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Council Minutes 8/21/02


CALL TO ORDER: (by Mayor McGowan at 7:37 pm) 


ROLL CALL Those responding to the Roll Call were Councilmembers: Mayor McGowan, Vice Mayor Moore; Clifton Crais, Lyn Robertson, Richard Main, Dan Bellman, Melissa Hartfield. Discussion: Vice Mayor Moore moved to amend the agenda to remove 5 a) from the public hearing portion of the agenda to the new business and to remove Sections 5 b) and 6 d) altogether. 

CITIZENS COMMENTS John K, 550 Granville Road, described the village and township as joined at the hip. He asked what this will mean to the schools and a number of new houses possibly being built in the green space are not desirable. He expressed confusion about what he read in the paper. $2.4M for the acreage seems cheap for developers. Apparently there is a problem with the village accepting money from the township. He thinks the village should want to keep control of the greenspace.

Discussion: Mayor McGowan said he voted for the village to accept the township money in the amount of $430,000. Councilmember Crais moved to amend the agenda. Ordinance 11-02 could not heard because it had not yet been considered under New Business. Law Director Crites said the ordinance must be introduced although it is an emergency, according to the Village Charter. Vice Mayor Moore recused herself from the discussion on this issue. Mayor McGowan asked Council’s preference on scheduling the issue on the 4th or 18th. Councilmember Main requested the public hearing on Speedway/Super America scheduled on September 18th, 2002. PUBLIC HEARING

Ordinance No.11-02 , An Ordinance To Place On The Ballot The Question Of Whether The Village Of Granville Should Purchase The Bryn Du Mansion For $2,400,000And Accept The Donation Of 32.24 Acres Of Additional Land From The Longaberger Company, As Is Provided For In Ordinance 08-02 And Ordinance 09-02 And To Declare An Emergency. Introduced by Councilmember Crais, Councilmember Bellman seconded. 

Discussion: Councilmember Crais read the ordinance to council in its entirety. Councilmember Moore discussed a change to Section 4. Moore talked with Longaberger a number of days after petitions were taken out and circulated to place the issue on the ballot. The timing is such that the petitioners could not get the issue on the ballot until May of 2003 elections. The Longaberger Co. is not interested in this. Longaberger has agreed that if Council puts the issue on the November ballot and the vote is favorable for the purchase after the elections, they will extend the contract for 30 days past the November election. If it’s not approved, then the contract becomes null and void. This is included with the materials that accompany the proposal. Mayor McGowan asked Councilmember Moore if the information was just received tonight? Councilmember Moore responded yes and asked that public comment be allowed since it had not been heard before. Mayor McGowan asked for public comment.

Dorothy Garret, 45 Donald Ross Drive, asked council if the measure is on the ballot would they allow the community to have more input and provide more information about the costs, etc., than what has been provided? Garret thinks that most signed the petition because they felt they did not have enough information, not that they really opposed the purchase of the property. Mayor McGowan commented that he supports the formation of an Advisory Committee to look at possible uses of the property. To maintain the front lawn, the village must buy the whole property – but at least the process would be started allowing the further discussion of using the property. All kinds of possibilities exist. Councilmember Robertson believes Council should put something into place that insure the usage of the property and that it should take place over time to accommodate the changes the community will have for the property in the future. If greenspace is purchased, it will remain that way, but the uses for the rest of the grounds and buildings properly ought to change over time. Robertson supports changing the language to extend the usage committee into perpetuity as good stewardship of the property. Council should not speculate with public money to buy property and if we do, it should stay in public use forever.

Law Director Crites says Council must be very careful with the ballot language. Council needs to meet certain requirements for the ordinance. This is an advisory election—there is authority for it—it was sent to the County Prosecutor’s office to make sure it gets on the ballot. He advised Council to be very careful when attempting to change it in any way. Councilmember Robertson wants language like Lewis Park and other parks she’s seen in England, Washington, D.C., etc. Lois Rose, 103 Bantree, went to her neighbors as a petition holder and asked them if they wanted the issue on the ballot. Over 90% want to be able to give council input before council spends their money. The property has changed hands several times. 1) People want to vote on how their money is spent; 2) Council should give people more info so voters can make a good decision. 

