Granville Community Calendar

Council Minutes 11/6/02


CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor McGowan at 7:32pm)


ROLL CALL Those responding to the Roll Call were Councilmembers Hartfield, Main, Crais, Robertson; Vice Mayor Moore, Mayor McGowan; Manager Hickman, Law Director Crites. 

APPROVAL OF AGENDA Councilmember Crais moved to approve the agenda as printed. Seconded by Councilmember Robertson. .

CITIZENS’ COMMENTS (7:34pm) All topics: Jim Davis, 127 South Main Street, Granville. The day after election with the failing school levy places our schools in financial crisis, but also suggests that the public is no longer willing to subsidize new residential development. They not only oppose it, they also don’t want to pay for the costs to develop it. It seems that we need a way to manage the pace of residential development directly, emphatically, not a case at a time so that we are not always trying to deal with it in a reactive way. Davis asked Council to explore statutory options within the village and to encourage the township council to explore statutory options as well to manage the pace of development. One that might be a good model is the one that was affirmed by the appellate court for Hudson, Ohio. Hudson is dissimilar than Granville in many ways, but found the only way they could keep from being engulfed by Cleveland and urban sprawl was to seize statutory control. They put a cap on the number of building permits for new residential permits that could be issued in a year. They are further along in the nightmare of urban sprawl than Granville. They have been fighting it for years. They finally decided to annex the township. That is not necessary here as the township could issue their own cap. But Hudson now awards 50 building permits (township/village being one entity now) every six months by lottery. It was controversial, the developers took them to court and sued and eventually federal district court in February 2000, affirmed that it was an utterly prudent and constitutional use of government to prevent someone’s use of private land from incurring public expense. That is what government is for and to be reasonable and prudent to look at that as well. This is not a panacea but it could manage the pace of development at a rate our school districts could afford. Davis said he believes the citizens would support such a proposal if they would have the chance to do so. Could Council examine some of the ways Hudson’s solutions might be helpful and encourage the township to do the same?

Ginny Sharkey, 117 S. Plum Street, Granville. Sharkey said she came to Council representing two groups, St. Luke’s Church for which she is a Senior Warden, and Nest Feathers, a consortium of antique dealers and crafts people. Nest Feathers has contacted St. Luke’s and has asked to rent the bottom floor of 118 S. Main Street, that the Village owns formerly known as Sensibilities now known as the Parish House of St. Luke’s. St. Luke’s had agreed to do that, now it must be brought to Council. Ed Vance has also been contacted. Now liability insurance is an issue. However, the groups must come to Council first before proceeding at all. The liability insurance may preclude this from happening, but approval from Council is needed before proceeding.

Manager Hickman commented to Council members to review a letter included in the meeting packet, which he said described the proposal. He said part of the challenge was to get direction from Council whether or not this request was reasonable. Ms. Sharkey would still need to go to the Planning Commission because they propose a changed use of the property from a church use to a retail use. It is Council’s pleasure to determine what it may want to do. This could be a process similar to what was used for the Café, the Deli or Victoria’s, where this group could come back and renew, perhaps in September, if they wanted to try this again.

Sharkey responded to Manager Hickman and Council that their proposal would be for a one-time use. She said their contractor bids were coming in. Presently, they plan to take out the old addition to upgrade it for educational use. After that is done they want to open their arms to the community. She said she did not think it would be applicable again except for weekend use.

Councilmember Hartfield said she thought it was a great idea and liked the proposed use for retail, which she said is sagging downtown. She said it was nice to see Sharkey come before Council with a fresh idea and wished her well with her ideas.

Sharkey responded she and others thought it would help the downtown businesses.

Mayor McGowan asked Sharkey to clarify that they wanted to be open for two months or just exactly what time period they wanted.

Sharkey responded that they wanted to do seasonal shows. She commented that generally, there were weekly shows, but they thought a seasonal use of the property in this way might be more successful.

