-up to see what the effects would be. Keith Myers responded that the proposed radii measurements are “suitable for a small town.” He cautioned against designing for “extremes” (e.g., school buses or large trucks) and asserted that we should, rather, “build for the least defensible component (i.e., pedestrians). Vice Mayor Wernet distributed excerpts from a book describing how such decisions are evaluated. Manager Hickman said he would see that all members received the Portland study tomorrow. Councilmember Crais emphasized that our guiding principle should be the Comprehensive Plan’s assertion that Granville is a pedestrian-oriented community; he believe the proposals for that intersection put those principles into practice. John Graban, 201 N. Pearl St. Mr. Graban agreed that its pedestrian character is what make this community unique. Living on the College/Pearl corner, he see all ages, at all times of the day and supports the proposed changes because they will serve to maintain the pedestrian traffic.

Councilmember Moore asked Manager Hickman to provide accident records for various intersections to the Streets & Sidewalks Committee. There followed an extended discussion of general Streets & Sidewalks projects, priorities, etc. Councilmember Lucier suggested each committee make a better effort to keep the rest of Council informed of what they are doing (i.e., no surprises would make for smoother meetings).


NEW BUSINESS (8:47pm) Councilmember Moore moved to approve the request for a liquor license for the Blues Fest. Second by Councilmember Lucier. Motion carried.

Resolution No. 01-49, A Resolution To Authorize The Village Manager To Seek Bids For Replacement Of High Service Pump No. 2, was introduced by Councilmember McGowan; second by Councilmember Lucier. Motion carried.

Resolution No. 01-50, A Resolution To Authorize The Village Manager To Seek Bids For The Purchase Of A Used Belt-Filter Press, was introduced by Councilmember McGowan, second by Councilmember Lucier. Motion carried.

Ordinance No. 19-01, An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 25- 00 Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal Year 2001 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses, was introduced by Councilmember Lucier. [Manager Hickman clarified that this is for extra concrete and asphalt to redo aprons already paved in the way they should have been done in the first place.] Vice Mayor Wernet scheduled a Public Hearing for August 1, 2001.

OLD BUSINESS (8:52pm) Ordinance No. 15-01, An Ordinance To Amend Section 351.17 (a) Of The Granville Codified Ordinances, Making The 100 Block of W. College Street A Residential Permit Parking Zone And Making The Ordinance Effective All Year Long, was moved off the table by Councilmember Crais; second by McGowan. Motion carried. The Ordinance was re-introduced by Councilmember Crais; second by Councilmember Lucier.

Discussion: Councilmember Moore asked if only a portion of the block could be reserved for permit parking, to accommodate both the residents and the occasional parkers. After determining that the houses on either end of the block are non- residential, Manager Hickman said he would work with the residents to make the restrictions work in the best way.

Councilmember Moore moved to make the block only partly permit parking, at the discretion of the Manager. Second by Councilmember Lucier. A Roll Call vote on the motion-to- amend yielded five (5) affirmative votes: Councilmembers Crais, Lucier, McGowan, and Moore; Vice Mayor Wernet. The amendment is adopted. A Roll Call vote on the Ordinance as amended yielded five (5) affirmative votes: Councilmembers Crais, Lucier, McGowan, and Moore; Vice Mayor Wernet. Ordinance 15-01, as amended, is adopted.

Ordinance 17-01, An Ordinance To Amend Chapter 1189 Of The Codified Ordinances Of Granville, Ohio, was not taken off the table.

OTHER (9:13pm) Organization & Compensation Study Molly Roberts reported the retained counsel had interviewed all personnel and was redrafting job descriptions to fit. She asked for feedback from Council on comparison communities and/or businesses they would want to be included in the next phase. In addition to the usual geographically contiguous comparisons, Councilmember Crais asked that we compare ourselves to communities with same sort of residents’ expectations, similar median income, and similar property valuations. Councilmember McGowan asked that we also look for places with a comparable business base. Councilmember Lucier asked for an interim report at the next regular meeting.

