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Council Minutes 3/20/02

 CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor McGowan at 7:32pm)

ROLL CALL (7:32 pm)
Those responding to the Roll Call were Councilmembers
Bellman, Crais, and Hartfield; Vice Mayor Moore, Mayor
McGowan; Manager Hickman, Law Director Crites. Vice Mayor
Moore moved to excuse Councilmembers Main and Robertson.
Second by Councilmember Hartfield. Motion carried, 5-0.


All Topics
Rob Drake, 142 Brennan Drive (Village).  Mr. Drake,
speaking on behalf of Kendal, stated that Kendal is still
interested in discussing the possibility of extension of
sanitary sewer service to their site. He noted that, as
part of bond financing discussions, they have been required
to set a series of mileposts for lenders to look at. The
decision date for the sewer issue is July 31st and Mr.
Drake wanted to give Council plenty of notice.
Councilmember Bellman instigated a brief discussion of
abatement issues and contributions by Kendal to the cost of
extension. Two representatives of Kendal were present as
well and spoke briefly to clarify points being discussed.
Councilmember Crais asked that any future discussions of
this issue before Council be on the official agenda. All
agreed. Vice Mayor Moore noted that a decision on this is
closely related to where the Village might stand with its
JEDD discussions.

Jurgen Pape, 403 East Broadway (Village). Mr. Pape urged
Council to check into a common garbage pickup service for
the entire Village, noting that there might well be cost-
savings and/or environmental-savings involved.

Comprehensive Plan Review Report – Keith Myers
Mr. Myers noted that Abram Kaplan and Jurgen Pape, fellow
members of the Review Committee, were present. Among its
recommendations, the Report strongly suggests improvements
to mapping of the township. Mr. Myers reported that County
tax maps have now been digitized, meaning that funding for
some GIS work would be money well spent. He added that the
Report remains fairly consistent with the Plan, as revised
in 1998 (i.e., there are no major changes recommended). He
also noted that no final document has yet been created,
pending review at the Village and Township levels. He noted
that he was willing to produce the final document,
including GIS, on a contract basis. Mr. Kaplan noted that
Denison has received funding from both entities to do some
GIS work as well. Councilmember Bellman felt the
presentation format of the draft report was confusing and
said he would have preferred a redline copy. Mr. Myers said
the committee felt the current format, juxtaposing the
current text and the proposed text, would be the most
helpful for review purposes. Mr. Myers and Mr. Kaplan
responded to questions by Councilmember Crais re set-asides
to lessen the impact on schools.  Vice Mayor Moore
suggested the entire topic be postponed until a later
meeting when everyone could be present. Councilmember
Bellman suggested forming a committee to review the
document, integrate the recommendations, and bring the
result to Council. Mr. Myers stated the Review Committee
liked the 1998 revision but wanted to clarify some things
and add others, where a pressing issue had not yet been
addressed. Vice Mayor Moore felt that many people would
want to comment on this and suggested it be handled by a
committee-of-the-whole. It was determined that the
discussion would occur at the next meeting when everyone is
present so that the course might be set by the entire

Mayor McGowan closed Citizens’ Comments at 8:03pm.