Mayor McGowan commented that he had no problem with the one-time use but added if it were recurring it could be a problem if it interfered with any existing businesses in the village. He reiterated a one-time use should pose no problem.

Councilmember Main asked what would have to be done to make such a proposal work and when Council would have to do it?

Law Director Crites responded that the best way to proceed would be with a resolution. He said he had one prepared if Council wanted to look at it and act on it. He said Council could act now. The resolution states it is contingent upon the approval of the Planning Commission and contingent upon Sharkey’s group getting liability insurance.

Vice Mayor Moore said she thought it might be better if Council moved quickly since the proposed use is seasonal.

Law Director Crites said he had prepared something for the meeting in the case Council wanted to move quickly on the matter.

Councilmember Crais moved the agenda to include Resolution 02-44 and to add Other Council matters. Councilmember Hartfield seconded the motion.

Mayor McGowan asked for a voice vote. The measure was adopted 6-0. 

Mayor McGowan asked for further public comments on the matter.

Vice Mayor Moore asked if insurance coverage was listed in the resolution?

Law Director Crites commented that standard language was used when he prepared the resolution late in the day and used language similar to what was used with Victoria’s and other businesses. He said that the coverage was at least as much as Council required of Sensibilities. 

Mayor McGowan asked if there was further comment. Hearing none he asked if there was a motion on the resolution.

Vice Mayor Moore moved the resolution, seconded by Councilmember Crais.

Mayor McGowan asked for a voice vote. Resolution 02-44 was adopted 6-0.

Mayor McGowan wished Sharkey well with her plans then asked for other Citizens’ Comments. Hearing none Mayor McGowan closed Citizens’ Comments at 7:45pm. 


Councilmember Crais asked Mayor McGowan to be recused from the discussion of the topic. 

Mayor McGowan accepted Councilmember Crais’ request. Law Director Crites called for a 5-minute break to allow the court reporter to set up her equipment.

Mayor McGowan allowed the break for the court reporter.

Mayor McGowan called the meeting back to order at 7:47pm

Law Director Crites described the need for the hearing for a planned development as prescribed by Code for the application made by Dr. Jeff Oster for the premises located at 1179 Cherry Valley Road. He described the procedures that would take place according to Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1171 and the Codified Ordinances of Granville that require a hearing on a planned development that would require approval or disapproval of Council. He said two witnesses would testify, Dr. Jeffrey Oster and Village Planner, Seth Dorman, who would provide testimony and answer any questions Council might have.

Court Reporter Marilyn Murphy Houck was present to transcribe the proceedings of this hearing. Ms. Murphy swore in all witnesses at 7:49pm.

Law Director Crites asked Seth Dorman to give his full name and occupation for the record.

Seth Dorman, Village Planner, 141 East Broadway, Granville. Dorman said the Planning Commission conducted a work session with Dr. Oster on July 22, 2002, to discuss the idea of converting the residence at 1179 Cherry Valley Road into a medical office. Dorman said Oster also discussed the changes that he proposed to the interior and exterior of the building as well as the site. Oster then filed his application on September 17, 2002. The lot is zoned planned commercial district and the proposed use is permitted under Section 1171.02 (B) (3) Business and Professional Offices. Dorman said he analyzed the proposal under 1171.03 and found there were no deviances to the guidelines as it was being proposed. The Planning Commission then held the public hearing on September 23, 2002, and made their decision the same night. Finally, the Planning Commission did recommend approval with modifications, specifically listing six conditions that can be seen in the motion provided in the meeting packets.

Law Director Crites whether the property qualified as a permitted use and asked if the required statutory analysis of the property was performed. He also asked whether traffic considerations had been considered as well. He then asked Dorman if the Planning Commission had reviewed the traffic impact, ingress/egress issues and the increased traffic issues as required by the code. He also asked if the off-street parking met Code?

Dorman responded yes to all the above questions.

