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Council Minutes 2/20/02

CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor McGowan at 7:32pm)

ROLL CALL (7:32pm)
Those responding to the Roll Call were Councilmembers
Crais, Hartfield, and Robertson; Vice Mayor Moore, Mayor
McGowan; Manager Hickman, Law Director Crites.  
Councilmembers Bellman and Main arrived at 7:34pm.


Mayor McGowan noted that the village is planning to stage a
celebration for Lee Ann Parsley when she returns, though
the date is still unclear. He has contacted the schools,
the fire department, the GBPA, and her family.
Councilmember Bellman suggested inviting surrounding
communities since Lee Ann is a Licking County resident, not
just Granville. Councilmember Robertson moved that whatever
is done be a joint effort of all members of Council. Second
by Councilmember Crais. Mayor McGowan moved to amend the
motion-to-amend to include “anyone from the community.”
Second by Vice Mayor Moore. Motion to amend carried, 7-0.
Motion as amended carried, 7.0.

Economic Develoment Committee – Discussion of OSU Study
Councilmember Crais invited Mike Frazier and Ruth Owen,
members of the committee, to participate in the discussion.
He reported that the committee has been very active,
especially in systematizing information for prospective
businesses. Their overall goal has been a “precision of
definition” as to the issues we confront as a community and
as a Council, particularly the relationship between
businesses and the local government. The committee is
anxious that its work and the OSU report not be shelved.
Therefore, their goal for this meeting is a clear
understanding of what our goals are and how to achieve
them, accompanied by an action agenda and timetable.
Mike Frazier, by way of background, noted that this process
had begun as a joint effort of Council and the GBPA,
designed to attract businesses into the community. He noted
that the OSU report is clear about the need for local
government involvement in this effort, and asked if Council
agreed with that principle.
    Councilmember Main agreed, but cautioned that the
government must be aware of the atmosphere it creates
(i.e., if it appears to be contrary or difficult to work
with, that makes it difficult to develop businesses in the
community). He stated that he doesn’t know if it’s a fact,
but it’s certainly a perception that Granville is difficult
to work with (i.e., coming in here is a hassle). Ruth Owen
verified that we are thought of as unfriendly and
Vice Mayor Moore agreed as well, and stated that the
committee’s document is intended to urge us to present a
more friendly face. However, we must remain aware of the
fact that there are some businesses and some types of
development we don’t want. If everyone has access to the
information suggested by the committee, that will give them
guidance on that point. She characterized this as a “first
good attempt” by the Village, the Township, and the GBPA,
and suggested we carry that cooperative spirit further to
look at some of the other ideas in the OSU study—using a
critical eye, in the context of our policies and goals. She
felt it was important to make it very clear that these
policies are the result of cooperative work by the
Township, the Village, business people within those areas,
and Denison University.
Councilmember Robertson agreed, adding that our reputation
as difficult comes, in part, from our strong stand on our
zoning regulations. While the committee’s pamphlet tells
people where to go to find out what the rules are, we need
to remember that our rules exist in response to what
citizens say they want. Councilmember Crais noted that the
web page for these efforts is constructed with that view in
Councilmember Bellman agreed with Vice Mayor Moore and
Councilmember Robertson, in that we should look for things
that provide a good tax base with little additional traffic
(e.g., the Erinwood development) or offer a good blend with
the existing areas (e.g., the new Taylor’s building). He
suggested Council sit down with the larger group and create
a list what we do want (e.g., non-retail, commercial,
professional), listing available land piece by piece (e.g.,
a retirement community on the Reese property, retail
business downtown, post office downtown, etc.). He added
that we need to be more proactive. While businesses must be
able to do their own thing, we could certainly talk to them
and get feedback as to legitimate governmental things we
could do to help them with parking and other issues. He
thought we should revisit Ruth Owen’s idea of a shuttle
between outlying communities and downtown.
    Councilmember Crais raised the issue of an economic-
development staff person, as recommended in the committee’s
report. He cited Human Resource Management’s report on
staff rearranging in general (e.g., do we need an Assistant
Manager?) And thought perhaps we should fold these issues
together. Ruth Owen cautioned that we need “the right
