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Council Minutes 5/17/06

May 17, 2006

CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor Hartfield at 7:30 pm)


    Those responding to the roll call were Councilmembers Mershon, O’Keefe, Tegtmeyer, Barsky, Vice Mayor Herman and Mayor Hartfield; Acting Manager Roberts, and Assistant Law Director Kelly Gorry.

Councilmember Mershon moved to excuse Councilmember McGowan.  Second by Councilmember Barsky.
        Councilmember OKeefe moved to accept the agenda as presented.  Seconded by Vice Mayor Herman.  Motion carried (6-0).    

Matt Hill, LCATS, gave a PowerPoint presentation regarding SR 16 at Cherry Valley Road intersection.  A copy of the presentation is provided as part of these minutes.  Mr. Hill explained the history behind the project.  He stated that things have moved much faster than he had ever anticipated and TRAC has given permission to do the interchange project with funds legislated by Congressman Tiberi.  Mr. Hill went over some concerns over the project.  He stated that there have been four public comments stating that the project is not warranted.  He also stated that there have been some concerns that resident’s property values would decrease.  He stated that in his years working on such projects property values have never decreased after the roadway is improved.  Mr. Hill stated that they will be hearing public comments sometime in October.  He stated that they will begin preliminary engineering for each of the alternatives provided and environmental screening of both the man-made and natural environment will take place.  Mr. Hill stated that they hope to select an alternative by October, but there are no guarantees this will happen.  Councilmember Barsky asked if the weightings of each alternative will be made clear when Mr. Hill provides his feedback in October.  Mr. Hill stated yes he will have a matrix of the project including all of the environmental factors, etc. for each alternative.  Vice Mayor Herman asked if they would be looking to do an overpass or an underpass.  Mr. Hill stated each of the three alternatives would entail an overpass similar to what you see at SR 16 and 37 interchange.  Councilmember OKeefe asked if there has been any preference to each of the three alternatives.  Mr. Hill stated that at this time Alternative 3 has a slight lead, but he could in no way say this would end up being the selected alternative.  Councilmember Mershon inquired on the Resolution Council sent to Mr. Hill in regards to the slip ramp.  He asked if Mr. Hill was clear on Council’s request and if he had any questions/concerns.  Mr. Hill stated that it was their intent to reconnect the roadway where the slip ramp is located and this may mean moving a lot of dirt and purchasing land for the right of way.  Mr. Hill asked Council to call him at any time with any questions or concerns.  

Sharon Sellito, 215 South Cherry Street, stated that she has concerns over open fires in the Village and the dangers that could be involved.  She stated that she is specifically concerned with the fire pits that you can purchase and she has seen these being used while unattended.  Ms. Sellito stated that she contacted the fire department and they did not know anything about these types of fire pits.  Ms. Sellito inquired if open fires are permissible if not used for cooking.  Ms. Roberts stated that generally open fires are not permitted within the Village, but she was not sure about a fire that is contained.  Councilmember Barsky stated that this is something that can be looked into.  Ms. Sellito suggested putting something in the newspaper notifying residents about the use of fire pits within the Village.  Council discussed the differences of fire pits and chimeas. Vice Mayor Herman clarified if Ms. Sellito is specifically concerned over the use of fire pits or also chimeas.  Ms. Sellito stated the fire pits are her main concern, and she stated that they both cause pollution.  Mayor Hartfield suggested that the Planning and Zoning Committee could address this matter.  Councilmember OKeefe thanked Ms. Sellito for bringing this to Council’s attention.  

Gloria Hoover, 213 East College Street, stated that she is there to speak in regards to the Village Manager issue.  She stated that she would also like to request that the citizens’ comments microphone be moved so one could address Council and not have their back to people in the audience.  Ms. Hoover went on to say that she also enjoyed Mr. Hill’s presentation.  Ms. Hoover stated that she would like to commend Council for their consideration of two candidates for the Village Manager position – Ms. Roberts and Mr. Holycross.  She stated that she had a one on one interview with Ms. Roberts and she was very pleased to support her.  She stated that a previous track record is #1 to her.  She stated that she did not do a one on one interview with Mr. Holycross, but she understands him to have a tremendous track record.  Ms. Hoover stated that the article she read in the newspaper about having Mr. Holycross and Ms. Roberts work together is a good combination.  She stated that Granville is a unique community and Ms. Roberts is familiar with this community and could be an asset to Mr. Holycross as the Assistant Village Manager.      

Mayor Hartfield closed Citizens’ Comments at 7:55 pm.



    Resolution No. 06-28, A Resolution To Award The Bid For Professional Services For A Comprehensive Plan To Poggemeyer Design Group And To Authorize The Acting Village Manager To Enter Into An Agreement Therefore was introduced by Councilmember                                                        Barsky.  Second by Councilmember Mershon.

    Discussion: Councilmember OKeefe stated that she hopes to discuss the particulars of their requests to Poggemeyer Design.  Ms. Roberts stated absolutely there would be plenty of time to get comments/suggestions to them.  Councilmember Barsky inquired on how this would effect the current arrangement with the Township.  Ms. Roberts explained that she added language to the Resolution in regards to the Township.  She explained that the new version was in Council’s packets.  Councilmember Tegtmeyer asked at what point the contract would be entered into.  Ms. Roberts stated that the steering committee will be meeting and everything would come back to full Council before the contract is actually signed.  Mr. Strayer stated that he hopes to set up a meeting late next week or early June.    

Motion carried (6-0).  Resolution No. 06-28 is adopted.