Law Director Crites discussed the Findings of Facts by the Planning Commission and the analysis that was discussed by the Planning Commission. He said there was a motion in the packet and asked about the six conditions the Commission made and asked if they were unanimously approved.

Dorman responded yes to the above questions.

Law Director Crites asked for the next witness to state his name and address for Council.

Dr. Jeffrey Oster, 4049 Goose Lane, Granville. 

Law Director Crites asked Oster to relate to Council what his application was about and his proposed use for the property.

Dr. Oster said he wanted to move his office from the Bloomberg Eye Center into the location at 1179 Cherry Valley Road. 

Law Director Crites asked Oster if his application was made on September 17, 2002, and if he was present at the public hearing on September 23, 2002, at the Planning Commission, and asked if he was aware of the six conditions and to tell Council if he had any difficulty with approving those. He also asked Oster if he had the opportunity to review the motion that was acted upon and approved unanimously by the Planning Commission.

Dr. Oster asked to see the conditions and Law Director Crites approached the witness with the conditions.

Dr. Oster said the only change since September 23rd was in Condition 4. He said they had several bids on paving the parking lot and chose to not pave the parking lot at this time. He said his architect had approached the Village Planner to inform him of this change in their decision not to pave the parking lot.

Law Director Crites, for the record, fully described Condition 4, which said such a proposed parking lot had to be approved by Council.

Dr. Oster said his original intent was to pave the parking lot, but since they had decided not to do so, they would not need to approach Council with those previous plans.

Law Director Crites asked Oster to describe his intentions for the use of the building.

Dr. Oster said in his practice they see 20-25 patients a day. They practice 3-4 days a week. He described the proposed usage as fairly low-level, about one patient every 15 minutes. The conversion of the house will change its approx. 1000 sq. ft. into a facility that would have 3 treatment rooms, a reception area, business office and a x- ray and lab area.

Law Director Crites asked both witnesses Oster and Dorman to show and describe the development plan to Council.

Vice Mayor Moore asked if Oster had met with the Tree and Landscape Commission?

Dr. Oster responded that he had and asked Dorman for their findings that Oster said approved his plans. Oster described the findings of the Tree and Landscape Commission from June 2002. Dorman discussed the findings utilizing a drawing of the proposed use for the site. Screening was discussed by Oster and Council.

Law Director Crites asked Oster again whether or not he intended to install an asphalt parking lot.

Dr. Oster responded not currently.

Law Director Crites said if at some point Oster planned to do so, would he comply with Condition 4?

Dr. Oster responded yes, he would do so then asked to make an additional comment. He said this was the first step in many little steps that eventually becomes a bigger and bigger project. Not with his property but with others as he said he had witnessed in other hearings for property development issues before Council. He said as property on Cherry Valley Road becomes more and more important to the Granville community, Council should look at this property as part of Granville. Currently it is zoned as Granville Village, but it has a Newark zip code and a Newark telephone number. He asked Council to consider this saying that at some point it would be potential at some time in the future to facilitate this change.

Councilmember Robertson asked what control Council might have to change zip codes and phone numbers.

Village Manager Hickman responded said that Alltel was not too helpful to change phone numbers but that it was possible to change the zip code – unfortunately, he said there had not been consensus in getting this through in the past. He added the post office had been cooperative the two times it had been attempted and said he would be happy to try it again but would need Council’s input and suggestions about how to get unanimous support from the people who live there.

Law Director Crites reviewed what had occurred at the meeting as to process and stated that he would prepare the ordinance for the next meeting.

Mayor McGowan described to Oster the process of the public hearing and how long it would take to have a public hearing for it.

Dr. Oster asked if he should be present at future meetings.

Mayor McGowan said it was not necessary to do so but that if questions arose, it might be wise to be in attendance to answer them.

Law Director Crites said hearing from no others this would conclude the public hearing at 8:02pm. 

PUBLIC HEARING None scheduled. 

