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Council Minutes 2/6/02

 CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor McGowan at 7:30pm)

ROLL CALL (7:3pm)
Those responding to the Roll Call were Councilmembers Crais
and Hartfield; Vice Mayor Moore, Mayor McGowan; Manager
Hickman, Law Director Crites. Also attending was Attorney
Pamela Robbins, an associate of Law Director Crites.  
Councilmember Crais moved to excuse Councilmembers Bellman,
Robertson, and Main; second by Vice Mayor Moore. Motion
carried, 4-0.

PROCLAMATION – Lee Ann Parsley
Mayor McGowan read a congratulatory Proclamation
acknowledging Lee Ann Parsley’s participation in the 2002
Olympics, as well as her high-school athletic career in
Granville, her undergraduate and graduate degrees, and her
award-winning career as a Granville firefighter. The
Proclamation also proclaims February 20, 2002—the day of
her skeleton competition at the Olympics—as Lee Ann Parsley
Day in Granville. Mayor McGowan presented the framed
Proclamation to Bob and Ruth Ann Parsley, Lee Ann’s parents.

Granville Foundation – Carl Frazier
Mr. Frazier, executive director for 40+ years, distributed
the Foundation’s annual report to members of Council. The
Foundation finished the year with a loss of $140, with net
income of $60,000. Its endowment now stands at $550,000.
Mayor McGowan noted that Councilmember Main is the new
representative to the Foundation.

Memorial Proposal – Jim Siegel
Mr. Siegel asked Council’s approval to proceed with plans
for a Veterans’ Memorial in Opera House Park. It is
intended to be a generic memorial (i.e., not commemorating
any particular war or branch of the military). There is no
committee at the present time, pending Council’s indication
of support for the project. Vice Mayor Moore expressed her
support, especially in light of the upcoming Bicentennial
celebrations. She also requested that Mr. Siegel keep an
open mind about where the memorial might be placed, in line
with the recommendations from the OSU project. Mayor
McGowan added his support for Mr. Siegel to move on with
the project.

U.S. Department of Agriculture – Chip Lovell
Mr. Lovell, with the USDA’s Wildlife Services division,
used a Power Point presentation to present some facts about
the vultures. Wildlife Services maintains controls and
minimizes the effects of wildlife damage using methods that
are biologically sound, environmentally safe, and socially
acceptable. Turkey vultures (a.k.a. buzzards), are
scavengers that range from Canada to Mexico. We also have a
few black vultures—slightly smaller and more aggressive
than the turkey vultures—who are scavengers and predators.
Both species are protected which means we might need a
special permit, depending on the course of action we
select. Vulture damage includes property damage, odor from
excrement, acidic excrement killing trees and vegetation
and shortening the expected life of roofing and buildings
materials, and, in the case of black vultures, the possible
killing of livestock.
Mr. Lovell proposed an “integrated wildlife damage
management plan” to resolve the problem. This would include
education (e.g., notifying the public and making sure
everyone understands the vultures will not be eliminated
but rather encouraged to migrate further south in the
winter); habitat modification (e.g., either cutting or
thinning the evergreen cover preferred by the birds);
exclusion (e.g., using netting, porcupine wire, and/or grid
wire on rooftops and other high landing spots); and/or
harassment (e.g., loud noises with pan lids or sticks
and/or pyrotechnics using modified fireworks that are legal
for this purpose).
These measures should be used in early fall (end of October
or beginning of November) so the birds still have time to
migrate elsewhere. The village can conduct this itself
(using police or maintenance crews but not allowing private
citizens to do so), hire a private pest-control company, or
use the USDA (on a reimbursable arrangement). Also, we
could contact the National Wildlife Research Study, which
might be interested in conducting a “vulture effigy study”
(i.e., hanging “dead” vultures in trees to gauge their
value as a deterrent).
Mr. Lovell noted that vultures have no natural predators.
He added that no permit would be required for harassment as
long as no harm is intended to the birds or their
nests/eggs. We do not know the percentage of the total
vulture population that is migratory but should expect that
some portion of the birds will still be here in the summer.
Mayor McGowan suggested we try the USDA approach and see
what happens. Manager Hickman said he wanted to work with
the experts and include Denison University and the village
residents who are most severely affected. After the first
year, we can better evaluate the effectiveness of this
approach. Mr. Lovell noted that we need to publicize where
people can get the wire devices. He will write up a
cooperative service agreement within the desired
parameters. Since persistent efforts over a long period of
time are required to change the birds’ patterns, the USDA
will come back every year, as requested. Mr. Lovell added
that Village maintenance workers and police officers would
be asked to provide necessary support for this effort.
Mayor McGowan asked Mr. Lovell to work with Manager Hickman
on this, including talking to the research station and
involving Denison and the property owners. Vice Mayor Moore
asked that we think carefully about how to notify the
neighborhoods that we’ll be shooting off pyrotechnics.

