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Council Minutes 12/18/02


CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor McGowan at 7:35 pm) 


ROLL CALL Those responding to the roll call were, Councilmembers Hartfield, Robertson, Bellman, Main, Mayor McGowan, and Vice Mayor Moore; Manager Hickman, Law Director Crites. 

 Councilmember Main made a motion to excuse Councilmember Crais. Council member Robertson second. Motion carried 

APPROVAL OF AGENDA (7:36pm) Manager Hickman recommended Council strike Resolution 02-48 as noted and add proposed Resolution No. 02-51, relating to the Spring Valley Committee. Councilmember Main moved to approve the agenda as amended, seconded by Councilmember Hartfield. Motion carried. 

CITIZENS’ COMMENTS (7:37pm) All topics – None

Pyles Comunications – Kaki Reckard, a representative from Pyles Communications, and Ann Ormond, who was representing Granville Business and Professional Association, were present to answer questions regarding a funding request. The GBPA approached Pyles Communications to discuss the probability of creating a “brand” for Granville that would be current and have longevity. The purpose and objective is to service Granville by, encouraging local residents to be more supportive of area business, encourage the Denison community (students/faculty) to experience and support the local merchants, and re-create the idea that Granville is a day destination. Pyles Communications develops and builds brands for communities that encourage long term results. In the course of this process, feedback is also provided and shared with individual business owners. The idea is to set up a good business model for the “brand” so that individual businesses can benefit. Ms. Reckard suggested that a good brand can last forever, although campaigns may change. It is important to start with a good foundation, because although a situation can change, the message about the brand should continue to draw business. Consistency and frequency generate results. The portion of funds from the Village will be used solely for media/marketing purposes. Ms. Reckard verified that Pyles Communications will be entrusted to write the marketing strategy and will help implement the plan including lure brochures, professional and retail business brochures, and logos. Vice Mayor Moore asked if other communities, like Granville, had conducted similar marking campaigns. It was noted that previous experience has proven rare for a community the size of Granville to embark on this type of an endeavor. Ms. Rechard does not know if there will be any access to comparison data to demonstrate as studies are expensive to conduct and hard to track. Community branding is a cutting edge concept and for a community this size it could be very significant. However, Ms. Reckard will provide Council with data prior to the January 15, 2003 meeting and report on the information during that meeting. It was noted by Ms. Ormond that there has not been any opposition between merchants and professionals and the hope is that the plan will be a benefit to all.

Councilmember Bellman arrived (7:51pm)

 Councilmember Bellman suggested a survey of the local community be conducted to produce feedback for area businesses.

Mayor McGowan closed citizens’ comments at 8:05 pm. 

PUBLIC HEARING (8:05pm) 2003 Granville Village Budget. No one appeared to speak for or against the 2003 Granville Village Budget.

 Ordinance No. 25-02, An Ordinance To Make Appropriations For Current Expenses And Other Expenditures Of The Village Of Granville, State Of Ohio, During The Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2003. No one appeared to speak for or against Ordinance No. 25-02.

Mayor McGowan closed the public hearing at 8:06pm. 

NEW BUSINESS (8:06pm) Spring Valley Task Force (Councilmember Hartfield - recused) Councilmember Robertson proposed that Council appoint all individuals that expressed interest in this committee. Councilmember Main second. Motion carried. The Committee members are: Ted Barclay, Ben Barton, Carla Beckerley, Kitty Consolo, Clifton Crais, Alan Falquet, Jerry Griffin, Roger Kessler, Liz Maher, Christie Pappas, Tym Tyler, Tom Sharp, Beth White.

 Resolution No. 02-49, A Resolution To Authorize The Village Manager To Seek Bids For Pinehurst Improvements was introduced by Councilmember Hartfield; second by Councilmember Main. Motion to adopt carried (6-0). Resolution No. 02- 49 is adopted.

 Resolution No. 02-50, A Resolution To Authorize The Village Manager To Re-Seek Bids For North Cherry Valley Road/State Route 16 Intersection Improvements was introduced by Councilmember Main; second by Councilmember Hartfield. Discussion: Manager Hickman noted that the bids came in well below estimated costs, unfortunately the best and lowest bidder failed to complete the bid package properly. After consulting with the Village Law Director and project engineers, Mr. Hickman feels it is best to re-bid this project. It was also noted that since the bid opening, it has become apparent that Alternate C (driveway between Galway and Wendy’s) would not be feasible at this time. Rd-bidding this project would provide the opportunity to seek bids based entirely on night time construction and no Alternative C. Bids did come in at a considerably lower than expected by approximately $450,000. It was a concern of some Council members that re-bidding this project might bring higher bids therefore losing the opportunity for this low bid. Manager Hickman feels caution should be given as awarding the bid to the lowest and best bidder in this case could cause the bid to be challenged by another contractor, causing delay of the project. Mayor McGowan feels that the next best bidder should be awarded the project. Law Director Crites advised that there is always the option to reject the bids or award the contract to lowest and most responsible bidder, as indicated that is subject to protest by either the lowest or second lowest bidder. Mr. Crites is comfortable defending this situation either way, noting that rejecting all bids is without recourse. There was some discussion regarding the procedure and requirements of bidding projects for the Village. Councilmember Bellman feels re-bidding the project would minimize risk of litigation and delays. Councilmember Main supports the Manager’s decision to re-bid. Councilmember Hartfield concurred, adding that she feels the policy of re-bidding should be discouraged and agrees with the need to review the contract bidding procedures. Noting that this Ordinance for bidding procedures had been adopted in 1970, the Law Director feels the language of our bidding statute should be reviewed. He noted that the state language reflects “the lowest, and most responsive, and most responsible bidder”. There is case law that constitutes what is responsive and responsible, which allows guidelines in making a decision.