NEW BUSINESS – (8:03pm) Resolution No. 02-39, A Resolution Adopting The Council Findings Of Fact Concerning The Development Plan Of Speedway SuperAmerica And Proposed Ordinance No. 14-02 . Introduced by Councilmember Crais; seconded by Councilmember Main. .

Vice Mayor Moore asked to be recused from the discussion.

Mayor McGowan accepted Vice Mayor Moore’s request for recusal.


Mayor McGowan asked Law Director Crites if Council needed to vote on the measure now or if Council should wait to vote on it when all members of Council could be present. Law Director Crites suggested that although Council could do as they pleased as there were no specific requirements set forth in the Charter or Ordinances; he recommended that they act sooner rather than later. 

Discussion continued among Council members whether or not they wanted to vote without all members present.

Law Director Crites said that adoption of the resolution would approve the findings of fact which set forth the rationale of the Council for its disapproval of the development plan. 

Mayor McGowan asked for Council’s preference whether or not to vote on the measure.

Councilmember Robertson responded that she was ready to vote but had a question about which version they were looking at.

Mayor McGowan said the measure in tonight’s packet was correct.

Councilmember Crais moved to introduce the motion, again seconded by Councilmember Main.

Councilmember Crais asked Law Director Crites about the 2nd paragraph and 3rd paragraph and whether or not they were subsections of the 2nd paragraph.

Law Director Crites responded no.

Councilmember Crais said there was a typographical error on paragraph 3, the comma was left out on the 3rd line after the word “when”. At number 9, line 6, at this point is not appropriate because Council was done with it and moved to strike it. 

Mayor McGowan declared these friendly amendment and asked for other corrections and/or changes.

Hearing none, Mayor McGowan asked for a roll call or voice vote. 

Council members responded a voice vote would suffice.

Mayor McGowan called for a voice vote.

Motion carried 6-0. Resolution No. 02-39 was adopted.

Councilmember Bellman arrived at 8:07pm.

Ordinance No. 17-02, An Ordinance To Establish The Granville Village Manager’s Salary For 2003. Introduced by Councilmember Crais; seconded by Vice Mayor Moore. Mayor McGowan set the public hearing for November 20, 2002.

 Ordinance No. 18-02, An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 39-01, Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal Year 2002 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses. Introduced by Councilmember Hartfield; seconded by Councilmember Crais. Mayor McGowan set the public hearing for November 20, 2002.

 Ordinance No. 19-02, An Ordinance To Amend Chapter 145 Of The Codified Ordinances Of Granville, Ohio. Introduced by Councilmember Crais; seconded by Councilmember Hartfield. Mayor McGowan set the public hearing for November 20, 2002.

 Resolution No. 02-40, A Resolution To Authorize The Village Manager To Advertise For Bids For The Purchase Of Water Treatment Chemicals. Introduced by Councilmember Crais ; seconded by Vice Mayor Moore. .


Village Manager Hickman said this resolution was just for the purchase of lime and it is done every year.

Motion carried 7-0. Resolution No. 02-40 was adopted. 

 Resolution No. 02-41, A Resolution To Establish Pay Classifications And Compensation Plans For The Several Departments Of The Village of Granville. Introduced by Councilmember Hartfield; seconded by Councilmember Main.


Councilmember Crais asked about the history of this resolution. 

Mayor McGowan said there was confusion about pay steps and pay scale adjustments that had not been made in a long time. He described the changes and indicated new classifications for individuals and salary ranges. All of the top salaries had been adjusted 8% or 10% or so. Also he said there were several individuals who had been reassigned to new classifications. A 2 ½ pay was provided for those that work on holidays, etc., and the modifications go along with merit pay increases as well which will allow those who are perhaps a little more diligent to be rewarded for their work within a range area. He said this would give the manager flexibility to make certain changes as needed.

Councilmember Hartfield said the ranges were based on the pay scales provided by the past 10 years that were mathematically adjusted to go along with the Consumer Price Index. She said that should be typically looked at to adjust for inflation, etc.