Mayor McGowan closed public comments at 8:04pm

Councilmember Crais asked if the voter’s decide to spend $2.4M to purchase the property, subsequent to that could Council decide to sell a portion thereof outside the greenspace? Law Director Crites responded that the measure only allows for the purchase and accepting the donation of 32 additional acres. If the measure gets to the ballot and is approved, the Village would close within 30 days and then Council could discuss the conveyances of the subject property. It is an advisory election—Council could then be able to decide what to or not to do. Councilmember Crais said the popular vote of the people should mean something and for Council to then go and sell the property seems odd. Councilmember Main said Council can sell any property the village owns as long as it is not under greenspace ordinances. Law Director Crites said that can occur as long as you have supermajority (5 votes). Councilmember Bellman asked if Council votes on the Emergency Clause first? Law Director Crites said yes. Councilmember Main said if Council decides this should always be owned by the village, the whole property, if Council writes language to prohibit this from ever happening, it could preclude Council from selling it to another independent entity, government or otherwise, to run the facilities. Council should not preclude them from doing so. Councilmember Robertson said the Commission she proposes would not rule out the possible sale of the property in the future. Mayor McGowan said he sees this as the only way to see this happen, with the letter from the Longaberger folks in file, is to allow the vote in November. Councilmember Moore said the reason for the Emergency Clause is that the Resolution must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, certified to the County Board of Elections.

Councilmember Crais shared Councilmember Robertson’s concern about the Commission and is not happy voting for the measure unless this could be done. Councilmember Robertson suggested Council table the resolution momentarily. Robertson presented a Section 5 to add to the resolution to expand the Committee into a Commission. It would be part of the explanation that would go to the public and would help folks vote for it. Councilmember Main seconded Councilmember Robertson’s motion to table the resolution momentarily. There was no objection to the motion. 

NEW BUSINESS Resolution 02-29, A Resolution To Authorize Creation Of The Bryn Du/Longaberger Advisory Committee. Introduced by Mayor McGowan, Councilmember Moore seconded. 

Councilmember Crais asks for a point of order if the mayor can introduce this resolution. Councilmember Hartfield moved the motion, Councilmember Moore seconded. Councilmember Robertson proposed an amendment to Section 5: If and when the property is purchased by the Village, the advisory committee shall recommend an advisory commission whose purpose is to oversee the uses over time of this historic property. Discussion: Mayor McGowan discussed the terms of members on the commission and asked Law Director Crites if Council could determine this now. Law Director Crites responded Council could do this. Councilmember Bellman said this advisory committee can be short term. Perhaps Council could add something saying this committee makes a recommendation on how the terms of the members of the commission could be serve. Councilmember Moore asked if it was being suggested that the language be modified to make this a duty of the advisory committee. To determine how the long-term commission should be set up? Councilmember Bellman said there could be another way to achieve this by allowing the committee to determine how the commission should be created, etc. Councilmember Robertson agreed this could stay as part of Section 5 and could read the committee could recommend the structure of the long-term commission, followed by the rest of my of my language; it would work. The language could read: If and when the property is purchased by the village, the committee shall recommend the structure of the advisory commission whose purpose is to oversee the historic over time use of this property.

Mayor McGowan asked Council if this was a friendly amendment. No objection. The amendment was accepted as a friendly amendment. 