person at the right price.” Mayor McGowan suggested we
could work at refining our needs while we begin with
someone in the community who has the requisite economic-
development skills. Councilmember Hartfield cautioned that
we need to be clear on guidelines and the necessity for the
position so we know exactly what we expect from this
person. She agreed with the principle of working with the
whole community to define what this would be, not just the
downtown. Vice Mayor Moore felt it would be hard for this
person to operate solely within the Village limits. Ruth
Owen agreed, stating that would be redundant to the GBPA.
She also noted that economic planning for the village must
include the township—that’s where the land is and where the
growth will be—so that we have a partnering agreement in
which neither entity hires alone. Mike Frazier noted that
having Township Trustee Wes Sargent on the committee
automatically broadened the discussion. He suggested we
start with a part-time person and seek out “heritage
tourism” kinds of businesses. Councilmember Crais recapped
Council’s consensus that the economic development committee
should have a discussion on what this position would look
like (e.g., economic development through education,
tourism, cultural events, and the like), then bring their
guidelines back to Council, including the Township’s view.
Vice Mayor Moore noted that Denison should be a full
partner here, with a representative other than Mike Frazier
(whom she felt is being asked to wear too many hats). She
will approach President Knobel and invite him to appoint
    Councilmember Crais noted that the OSU report
argued that we have lots of parking places in the downtown
area. The problem is that people don’t know where they are.
He asked Manager Hickman about directional signage to
locate businesses as well as parking and the fire and
police departments. Manager Hickman said he has already
ordered signs to be fastened to existing steel poles from
Main Street to Pearl Street, with street names and arrows
pointing to either side. He is also considering a large
sign, designed to match the “Welcome to Granville” signs,
on which he could mount all the various service-club signs.
Mayor McGowan suggested a permanent sign at the village
entrances to honor Lea Ann Parsley. Councilmember Crais
also wondered if we could somehow make the public parking
lots look better. Manager Hickman responded that the
problem is that they are all privately owned (e.g., Petunia
Park). Councilmember Bellman suggested the property owners
around Petunia Park might be convinced to deed that piece
of their land to the Village in exchange for the Village
taking over the management/maintenance of the area.
    Councilmember Crais suggested that Council defer
discussion of the streetscape design until we have received
the bids for that work. All agreed.
    Councilmember Crais raised the issue of the Licking
County bed tax and how little of its revenues actually come
back to the community. Vice Mayor Moore reported that she
had worked with Molly Roberts to get some firm data, to
wit: the bed tax is 3% of gross room sales. After the
County taxing authority deducts a 5% administrative fee,
the individual municipalities get 33.3% of their net tax
receipts. The Licking County Convention & Visitors Bureau
(CVB) and/or the Licking County Chamber of Commerce (COC)
get the rest. For the period July 1, 2000 through June 30,
2001, the Village collected $28,521.35. The 5% admin fee
amounted to $1,426. The Village got $9,031.67 back; the CVB
received $18,063.51. Since the Licking County Commissioners
determine the split for this money, change can only occur
if we lobby the other communities involved and they, in
turn, lobby the commissioners. While Granville is a big
draw for visitors to Licking County, we don’t seem to get
much coverage in the CVB/COC publications. Vice Mayor Moore
suggested we should talk to the County Commissioners about
appointing a representative from Granville to the CVB.
    Councilmember Crais, noting that no date had yet
been set for the committee’s next meeting, summarized the
results of this discussion: 1) broaden the composition of
the committee, with Vice Mayor Moore taking over the
chair’s post, and discuss the issue of adding a person to
Village staff; 2) re Broadway beautification, revisit the
OSU report when the bids are discussed; 3) re the lack of
representation on the CVB, talk with the County
Ruth Owen thanked Council for working with the GBPA on this.

Strategic Land Acquisition Committee – Discussion (8:38pm)
Discussion was deferred to the later Executive Session.

All Topics (8:38p)
No comments.

Mayor McGowan closed Citizens’ Comments at 8:38pm.


OLD BUSINESS (8:38pm; moved forward in the agenda)
Resolution No. 02-10, A Resolution To Fill A Vacancy On The
Planning Commission, was introduced by Councilmember
Bellman. Second by Councilmember Crais. By written ballot,
Barb Lucier was selected for the appointment. Motion
carried, 7-0.

