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Council Minutes 9/21/05


CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor Robertson at 7:30pm) 


ROLL CALL Those responding to the roll call were Councilmembers Barsky, Hartfield, Herman, Main, OKeefe, Vice Mayor Lucier, and Mayor Robertson; Acting Manager Molly Roberts, and Law Director Mike Crites. 

 APPROVAL OF AGENDA (7:31pm) Councilmember Hartfield moved to accept the agenda. Councilmember Barsky second. Motion carried. 

CITIZENS COMMENTS Sharon Sellitto of 215 South Cherry Street voiced a concern about the light situation on South Main Street and how it may affect traffic on Cherry Street once construction of the new bridge on Cherry Street is complete. With regard to the South Main Street traffic signal, Councilmember Hartfield advised that a study was done prior to installation and again after the installation, which will be forwarded to Ohio Department Of Transportation (ODOT) District 5, as well as the Central Office of ODOT. The Planning & Zoning Committee has suggested that the Village, Township and State Representatives work together in an effort to continue to notify ODOT of the issues and concerns with the signal. She encouraged concerned citizens to contact their State Representative and Brian Bosch of ODOT District 5 to voice their concerns. She added that Village Planner Chris Strayer and Acting Manager Molly Roberts are compiling information to be submitted to ODOT Central Office.

 Becky Vorrhis of 1124 Mt. Vernon Road, Newark and a member of the Licking County Tobacco Free Coalition encouraged Village Council to move forward and enforce the Clean Indoor Air Ordinance as previously passed. She noted that it would be in the best interest of the community to keep the Ordinance at 100% enforcement. If the Ordinance implements a 100% Clean Indoor Air Ordinance, Ms. Vorrhis stated that the Licking County Health Department would help Granville apply for mini grant funding from the Ohio Tobacco Use Prevention Control Foundation. Granville would be eligible for $10,000 to aid in enforcement of the Ordinance, i.e. promotional items, materials, implementation consultant (if needed), etc. Ms. Vorrhis will forward grant application information to Acting Manager Molly Roberts for consideration. Law Director Crites advised that he has met with Newark Law Director Jim Hostetter, and Heath Law Director Butch Bentley to discuss the Ordinances. It was assumed that enforcement of Heath and Granville Ordinances would mirror Newarks Ordinance and become effective January 1, 2006. Mr. Crites did make it clear that the enforcement date was ultimately up to this Council. Although the Ordinances are already substantially similar; there is time to make revisions to the Ordinance if Council wishes. He also advised that it is his opinion that the language included in the Ordinance allows Council to proceed by operation of law, which would begin enforcement of the Ordinance on January 1, 2006. If this Council chooses to amend the underlying Ordinance then the amended Ordinance would be subject to referendum. Joe Ebel, Licking County Health Commissioner updated Council on the 85/15 exemption as adopted by the City of Newark. Mr. Ebel does not feel that the 85/15 exemption would have much implication in Granville because Granvilles businesses would not qualify for the exemption. He also does not advise including this exemption in the Ordinance at the risk of attracting those types of businesses to Granville. He feels Granvilles Ordinance is well suited for Granville and suggested that Village Council leave well enough alone. He did note that grant funds cannot be applied for until an enforcement date is decided. The Licking County Health Department is excited to move forward with the Indoor Clean Air Ordinance. When asked if there was a list of businesses in Newark that would qualify for the exemption, Mr. Ebel responded that there was not a list at this time. He noted that Newarks Ordinance requires a permit to be submitted with business food license applications, which would include percentages based on food and alcohol sales. Mayor Robertson requested that the Indoor Clean Air discussion be placed on the October 19, 2006 agenda.

Mayor Robertson closed citizens comments at 7:55pm

 PUBLIC HEARING None scheduled. 

OLD BUSINESS None scheduled

 NEW BUSINESS Resolution No. 05-52, A Resolution Accepting The Amounts And Rates As Determined By The Budget Commission And Authorizing The Necessary Tax Levies And Certifying Them To The County Auditor was introduced by Councilmember Hartfield. Second by Councilmember Barsky.

