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Council Minutes 3/6/02

March 6, 2002

CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor McGowan at 7:31pm)

ROLL CALL (7:31 pm)
Those responding to the Roll Call were Councilmembers
Bellman, Crais, Main, Hartfield, and Robertson; Vice Mayor
Moore, Mayor McGowan; Manager Hickman, Law Director Crites.


PROCLAMATION – Keith Myers (7;33pm)
Mayor McGowan read the text of a Proclamation of
Appreciation for Mr. Myers’ seven years of service to the
Granville Planning Commission. Enthusiastic applause
Mr. Myers thanked Council and praised the quality of the
Planning Commission (whose members were in attendance).

Senior Presentation – Joe & Larke Recchie
Mr. Recchie, president of Concorde Capital, asked for
Council’s endorsement to proceed with investigating
alternate senior housing for the village. He stated he is
working with the Licking County Aging Program, at the pre-
construction development stage. His goal is to combine
senior housing with community-based services that let
seniors live in a dignified and enriching environment, and
to integrate that well with the surrounding community—i.e.,
making room for seniors in an appropriate fashion while
adding value to the overall community.  Rental housing is
provided at various cost levels; ownership housing is
available as well. Mr. Recchie stated that his preferred
approach with each community is to work in an open charette
process—the best way to get as much community input as
possible. It also lets refinements to the original idea
take place in a natural way, early in the process. He noted
that no site has yet been selected but he wants to engage
an architect and, perhaps, a land planner, to participate
in the charette process. Also, while he will eventually
need to address zoning issues (i.e., there is no category
for senior housing now and, at the least, he would need a
variance for density), he felt it was premature to ask for
zoning rulings at this stage. He realized that Council may
not grant a variance but is determined to present a good
enough project to gain Council’s approval. He was willing
to proceed as long as Council is not dead-set against the
idea. Councilmember Robertson noted that the Senior
Committee that has been working with Mr. Recchie was formed
by Council in response to citizen input about how difficult
it is getting for seniors to live in the community. She
added that the Senior Committee sees the need for a minimum-
age restriction to add as few children to the schools as
possible. Also, All county groups that work with seniors
have expressed support for this idea.
Mr. Recchie stated the the charette was an
interdisciplinary process that looks at demand, price
points, taxes generated, impacts on schools, and impacts on
infrastructure (i.e. the Village’s assessment of natural
impediments and system capacities). Councilmember Crais
noted that, while Mr. Recchie was asking Council to approve
the project in principle, the specific site would
eventually play a big part in variance discussions. Vice
Mayor Moore asked Mr. Recchie to explain how this housing
could be high-quality yet affordable. Mr. Recchie responded
that all real estate development is capital-intensive. One
can build senior housing at any price point but the debt
still has to be serviced. For rental housing, Concorde
attracts grants, federal tax credits, and/or investors—all
of which drive the cost of capital down. That allows
Concorde to maintain quality but offer lower required
rents; sale units enjoy the economy of being with other
housing. Councilmember Bellman asked if all this resulted
in smaller square footage. It does not. Councilmember
Bellman asked for a rent profile of the average tenant. Mr.
Recchie responded that these are mixed-income communities.
Those with unlimited incomes may be buying a second home.
Some are pensioners with Social Security income as well.
Some have only Social Security. All are healthy enough for
independent living, with perhaps some occasional
assistance. Councilmember Bellman expressed appreciation
that, if this project were to be in the Village, it might
occupy land where single-family housing would go. He
expressed reservations about too much in-house retail
business, fearing that it might draw the customer base from
existing retail establishments. He suggested that the
Planning Commission be included in the charette.
Councilmember Robertson moved to endorse the concept of
senior homes in Granville and to support the Recchies’
proposal to go forward with open planning procedures
designed to create such housing. Second by Councilmember
Main. Discussion: There was a question about whether to go
before the Planning Commission before or after the
charette. Richard Salvage, speaking on behalf of the
Planning Commission, thought it should be involved
afterwards, though members of the Planning Commission could
certainly be part of the charette. Councilmember Bellman
stated he would vote for the resolution with the
understanding that the Planning Commission would conduct
the meeting. Motion carried, 7-0.