Proposed Zoning Ordinance Changes – Staff Discussion
Seth Dorman gave a brief introduction, noting that he and
Law Director Crites were bringing forward proposed updates
to the zoning code—some substantive, some not. These
included some minor process changes as well as some major
code issues. The current draft, composed by a member of Law
Director Crites’ firm, includes the attorney’s suggested
changes after preliminary review. Suggested changes by
Village Staff will be incorporated in the near future.
Suggestions that emerge from the current discussion will
also be integrated into the final version of the Ordinance.
Law Director Crites emphasized that the current document is
not a final product. The review—a huge process still under
way—was undertaken in light of all the issues that
continually develop re the zoning ordinance. Even though it
is not yet complete, he felt it was helpful for Council to
review it at this point to pinpoint issues it felt merited
consideration. He noted that he and/or his staff could meet
with individuals or groups of individuals to discuss this
in more detail, then integrate any resulting suggestions
into the document—all in time to produce a final Ordinance
by the end of May. Manager Hickman asked for a decision by
Council as to whether a committee or the full Council
should do the preliminary review, suggesting that perhaps a
review group could proceed, integrating Council comments as
they go. Vice Mayor Moore stated she wanted to include
comments from both the Planning Commission and the BZBA as
well. Law Director Crites noted that Council must set forth
standards and a process by which the other two bodies can
make decisions in order to avoid any possible circumstance
of unlawful delegation of legislative authority.
Councilmember Bellman recommended appointing a review
committee. He also suggested that the BZBA use a
Certificate of Mailing, rather than certified mail, when it
notifies neighbors of a requested variance—a lower-cost and
possibly more effective procedure that would eliminate the
need of having to obtain a signed receipt before mail could
be delivered.
Police Auxiliary Discussion – Chief Cartnal, Sergeant Mason
Chief Cartnal, noting that Ohio law provides that
municipalities may create a pool of trained, volunteer
police personnel, asked Council to approve an auxiliary
force. Manager Hickman noted that additional unpaid-but-
trained officers would be make a huge difference in the
Village’s ability to field enough officers to provide
adequate and increased enforcement coverage, on a regular
basis as well as for holidays. Responding to a question
from Vice Mayor Moore, Chief Cartnal stated an auxiliary
force could be created by ordinance. We would then
advertise and take applications. Auxiliary personnel would
have to have the same training that regular officers have,
meet the same qualifications, and have same background
check. He also noted that Granville is the only
municipality in Licking County without an auxiliary force.
Mayor Mcgowan asked where the applicants would come from.
Chief Cartnal responded that we would likely see people who
simply wanted to be police officers, retired officers, and
recent academy graduates who have not yet found a post.
Sergeant Mason added the we may well have people in our own
community with law-enforcement experience who might want to
keep up with skills. Responding to Councilmember Bellman,
Chief Cartnal cautioned that, since many of the applicants
would have full-time jobs, we couldn’t expect exactly the
same level of training that paid officers have, but it
would be close.
Chief Cartnal, again responding to Councilmember Bellman,
added that relying on mutual aid to augment our own
officers suits most routine situations but, in the instance
of a county-wide disaster, we would have to rely on our own
personnel until help could get to us. He wants to be
prepared for sever weather, a 9/11-type situation, etc. As
for the cost of an auxiliary, the precise structure is up
to Council (e.g., to provide or not provide a token stipend
and/or uniforms). As for the frequency of use of auxiliary
officers, he expects they would work at least eight
hours/month, on regular and/or special duty for the
Village. Private special-duty jobs would not count in their
eight hours.
Councilmember Bellman asked how many auxiliary officers we
might have. Chief Cartnal said he thought ten, more or
less. He anticipates an increase in interest over time.
Councilmember Bellman asked if this proposal might be
compared to the cost of another half-officer. Chief Cartnal
said it would, if we provide the uniforms and pay them each
$300/year. Sergeant Mason emphasized that auxiliary
officers are not eligible for benefits and no additional
cruisers would be needed.
Mayor McGowan stated he thought this was a good suggestion
and that Council would entertain the ordinance when
presented. Councilmember Crais asked if this proposal meant
that Chief Cartnal was understaffed. If so, was this a
stopgap solution to a long-term issue? Chief Cartnal
responded that, while he has been doing without the officer
activated by the National Guard, that is not the whole
purpose of this proposal. Vice Mayor Moore suggested that
the Personnel Committee review the proposal and bring back
a recommendation. Councilmember Hartfield responded that,
though it hadn’t been mentioned yet in committee, she felt
it could certainly be discussed, along with a rough draft
of the ordinance.

Ordinance No. 01-02, An Ordinance to Amend Ordinance No. 39-
01 Providing for Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The
Fiscal Year 2002 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses,
was introduced by Councilmember Hartfield. Second by
Councilmember Crais. Mayor McGowan set the Public Hearing
for April 3, 2002.

