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Council Minutes 5/1/02


CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor McGowan at 7:32pm)


ROLL CALL Those responding to the Roll Call were Councilmembers Bellman, Crais, and Hartfield; Vice Mayor Moore, Mayor McGowan; Manager Hickman, Law Director Crites. Mayor McGowan moved to excuse Councilmember Robertson; second by Councilmember Hartfield. Motion carried, 5-0. Councilmember Main arrived at 7:40p.

CITIZENS’ COMMENTS – All Topics (7:33pm) Rob Drake, 142 Brennan Drive (representing Centenary United Methodist Church). Mr. Drake spoke to Ordinance 05-02 and gave Council some of the history of the site. The four corner sites have been dedicated to churches since the inception of the community. The Methodists have been on their site for over 175 years. The mortgage associated with their current project requires that the church must be on property owned by itself, not by the Village. The proposed ordinance was drafted by Mr. Drake and Law Director Crites, who worked hard to untangle the ownership of the property back to the town Plat Act of 1805, which was amended in 1831. Mayor McGowan closed Citizens’ Comments at 7:38pm.

PUBLIC HEARINGS (7:38pm) Ordinance No. 04-02, An Ordinance Approving And Adopting The 2002 Replacement Pages To The Codified Ordinances Of The Village Of Granville. No one appeared to speak for or against the Ordinance.

Ordinance No. 05-02, An Ordinance Authorizing The Village Of Granville To Enter Into A Ground Lease With The Centenary United Methodist Church In Order To Allow The Church To Expand Its Current Facilities. No one appeared to speak for or against the Ordinance.

Mayor McGowan closed the Public Hearings at 7:39pm.

NEW BUSINESS (7:39pm) Ordinance No. 06-02, An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 39- 01 Providing For Adjustments Of The Annual Budget For The Fiscal Year 2002 And Revising Sums For Operating Expenses. Manager Hickman noted that this budget adjustment refers to manhole lids on Pearl and Broadway and technical requirements allowing the Village to access existing grant money to pay the Granville Road contractor. Vice Mayor Moore introduced the Ordinance. Second by Councilmember Hartfield. Mayor McGowan set the Public Hearing for May 15, 2002. 

OLD BUSINESS (7:40pm) Pursuant to procedural advice offered by the Law Director, Councilmember Hartfield moved to withdraw Ordinances 02-02 and 03-02. Second by Vice Mayor Moore. A Roll Call vote yielded six (6) affirmative votes (Councilmembers Bellman, Crais, Hartfield, and Main; Vice Mayor Moore, Mayor McGowan). Ordinances 02-02 and 03-02 are withdrawn by a vote of 6-0.

Ordinance No. 04-02, An Ordinance Approving And Adopting The 2002 Replacement Pages To The Codified Ordinances Of The Village Of Granville, was introduced by Councilmember Hartfield. Second by Councilmember Main. Discussion: Law Director Crites noted that this is a routine procedure whereby all ordinances passed by Council are periodically consolidated and inserted into the Codified Ordinances, along with any changes in State statues that may have an effect on the Codified Ordinances. A Roll Call vote yielded six (6) affirmative votes (Councilmembers Crais, Hartfield, and Main; Vice Mayor Moore, Mayor McGowan; Councilmember Bellman). Ordinance No. 04-02 is adopted, by a vote of 6-0.

Vice Mayor Moore and Councilmember Bellman recused themselves from the discussion of Ordinance No. 05-02. Ordinance No. 05-02, An Ordinance Authorizing The Village Of Granville To Enter Into A Ground Lease With The Centenary United Methodist Church In Order To Allow The Church To Expand Its Current Facilities. Before the Ordinance was introduced, Law Director Crites raised a point of order: Section105.01(c), Disposition of Real Property, was amended two years ago to require a supermajority (i.e., five votes) for passage of any ordinance pertaining thereto. With the two recusals, there are only four voting members present at this time. 

Mayor McGowan asked that Manager Hickman verify Councilmember Robertson’s attendance at the May 15th Council meeting, noting that it would take 30 days for any ordinance to take effect after passage, and not wishing to unduly inconvenience the Methodist Church. Councilmember Crais suggested that Council call a special meeting to address this Ordinance, including proper advance notices to the appropriate news media. Manager Hickman excused himself to try and reach Councilmember Robertson; he was unable to do so. Several dates and times were suggested for a special meeting. Manager Hickman will schedule it as quickly as possible.

Councilmember Crais asked for a report on the tenor of the Planning Commission’s discussion of this issue. Miles Waggoner, chairman of the Capital Improvements Committee for Centenary Church, reported that his committee had had three or four informal work sessions with the Planning Commission, all of which were helpful in reaching a compromise on the width issue of Linden Place as well as on a handicapped-access ramp which will go inside the building. There was some public opposition re public-square boundaries; the new building will be built within the church’s grassy areas so the existing curb on Linden Place will remain intact. The existing sidewalk will end up four feet wide (one foot wider than it is now). Councilmember Main asked Law Director Crites how Council would deal with a situation in which a majority of the members were required to recuse themselves from a given discussion and vote. Law Director Crites responded that it was an issue that needed to be looked at since in a small village, we could easily have three or four members of Council who might not be able to vote on a given issue.