Councilmember Crais asked who was reclassified.

Village Manager Hickman said two employees were reclassified, the tree trimmer and the court clerk which were reclassified only in their pay grade that they get and were upgraded by one pay grade.

Councilmember Robertson commented that the Personnel Committee that looked at this was not unanimous in their recommendation. She disagrees with moving the step arrangement that had been in effect in the past.

Mayor McGowan asked for further comments.

Councilmember Crais asked about the discussion that was had on the steps and their need to be abolished. 

Councilmember Hartfield said the steps were found to not be in sync with inflation. Some employees were okay, some were skewed. The steps had not allowed supervisors or managers to handle situations where someone was borderline as an employee. The measure would give them flexibility as far as determining merit. She said if two people were doing the same job, but one was doing far better, this would allow a higher raise to go to the employee who was doing an outstanding job.

Councilmember Crais asked about the maximum annual compensation adjustment.

Councilmember Hartfield said this was similar in the past to the steps. Technically, she said it reflected the pay ranges of the old A through H. She said if Councilmembers would look at how similar these are to the steps and how they are achieved, it could be possible for one employee to get there sooner than another.

Councilmember Crais asked about performance adjustments and the procedure used to determine what pool of resources these types of compensation would come from.

Mayor McGowan and Councilmember Hartfield said Council determines the ranges from year to year.

Councilmember Crais said if it represented a substantial change in rates of pay shouldn’t Council specify if they are doing it in Section 3 and how it will be implemented?

Mayor McGowan said he thought he recalled that the Personnel Committee would make these recommendations.

Councilmember Hartfield responded that in Section 5 the mechanism for implementation of the rates and how they would be determined would be done by Council.

Councilmember Crais commented he thought there was some slipperiness and ambiguity and thinks it should be cleared up in Section 3. Crais asked Village Manager Hickman what his sense was on how adopting the change would impact personnel morale.

Councilmember Bellman left the meeting at approximately 8:22pm.

Village Manager Hickman responded that honestly, he was not sure. Hickman said what Council does now if there is an employee that is not performing well, that employee does not get a raise for a year, goes on review for 6 months, or just gets a cost-of-living allowance. The change would put the village closer to what the private sector does as it would provide the flexibility needed to give different percentages of raises based on different evaluations of employees. He said the step system had been easier for him. To change it, he said he would need to discuss the evaluations with Finance Director Molly Roberts and would need to bring in each employee for evaluations, which might be “trickier.”

Councilmember Robertson said the reasons she gave during the Committee meetings were along these lines. She said Manager Hickman has had the power not to move someone a step for years. With a step arrangement she said it had been possible to adjust raises in a way which was clear to employees and is what they accept. Merit pay, no matter how much the private sector enjoys it, causes jealously among employees. She said she thinks it will be detrimental to morale. She said most village employees work very hard. For one who does not meet the expectations, they can be counseled and if they do not continue to meet them, that person can be fired and another can be hired in their place. The proposed system would make it tricky for the Village Manager and will add bureaucracy. Council does not need to do it.

Vice Mayor Moore said the Village does not have an unlimited pot of money so Council must husband it carefully. She asked how many times an employee had not been moved up a step.

Village Manager Hickman responded 1 or maybe 2 employees each year.

Vice Mayor Moore asked out of how many employees?

Village Manager Hickman responded 50.

Vice Mayor Moore said she thinks this would give people the expectation that they will get a raise each year. She said the new plan will require people to evaluate their employees more closely.

Mayor McGowan called the motion for a voice vote.

Motion carried 4-2 (Robertson, Crais). Resolution No. 02- 41 was adopted. 

 Resolution No. 02-42, A Resolution To Establish The Maximum Annual Compensation Adjustment For Fiscal Year 2003. Introduced by Councilmember Main; seconded by Councilmember Hartfield.