Manager Hickman confirmed that THE BRIDGE ON GRANVILLE ROAD

Manager Hickman noted that bids on the Broadway project are
are due March 27th. He suggested that they be discussed at
the meeting of April 3rd, along with the single-trash-
hauler issue.

Joint Township/Council Meeting of January 30, 2002
The following additions/corrections were requested: 1)
Councilmember Bellman, p. 1, “JEDD and CETA,” 3rd sentence –
 “…some of the discussion focused on retail, but he is not
sure that would be appropriate for the Township a decision
was made that retail would not be included in the
agreement.”  2) Councilmember Bellman, p. 1, “IV. Widening
of Rt. 161/37,” 2nd sentence – “In Haven’s opinion, Nno one
has been authorized to talk to ODOT and provide a community
position.”  3) Councilmember Bellman, p. 1, “”IV. Widening
of Rt. 161/37,” insert after 3rd paragraph – “Dan Bellman
was unwilling to accept heresay and suggested that ODOT’s
Chris Engler and Comprehensive Review Committee members be
invited to a meeting if there are concerns.”  Vice Mayor
Moore moved to accept the Minutes as amended; second by
Councilmember Hartfield. Motion carried, 5-0.  

Regularly Scheduled Meeting of March 6, 2002
The following additions/corrections were requested:  1)
Councilmember Bellman, p. 2, 2nd paragraph, insert just
before the record of the vote – “Councilmember Bellman
stated he would vote for the resolution with the
understanding that the Planning Commission would conduct
the meeting.”  2) Councilmember Bellman, p. 2, 2nd
paragraph, 1st sentence – correct the spelling
of “Roertson” to “Robertson.”                   3)
Councilmember Crais, p. 3, “OLD BUSINESS, Strategic Land
Acquisition Committee – Continued Discussion,” – (This
discussion is continued from the Executive Session of the
last meeting.)   4) Vice Mayor Moore, p. 4 – “Regularly
Scheduled Maaeeting…”      5) Law Director Crites, p.
6, “OTHER COUNCIL MATTERS, 11th line – “He responded that
they are not courts of record but a provision of the
law….”   6) Law Director Crites, p. 6, “OTHER COUNCIL
MATTERS,” 14th line – “…based on the 14th Amendment right
to be confronted by a hearing before a neutral and
disinterested magistrate.”                 7) Councilmember
Bellman, p. 7, 3rd line – “…supported using a magistrate in
contested cases as long as the fee is the same as the
Mayor’s fee.”  Vice Mayor Moore moved to accept the Minutes
as amended; second by Councilmember Bellman. Motion
carried, 5-0.

Special Meeting of March 13, 2002
Councilmember Bellman moved to accept the Minutes as
submitted. Second by Councilmember Crais. Motion carried, 5-

MAYOR’S COURT REPORT – February  (8:39pm)
The Mayor’s Court Report for the month of February was
presented for review. Vice Mayor Moore moved to accept the
report; second by Councilmember Crais. Mayor McGowan
instructed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of
said report is included as part of these Minutes. Motion
carried, 5-0.

MANAGER’S REPORT – February (8:40pm)
The Manager’s Report for the month of February was
presented for review. Councilmember Crais moved to accept
the report; second by Councilmember Hartfield. Mayor
McGowan instructed the report be filed with the Clerk. A
copy of said report is included as part of these Minutes.
Motion carried, 5-0.

Economic Development Committee (Crais, Moore, Robertson)
Vice Mayor Moore reported that Denison has designated Seth
Patton, Vice President of Finance & Management, as its
representative to this committee.

Finance Liaison (Moore)
No report.

Granville Foundation Liaison (Main)
No report.

