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Council Minutes 4/16/03


CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor McGowan at 7:36 pm) 


ROLL CALL Those responding to the roll call were, Councilmembers Hartfield, Robertson, Crais, Main, Bellman, Vice Mayor Moore, and Mayor McGowan; Manager Hickman, Law Director Crites. 

APPROVAL OF AGENDA (7:37 pm) Councilmember Crais moved to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by Councilmember Main. Motion carried. 


All topics Jerry Martin, 15 Briarwood Dr., co-owner of Brews Café, spoke in reference to the noise ordinance. On Saturday, April 12th a band was playing in the upstairs of his business. Mr. Martin stated that he was approached by three police officers stating that he would be cited, as well as the band, on the noise being too loud. He was told that the noise cannot be audible from 50 feet away. He felt that there needs to be some leeway and that the approach was rather overzealous. Mr. Martin stated that there were no complaints or victims, therefore no crime was committed. 

Tom Carroll, Denison University, helped to organize the band playing at Brews Café on April 12th. He stated that he was there to support Mr. Martin and that he too felt the officers were not needed. 

Manager Hickman stated that one officer did enter Brew’s Cafe to ask that the windows be shut due to noise being heard from across the street. It was never the officer’s intent to cite Brew’s Café. After the officer was “not received well” he returned with the Sergeant. The Sergeant asked that the windows in the upstairs of the café be closed as well. Manager Hickman stated that both parties needed to work together to ensure a favorable outcome. 

School Levy – Kathy Lowery, Granville School Superintendent. Ms. Lowery spoke on the upcoming May 6th levy for Granville Schools. She provided council with a packet containing information on the 7.7 mill five year fixed levy. It had been a suggestion by residents to have a fixed amount as well as a fixed year. Some of the highlights in her discussion included what she referred to as “startling numbers for growth in kindergarten classes.” In the 1996-97 school year kindergarten enrollment was 89 students. In the 2002-03 school year this increased by 85% to 165 students. Ms. Lowery also stated the cost per student is $7956, and one mill generates $317,000. She went on to say that the average student pupil ratio is currently below the state average. There have been no new operating funds since March of 1996 – there was a replacement of this 3.7 mill levy in 1999. She also reminded council that the previous levy failed by only 41 votes. This, she says, is a reason for trying the levy for a third time. 

Ms. Lowery introduced two co-chairs of the levy, Pat Moller and Ashlin Caravana.

Ms. Lowery spoke on the Ohio school funding issue. She said that the issue is based on an over reliance of property taxes and phantom revenues. The school funding issue has been fought for the past twelve years and she does not see an immediate resolution to this in the next several years. For anyone interested in this subject, a presentation given by Dr. Lucier, of Denison University, and Jim Betts, a state lobbyist, will take place at the District Offices on April 21, 2003 @6:00p.m.

Ms. Lowery ended her comments by stating that she also visited Union and Granville Townships for their support of the Granville school levy. She asked that this information be shared with constituents. Ms. Lowery also indicated that she has yard signs available for residences and businesses for anyone who would like one. She also stated that a form attached to each packet she distributed is for anyone wishing to attach their name to an ad being placed in the Granville Sentinel the week before the election. This ad would list supporters of the Granville school levy. 

In addition, Ms. Lowery invited anyone wishing to join her and Mayor McGowan for ‘Coffee with the Mayor’ on April 25th at 9:00a.m. 

Councilmember Crais asked if the busing issue would be revisited if the levy passes. Ms. Lowery said that it might.

Spring Valley Advisory Committee – Chairperson Kitty Consolo Kitty Consolo, Committee Chair stated that the committee first met on January 12th to establish sub-committees and to address questions/concerns handed down by Council. Liz Maher set up a website for committee members to access for communication. The final meeting of the committee met was March 23rd. Ultimately, 9 of the 12 members approved of the final report. 

Ms. Consolo stated that the committee wanted to remain objective and not automatically make a recommendation that Council buy the facility. Instead, they saw two options, one that the property be purchased. The second option is the donation alternative, where the recreational area be given to the municipality and the remaining area developed over time. The Committee did not endorse one approach over the other. The report includes many reasons why the Committee feels that Spring Valley is part of Granville. 