All Topics (8:03pm)
Dorothy Garrett, 45 Donald Ross Drive. Mrs. Garrett
suggested that before the Village gets involved in doing
something about a space for seniors, it should coordinate
its efforts with those of the Library re meeting rooms,
kitchen space, and the like (i.e., combine all the various
interests to produce joint facilities). Councilmember
Robertson urged Mrs. Garrett to attend the next meeting of
the Senior Committee, March 14th at 8:30am.

Mark Parris, 251 Bryn Du Drive. Re the turkey vultures, Mr.
Parris stated that he skeptical about the proposed
harassment plan to relocate the vultures. He characterized
the area as an “all-you-can-eat smorgasbord” for the birds,
and noted that harassment was treating a symptom, not the
root of the problem (i.e., the carrion). He cautioned
against unintended consequences, and noted that vultures
are “nature’s garbagemen”—birds that not only remove the
carcasses from our sight but also decontaminate the
bacteria in the carcasses. So, if the buzzards are gone,
other animals would be at-risk of the disease carried by
the carrion. Eventually, humans would be at-risk as well
(e.g., the lyme-disease scenario). He concluded that
harassment and relocation are not a long-term solution.

Mayor McGowan closed Citizens’ Comments at 8:12pm.


Resolution No. 02-17, A Resolution To Award The Bid For
Grounds Maintenance, As Per Specifications, To Fackler
Country Gardens And To Authorize The Village Manager To
Enter Into An Agreement Therefore, was introduced by
Councilmember Hartfield. Second by Councilmember Main.
Discussion: Manager Hickman, responding to a question from
Mayor McGowan, noted the 2002 prices quoted are slight
increases over the 2001 quote. Motion carried, 7-0.

Strategic Land Acquisition Committee – Continued Discussion
Councilmember Crais asked for comment on the general
principles recommended. He also asked that an Executive
Session be included on the agenda for the next meeting.
Summarizing the criteria, at the request of Councilmember
Main, Councilmember Crais stated they had been developed
based on the Council consensus to explore additional
avenues and/or strategies for acquiring greenspace and/or
protecting the beauty of village entrance vistas. The first
step was to express Council’s concerns as criteria (i.e.,
are there properties that have a unique place in the
community, properties of such importance that Council
should think about securing them?). Second, they identified
ways in which the village might purchase land would prevent
it from being developed (saving money for the community in
the long term) and strategized about funding. Third, they
brainstormed about specific properties and made a list.
Fourth, the Committee developed a matrix that allowed them
to juxtapose the list of properties with the criteria. The
Committee has now presented the matrix has come to Council
as a raw, unprioritized list, so Council may decide what,
if anything, should be done.
Mayor McGowan stated he was in favor of looking at the
properties and seeing what could be done. Councilmember
Bellman suggested a special meeting for a long executive
session rather than the hurried ones usually placed at the
end of an otherwise full agenda. Councilmember Crais asked
that Council express its endorsement, in principle, of the
direction the Committee had taken before discussing
specific properties. Vice Mayor Moore agreed, and asked as
well that Council determine if it has any direction for
further work by the committee. Councilmember Main concurred
that the Committee has no place to go until this has been
hashed out in Executive Session. Mayor McGowan proposed a
Special Meeting on March 13, 6:30-8:30pm, for an Executive
Session only, with no other agenda items. All agreed.

Regularly Scheduled Meeting of February 6, 2002
Councilmember Crais moved to accept the Minutes as
submitted. Second by Councilmember Hartfield, Motion
carried, 7-0.