 Law Director Crites suggested clarification that the property is referred to as the Bryn Du Property and Longaberger Mansion instead of just the “property,” for purposes of the resolution. Councilmember Crais said he had concerns about Section 4 from the comments tonight and from the last meeting. Crais suggested Section 4 may not be enough to generate the types of information the people need by the November election. He saw no mention a) through f) about expenses and said he knows Council has heard from a lot of citizens concerned about expenses. Crais suggested Council either create a new section or modify the existing section. b) States at least 2 hearings should be held. Crais said Council should mandate more hearings than 2. Monthly reports may not be sufficient either. Council only have September and October and that is not enough time. Council needs bi-weekly reports to generate the types of information residents say they need. Councilmember Bellman said he had similar concerns on expenses and wants to see due diligence on that. For example, Bellman said he would like to see from Longaberger what the expenses have been over the past several years. Additionally, as to the 5 citizens as proposed, Bellman suggested Council not only need citizens, Council needs experts that would be able to lend their insights and control the brainstorming process and bring folks back down to earth with their planning. Council needs architects and others to temper the wonderful ideas with reality. Especially a landscape architect to figure out what can fit where, such as Keith Meyers who reluctantly agreed to be part of this process. It would be wonderful if Council could find someone to serve as architect – be a citizen - but have that kind of background. Bellman said he had one person in mind, but maybe there are others. He suggested Bob Erhardt, a realtor, who will know about property. What about Ben Rader and Maxine Montgomery – ex-council members with experience to see this through?

Councilmember Crais asked for a few minutes recess to work up some language. Recess was granted without objection.

Councilmember Bellman recommended an amendment be added to Councilmember Robert’s amendment to say in Section 2 in line 1 following of the words “at least,” and a new sentence at the end of section 2 beginning, Preferred backgrounds include: architect, landscape architect, realtor, developer, former members of Village Council and the committee members will have the right to add members after the committee is formed. Mayor McGowan asked whether or not Council should council oversee the amount of members that could be added? Councilmember Bellman said no. Mayor McGowan asked if the amendment was considered a friendly amendment and if there were questions about the amendment. Hearing none, the amendment was accepted without objection.

Councilmember Crais recommended a new Section 4 (a) to read “Identify expenses and costs to maintain, correct and improve Bryn Du Manor and the Longaberger Property. This would mean that what is currently Section 4 (a) would become Section 4 (b); Section 4 (b) would become Section 4 (c); In Section 4 (c) increase the number of required public hearings from 2 to at least 3, and create a new Section to follow what was Section 4 (b) that will say “Identify and utilize expert analysis. Crais then added that the committee of 5 in Section 2 could go beyond 5 depending upon needs. Councilmember Crais also recommended reports be made to each and every council meeting until the election unless Council does not meet. Councilmember Crais also said after his newly proposed Section 4 (d) council would want to report, however provisional, that summates to date the work of the committee—prior to the election. The committee will be accumulating information and needs to be able to put out a preliminary report of their findings two weeks prior to the election. Mayor McGowan asked if the committee will have 4 weeks to do this by the time the resolution is approved? Councilmember Crais responded that the report should be published at village expense in the Sentinel. Councilmember Bellman said if Council wants the committee to make a report, this current proposal will not give them the time they need. Councilmember Crais said the village should also include language to provide resources to the committee to accomplish the goals beginning with an allotment of up to $10,000. Councilmember Hartfield asked for clarification if the resources would not exceed $10,000. Mayor McGowan said the earliest Council can adopt the language about the committee is a week from Monday. He stated he had concerns with the timeframe for the report. In 4-6 week the committee will have some information gathered to report, but may not have the process finished by the time the election begins. Councilmember Bellman said the calendar shows Tuesday, November 5th. Council has meetings on October 2nd and 16th. He asked what date Councilmember Crais would want them to present their information to Council? Tuesday, October 22nd is two weeks before the election, would council want a special council meeting? Councilmember Crais said yes, a special council meeting would be desirable. Publishing timeframes were discussed. Councilmember Robertson suggested reserving a page in the Sentinel such as a levy committee do from time to time. Councilmember Bellman said if the report to council will be needed earlier than Oct. 22nd. Bellman suggested the middle of October saying this will give the committee 6 weeks to come up with a summary report to give to Council and to the people two weeks prior to the election. Mayor McGowan asked the petition circulators in the audience whether or not this would serve their needs? Lois Rose, who spoke earlier as a petition circulator, said yes. Mayor McGowan said Council had two news reporters in the audience, this will be on the web site, and will be published. Councilmember Bellman said the number of public hearings Council is requiring might be too difficult for the committee to accomplish. Bellman requested the language say preferably 3 hearings instead of mandating 3 hearings. Councilmember Crais said it was unclear whether this was a meeting, or a public hearing. Councilmember Moore asked if the language was really necessary since the meetings are already public. Councilmember Bellman said Council should say have public meetings and receive public input without mentioning how many meetings by number. Councilmember Main asked about the cost to publishing the preliminary report if it ends up 60 pages or more. Councilmember Crais suggested that an executive summary might be better and having the full report available for viewing in Council offices. Councilmember Main agreed that would minimize costs if the report became lengthy. Councilmember Crais suggested an amendment to the amendment to say an executive summary be published with the full report available at the library, Council offices, etc. Councilmember Moore asked for clarification about the dates that were decided. Mayor McGowan asked Council if the amendments to the amendment were considered friendly. All members voted in the affirmative. Motion carries.