Flo Hoffman presented a PowerPoint presentation with information gathered courtesy of the Denison University archives and the Granville Historical Society. The presentation depicted postcards, pictures, and letters of Salt Run and Spring Valley as far back as the late 1800’s. 

Ted Barkley – former manager at SPV, spoke in regards to health issues and recreational uses. Mr. Barkley thanked Ms. Consolo for her diligent work on the committee. He went on to explain how the pool filtration works and about its automated chlorination system. He stated that these efforts were far beyond state and county regulations for “other bathing areas.” Inspections at SPV have been taking place for 50 years. Mr. Barkley stated that the dumping of backwash waters in the creek and chlorination takes place at night. This has never been a problem, since the levels have not reached .03 chlorination. 

Councilmember Crais asked how often the inspections are done. Mr. Barkley stated that during last summer there were nine. The results of the inspections are available in the final report. 

Jerry Griffen spoke in regards to finances and purchase options. He began by thanking Council members and speaking on the hidden asset he feels SPV is to Granville.

The following areas were addressed: – 10 year results – profitable, stable, and reliable – SVP is a controllable business – Worst Case Scenario - $50,000 loss in revenues/Costs increase by 100% – A Financial Goal – fund other programs – Annual Costs – 3 aspects – Replacement Cost $1,500,000

Mr. Griffen’s personal feeling is that the business would either break-even or make a small, but steady profit each year. He feels that although this is a small business, it is a money generator showing an upward trend. Two major costs need to be addressed. They are payroll and maintenance expenditures. Mr. Griffen went on to say that if these two areas would be 70-80% of the costs associated with operating SPV.

Councilmember Bellman asked how the YMCA might use the facility? Mr. Griffen said the YMCA had shown interest in operating the facility and though there are many possibilities most agree a flat fee lease would be preferable. 

Vice Mayor Moore asked why the cost of depreciation and insurance were left out of the report. Mr. Griffen said he felt the insurance costs would be greatly different if thrown under an umbrella with the municipalities other insurance costs. The depreciation is currently expensed each year and for these accounting purposes he simply did not see the need to include it. He stated that these are not “huge costs.” Vice Mayor Moore said she was concerned that these costs were not included. 

Mr. Griffen also stated that he did not deal with major maintenance costs associated with SPV.

Vice Mayor Moore asked several questions of the Committee. She stated that she hoped no one was offended by her questions, but after receiving the report she spent an ample amount of time reviewing it. She thanked the Committee for their promptness and meeting so regularly. Ms. Moore asked if there were more stringent regulations with other pools not considered “other bathing areas.” Mr. Griffen stated that the regulations are less stringent for “other bathing areas.” Ms. Moore then asked who regulates the backwash dumping. Mr. Barkley stated that he was responsible for this process once a week when he ran the pool. Mr. Griffen noted that pool water never goes into the creek, except on very occasional overflows. Ms. Moore asked what the estimated cost of converting SPV to a traditional ‘blue water pool’ would be and did the Committee think this was a good idea? Mr. Barkley stated that the committee found it hard to justify what the benefits would be. He also went on to say that it would be a big job with many plumbing changes required in addition to concrete removal. Vice Mayor Moore then asked how the 8% membership was calculated. Mr. Griffen stated that they estimated a population of 10,000 (both the Village and Township) and had a membership list of 700- 800. It is not known how many of the members are Village and/or Township residents. Vice Mayor Moore asked the Committee if they felt the road frontage should be developed and, if so, should sewer and water be provided? Councilmember Crais clarified with the other Committee that this was simply a possibility suggested and not a recommendation. Vice Mayor Moore referred to page 21 of the report and asked if informal conversations were done with Village or Township residents. Mr. Griffen stated that this anecdotal information should not have been recorded in the report. Ms. Moore asked if there are any regulations on the number of life guards needed. Mr. Griffen did not know. Ms. Moore noted that the report said that operating loss of $50,000 would disappear if outsourcing was done. She wished to know how having outsourcing would eliminate operating costs and would the YMCA cover the operating costs. Mr. Griffen said that this made sense to the YMCA when he discussed it with them. He also added that he saw this loss as a worst case scenario and not reality. He felt it would be irresponsible for the Committee to say it couldn’t happen though. Vice Mayor Moore wanted to know if the Projected Capital Budget of $580,000 included relocating the road. The Committee said it did not. They felt that this road would need to be moved only if membership increased and the surrounding area become developed. Vice Mayor Moore asked if the Committee ever considered a community group purchasing the property. Mr. Griffen stated that they felt this consideration was not part of their mandate. He did feel that there is an ability to raise money from the community through some type of organization. Vice Mayor Moore asked if there had been any discussion with the Township in regards to zoning. Kitty Consolo stated that through informal conversations with Township officials if the municipality purchased the property, the Township would certainly like to be involved. There have been no formal discussions with the township in regards to zoning. Vice Mayor Moore asked if the Committee spoke with Molly Roberts, Village Financial Director in regards to debt limitations for the Village. Mr. Griffen stated that they corresponded one time through email. Vice Mayor Moore wished to know if the committee considered a voted ballot issue. Mr. Griffen stated that they were not experts in that area. Mayor McGowan added that it if it were a ballot issue it would need to be decided if it was a Village and Township ballot. Vice Mayor Moore displayed some concern of the approach taken on page 18 of the report in regards to Lake Hudson. She asked if it was fair to base their conclusion on just the two facilities. Mr. Griffen stated that Lake Hudson and SPV do not serve the same market and that their customers rarely overlap. He went on to say that Lake Hudson offers extraordinary services that SPV can’t. Mr. Griffen stated that the report should state 2 out of 3 facilities. Vice Mayor Moore feels that both facilities offer similar swimming activities to its customers, and if one facility was subsidized by a government municipality she is concerned that it may hurt the business of the other. Ben Barton, a member of the Spring Valley Committee, stated that he disagreed with the Committee on this issue and believed that government help would hurt the business of a competitor. Beth White and Mr. Barkley noted that one facility is a concrete pool and one is a lake and that camping and water skiing are not offered at the SPV facility. Councilmember Crais says he considered the issues of SPV and Lake Hudson differently and believes that the slighting of one business would be a stretch. 