    Ordinance No. 04-06, An Ordinance Appointing Don E. Holycross Village Manager, Establishing The Salary Of The Village Manager And Declaring An Emergency was introduced by Vice Mayor Herman.  Second by Councilmember OKeefe.

    Discussion: Councilmember Barsky stated that she had previously indicated while serving on Council that she does not believe Emergency Clauses should be taken lightly and they should only be used when absolutely necessary.  Councilmember Barsky stated that she does not see the need for an Emergency Clause in this case – Ordinance No. 04-06.  

Councilmember Mershon moved to declare Ordinance No. 04-06 as an emergency.  Seconded by Councilmember Tegtmeyer.  

Roll Call:  Emergency Clause
    Herman (yes), Mershon (yes), Hartfield (yes), Tegtmeyer (yes), O’Keefe (yes), Barsky (no).  Motion carried 5-1.

Roll Call Ordinance No. 04-06:
    Barsky (yes), OKeefe (yes), Tegtmeyer (yes), Hartfield (yes), Mershon (yes), Herman (yes).  Motion carried 6-0.

Vice Mayor Herman stated that he speaks on behalf of the EFP Committee in thanking everyone who helped with this process to hire a new Village Manager.  He and the rest of Council thanked Ms. Roberts for her work in filling the Village Manager position.  Vice Mayor Herman stated that he would like the Law Director to work on a Resolution appointing Ms. Roberts to the Assistant Village Manager position by the next Council meeting.  

Mayor Hartfield asked if Council would be in agreement to move Item 15 (Executive Session) ahead on the agenda.  Vice Mayor Herman moved to hold the Executive Session ahead of Items 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 on the Agenda.  Seconded by Councilmember Barsky.  

Councilmember Tegtmeyer moved to enter into Executive Session, Pursuant to ORC 121.22(G)(1) – “To consider appointment, employment….of a public employee”.  Second by Councilmember OKeefe.

    Roll call vote: Herman, Mershon, O’Keefe, Tegtmeyer, Hartfield, Barsky.  Motion carried (6-0).

Time in: 8:07 pm
    Councilmember Mershon moved to return to regular session.  Second by Councilmember Barsky.

    Roll call vote:  O’Keefe, Mershon, Hartfield, Tegtmeyer, Herman, Barsky. Motion carried.  (6-0)

Time out: 9:55 pm

Regularly Scheduled Meeting of May 3, 2006.
    Councilmember Barsky moved to accept the minutes as amended. Seconded by Vice Mayor Herman.  Motion carried 6-0.

The Mayor’s Court Report for the month of April was presented for review.

    Discussion: Councilmember OKeefe noted that the number of parking tickets was up.  Councilmember Barsky stated that the police have been marking more cars in the center/business district.  Mayor Hartfield stated that May has been a busy month.

    Councilmember Barsky moved to accept the April report, seconded by Councilmember OKeefe.  Motion carried 6-0.

    Mayor Hartfield instructed the report be filed with the Clerk.  A copy of the said report is included as part of these minutes.  

The Manager’s Report for the month of April was presented for review.  

    Discussion: Councilmember OKeefe asked what the inlets were that are being cleaned.  Ms. Roberts explained that these collect water on the curbside.    

    Councilmember OKeefe moved to accept the April report, seconded by Councilmember Mershon.  Motion carried 6-0.

    Mayor Hartfield instructed the report be filed with the Clerk.  A copy of said report is included as part of these minutes.  

Economic, Finance, Personnel Committee (EFP) – (Herman, Mershon, Tegtmeyer)  
Vice Mayor Herman stated that the committee reviewed the Manager contract.  He stated that they also had discussion with Jonathon Downes and Todd Ellsworth.

Granville Foundation – (Tegtmeyer)
Councilmember Tegtmeyer stated that the committee met on May 16th and they will meet again on August 15th.  She stated that they are still in need of a new executive director.  Councilmember Tegtmeyer stated that this is a volunteer position and anyone interested should contact her or Cynthia Nunzer.   

Light, Safety, Sts/Sidewalks, Utility Committee (LSSU) – (Hartfield, Herman, McGowan)
Mayor Hartfield stated that the committee reviewed the Tree and Landscape Ordinances, as well as the Speedway information.  

Planning Commission – (O’Keefe)
Councilmember OKeefe stated that the committee tabled balcony plans for Brews Café.  She stated that the balcony in place was not in the original plan and no decision has been made at this time.  
Planning & Zoning Committee – (Barsky, Mershon, O’Keefe)
Councilmember Barsky stated that they had discussion over the traffic plans for Speedway.  She stated that they will have more discussion at the next meeting and Ms. Roberts is currently communicating with Speedway.

Recreation Commission – (McGowan)
No Report.

Senior Committee – (O’Keefe)
Councilmember OKeefe stated that they will meet on May 19th.

SR 161 Accord (O’Keefe, Tegtmeyer)
Councilmember OKeefe stated that the meeting was canceled and has not yet been rescheduled.  

Tree & Landscape Commission (Barsky)
Councilmember Barsky stated that the meeting minutes are in Council’s packets.

Union Cemetery  (Mershon)
Councilmember Mershon stated that they are looking for volunteers to work in the cemetery before Memorial Day and anyone able to help should contact Rob Drake.  Vice Mayor Herman added that they were able to recognize  Flo Hoffman for all of her work at the Trustee meeting.

ADJOURNMENT (10:10  pm)
    Councilmember Mershon moved to adjourn.  Second by Councilmember  
Tegtmeyer.  Motion carried, 6-0.  Meeting adjourned.


                            Signed – Mayor

Signed – Clerk

Submitted by Melanie Schott


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