Regularly Scheduled Meeting of February 20, 2002
The following additions/corrections were requested: 1)
Councilmember Robertson, page 1, “Economic Development
Committee”, 1st paragraph – “Therefore, their goal for this
meeting is a clear understanding of to what our goals
are….”; 2) Councilmember Robertson, page 2, second
paragraph – “…we need to remember that our rules exist in
response to what people citizens say they want.”; 3)
Councilmember Robertson, page 3, third paragraph – “Vice
Mayor Moore reported that she had worked with Molly
Robertson to get some firm data….”; 4) Vice Mayor Moore,
page 3, first paragraph, and page 5, “NOTE”  – correct
spelling of Lee Ann Parsley to “Lea”.
    Councilmember Crais moved to accept the Minutes as
amended. Second by Councilmember Hartfield, Motion carried,

MAYOR’S COURT REPORT – January  (8:33pm)
The Mayor’s Court Report for the month of January was
presented for review. Vice Mayor Moore moved to accept the
report; second by Councilmember Crais. Mayor McGowan
instructed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of
said report is included as part of these Minutes. Motion
carried, 7-0.

MANAGER’S REPORT – January (8:33pm)
The Manager’s Report for the month of January was presented
for review. Vice Mayor Moore moved to accept the report;
second by Councilmember Hartfield. Mayor McGowan instructed
the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of said report
is included as part of these Minutes. Motion carried, 7-0.
Manager Hickman noted that one of the Sergeants would be
present at the next regular meeting to discuss the Police
Department’s Annual Report.
Economic Development Committee (Crais, Moore, Robertson)
No report.

Finance Liaison (Moore)
Vice Mayor Moore noted that the Village has completed its
annual financial report, to be filed with the State

Granville Foundation Liaison (Main)
Councilmember Main noted that the Foundation has met
February 19th—a combined annual Foundation meeting and the
regular February meeting. Allocations were made for the
coming year in almost the same dollar amount as last year
but directed to some different recipients. The Foundation’s
current endowment is approximately $650,000. New members
were elected and fundraising efforts are ongoing.

JEDD Liaison (Bellman)
Councilmember Bellman noted that the JEDD had met and he
had been able to give Seth Dorman some direction on land-
uses to put together. The next meeting will be March 19th.
The group is discussing the merits of a JEDD versus a CEDA
and trying to decide which is the better route to take.
Newark/Granville Relations (Bellman, Main)
Councilmember Bellman had no report on a meeting but did
say that he and Councilmember Hartfield will meet this
Friday with Manager Hickman to discuss land uses, with the
idea of then being able to establish a traffic plan based
on projected demands. One very long-term discussion is
where a likely connection to S.R. 16 would be.

Personnel Committee (Hartfield, McGowan, Robertson)
Councilmember Hartfield noted the committee would meet the
next Wednesday. They are sifting through all the HRS
information and hope to have it sorted out within a month
or two.

Planning Commission (Main)
Councilmember Main noted the Commission had met and
experienced some problems because of things that have been
put off due to inadequate numbers present to vote on
certain issues. All should be sorted out at the next

Recreation Commission Liaison (McGowan)
Mayor McGowan reported that spring sign-ups are underway
and the Commission is discussing the possibility of putting
some playground equipment at Raccoon Park.

Senior Citizen Committee (Moore, Robertson)
Report presented earlier in the meeting.

Strategic Land Acquisition Committee (Bellman, Crais, Moore)
Report presented earlier in the meeting.

Street Light Committee (McGowan)
Mayor McGowan noted that crews will begin to put up lights
in a month or two, continuing the six-year process. Manager
Hickman noted that we may add lights by the sidewalk that
runs from the Certified station to the bridge.

Streets/Sidewalks/Utilities Committee (Bellman, Hartfield,
Councilmember Bellman referred to earlier mention of a
meeting with Manager Hickman. The Committee also discussed
Cherry Valley Road and Newark-Granville Road, trying to
determine if they should improve just the intersection or
the whole road. The first step is to decide what the
permitted uses are so the traffic engineer can gauge the
traffic patterns. The Committee also discussed finalizing
an access-management plan.  