Councilmember Robertson asked as to the kind of development possibilities the Committee recommended. Mr. Griffen stated that the Committee stayed away from this because they felt it was not their expertise. Some ideas suggested to the Committee were office/corporate types of development and elderly condos. Councilmember Robertson inquired as to the other uses of SPV besides the swimming. In addition to what was referenced on the PowerPoint presentation, Mr. Griffen noted that there were outside life and rare plants, hiking, and picnicking. 

Councilmember Crais asked what swimming facilities were within a 10 to 15 mile radius of this property. Heath pool, Lake Hudson, YMCA and Newark pools were noted. Councilmember Crais noted that payroll is the facility’s largest expense and once clientele and labor demand thresholds are met payroll will be offset. Mr. Crais asked if the Committee recommended putting the issue on the ballot. Liz Maher, a member of the Committee, stated that they did not make that recommendation, but did feel it was a good way to obtain public opinion. Mr. Crais then asked if any public safety issues were addressed involving businesses that have transient clientele. Ms. Consolo stated that certain types of retail could result in an increase in crime. She found this to be true through research she had done in other cities. 

Mayor McGowan asked if the Committee had negotiated with the YMCA on a possible lease. Mr. Griffen stated that he believed the YMCA made a proposal directly to the Roberts family. 

Councilmember Main wished to know any financial information indicating the cost to open up the facility each year and are these costs reflected in the maintenance costs. Mr. Griffen said that two of the family members currently do this. The only future costs he could see are payroll costs and did not see them as “high costs.” Councilmember Main then asked if the time the family spends working at the facility is available. Mr. Griffen stated that he estimated these costs in “Other Expenses.” Councilmember Main inquired on the number of people the facility could accommodate and is there adequate parking. Committee members stated that it is hard to count the number of parking spaces because people park in the grass. Mr. Griffen stated that the Committee did believe the facility would need blacktop in the future. Councilmember Main also asked if the Capital Expenditures Budget estimated the costs to make the facility ADA standard. Mr. Griffen stated that Craig Vanhort looked at the ADA mandates on page 31 of the report. He stated that $580,000 included such things as a new concession, ramps, and bathrooms.

Kitty Consolo spoke about a resident who talked with her about the possibility of an outside pool (like that of Spring Valley) and an inside pool (similar to a “blue water pool”) sharing the same filtration system. The resident familiar with the system is Jerry Finlayson of Rose Drive. He can be contacted for any further questions if necessary.