Councilmember Crais moved to table Ordinance No. 05-02. Second by Councilmember Main. Motion carried, 5-0.

MINUTES (7:55pm) Regularly Scheduled Meeting of April 17, 2002. The following additions/corrections were requested: 1) Councilmember Bellman, p. 7, second line – “…Alternate #1, brick median”. 2) Councilmember Bellman, p. 7, 1st line of 3rd full paragraph – “…Alternate #1 (brick median)”. 3) Councilmember Main, p. 6, 8th paragraph – “…want it to work better and be more business-friendly.” 4) Law Director Crites, p. 6, 10th paragraph – “…decisions are presumed to be regular and appropriate legislation.”

Vice Mayor Moore moved to accepted the Minutes as corrected. Second by Councilmember Crais. Motion carried, 6- 0.

COMMITTEE REPORTS (7:59pm) Economic Development Committee (Crais, Moore Robertson) No report.

Finance Liaison (Moore) No report.

Granville Foundation (Main) No report.

JEDD (Bellman, Crais) No report.

Newark/Granville Committee (Bellman, Main) No report.

Personnel (Hartfield, McGowan, Robertson) No report. 

 Planning Commission (Main) Councilmember Main reported that he and Law Director Crites had met to discuss the changing and/or updating of zoning codes. They will hold a second work session to deal with the remaining PUD pages. He added that the Planning Commission has saved Council a lot of time by doing this.

Recreation Commission (McGowan) No report.

Senior Citizen Committee (Moore, Robertson) Vice Mayor Moore reported that the draft of the survey is being circulated to all appropriate persons. She encouraged everyone to forward comments to Manager Hickman as quickly as possible. They are hoping the survey can be included with the June 1 water bills. Strategic Land Acquisition Committee (Bellman, Crais, Moore) Councilmember Bellman asked that an Executive Session be schedule for the next regular meeting, for an update on the status of the Committee’s recommendations.

Street Light Committee (McGowan) No report.

Streets/Sidewalks/Utilities Committee (Bellman, Hartfield, McGowan) No report.

Tree & Landscape Committee (Moore) No report.

Union Cemetery Board (Main) No report.

OTHER COUNCIL MATTERS (8:02pm) Sister City Committee The Bicentennial Committee has requested that Council appoint a representative for this effort. Councilmember Hartfield volunteered, as did Mayor McGowan. Vice Mayor Moore that Councilmember Hartfield and Mayor McGowan, in that order, be designated as Council’s representatives. Second by Councilmember Bellman. Motion carried, 6-0.

Bike Paths Law Director Crites noted that when the budget was passed in December 2001, $50,000 was appropriated at the request of Ron Sheldon, who needed such proof of intent for the grant application. Because the total bike path is outside the municipal boundaries, care must be taken in expending those monies. Chapter 755 ORC provides that a township, school district, or municipality may come together in an operating or maintenance agreement to run parks, including bike paths. Section 755.16 provides that township trustees and a village could enter into an agreement to purchase, operate and maintain a bike path outside the village limits. The municipalities involved could create a board, or they could opt to create a recreational district as a separate political sub-division, with a board of trustees that could levy taxes, etc. He asked Council for some direction as to how to proceed. Vice Mayor Moore asked about the status of the grant. Manager Hickman will check. Councilmember Bellman asked for confirmation that the Township was using monies collected for the purpose of roads and bridges to pay for their share of the bike-path bridge. Manager Hickman will check. Councilmember Main noted that, regardless of the source of township funds, village residents will get most benefit from the bridge. Mayor McGowan instructed Law Director Crites to ask the Township about their funding source and to continue working on the project. Councilmember Main also asked Manager Hickman talk to Township Clerk Norm Kennedy to see what kind of cooperative entity they would be most interested in. Responding to Vice Mayor Moore, Law Director Crites stated that a Village/Township joint operation could be as simple as an agreement for operations and maintenance. Councilmember Bellman noted that, historically, the park land used to belong to the Village and was part of a land trade with the Township so each entity would have land more advantageous to its own purposes. Mayor McGowan reminded everyone that money had been appropriated for a bike pathway at the Main Street bridge and asked the status of that project. Manager Hickman noted that a contract had been signed for painting and the contractor will realign and taper the road striping to get a 4’-wide pedestrian/bicycle lane on the bridge. He added that Village engineer’s initial thoughts about such a bridge are that while access is easiest about 50’ away from the existing bridge, that means having a span of 200-250’, making that project quite pricey. A bridge within 10’ of the ODOT bridge would still be in the 200-250’ range and would also encounter fill and pier issues. They are still checking locations to see if they can site a 100-150’ bridge anywhere between the wastewater plant and the bridge.

MEETING ANNOUNCEMENTS 5/9/02 7:00pm BZBA 5/13/02 7:30pm Planning Commission 5/14/02 7:00pm Tree & Landscape Committee 5/15/02 7:30pm Village Council 5/23/02 8:30am Senior Citizen Committee (@ SharonBrooke) 5/28/02 7:30pm Planning Commission

ADJOURNMENT Councilmember Bellman moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:18pm. Second by Councilmember Hartfield . Motion carried, 7-0. Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Sandy Ellinger

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