Councilmember Crais asked where the 3.5% figure came from.

Councilmember Hartfield said typical ranges of private sector raises were 3-5% and this would keep the village in line with common practices. 

Mayor McGowan said he read in a Columbus paper that they gave a employees a 3% raise and the process they used to determine it was the same as this one.

Vice Mayor Moore asked if it was recommended by the majority of the Personnel Committee. She thinks that it was a little high. She said Council would see in the coming year salaries will increase 3-3 ½ percent and there is no cost of living on top of that.

Councilmember Crais asked what the top would be?

Vice Mayor Moore asked if 5% was the maximum?

Councilmember Hartfield responded yes.

Mayor McGowan asked Village Manager Hickman if he could now move someone 2 steps? Village Manager Hickman responded that could not happen under this system because the steps would be gone. It would be something he said he would have to bring back to Council if he had a special need. Mayor McGowan asked Hickman if this would allow him to hire at a higher rate than in the past, yes or no?

Village Manager Hickman said it would be easier, yes.

Councilmember Robertson asked how much it would cost the Village if all employees got a 5% increase?

Molly Roberts, Village Finance Director said it would add $40,000 across the board, from general fund and utility funds.

Councilmember Robertson asked how much the Village receipts had grown over the last year in terms of taxes?

Finance Director Roberts responded that income tax collections had increased 10%.

Councilmember Robertson said then the Village was taking in more this year than last despite the economy.

Councilmember Hartfield said the Village was not a business, and the funds were not sales receipts, but taxpayer dollars and that looking at this in terms of receipts is not prudent.

Councilmember Robertson said she was just trying to determine if the Village could handle at least a 5% raise for everyone.

Mayor McGowan asked Finance Director Roberts to clarify whether or not the $40,000 amount would equal everyone getting a 5% raise and if that would include benefits, or just salaries?

Finance Director Roberts responded that would just cover salaries.

Councilmember Crais asked Roberts how much the receipts had increased over the past 5 years and whether or not the 10% increase was atypical?

Finance Director Roberts said this was typical.

Mayor McGowan said following this logic, would that mean Council should reduce the taxes the village is collecting if it goes that route?

Councilmember Crais said that the agreement seemed to be that 1) the village should move more toward the private sector model and, 2) the village was not a business.

Councilmember Hartfield said she was talking about employees. Employees that operate a backhoe whether for the government or a general contractor, they do the same task. Council needs to see where those funds come from that pay them, general receipts of a business or tax dollars.

Mayor McGowan said the salary ranges were what more municipalities were moving to in trends of compensation during the last 10 years.

Village Manager Hickman commented that he had hoped the discussion would not bring employees into the argument whether the Village charges too much for taxes or not. He said he thinks the employees have done a great job as they have done in the past. A 5% increase is fair and appropriate. He said the Village has some very good employees and the projects they did this year, they deserve a fair increase. He asked Council to consider it favorably.

Mayor McGowan asked for further discussion on the resolution. Hearing none, he called for a voice vote.

Motion carried 5-1 (Crais). Resolution No. 02-42 is adopted. 


 Bryn Du Mansion Purchase – Law Director Crites said with the positive vote of November 5th, if council were to move forward, the closing must occur within 30 days of the certification of the results to the County Board of Elections. He said a call was placed the day after election, but no one could answer the question. An answer will be found out tomorrow exactly what that day will be. There will be a lot of things to get accomplished at the next meeting, in two weeks. 

Mayor McGowan asked Council if Law Director Crites should begin his work on the necessary resolutions?

Councilmember Crais said he thought Council should move forward.

Mayor McGowan asked if the Law Director needed anything more from Council in order to move forward.

Law Director Crites said he would prepare an ordinance to transfer $300,000, and prepare an emergency ordinance for $1.5M in notes with bond council involvement.

Vice Mayor Moore said Council will need to see how the township contribution will affect the transaction.