Carla Beckerly, 210 North Granger St., spoke of a Mother’s typical day at the pool. She expressed her feelings for the Granville tradition that she and her family enjoy each summer. She also thanked Kitty Consolo and the Roberts family for their help with the Spring Valley Committee. 

Ashlin Caravana, 209 E. Elm St., spoke in regards to SPV being a part of Granville history. She said it has helped make Granville what it is today. Ms. Caravana feels the pool has beauty that cannot be valued and she and her family enjoy its natural setting. She went on to say the Village and Township has bought many vacant spaces over the years and she urged Council to protect the future of SPV as well. 

Liz Maher, 354 North Granger St., read a letter from realtor AdaJune Parker. She said Ms. Parker was unavailable to attend tonight’s meeting but wished to express her thoughts about SVP to council. Ms. Parker’s letter said that she often shows SVP to her clients and it has a powerful effect on newcomers to the area. She went on to say that not all Realtors want more development and she urges Council to preserve SVP if possible. 

Karen Axline, 415 Fern Hill, spoke on the impact SVP has had on her family. She said her son has become the person he is today because of what he learned at SVP and being a part of the swim team there. She would like to see a new generation of families continue to enjoy the facility. 

Becky Barnes spoke on how she likes the natural surroundings of SVP and the sand. She said it makes Granville unique and she would be sad to see it go away.

Sara Jean Wilhelm, 202 Thresher St spoke of SVP’s natural beauty and that she favors the Village trying to keep it. Ms. Wiley said she is a member of the YMCA and would be in favor of any scenario that involves them. She feels that new development could instigate traffic issues that she would not favor.

Mayor McGowan closed citizens’ comments at 9:45pm.

Councilmember Bellman left at 9:50 pm.

Council took a 15 minute recess.

PUBLIC HEARING Ordinance No. 05-03, An Ordinance To Enter Into An Agreement With Denison University For Burg Street Improvements.

Seth Patton, Denison University, spoke on the proposed Burg Street improvements. He showed council a visual aid depicting landscaping and road setup. 

Mayor McGowan asked if any parking would be eliminated or added. Mr. Patton stated that some parking would be eliminated on the roadways and campus traffic that is currently one way would become two way.

Vice Mayor Moore displayed some concern for residents living on Burg requiring additional parking. Manager Hickman spoke with the resident closest to the parking on Burg Street (Mr. Barkley). It was decided that it might be best to speak with others on the street as well. 

Councilmember Crais asked why the cement sidewalk would eventually turn into asphalt. He also suggested that it might be best to eliminate three parking spaces instead of the mentioned two. This is due to resident Barkley stating that there is some danger associated with backing out.

Manager Hickman and Councilmember Crais both stated that they would like to see more trees added in the area. 

Manager Hickman went on to say that this project does not affect the brick portion of Burg Street. 

Mayor McGowan closed the public hearing at 10:07 pm. 

NEW BUSINESS (10:07pm) Resolution No. 03-22, A Resolution To Authorize The Village Manager To Enter Into Negotiations, On Behalf Of The Village Of Granville, With The Columbus Polo Club was introduced by Councilmember Main. Second by Councilmember Hartfield.

Discussion: None

 Motion to adopt carried (6-0). Resolution No. 03- 22 is adopted. 

 Resolution No. 03-23, A Resolution To Authorize The Village Manager To Seek Bids For 2003 Street Improvements was introduced by Councilmember Hartfield. Second by Councilmember Main.

Discussion: Manager Hickman stated that there would be 5- 6 projects to choose from for this year.

 Motion to adopt carried (6-0). Resolution No. 03- 23 is adopted.

 Resolution No. 03-24, A Resolution Authorizing The Village Manager To File An Application And Enter Into An Agreement With The Ohio Department Of Natural Resources For The Purpose Of Acquiring Funds Through The Division Of Forestry’s Urban Forestry Assistance Program was introduced by Vice Mayor Moore. Second by Councilmember Crais.


 Motion to adopt carried (6-0). Resolution No. 03- 24 is adopted.

 Resolution No. 03-25, A Resolution To Award The Bid For Village Hall Wrought Iron Railing Replacement, Per Specifications To Friesinger’s, And To Authorize The Village Manager To Enter Into An Agreement Thereof was introduced by Councilmember Main. Second by Councilmember Robertson.