All Topics

Mayor McGowan closed Citizens’ Comments at 8:20pm.

Resolution No. 02-06, A Resolution To Amend The Village Of
Granville Rules Of The Village Council, was re-introduced
by Mayor McGowan.

Mayor McGowan reminded everyone that first 2½ pages of the
resolution had already been discussed and modified. Vice
Mayor Moore reported that the review committee had
determined that the rules should not be too detailed so
Council would retain a fair degree of latitude to meet the
needs of the moment. Councilmember Crais moved to amend No.
2 on Page 4 by changing the four-vote requirement to three
votes; there was no second. Vice Mayor Moore felt there
should be some kind of express limitation included so as to
not create substantive rights for anyone but council
members (i.e., minor deviations from the rules could not be
used by the public to invalidate anything passed by
Council). Law Director Crites noted that Council may
suspend its rules as well.
Vice Mayor Moore moved to accept the rules as modified;
second by Councilmember Hartfield. A roll call vote yielded
three affirmative votes (Councilmember Hartfield; Vice
Mayor Moore, Mayor McGowan) and 1 negative vote
(Councilmember Crais). Motion carried, 3-1.
Mayor McGowan postponed the balance of the rules discussion
until the end of the meeting. [The notes of have been
included here for ease of referral.]

Resumed discussion:
Councilmember Crais felt it was important to protect the
rights of the minority in a democratic culture and that the
setting of the number of votes required to suspend the
rules was an important opportunity to do that. Mayor
McGowan felt three votes was too few to change any rules or
regulations (i.e., it is unusual to let a minority change
the rules). Even though Roberts’ Rules specifies having a
supermajority (i.e., five votes), Mayor McGowan felt that
would be too many. Councilmember Crais noted that Granville
has a distinguished history of being exceptional to the
rules. He once again moved to change the numbers of
required votes from four to three; once again, there was no
second. Law Director Crites cited the Charter, Section
3.10, which says, in part, that action not required to be
taken by ordinance…may be adopted by a voice vote of a
majority of the members present. Therefore, the previous
vote stands and the resolution is approved as modified.

Resolution No. 02-09, A Resolution To Authorize The Non-
Permanent Installation Of A Sidewalk Café On The Public
Sidewalk On East Broadway In Front Of The Business Known
As “Broadway Delicatessen,” Subject To Restrictions, was
introduced by Councilmember Crais. Second by Vice Mayor
Moore.  Discussion: Vice Moore suggested that the October
31st closing date be changed to match the flexible dates
contained in the Village Coffee Company’s agreement.
Manager Hickman noted that the Broadway Delicatessen had
requested that date. Vice Mayor Moore asked that the table
placement conform to the placement in front of Victoria’s.
Law Director Crites felt that the drawing attached to the
request was sufficient to ensure that but would carry added
weight if mentioned in the Resolution itself. Councilmember
Crais moved to add “See Attachment A” at the end of the
title of the resolution; second by Vice Mayor Moore. Motion-
to-amend carried, 4-0. Motion-as-amended carried, 4-0.

Resolution 02-11, A Resolution To Authorize The Village
Manager To Advertise For Bids For A Grounds-Maintenance
Contractor, was introduced by Councilmember Hartfield.
Second by Mayor McGowan. Motion carried, 4-0.

OTHER (8:39pm)
GIS – Joint Township/Village Survey Work
Manager Hickman can cover the needed $750 from budget lines
already approved. The Township Trustees will match that

Welcome Station.
Councilmember Hartfield reported she had met with Flo
Hoffman and Dick Daly. The Candlelight Walking Tour will
kick off the Bicentennial. The Alltel Building has been
proposed, once again, for use as a Granville Welcome
Station. Alltel, which has refused past requests, seems
more receptive to the idea this time and has asked for a
formal request. Councilmember Hartfield is asking Council
to join the GBPA and Bicentennial Commission in supporting
the idea. Mayor McGowan asked Councilmember Hartfield to
continue exploring the idea.