Mayor McGowan suggested that anyone with concerns take them to Vice Mayor Moore.

Law Director Crites said there would also be an appropriations ordinance to transfer $200,000 from Park Lands to the General Fund, and an ordinance to sell part of the property to the Granville Township Trustees, which he said would be completed in 5-6 days for review.

Vice Mayor Moore asked if a lot split would be needed to do that?

Law Director Crites said he would look into that again and get back to her.

Councilmember Robertson said Council needs to free up enough money to make the purchase and asked if a determination had been made or a recommendation been made as to what fund the money from the sale would go back to?

Vice Mayor Moore asked Councilmember Robertson what fund she was referring to?

Law Director Crites responded that the Village might want to have 2 simultaneous closings. 

Councilmember Moore said the trustees had been talked to about sharing costs so it would make sense to do it all at one time.

Mayor McGowan asked for additional comments. Hearing none, Mayor McGowan moved forward to the minutes of October 16th.

MINUTES (8:42pm)

Regularly Scheduled Meeting of October 16, 2002 Councilmember Crais moved to accept the minutes as amended. Vice Mayor Moore seconded. Motion carried. 

Special Meeting of October 24, 2002 Councilmember Crais moved to accept the minutes as amended. Councilmember Robertson seconded. Motion carried. 

COMMITTEE REPORTS Economic Development Committee (Crais, Moore, Robertson) Vice Mayor Moore said the Committee will meet Fri., Nov. 15, 7:30am, at the Village Offices. She said officials from Owens-Corning would be present at the meeting to talk about their plans.

Finance Liaison (Moore) 

Granville Foundation (Main) 

JEDD (Bellman, Crais) 

Newark/Granville Committee (Bellman, Main) 

Personnel (Hartfield, McGowan, Robertson) 

Planning (Main) 

Recreation Commission (McGowan) Mayor McGowan commented a report showing 256 people had played basketball this year and that the facility has seen a lot of use during the school construction. He said it seems bigger and better than ever.

Senior Citizen Committee (Moore, Robertson) 

Street Light Committee (McGowan) Mayor McGowan said the Committee was to meet tonight but could not, and another meeting would be scheduled in the near future. Councilmember Main said they would be going out to bid now for Cherry Valley Road, but needed to get to the Committee to address other things.

Streets/Sidewalks/Utilities Committee (Bellman, Hartfield, McGowan) 

Tree & Landscape Committee (Moore) 

Union Cemetery Board (Main) Councilmember Robertson said the Committee would meet next week and would bring a report to Council concerning what Council could be doing for Senior Citizens in the Village. 


Comprehensive Plan Review Update Village Manager Hickman would like to go to January. On November 20 he said he hoped to look at Spring Valley discussions and a comprehensive plan. He said January would be better if it would be okay with Council. Council had no objection to the change. 

Bicentennial Marker Village Manager Hickman described a picture sign northbound into town in the shape of the State of Ohio, black and white, acknowledging Denison. He said the Bicentennial Committee wants to secure two new signs in addition to those signs with specific language. They proposed to do this with grants.

Councilmember Hartfield asked the Village Manager where the sign would be located. Village Manager Hickman said on the Northside, and others on the Southside in a convenient area.

Councilmember Hartfield said if the signs were put somewhere where they could be read, fine, but not where it would be distracting.

Village Manager Hickman said he would e-mail Council with the proposed language for the signs.

Councilmember Robertson asked if Council planned to do this right away.

Village Manager Hickman responded that the Bicentennial Committee would like to do it soon and asked Councilmembers to send their comments to him right away.

Councilmember Robertson commented that she thinks historic markers are meant for people to get out of their cars, stop and read them. Robertson believes the sign should not just say, “New Englanders,” but should say instead, “Granville, Massachusetts,” which is an important part of Granville’s history. She said she does not care if there are more words on the signs because she thinks people should stop and read the signs.