Discussion: Location and details of the railing are available in packets.

 Motion to adopt carried (6-0). Resolution No. 03- 25 is adopted. 

OLD BUSINESS (10:12 pm) Ordinance No. 05-03, An Ordinance To Enter Into An Agreement With Denison University For Burg Street Improvements was reintroduced by Councilmember Crais. Second by Councilmember Hartfield. 

Discussion: Councilmember Crais called for approval of the following friendly amendment: At the end of Section 1, delete the period and make a comma and add “subsequent to approval of storm sewer and landscape design.”

 Roll call vote on Ordinance No. 05-03: Crais, Moore, Main, Hartfield, McGowan. (5-1-0). Ordinance No. 05- 03 was adopted. (Councilmember Robertson asked to be recused.) 

REVIEW OF MINUTES (10:16 pm) Regularly Scheduled Meeting of March 19, 2003. Councilmember Main moved to accept the minutes as presented; seconded by Councilmember Robertson. Motion carried, 7-0. 

MAYOR’S COURT REPORT – March (10:16 pm) The Mayor’s Court Report for the month of February was presented for review. 

 Councilmember Crais moved to accept the report; second by Councilmember Hartfield. Motion carried, 7-0 

 Mayor McGowan instructed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of said report is included as part of these Minutes. 

MANAGER’S REPORT – March (10:16 pm) The Manager’s Report for the month of February was presented for review. Councilmember Crais moved to accept the report; seconded by Councilmember Hartfield. Motion carried 7-0.

 Mayor McGowan instructed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of said report is included as part of these Minutes. 

COMMITTEE REPORTS Economic Development Committee (Crais, Moore, Robertson) None.

Finance Liaison (Moore) None. 

Granville Foundation (Main) None.

JEDD (Bellman, Crais) None.

Newark/Granville Committee (Bellman, Main) None. 

Personnel (Hartfield, McGowan, Robertson) None.

Planning Commission (Main) Reported that the Committee had a lengthy meeting and he will address a matter under ‘Other Council Matters’. Next meeting is May 5.

Recreation Commission (McGowan) None.

Senior Citizen Committee (Moore, Robertson) Did not meet because the National Church Residence was unable to come. They are scheduled to speak at the next meeting.- May 8, 2003, 8:30am Street Light Committee (McGowan) None. Streets/Sidewalks/Utilities Committee (Bellman, Hartfield, McGowan) Six bids are expected back in late May. The committee will pick based on costs. Tree & Landscape Committee (Moore) None. Union Cemetery Board (Main) None. 

 OTHER COUNCIL MATTERS Zoning Amendment Proposal Councilmember Main and Mayor McGowan stated that they could volunteer their time to work on substantial changes to update the language. 

Council members briefly re-addressed the noise ordinance issue at Brews Café. Mayor McGowan stated that the noise Ordinance kicks in at 10:00 p.m. Councilmember Main wondered why this issue was a concern if there were no complaints made. Manager Hickman stated that the officers actions were done as a courtesy. Manager Hickman also stated that he would be in contact with Mr. Martin, co- owner of Brews Café regarding a resolution. 

Councilmember Main addresses Council in regards to the Planning Commission meeting held earlier this week. At that meeting, Fred Wolfe, owner of Victoria’s Parlor, inquired as to ‘Section K’ of the sidewalk permit Ordinance. Mr. Wolfe wanted to know if he would be sited for using umbrella’s that had the words “Velvet” on them. Mr. Wolfe stated that he had previously used these very same umbrellas and felt it unfair to not be able to continue their use. Council discussed if this type of signage would be considered temporary or permanent. Manager Hickman stated that is was currently being considered permanent, but Village Planner, Seth Dorman wondered if they should be considered temporary signs since they will be left up for less than one year. Councilmember Main stated that the Planning Commission had tabled the issue until the next meeting and wished to hear any feedback from Council in regards to the matter. 

Vice Mayor Moore requested a copy of the sign ordinance for the Economic Development Committee. 

Manager Hickman stated that approximately one dozen volunteers cleaned the Bryn Du Mansion for the open house and egg hunt being held on April 19. 

ADJOURNMENT At 10:45 pm, Councilmember Crais moved to adjourn the meeting. Second by Councilmember Hartfield. Motion carried, 6-0. Meeting adjourned.

 Submitted by Melanie Schott 

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