JEDD Liaison (Bellman)
Councilmember Bellman reported several committee
discussions. Re uses – they now have a draft that specifies
that uses would not be retail (i.e., not anything to
compete with businesses in the downtown Village or existing
businesses along S.R. 16) nor anything else that might have
adverse impacts (e.g., additional highway traffic). Re
locations – they propose limiting location of new uses to
the southeast quadrant, especially in areas which might
otherwise be susceptible to single-family housing. They
strongly urge that the discretion to add, accept, and
refuse be retained by the JEDD. Councilmember Crais
cautioned that any document be crafted so it wouldn’t
mutate into something we don’t want. Re revenue-sharing –
Councilmember Bellman reported that an agreement had been
reached whereby the Village would get income taxes and the
Township would get real estate taxes (both assessed at the
same rates as those in the Village). Re abatements – it was
recognized that certain businesses might need one. Jim Murr
raised the point that abatements are usually targeted at
property taxes, not income taxes—something that would
directly affect the schools. In that instance, the Township
would need to talk to the schools to reach an agreement,
with or without the participation of the JEDD
Vice Mayor Moore stated that part of her support for
commercial development was based on her goal of improving
the tax base for the schools to relieve the citizens from
bearing the entire burden. Since that purpose would be
defeated if commercial development could abate those taxes,
she is leery of  full abatement. Councilmember Bellman
responded that he sees a real advantage in a different
light, i.e., that we should undertake cost control re the
schools—through attention to borders susceptible to hostile
annexations and through consuming land in something other
than single-family housing. Vice Mayor Moore responded that
those are not mutually-exclusive benefits. She asked that
the JEDD include language that the Township will consult
with the schools in cases where real estate tax abatement
is considered.
Councilmember Bellman stated that water and/or sewer
extensions would be paid for by the developer (i.e., not
funded by either government entity). The JEDD also
discussed easements, especially along S.R. 16, wondering if
we could get necessary easements for extension to Kendal,
for example, without getting unwanted development along the
way. They also raised the question of whether or not the
Township has eminent domain in their territory, as the
Village does. (Manager Hickman will check on this and
report back.) Finally, they discussed setbacks along S.R.
16, partly in reaction to the new structure now going up in
the Granville Business Park. They feel that a 400-foot
setback is appropriate and hope to get an agreement with
Owens to not develop the lawn in front of their mansion.

Newark/Granville Relations (Bellman, Main)
Councilmember Bellman reported that ODOT is ruling out the
connector from River Road to S.R. 37. The general access
points for the southeast quadrant, including Park Trails,
will be Cherry Valley Road and River Road. They also noted
that River Road, in its current form, is not safe. Based on
a JEDD discussion, the committee suggests that the Village,
the Township, and the City of Newark should start talking
this issue out. If a solution can be found, the committee
hopes all entities would agree to fund it.
Personnel Committee (Hartfield, McGowan, Robertson)
No report.

Planning Commission (Main)
No report.

Recreation Commission Liaison (McGowan)
No report.

Senior Citizen Committee (Moore, Robertson)
Vice Mayor Moore reported that the focus of the most recent
discussions was the concept of expanding senior services
and activities beyond what the Granville Fellowship offers.
Obviously, that would impact what kind of facility we might
need. The committee is working on a survey to try and pin
down what those services and activities should be. They are
planning to visit Sharon Glen, an assisted-living facility
in Newark, to see what they offer.

Strategic Land Acquisition Committee (Bellman, Crais, Moore)
No report.

Street Light Committee (McGowan)
No report.

Streets/Sidewalks/Utilities Committee (Bellman, Hartfield,
Manager Hickman reported that the new shipment of lights
has arrived.

Tree & Landscape Committee (Moore)
Vice Mayor Moore reported that a revised tree ordinance is
pending. Manager Hickman will check on its status.
Our “Tree City USA” application is being put together.
Also, the committee is still searching for an appropriate
student member.
Union Cemetery Board Liaison (Main)
No report.

Mayor McGowan thanked everyone who had helped with the Lea
Ann Parsley celebration.
March 25, 2002    7:30pm    Planning Commission
April 3, 2002        7:30pm    Village Council

Crais moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:10pm; second by
Vice Mayor Moore. Motion carried, 5-0. Meeting adjourned.

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