Mayor McGowan said that he thinks there are two different types of signs, one that is a symbol, but that signs with a lot of words should be where people can get out of their cars, etc., to read them. The square would be perfect, but a welcome or entrance sign is simpler.

Village Manager Hickman said he would get back with Council.

Vice Mayor Moore commented that whatever was decided about the signs, they should be really seated well into the ground.

Councilmember Crais moved to give Village Manager Hickman the ability to move forward getting the information from Hudson that held up in court on growth.

Village Manager Hickman responded what he did when looking at this he had Seth Gorman contact Jim Gorrey, one of Law Director Crites associates, and Seth was instructed to clip the news article(s) and go down through them line by line and address whatever concerns he might have so that all them were answered once and for all and see what could be done with them. He said they would have something within 30 days.

Councilmember Crais responded that 30 days would be fine.

Vice Mayor Moore asked Village Manager Hickman for the number of residential building permits requested in the last 5 years. Others asked for village and township permits as well.

Mayor McGowan also asked for the division of permits by school district.

Village Manager Hickman said getting all the additional information might take 45 days.

Mayor McGowan said that would be fine.

Councilmember Robertson said she would like a committee that would cross all of those boundaries to work on this together.

Councilmember Main said it seems like one of the things is the burden of growth on the schools. Main said he had not seen statistics on how many new students had been generated by the new development. He asked if that data existed. Main also said he heard before the last levy that Park Trails development had generated 38 children. Granville Schools grew by 144 students this year but he said he was not sure what part of that was the 38 students. It is an important issue. When a house sells, someone moves in with children. He suggested that Council might need to address more than building permits.

Vice Mayor Moore said Councilmember Main’s point was well taken. She commented that she recalled a larger number of folks moving into existing houses, rather than new houses being built.

Village Manager Hickman said he would get that information for Council.

Councilmember Robertson said these are good reasons to limit, but that there are other reasons as well. 

MEETING ANNOUNCEMENTS 12 Nov 2002 7:00pm Tree & Landscape 13 Nov 2002 7:30pm Planning Commission 14 Nov 2002 8:00am Senior Committee 14 Nov 2002 7:00pm BZBA 20 Nov 2002 7:30pm Village Council 25 Nov 2002 7:30pm Planning Commission

OTHER MATTERS Councilmember Main asked Village Manager Hickman if he would prepare for the next meeting a list of appointments that Council needs to be thinking about making for the next year for the Planning Commission, BZBA, etc., so that all would know about terms, etc., in order that those positions could be advertised adequately in advance to attract interest in those positions.

Mayor McGowan asked if Halloween seemed to go well this year. Councilmember Hartfield said yes, it went fine. She thanked Village Manager Hickman for all that he did to get the police downtown, etc. She said there were typical pranks but that she and the GPBA wanted to publicly thank Village Manager Hickman for all of his efforts.

EXECUTIVE SESSION Vice Mayor Moore moved to go into Executive Session at 9:10pm to consider employment and compensation of a public employee or official pursuant to ORC 121.22 (G)(2). Seconded by Councilmember Main. .

Roll call vote was 6-0 (YES: Councilmembers Robertson, Crais, Main, Hartfield, Vice Mayor Moore, and Mayor McGowan).

 Thereafter a discussion of the employment and compensation of a public employee or official was had in Executive Session.

Councilmember Craise moved to return to session at 9:37pm. Second by Councilmember Main.

Roll call vote was 6-0 (YES: Councilmembers Robertson, Crais, Main, Hartfield, Vice Mayor Moore, and Mayor McGowan). 

ADJOURNMENT At 9:38pm, Councilmember Crais moved to adjourn the meeting. Second by Councilmember Main. Motion carried, 6- 0. Meeting adjourned.


Submitted by Susan Dean Byrnes 

Employee Payroll / Compensation

The Village has thirty-six (36) full-time employees, 16 regular part-time employees and seaonal employees. Village Personnel Policy

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