 Discussion: Acting Manager Roberts noted that this is an annual housekeeping measure as required by the Ohio Revised Code. This Resolution determines the inside millage rate that is received as the property tax settlement rate from Licking County. The rates are determined by the Licking County Budget Commission.

Motion carried. Resolution No. 05-52 is adopted. 

 Resolution No. 05-53, A Resolution Authorizing The Village Manager, Or His/Her Designee, To Prepare And Submit An Application To Participate In The Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital Improvement And/Or Local Transportation Improvement Program(s) And To Execute Contracts As Required was introduced by Councilmember OKeefe. Second by Councilmember Herman.

 Discussion: The improvement project would be for culvert replacement on Welsh Hills Road at Granger Street. This Resolution simply seeks approval to apply for grant funds at an 80/20 split. Final figures on the cost of the project will come at a later date, with the actual funding in July 2006.

Motion carried. Resolution No. 05-53 is adopted. Resolution No. 05-54, A Resolution Authorizing The Acting Village Administrator To Send One Village Of Granville Police Officer To Alabama, Mississippi Or Louisiana To Assist With Law Enforcement In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Katrina was introduced by Vice Mayor Lucier. Second by Councilmember Barsky.

 Discussion: Although there is not an immediate need, Officer Jon Davis is working with Licking County EMA and the Red Cross to participate in this volunteer program. There was discussion as to whether there should be flexibility with this Resolution so Councils approval is not required for this type of volunteering each time the need arises. Law Director Crites noted that this particular Resolution was written to ratify Councils motion during its meeting of September 7, 2006 and does not address any other situation, although a Resolution could be drafted that would broaden the scope. 

Motion carried. Resolution No. 05-54 is adopted.

 Ordinance No. 35-05, An Ordinance To Amend Ordinance No. 04-94, The Cable Franchise Agreement Between The Village Of Granville And Frontier Vision Operating Partners, L.P., L/K/A Adelphia Communications And To Authorize The Village Manager To Enter Into Said Amended Franchise Agreement was introduced by Councilmember Herman. Second by Councilmember OKeefe.

 Discusson: Rick Waley, General Manager of Adelphia in Central Ohio suggested that after meeting with the Economic, Finance & Personnel Committee the consensus was that this is a good modification to the existing franchise agreement, which would extend for the next three years. He noted that it is anticipated that the Time Warner/ComCast transaction to purchase Adelphia will happen within the next year. He noted that there were some additions to the list of free cable services to the Village and also an addition of a public educational/government channel to be utilized by the Village or school system. He noted that Adelphia beats their competition in many ways, most of all by their local presence. There was a brief discussion of public access channel expenses and implementation. Mr. Waley advised that Adelphia will provide the transmitter, receiver and technical expertise. The next step is to identify those that will best implement the process.

Mayor Robertson set the public hearing on Ordinance No. 35- 05 for October 5, 2005. 

REVIEW OF MINUTES Regularly Scheduled Meeting of September 7, 2005. Councilmember Barsky moved to accept the minutes as amended. Seconded by Councilmember OKeefe. Motion carried, 6 yays, 1 not particularly (Herman). 

MAYORS COURT REPORT  August The Mayors Court Report for the month of August was presented for review.

 Discussion: It was noted that there was a decline in the amount of funds collected in August 05 compared to those collected in August 04, possibly due to a decrease in patrolling time and traffic citations issued compared to the same time last year. Councilmember Hartfield moved to accept the August report; seconded by Councilmember Herman. Motion carried 7-0.

Mayor Robertson instructed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of the said report is included as part of these Minutes. 

MANAGERS REPORT  August The Managers Report for the month of August was presented for review. 