Councilmember Main moved to take Ordinance No. 11-02 off the table, seconded by Councilmember Hartfield. Motion carried 7-0.

Councilmember Crais asked if there was nothing to keep Council from dropping the commission into one of these sections? Law Director Crites responded by asking what could be accomplished by this? It won’t be printed as part of the ballot language. It has already been approved and once signed by the Mayor it will happen anyway. Councilmember Crais withdrew his question.

Vice Mayor Moore move to adopt the emergency clause (Section IV) of Ordinance No. 11-02. Councilmember Main seconded the motion.

Roll call vote on emergency clause: McGowan yes, Moore yes, Main yes, Robertson yes, Bellman yes, Crais yes, Hartfield yes. The emergency clause is adopted. 

 Roll call vote on Ordinance No. 11-02: McGowan yes, Moore yes, Main yes, Robertson yes, Bellman yes, Crais yes, Hartfield yes. Ordinance No. 11-02 is adopted.

Mayor McGowan advised filing by 4 p.m. at the Licking County Board of Elections.

OLD BUSINESS (none scheduled)

REVIEW AND APPROVAL OF MINUTES Regularly Scheduled Meeting – August 7, 2002 (Robertson) moved to change the following: the name under citizens’ comments section, 4th witness, to Ed McCaul. For the next witness, Kitty Consolo, next to last sentence correct the word “pool” to “property” so the sentence should read “The property has the potential of being used year-round and that, too, is important.” Under Eloise Dezwarte’s comments, 12th line down, “a tax person” should be changed to “Brett Griffith.” Gloria Joseph (the next citizen) should be “Lori” Joseph, and “Ogilbey” Park should be spelled “Oglebay.” (Moore) moved to correct Maxine Montgomerty Citizens’ Comment to say “Maxine Montgomery, 345 Shannon Lane was encouraged and applauded the young people who came to Council this evening to get involved.” (Robertson) moved to correct the second motion under New Business, Resolution No. 02-27 to say “Introduced by Councilmember Crais, second by Councilmember Roberson.” (Crais) moved to correct his comments under the discussion portion of New Business Resolution 02-27, 7th paragraph, 1st sentence to say: “Councilmember Crais said it is his understanding that Law Director Crites had written the resolution and made reference to the fact that the purpose of the resolution written by the law director is the process of due diligence.” In the second paragraph from the bottom of page 6, Councilmember Crais moved to correct his comments to say “Councilmember Crais stated he believes it is necessary and he and Councilmember Robertson are commited to a slow process of looking into this issue.” Crais also corrected a roll call vote on page seven, third paragraph from the bottom on Res. No. 02- 27 where the word “abstention” should read “recusal.” And, on page 8, at the bottom, the vote should read 5 for, 1 against, and 1 recusal. (Bellman) “OLD BUSINESS,” page 9, first line last sentence should read “he is not sure that is where Council was in the discussion.” (Robertson) page 9, 3rd full paragraph to say “She remembers discussing project “D” and remembers it as Councilmember Crais did, and that project “A” came in after project “C.”