Income Tax Revenues Councilmember Moore, having met with Molly Roberts, reported that the main problem behind apparent differences in receipts is fluctuations in period-ending dates and/or days, which affect when checks are received. The bottom line, through July 17, 2001, is that we are 3.19% ahead of last year in income tax receipts (with a budgeted increase of 3%). Moore cautioned Council not to expect a windfall increase over last year due to business relocations, changes in state law re subcontractors (who do not have to withhold taxes if they’re in the Village less than 12 days), and the like. She noted that the regular monthly reports will be modified to add a column showing a year-to- date figure and suggested Council keep an eye on all revenues, not just income tax. Councilmember Lucier remarked on the fact that even though the Village is not under budget for this year, we are under the growth rate for the last 10 years. This should be a major cause for concern since income tax revenues are 2/3 of our overall revenues. She urged that we be more conservative in next year’s projections than we were with this year’s.

Herbicide Usage and Refuse/Recycling Kristin Thomas, the Village’s summer intern, gave a Power Point presentation of refuse/ recycling and pesticide/herbicide use. For refuse/recycling, Manager Hickman noted that he needs to “tighten down” the practices of Granville’s three haulers (Big O, Waste Management, and Rumpke) to be better able to make an eventual recommendation about a possible single-hauler system (which would be less costly for residents and subject Village streets to less wear and tear).

Ms. Thomas reviewed the Village’s pesticide/herbicide use within the corporation limits. The water treatment plant uses about two gallons of Roundup in each six-month warm- weather period. The wastewater plant uses 20-25 gallons of KE-122D each six-month period. The service department uses an unspecified amount of KE-122D (once a year on guardrails, hydrants, curb gutters, etc.) and Roundup (twice a year throughout downtown and around the Village Hall. The resulting beauty and the products’ obvious effectiveness are positives; safety concerns are negatives. For example, children are much more susceptible to pesticide’s bad effects than adults. Ms. Thomas pointed out that there are currently no regulations governing herbicide/ pesticide use. She suggested citizens might be informed when the Village is spraying. Care should be taken as well to account for wind drift and rain runoff (e.g., could spraying at the wastewater plant affect Lake Hudson?). She stated that “safe use is all about awareness” and urged proper protection for those who do the applications, accompanied by adequate information for citizens. Responding to a question from Councilmember Moore about spraying for mosquitos, Manager Hickman said the Village participates in a district program which subcontracts spraying through the City of Newark. Spraying is done on an as-needed basis when people call in and complain. Also, mosquitos are trapped to determine types and quantities so the sprays—all EPA-approved—can be specifically targeted. Ms. Thomas suggested Manager Hickman consider consulting with Carol Goland about IPM—an Integrated Pest Management program. Resolution No. 01-27, A Resolution To Amend The Village Of Granville Rules Of The Village Council, (Sections E & F), was not removed from table.

Trick or Treat – Council set this year’s date for October 30, 2001, and next year’s date for October 31, 2002, both from 5:30-7:00pm. 

Charter Review – Manager Hickman reported that this item will be the major agenda item for the regularly scheduled meeting of August 1, 2001. Council will consider proposed recommendations and vote on them if they are ready. They must decide by the August 15th meeting, at the latest, in order for Manager Hickman to submit language to Board of Elections by August 23rd. Manager Hickman asked members to submit any questions to Law Director Crites in advance so that a comprehensive legal review can be provided in advance of the August 1st meeting. MAYOR’S COURT REPORT (10:00pm) The Mayor’s Court Report for the month of June 2001 was presented for review. Councilmember Lucier moved to accept the report; second by Councilmember Crais. Motion carried. Vice Mayor Wernet directed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of said report is attached as part of these minutes.

MANAGER’S REPORT (10:00pm) The Manager’s Report for the month of June was presented for review. Councilmember Lucier moved to accept the report; second by Councilmember Crais. Motion carried. Vice Mayor Wernet directed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of said report is attached as part of these minutes.

A brief discussion ensued re the operation of the truck scale. The police are doing random testing as well as probable-cause testing. They have noticed that when the scale is operating, truck traffic is noticeably reduced. Councilmember Moore asked for feedback about what kinds of trucks (e.g., agricultural, waste haulers, commercial) were being cited. Manager Hickman will provide a list at the August 1st meeting.

REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES (10:08pm) Regularly Scheduled Meeting of June 20, 2001. Councilmember Moore moved to accept the Minutes as submitted; second by Councilmember McGowan. Motion carried. COMMITTEE REPORTS (10:09pm) Economic Development Committee (Councilmembers Crais, Moore; Mayor Robertson) Councilmember Crais reported the committee will meet with Kathryn Wimberger to discuss her research study.

Finance Liaison (Councilmember Moore) Report given under “OTHER.”

Newark/Granville Committee (Councilmember Bellman, Mayor Robertson) No report.

Personnel Committee (Councilmember McGowan) Report given earlier under “OTHER.”

Planning Commission (Councilmember Lucier) No report. 

Rec Commission (Councilmember McGowan) Councilmember McGowan reported the commission is working on a preliminary list of things they would like to see in a community center. No decisions have been made.

Streetlight Committee (Councilmember McGowan) Councilmember McGowan reported that the Village is working on the last few lights scheduled for this year. More have been scheduled for replacement next year.

Streets/Sidewalks & Utilities (Councilmembers Bellman, Crais; Vice Mayor Wernet) Vice Mayor Wernet reiterated that the committee had had discussions with residents in the area of the Pearl/College intersection. Councilmember McGowan urged Council to develop criteria for where speed tables may go, stating that safety improvements should be part of the discussion each time we do surface and/or sub-surface improvements. Tree & Landscape Committee (Councilmember Moore) Manager Hickman reported that he had asked the chair to compile a list of the committee’s criteria as well as of the scope of services, for Council’s consideration.

Union Cemetery Board (Councilmember Lucier) No report

Strategic Land Acquisition (Councilmembers Bellman and Moore) Councilmember Crais reported a productive first meeting, much of which was set in executive session. The group discussed a list of properties to consider and hope to present to Council with a set of recommendations, including stratagems. Councilmember Crais serves as secretary; Councilmember Moore is the liaison with the Township Trustees, the Land Conservancy, and the Rec Commission; and Sarah Goldblatt is the liaison to any and all farm groups.

JEDD (Vice Mayor Wernet) Vice Mayor Wernet reported that the JEDD group wishes to have a special session of Council on August 8th to discuss forming a JEDD for the Kendal project (and potentially for another large piece of land in the same general location). Such a JEDD would provide a vehicle to provide water & sewer service to Kendal without annexation. Wernet also noted that the JEDD group plans to ask the Township Trustees if they would be willing to earmark estate tax revenue (approx $250,000/year) as their contribution. An agreement of this sort would provide extension with safeguards—a win-win situation—as well as an opportunity for joint activity with the Township. S.R. 161 Councilmember Moore reported she had attended the recent ODOT meeting about proposed routes for the expansion of S.R. 161 and said Manager Hickman had copies of the map available on request for members of Council. EXECUTIVE SESSION (10:33pm) Councilmember Crais moved to go into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing possible acquisition(s) of land. Second by Councilmember Lucier. A Roll Call vote yielded five (5) affirmative votes: Councilmembers Crais, Lucier, McGowan, and Moore; Vice Mayor Wernet.

At 10:52pm, Councilmember McGowan moved to return to the regular session; second by Vice Mayor Wernet. A Roll Call vote yielded five (5) affirmative votes: Councilmembers Crais, Lucier, McGowan, and Moore; Vice Mayor Wernet. 


1. July 23 7:30pm Planning Commission 2. July 24 7:30pm Community Center Study Committee 3. July 25 7:30pm Village Council/Special- Community Center Comments 4. July 31 7:00pm Comprehensive Plan Review Committee 5. August 1 7:30pm Village Council 6. August 8 7:30pm Village Council/Special-JEDD & Kendal 7. August 15 7:30pm Village Council 8. August 23 7:30pm Planning Commission

ADJOURNMENT (10:52pm) Councilmember Lucier moved to adjourn the meeting; second by Councilmember Crais. Motion carried.

Prepared by Sandy Ellinger 

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