Regularly Scheduled Meeting of January 16, 2002.
The following additions/corrections were requested: 1) Vice
Mayor Moore, page 2, Strategic Land Acquisition Committee –
ADD “Bill Heim” to the list of members of the committee; 2)
Vice Mayor Moore, page 3, 1st paragraph – “Council The
Committee, working in executive session….”; 3) Vice Mayor
Moore, page 6, 2nd paragraph of “Discussion” under
Resolution No. 02-05 – “Council reached consensus on the
east-west north-south piece of the center crosswalk….”; 4)
Law Director Crites, page 5, 1st paragraph – “…their next
meeting is January February 4th;” 5) Law Director Crites,
Page 6, 3rd paragraph of “Discussion” under Resolution No.
02-05 – “In the face of continued dessention dissension
about the details….” Mayor McGowan moved that the minutes
be accepted as corrected; second by Councilmember
Hartfield. Motion carried, 4-0.

Economic Development Committee (Crais, Moore, Robertson)
Councilmember Crais reported that the next meeting is
February 14th. The OSU report will be discussed then as
well as at the Council meeting of February 20th, during
which the Economic Development Committee will lead a
committee-of-the-whole discussion.
Finance Liaison (Moore)
No report.

Granville Foundation Liaison (Main)
No report.

JEDD Liaison (Bellman)
No report.

Newark/Granville Relations (Bellman, Main)
No report.

Personnel Committee (Hartfield, McGowan, Robertson)
Councilmember Hartfield reported the committee had met
January 30th and agreed that all members of Council needed
a copy of the HRS study to review. The committee will meet
again on February 13th to discuss the report.

Planning Commission (Main)
No report.

Recreation Commission Liaison (McGowan)
Mayor McGowan reported the commission had met on February
6th and voted that any participant who lives in the school
district but not the taxing district of the township will
be asked to pay a $5 fee to participate. Overall,
participation is still up. The Commission is seriously
considering doing another soccer field on the upper level
of Wildwood Park.

Senior Citizen Committee (Moore, Robertson)
Vice Mayor Moore noted that the next meeting will be
February 14th.

Strategic Land Acquisition Committee (Bellman, Crais, Moore)
Councilmember Crais noted the committee is “in abeyance”
awaiting direction from Council on February 20th.

Street Light Committee (McGowan)
Mayor McGowan noted that the 2002 schedule of replacements
will start when the weather breaks.

Streets/Sidewalks/Utilities Committee (Bellman, Hartfield,
No report (pending approval of projects already in the

Tree & Landscape Committee (Moore)
Vice Mayor Moore noted that the next meeting will be
February 12th.

Union Cemetery Board Liaison (Main)
No report.

February 5, 2002    7:30pm    Granville Recreation
February 11, 2002    7:30pm    Planning Commission
February 12, 2002    7:00pm    Tree & Landscape Committee
February 13, 2002    5:00pm    Personnel Committee
February 14, 2002    8:00am    Senior-Citizen Committee
February 14, 2002    7:00pm    BZBA
February 20, 2002    7:30pm    Village Council
February 25, 2002    7:30pm    Planning Commission

Councilmember Crais, referring to a letter received from
Attorney Rob Drake re a meeting between Mayor McGowan and
Kendal representatives, asked if that meeting had been
announced in advance. Mayor McGowan said it had not.
Councilmember Crais asked that the full Council be advised
of future meetings on the issue of sewer extension since it
is such a controversial subject. Mayor McGowan responded
that he had looked at this meeting as more of a meet-and-
greet since a representative from the Kendal home office
was in town for the day. Councilmember Crais said he was
simply trying to avoid any potential problem when one would
not otherwise exist. Mayor McGowan said he hadn’t seen this
as a problem. Vice Mayor Moore expressed her support for
Mayor McGowan’s position, adding that she trusted Mayor
McGowan and Manager Hickman to bring the matter to
Council’s attention at the appropriate time. Manager
Hickman apologized for any misunderstanding.

Vice Mayor Moore moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:06pm;
second by Councilmember Hartfield. Motion carried, 6-0.
Meeting adjourned.

Employee Payroll / Compensation

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