Tree & Landscape Committee (Moore)
Vice Mayor Moore reported the Committee had met February
12th. They are trying to find a suitable student, in
consultation with the High School Principal. The Committee
wants to try to introduce some disease-resistant elm trees
into the Village…on Elm Street, of course. They also looked
at plans for the high school and middle school and made
some suggestions for landscaping there.

Union Cemetery Board Liaison (Main)
No report.

Mayor McGowan, citing instances in which contested
decisions in a Mayor’s Court had reached the Ohio Supreme
Court on appeal, stated that it might be in the Village’s
best interests to hire a magistrate to hear contested
cases. The magistrate would be paid the same fee that would
have gone to Mayor McGowan (i.e., the Village would not be
paying a double fee). The Mayor noted that for cases in
which the plea was either “guilty” or “no contest,” the
Mayor could continue to preside. Councilmember Bellman
noted that the concerns on the state level about conflicts
of interest (e.g., where the amount of the fines has a
direct relationship to a Mayor’s responsibility to balance
the budget) don’t exist in Granville since our mayor does
not stand to benefit in any way from fines levied.
Councilmember Robertson asked Law Director to confirm that
Mayor’s Court are “courts of no record.” He responded that
they are not courts of record, but a provision of the law
says that anyone who comes before the mayor then has a 10-
day period to appeal to the municipal court. The Mayor’s
Court cases that made it to the Ohio Supreme Court
therefore started as municipal court appeals, based on the
14th Amendment right to a hearing before a neutral and
disinterested magistrate. Mayor McGowan noted that neither
he nor Vice Mayor Moore are giving up Mayor’s Court
altogether. Councilmember Crais asked the identity of the
alternate magistrate. Mayor McGowan said he was a citizen
of Granville but “removed” from Council. Councilmember
Crais, noting that the spirit of the law is that Council
elects a mayor and vice mayor who staff Mayor’s Court,
wondered if this process of seating a substitute magistrate
was acceptable. Mayor McGowan noted that he had spoken with
Vice Mayor Moore, Manager Hickman, and Law Director Crites,
and was simply trying to do what he thought was best for
everyone involved. Law Director Crites noted that an
interim magistrate had been appointed on an ad hoc basis
before Mayor McGowan and Vice Mayor Moore had completed the
required course. The Village Charter says that if an issue
is not specifically dealt with in the Charter, the ORC will
apply. The ORC states that the mayor of a municipality
where there is a mayor’s court may appoint a magistrate to
handle the same responsibilities that a mayor may have, as
long as the appointed magistrate is qualified for the post
(i.e., has at least three years of experience as an
attorney and has taken the magistrate training).
Councilmember Bellman moved that, after discussion, Council
support using a magistrate in contested cases as long as
the fee is the same as they Mayor’s fee. Second by
Councilmember Main. A Roll Call vote yielded four
affirmative votes (Councilmembers Bellman, Hartfield, and
Main; Vice Mayor Moore), two negative votes (Councilmembers
Crais and Robertson), and one abstention (Mayor McGowan).
Motion carried, 4-2, with one abstention.
March 8, 2002    11:00am    Records Commission
March 9, 2002    12:30pm     Meeting with Parsleys to
finalize parade plans
March 11, 2002    7:30pm    Planning Commission
March 12, 2002    7:00pm    Tree & Landscape Committee
March 13, 2002    5:00pm    Personnel Committee
March 13, 2002    6:30pm    Council – Executive Session
March 14, 2002    8:30am    Senior-Citizen Committee
March 14, 2002    7:00pm    BZBA
March 16, 2002    2:00pm    PARADE!
March 20, 2002    7:30pm    Village Council
March 25, 2002    7:30pm    Planning Commission

Vice Mayor Moore moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:04pm;
second by Councilmember  Hartfield. Motion carried, 7-0.
Meeting adjourned.


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