Resolution No. 02-08, A Resolution Of Appreciation for
Keith Myers, was introduced by Councilmember Bellman.
Second by Councilmember Crais. Motion carried, 7-0.

Resolution No. 02-12, A Resolution To Authorize The Village
Manager To Advertise For Bids For The Sale Of Surplus
Equipment, was introduced by Vice Mayor Moore. Second by
Councilmember Hartfield. Motion carried, 7-0.

Resolution No. 02-13, A Resolution To Authorize The Non-
Permanent Installation Of A Sidewalk Café On The Public
Sidewalk At 134 East Broadway In Front Of The Business
Known As “Victoria’s Parlour,” Subject To Restrictions, was
introduced by Councilmember Main. Second by Vice Mayor
Moore. Manager Hickman noted that this is identical to what
was recently approved for the Broadway Deli. Motion
carried, 7-0.

Resolution No. 02-14, A Resolution To Authorize The Non-
Permanent Installation Of A Sidewalk Café On The Public
Sidewalk At 132 East Broadway In Front Of The Business
Known As “Village Coffee Company,” Subject To Restrictions,
was introduced by Councilmember Bellman. Second by
Councilmember Crais. Motion carried, 7-0.

Resolution No. 02-15, A Resolution To Authorize The Village
Manager To Advertise For Bids For 2002 Street Painting, was
introduced by Councilmember Hartfield. Second by
Councilmember Bellman. Manager Hickman noted the we will
paint before the paving, since the paving won’t be done
until late summer. Moore asked if there were any way to
highlight the white concrete at the Pearl/College
intersection since the crosswalks are difficult to see at
night. Manager Hickman will check. Motion carried, 7-0.

Resolution No. 02-16, A Resolution To Award The Bid For
Newark-Granville Road Improvements, Per Specifications, To
Kokosing Construction Company And To Authorize The Village
Manager To Enter Into An Agreement Therefor, was introduced
by Councilmember Bellman. Second by Councilmember
Hartfield. Motion carried, 7-0.

Resolution No. 02-03, A Resolution To Appoint  A Member To
The Granville Tree & Landscape Commission, was not
introduced. Vice Mayor Moore noted that she had presented
the idea of having a student. The Chair of the Commission
is checking to see if they can locate a suitable candidate.

NOTE: All Agenda items from this point through “Other
Council Matters” were suspended until the next meeting so
members of Council could get home as early as possible to
see Lea Ann Parsley compete in the Olympics.

Regularly Scheduled Meeting of February 6, 2002.



Economic Development Committee (Crais, Moore, Robertson)
Finance Liaison (Moore)
Granville Foundation Liaison (Main)
JEDD Liaison (Bellman)
Newark/Granville Relations (Bellman, Main)
Personnel Committee (Hartfield, McGowan, Robertson)
Planning Commission (Main)
Recreation Commission Liaison (McGowan)
Senior Citizen Committee (Moore, Robertson)
Strategic Land Acquisition Committee (Bellman, Crais, Moore)
Street Light Committee (McGowan)
Streets/Sidewalks/Utilities Committee (Bellman, Hartfield,
Tree & Landscape Committee (Moore)
Union Cemetery Board Liaison (Main)


Councilmember Crais moved that Council enter into Executive
Session for the purpose of discussing the purchase of land.
Second by Councilmember Hartfield. A Roll Call vote yielded
seven (7) affirmative votes: Councilmember Bellman, Crais,
Hartfield, Main, and Robertson; Vice Mayor Moore, Mayor
McGowan. At 9:05pm, Councilmember Crais moved to conclude
the Executive Session; second by Councilmember Hartfield. A
Roll Call vote yielded seven (7) affirmative votes:
Councilmember Bellman, Crais, Hartfield, Main, and
Robertson; Vice Mayor Moore, Mayor McGowan.

February 5, 2002    7:30pm    Granville Recreation
February 25, 2002    7:30pm    Planning Commission
February 26, 2002    7:30pm    JEDD
March 6, 2002    7:30pm    Village Council

Councilmember Crais moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:05pm;
second by Councilmember Hartfield. Motion carried, 7-0.
Meeting adjourned.

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