 (Robertson) page 10 to correct a misspelling in the 3rd paragraph, 3rd line down, last sentence, to read “Drake thought it looked like all pieces could be dealt with from a management point of view.” In the next paragraph, 2nd sentence, she moved to correct her comments to say “If project “C” didn’t work due to an inability to get easements, Council wanted the project to happen, and project “A” could happen. Under the Presentation portion, Councilmember Moore moved to correct her comments, page 9, in the last paragraph, last sentence, to say “An appraisal of $430,000 for development rights and an appraisal of $675,000 for fee ownership was obtained for the field and a proposal was made…” (Moore) Page 11, 2nd paragraph, last sentence “On July 17, 2002, the township acted to include sharing the costs with the village. (Moore) 3rd paragraph, last sentence, correct the interest rates to be 1.6% to 2.5%. (Moore) 6th paragraph, first sentence, correct the word “proposed” to possible. (Moore) 7th paragraph, second sentence, correct “Skeeters” to read “Reese-Peters.” (Moore/Hickman), page 12, second paragraph, 3rd sentence, correct to read “add the word “not” after the words “It will…” (Crais), page 13, second paragraph, 2nd sentence, correct it to read “He’s concerned Council might be buying something that requires a lot of money and we don’t even have a range of what that might be. (Moore) 3rd paragraph,5th sentence “facilty/area,” correct to say “they woud have to maintain 2/3rd of it but they will agree to take less. She favors giving them more so they would maintain more. (Robertson) 6th paragraph, 1st sentence, remove the word “departmental” after the word budget and remove the words “such as fire” after the word services. (Moore) 6th paragraph, last sentence, replace “principle” with “principal.” (Robertson) page 14, 1st paragraph, add after Bryn Du “but believes many questions must be answered.” 2nd paragraph, last sentence, replace “don’t” with “doesn’t.” (McGowan), 7th paragraph, 2nd sentence, remove it. (Robertson) 8th paragraph, 1st sentence, after “vote” remove the words “for the ’88 General Assessment” and add the word “proposal,” and after the word “current” change Council to “offices.” (Main), 9th paragraph, 4th sentence, strut should be changed to “structural” before the word engineers. (Bellman), 10th paragraph, 2nd sentence, the sentence should read “It’s historic value, the tax issues for the schools—purchasing the mansion and green space would save the schools in the long run. (Main), page 15, 6th paragraph, change $2.1M to “$3.1M” and add “M” after $1.3. (Bellman) page 16, 1st sentence, change “isn’t” to “aren’t.” (Robertson) noted that for the remainder of the discussion beginning midway in the 3rd paragraph that her name had been misspelled. Correct all further “Robinson” to “Robertson.”

Ordinance No. 08-02 change five (5) yes votes to six (6) with Robertson voting for it; Ordinance No 10-02, change the “no” vote to “Bellman” and add “Crais” to the abstentions. Owens Corning Rededication. McGowan corrected the comments to reflect he had attended the rededication. MAYOR’S COURT REPORT Mayor McGowan said he had not had to use the Magistrate’s Court because there had been no contested cases. Councilmember Main moved to accept the report, Councilmember Robertson seconded. No objection.

MANAGER’S REPORT Councilmember Crais asked about the project at Summit and Pearl and commented there was a lot of tar on them and need cleaned. Village Manager Hickman responded yes, that this is on a punch list of items to be cleaned again. Robertson moved to accept the report, Crais seconded. No objection.

COMMITTEE REPORTS a. Economic Development Committee (Crais, Moore, Robertson) Councilmember Moore said the committee will meet Friday, 7:30 a.m. at the Village Coffee Shop. b. Finance Liaison (Moore) c. Granville Foundation (Main) Councilmember Main said they met last night and discussed foundation efforts for the rest of the year. He brought an informational brochure about giving donations, and another brochure talking about all Ohio Community Foundations. He has them available to other Councilmembers if so desired. d. JEDD (Bellman, Crais) e. Newark/Granville Committee (Bellman, Main) f. Personnel Committee (Hartfield, McGowan, Robertson) Councilmember Hartfield said Personnel members needed to decide upon a meeting. It was decided they will meet Aug 29th, 7:00 p.m. at Village Council Offices g. Planning Commission (Main) Councilmember Main said they had a brief meeting the last week. Next week’s meeting is canceled due to the fact that no applications were filed. h. Recreation Commission (McGowan) Mayor McGowan reported the meeting is canceled. i. Senior Citizen Committee (Moore, Robertson) Robertson said the Senior Committee will meet September 12th. j. Strategic Land Acquisition Committee (Bellman, Crais, Moore) Councilmember Crais said they are postponing future meetings as they await direction from Council. k. Street Light Committee (McGowan) Mayor McGowan said they will meet Weds, Aug 28th, 7:30 p.m. at the Village Council Office. l. Streets/Sidewalks/Utilities Committee (Bellman, Hartfield, McGowan) Councilmember Bellman said they will meet Weds, Aug. 28th, 7:30 p.m. at the Village Council Office. m. Tree & Landscape Committee (Moore) n. Union Cemetary Board (Main) 

