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Council Minutes 1/20/02

January 30, 2002

Council Members Present:  Dan Bellman, Melissa Hartfield,
Richard Main, Matt McGowan, Candi Moore, Lyn Robertson
Township Trustees Present:  Jim Havens, Lyle King, Wes

Visitors Present:  See attached list

Call to Order:  Mayor McGowan called the meeting to order
and asked members to identify themselves.  He said the two
political bodies need to come to a position of trust to
protect our community in the future.

I. Cemetery Committee:  Resolution 02-07.  Richard Main and
Wes Sargent were chosen to become members of the Committee.

II.  JEDD and CETA:  Wes Sargent said that he, Dan Bellman,
and Jim Murr met to discuss a joint cooperative agreement.  
There are two options:  Joint Economic Development and
Commercial Development, to work for the betterment of our
community.     Mr. Sargent said some of the discussion
focused on retail, but a decision was made that retail
would not be included in the agreement.  At the next
meeting they will talk about uses and water and sewer,
income tax, property tax.  Both bodies need confidence in

    Jim Murr described the differences between JEDD and
CETA and added that a JEDD has been used in other
communities as a means to control and find mutually
agreeable ways to develop the land the way they want it
developed.  Ms. Robertson would like to look at reports
from Springfield and Canal Winchester about their efforts.

III.  Economic Development Committee:  In the absence of
Clifton Crais, Mike Frazier stated that the GBPA has had
regular meetings with Village Council members to talks
about physical improvements the Village could make to
attract businesses.  The Township was also involved.  Jim
Havens said that this is a good study with good ideas.  
They want to avoid causing competition with the business
center.   Joe Hickman said there are copies of the report
in the Library and on the website.  Cooperation is
important, added Candi Moore, with the Village, Township,
and the College.  The key thing is interaction and
determining priorities.  Lyn Robertson has a student
interested in the subject.

IV.  Widening of Rt. 161/37:  Jim Havens reported that most
of what he knows is secondhand. Some members of the
Comprehensive Review Committee, he stated, were thinking of
talking to officials. In Haven’s opinion, no one has been
authorized to talk to ODOT and provide a community
position.  The Township Trustees have not really begun a
full understanding of the process.  They do keep in touch
with LCAT on the River Road problem.  Traffic in our
community is a blessing and a curse, and the problem is how
to deal with that in a reasonable and fair manner.  River
Road residents do not want to be cut off from the
community, but safety is a concern with access on Rt. 37.  
He would like the Trustees to make a decision before ODOT
makes a decision.

    Candi Moore said the Council has received
information from the Review Committee on traffic and they
requested that we ask ODOT to expand the traffic study
beyond just the corridor and include roads entering into
the corridor.  Council is generally favorable to making
that request of ODOT, but they wanted other community
participation with them.

    Lyn Robertson wants to learn just what the Review
Committee has done.  

    Dan Bellman was unwilling to accept hearsay and
suggested that ODOT’s Chris Engler and Comprehensive Review
Committee members be invited to a meeting if there are

    Abram Kaplan, from the Review Committee, is
surprised to hear these rumors.  The Committee was not
about to go to ODOT, although there was a subcommittee
looking at issues and they made calls to
Joint Meeting
January 30, 2002
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find what ODOT perceptions were.  The subcommittee was
interested in expanding the study area relating to
Granville.  It’s unlikely that any of our members would go
to ODOT.  

    Norm Kennedy stated that if there is to be a
meeting with an ODOT officials, the County Engineer should
be invited.

    Jim Ormond recommended a pre-meeting to hear input
in order to be ready with a focus when talking to ODOT.

      Norm Kennedy said traffic itself is not the
problem, but widening 161/37 would close off Morse Road and
539A.  LCAT wants the last access at Beech Road.

    Public Comment concentrated on possible problems on
Loudon Street, a hilly road with limited visibility and
farm vehicles

VI.  GIS:  A suggestion was made to hire Denison students
to prepare GIS maps for us.  Jim Havens thought it would be
helpful to put the tax map on GIS.  Specific applications
need to be specified for us.  If we get a specific budget
and proposal of what the students could do, we could
consider it.  Abram Kaplan reminded his that one was sent
along last July.

    Lyn Robertson stated that if it could be determined
that we can get some more beneficial information, could we
come to agreement about sharing the cost?  The lateness of
the year demands expedition.  

VII.  Other concerns:

*    Bridge to the park on the east side
*    Sidewalk across the creek at Main Street
*    Ohio Natural Resources grant for expansion of bike
*    Grant writing committee would be helpful
*    Pedestrian traffic on River Road
*    Bike trails

    Shane LeFevre, (349-6400), said he deals with
environmental issues at the Sheriff’s Department.  Please
call this number with problems of littering, etc.

    Alisa Dudgeon (349-6407) said her department deals
with speeding issues.  They do not know about problems
until someone calls them.  There is grant money for
officers at schools.  Call her if there are problems on
Loudon Street or other locations.

Adjournment: 9 p.m.
    Respectfully submitted,
Betty Allen

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