 Discussion: Ms. Barsky questioned several items; what is involved in Vehicle Checks, the definition of Pursuit Termination Techniques, the investigation of graffiti on public and private property, the increase in unsecured building checks (Police Report), the increase in Grounds and Building Maintenance hours (Service Department Report), the flattening out of income tax revenues (Income Tax Report), and customer service requests (Utilities Report). It was also noted that Granville recently appointed its first auxiliary officer.

Councilmember Barsky moved to accept the August report; seconded by Councilmember OKeefe . Motion carried 7-0.

 Mayor Robertson instructed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of said report is included as part of these minutes. 


Economic, Finance, Personnel Committee (EFP)  Hartfield, Herman, Lucier Mr. Herman noted that St. Lukes will be invited to the next EFP meeting to answer questions and discuss their request for tax exemption on the property the Church leases from the Village at 118 S. Main Street. Additionally, Ms. Roberts is providing Budget information relative to trending of wages and benefits, existing staff positions/roles and salaries. The Committee meets again on Monday, September 26, 2005.

Granville Foundation  (Main) No report. Meeting was cancelled this evening and moved to next week.

Light, Safety, Sts/Sidewalks, Utility Committee (LSSU)  Lucier, Hartfield, Main Ms. Hartfield referenced the meeting minutes as submitted; noting that during the discussion of deer overpopulation concerns it was indicated that contraceptive feed was ineffective. It was also noted that Burg Street will be postponed due to some scheduling problems with Columbia Gas. That project will move forward in 2006 in conjunction with W. College/Mulberry Streets. 

Planning Commission  OKeefe Ms. OKeefe referenced the application for a spa at the Rogers/Franks residence on E. Maple Street. Since the plans were not submitted with enough detail, the applicant was asked to return to the Commission with a more complete plan. Other miscellaneous applications were approved.

Planning & Zoning Committee (P&Z)  Barsky, OKeefe, Robertson Ms. Barsky reported that the committee is pursuing the JEDD with the Hester/Pinkerton group and is awaiting information from them to determine whether or not it is sufficient for a description to be attached to the JEDD Ordinance. The Traffic Impact Ordinance was forwarded to Jim Havens for review to see if the JEDD document should reflect a statement about following the Village Traffic Impact Ordinance. Law Director Crites noted that revisions have been made and will be available at the next P&Z meeting. Broadway usage - Broadway business representatives and Bluesfest representatives will be invited to attend the next P&Z meeting to discuss concerns related to the Bluesfest. Downtown parking in the Village District  a parking study will be done. It was suggested that parking fines in the Village District be reviewed. 

Recreation Commission OKeefe No report

Senior Committee  OKeefe Ms. OKeefe is to meet preliminarily with a Village resident who is interested in doing work in the community for seniors and who is interested in becoming a part of the Committee.

Tree & Landscape Commission - Barsky The Commission is in the process of updating their Ordinances. 

Union Cemetery Main No meeting report. Mr. Main noted that the Granville Rotary dedicated a plaque and newly landscaped area in the cemetery to the late Carl Frazier for his commitment to the cemetery reconstruction project. It was also noted that the recent play at the cemetery was terrific and very well attended. 

OTHER COUNCIL MATTERS Councilmember Barsky asked about the progress of several subjects: Make a Difference Day. Ms. Roberts is in contact with the City of Heath for further detail, which she will forward when received. 

N. Main Street bricks. Ms. Roberts noted that the Service Department had started to cold patch the problemed areas and she will inquire about its completion date. 

It was noted that the Village will combine with the township to write a letter to ODOT regarding the traffic signal issues at S. Main Street. It was suggested that a sign up petition be put at the front desk of the Village Offices for citizens to include their names on a list of individuals who wish to see action on this subject. 

Cherry Street bridge  completion date is October 15, 2005. 

Sister city and hurricane relief  The OML has been contacted for further information. ADJOURNMENT (9:08 pm) Councilmember Herman moved to adjourn. Second by Councilmember Barsky. Motion carried, 7-0. Meeting adjourned.

 Submitted by Beverly Adzic, Village Clerk 

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