 Motion to adopt carried (Aye – 5) (Nay – 1, McGowan). Resolution No. 02-50 is adopted.

 Resolution No. 02-51, A Resolution To Appoint A Committee To Study The Spring Valley Property was introduced by Vice Mayor Moore; second by Councilmember Main.

Discussion: (Councilmember Hartfield – recused) Vice Mayor Moore noted that this Resolution reflects instruction for the Spring Valley Review Task Force Committee. There were discussion and friendly amendments to the Resolution and it was decided the Committee would appoint a Chairperson during its first meeting.

 Motion to adopt carried (6-0). Resolution No. 02- 51 is adopted. 

OLD BUSINESS (8:59pm) Ordinance No. 25-02, An Ordinance To Make Appropriations For Current Expenses And Other Expenditures Of The Village Of Granville, State Of Ohio, During The Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2003 was reintroduced by Councilmember Hartfield. Second by Councilmember Main.

Discussion: Friendly Amendments to proposed Budget. Bryn Du Mansion Funding – Funds should be put in the same account, although listed by line item, i.e. maintenance, improvements, etc. A1-7-E 260 Debt Service - Approximately $30,000 would be appropriated for interest payment with $70,000 for principal pay down. A1-4-F 230 Community Service - Add $7,500 for Spring Valley Committee expenses. Strategic Land Reserve Fund– Add $25,000 to the balance of $4,200. Council discussed whether to eliminate or increase this fund. Theoretically these funds could be used for green space purchases, park land purchases, or additional funding for other projects. A1-7-B 230 Legislative – the $10,000 earmarked for the GBPA marketing contribution is within this fund. F2 250 Equipment Reserve Fund – Skid Loader, as previously proposed, will not be purchased. A Leaf Machine will be bought instead. Seasonal Laborer – The idea is to hire someone to work with the Old Colony Cemetery, with Mr. Siegel (Tree & Landscape), and with the Service Department, as needed. Councilmember Main noted that he had a conversation with Flo Hoffman, of the Union Cemetery Board, concerning the restoration in the Old Colony Burial grounds. Restoration project experts need an intern-type person that can be of assistance. The thought is that this position could also be utilized and reimbursed by the Township for work done in the Maple Grove Cemetery. The idea is to use a Denison University student for summer employment, similar to and paid along the same scale as a DU students. This position could be an assistant to the Village Manager, and an extra set of hands during peak activity time. Hopefully this individual would receive exposure to the operation of a small town government. Councilmember’s Robertson and Main will work in conjunction with DU to secure details for this position. Vice Mayor Moore questioned the need for appropriating property tax funds for the Bryn Du Property. She noted that the tax for 2002 should be paid by Longaberger and considering the closing date of December 16, 2002, only a portion of the month of December will be the responsibility of the Village. Manager Hickman will clarify with the Finance Director the reasoning behind this appropriation.

Roll call vote: YES (6 - Robertson, Main, Bellman, Hartfield, Moore, McGowan), NO (0) Ordinance No. 25-02 is adopted. 

REVIEW OF MINUTES (9:40pm) Regularly Scheduled Meeting of December 4, 2002. Councilmember Robertson moved to accept the minutes as presented; seconded by Councilmember Hartfield. Motion carried, 6-0. 

MAYOR’S COURT REPORT – November (9:40pm) The Mayor’s Court Report for the month of November was presented for review. 

Vice Mayor Moore moved to accept the report; second by Councilmember Hartfield. Motion carried, 6-0 

Mayor McGowan instructed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of said report is included as part of these Minutes. 

MANAGER’S REPORT – November (9:42pm) The Manager’s Report for the month of November was presented for review. 

Councilmember Robertson moved to accept the report; seconded by Councilmember Main. Motion carried 6-0.

Mayor McGowan instructed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of said report is included as part of these Minutes. 

COMMITTEE REPORTS Economic Development Committee (Crais, Moore, Robertson) No report.

Finance Liaison (Moore) No report.

Granville Foundation (Main) No report.

JEDD (Bellman, Crais) No report.

Newark/Granville Committee (Bellman, Main) No report.

Personnel (Hartfield, McGowan, Robertson) No report.

Planning Commission (Main) No report.

Recreation Commission (McGowan) No report.

Senior Citizen Committee (Moore, Robertson) No report.

Street Light Committee (McGowan) No report. Streets/Sidewalks/Utilities Committee (Bellman, Hartfield, McGowan) Next Meeting – January 3, 2003 – 8:30am

Tree & Landscape Committee (Moore) No report.

Union Cemetery Board (Main) No report. 

EXECUTIVE SESSION Councilmember Main moved to enter into Executive Session, pursuant to ORC 121.22 (G)(3), for the purpose of conferencing with an attorney for the public body concerning disputes involving the public body that are the subject of pending and imminent court action. (Speedway SuperAmerica). Second by Councilmember Hartfield.

 Due to topic content, Vice Mayor requested recussal from this Executive Session. Mayor McGowan advised that Council would adjourn immediately upon returning to regular session.

 Roll call vote: YES (5 -Robertson, Main, Bellman, Hartfield, McGowan). Recused (1-Moore). NO (0). Motion carried.

Time in: 9:50pm

 A discussion with the Village Law Director concerning the Speedway/SuperAmerica appeal previously filed in Licking County Common Pleas court was had.

 Councilmember Bellman moved to return to regular session at 10:02pm. Councilmember Hartfield second. Roll call vote: YES (5 - Robertson, Main, McGowan, Hartfield, Bellman). NO (0). 

ADJOURNMENT At 10:02pm, Council unanimously moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried, 5-0. Meeting adjourned.

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