 OTHER COUNCIL MATTERS Village Manager Hickman provided Council with language about the purchase of potential easements. Hickman would like to come back September 4th with a resolution to proceed. He thinks he has agreements with the owners and believes the village to be very close to where it needs to be. Mayor McGowan asked Hickman if the brick crosswalks would be finished. Hickman responded that they would be working on the upcoming Saturday to open the street between Main and Prospect. The hold up at the crosswalk puts the village in a bad place for traffic. The village is moving along will do all possible to meet the deadline. By the 28th of August the improvement will be noticeable when the Denison students move in and by Jazz Fest, the changes will be even better. Councilmember Bellman asked about the west corner of Main and Broadway being included in the improvements as it appears the sidewalks and curving do not match. The wide sidewalk and narrow entrances doesn’t look right. Manager Hickman responded that ADA requirements dictate how sidewalk improvements must be made and created the unusual appearance at the site. He will take a closer look at it to see if it can be remedied in any way. Councilmember Bellman asked if downtown parking had been made narrower? Manager Hickman said it was true, mostly in front of Village Council Offices. He had hoped to create an extra parking space, but in doing so discovered that different car sizes parked in the area could make it difficult to exit your vehicle. Councilmember Main said he had heard complaints about a speed table on College Street. Manager Hickman responded he would talk to the contractor about that. He said it does feel like vehicles hit it head on and do not get over it as easily as others. But, said that the residents who live there like it because it works by slowing down traffic. Councilmember Bellman said he thinks the Village can accomplish the same purpose even if it is changed. Councilmember Crais asked if the northwest corner curve at Pearl and Broadway was changed? Manager Hickman said the radius was changed and it was done out of necessity to accommodate a catch basin there. In order to get the water where it needed to be an 18” adjustment or wideneing to the curve was made. Councilmember Crais asked about the College Street “bump” design was so “interesting” Manager Hickman said the imprinting design came from the City of Columbus and asked Council if they would like to see something different. He asked if the whole width should be imprinted? Councilmember Crais said he thought Council was going to move it West to be used as a crosswalk on the road. Manager Hickman said there would be drainage problems if that was done and traffic needed to be slowed down in that area. Councilmember Crais said brick would call more attention to it and would be better. Manager Hickman responded that should not be a problem at this point as this was the one bump the Village engineered and is the one that has more problems than others. Councilmember Bellman said it is more a bump than a speed table. Councilmember Robertson suggested Council let school start and see what the reaction is. She thought it solved some of the speed problems there. Manager Hickman commented he observed the fire truck drive over it without difficulty but he will talk to them to verify that they didn’t have a problem. Councilmember Main said he had not been called by neighbors to comment about the speed table. Everyone else had called him and talked to him about it an extremely negative matter saying they are unhappy Council is building them. Manager Hickman said that a petition of 47 or so was received to put in these speed bumps which he passed along to Council. He said he will work to make them as smooth as possible to navigate. Manager Hickman asked Councilmembers for feedback about the “Welcome to Granville” signs. Council gave a thumbs up and great. Several members asked what was the purpose of the blank signs? Manager Hickman said that they are for service. One each at the South and North entrance to the Village. The larger sign at the Boulevard will have some ground lights. Now everyone will need to make their signs the same and will provide they are standardized. Councilmember Moore asked about the sewer easement and whether or not the same easement would apply to both? Manager Hickman responded in the affirmative.



Councilmember Crais moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:35 p.m. Councilmember Moore seconded. Motion carries 7-0. 

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