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Council Minutes 8/2/06





August 2, 2006


CALL TO ORDER (by Councilmember McGowan at 7:30 pm)

(by Councilmember McGowan at 7:30 pm)

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE (Led by Chris Betts of Boy Scout Troop 65)

(Led by Chris Betts of Boy Scout Troop 65)Mr. Betts updated Council on projects they have been working on this summer. He stated that they held banners for the 4th of July parade and attended a one week summer camp. Mr. Betts stated that their troop now has a website –


Those responding to the roll call were Councilmember’s Barsky, McGowan, Mershon, O’Keefe, Manager Holycross, and Law Director Crites.

Councilmember Barsky made a motion to excuse Vice Mayor Herman and Mayor Hartfield. Second by Councilmember O’Keefe. Motion carried 5-0.



(7:30 pm)

Councilmember Mershon moved to accept the agenda as presented. Councilmember Tegtymeyer second. Motion carried 5-0.


(7:31 pm)

No one appeared to speak during Citizens’ Comments.

Councilmember McGowan closed Citizens Comments at 7:31pm.


None scheduled.



Ordinance No. 06-06, An Ordinance To Permit The Demolition Of A Garage At 222 South Main Street was removed from the table by Councilmember Mershon. Second by Councilmember Barsky.

Discussion: Village Planner, Chris Strayer, updated Council on the decision by the Planning Commission. Councilmember Barsky asked where the dumpster would be located. Mr. Strayer explained that it would be basically where it currently is and to the front and center of the proposed landscaping. Mr. Strayer stated that the proposal for the dumpster with fencing looks similar to the dumpster located at 209/211 East College Street – First Federal Bank. Councilmember Mershon asked if the Ordinance required a bond for demolition. Manager Holycross stated that the city engineer felt it wouldn’t make sense to have a bond in this particular case. Councilmember Tegtmeyer made a friendly amendment motion to Ordinance No. 06-06. She stated that in Section 1 – Council hereby waives the requirement for bonding as suggested by the city engineer. Second by Councilmember Barsky.

Doug Wagner asked Council to consider waiving the thirty day waiting period because he would like to get the building torn down this weekend. Mr. Wagner stated that the structure is a nuisance because animals live under it and his insurance company does not want to insure the building. Councilmember McGowan stated that he was not on Council when the Ordinance was changed, but he is aware that they didn’t change a previous Ordinance with an emergency clause for a boy scout. Councilmember Mershon asked if anyone has changed their view in regards to the emergency clause. Councilmember O’Keefe stated that animals such as skunks can be a nuisance to neighbors. Mr. Wagner asked what the logic was to not have the Ordinance go into effect for thirty days. Councilmember Barsky explained that all Ordinances of any nature are not in effect for thirty days until after passage. She stated that there are some exceptions when it come to health and safety and she does not see this as a health and safety issue. Mr. Wagner asked what harm could there be if the building were to come down sooner than later. He added that there is a health and safety issue when you consider that by not having the additional parking lot, his clients must park on the street to go to his office. Councilmember Tegtmeyer asked if Mr. Wagner had anything from his insurance company stating that they would not insure the building or did he have any letters from neighbors. Mr. Wagner stated that he has not yet signed papers with Mike Chiacchira at State Farm, and he has called him stating he would need to sign a waiver because they refused to insure the structure. Councilmember Barsky asked when Mr. Wagner became aware of the process for demolition and what exactly the Ordinance entailed. Mr. Wagner stated that this has been a two month process for him. He went on to say that he was led to believe that Council would rubber stamp what the Planning Commission had already approved. Councilmember Barsky and Councilmember Tegtmeyer stated that they understand where Mr. Wagner is coming from and no one disagrees that he structure shouldn’t come down. Councilmember Tegtmeyer asked Mr. Wagner when he knew about the thirty day waiting period. Mr. Wagner stated that he first went to the Planning Commission on June 13th and he was not aware about the thirty day waiting period at the initial meeting. He stated that sometime along the way Mr. Strayer did make mention of it. Mr. Strayer stated that Mr. Wagner would have become aware during the Planning Commission process. Councilmember McGowan asked if anyone wished to introduce the Ordinance with an emergency clause.

Councilmember Tegtmeyer made a motion to declare Ordinance No. 06-06 as an emergency to make it effective immediately. There was no second to the motion.

Roll call vote on Ordinance No. 06-06: McGowan, Mershon, O’Keefe, Barsky, Tegtmeyer. (5-0) Ordinance No. 06-06 is adopted.


None scheduled


Regularly Scheduled Meeting of July 19, 2006.

Councilmember O’Keefe moved to accept the minutes as amended. Seconded by Councilmember Barsky. Motion carried 5-0.






Economic, Finance, Personnel Committee (EFP) – (Herman, Mershon, Tegtmeyer)

No Report.

Granville Foundation – (Tegtmeyer)

No Report.

Light, Safety, Sts/Sidewalks, Utility Committee (LSSU) – (Hartfield, Herman, McGowan)

No Report.

Planning Commission – (OKeefe)

Councilmember O’Keefe stated that she appreciates the meeting minutes being placed in Council’s packets. She stated that the meeting entailed discussion over the demolition Ordinance for Mr. Wagner and there was a work session with Realty Options. Mr. Strayer added that there will be another work session on August 14th with Realty Options and they will be going before the BZBA Board on August 10th.

Planning & Zoning Committee (P&Z) – (Barsky, O’Keefe, Mershon)

No Report.

Recreation Commission – (McGowan)

No Report.

Senior Committee – (O’Keefe)

No Report.

SR 161 Accord (O’Keefe)

Councilmember O’Keefe stated that two Councilmembers from Alexandria, Manager Holycross, Trustee Havens, and herself met to look at the Glyn Carin and Rose Hill developments. She stated that they saw examples of development where houses were clustered and where you have one house per five acres. The clustered houses consumed less land and the Alexandria representatives seemed to be impressed by the conservation of the land.

Tree & Landscape Commission – Barsky

No Report.

Union Cemetery – Mershon

No Report.



Councilmember Barsky asked for an update on the surveys for the Comprehensive Plan. Manager Holycross stated that the survey is currently at the printers and they should be ready to mail next Monday. He added that they will mail to all Granville Village registered voters. Councilmember Barsky stated that they will not be mailed to those who were randomly called for the phone survey. Councilmember O’Keefe stated that she was approached by Gloria Hoover about keeping the Comprehensive Plan process before the public. She wondered if the newspaper could do something. Manager Holycross indicated that the Village will be giving the Sentinel some public notifications. Councilmember Barsky added that more information can be given to the Sentinel when it comes back from the Consultant. Councilmember Tegtmeyer asked if there is any information on the website in regards to the Comprehensive Plan process. Manager Holycross stated that there is mention of the survey on the website and more details can be added later.

Councilmember Tegtmeyer stated that the Bryn Du Commission minutes did not make mention of one event being held on August 13th – a Benefit for the Housing Coalition. She stated that it will be a wine tasting catered by Bake N Brew and the cost is $50.00 per person or $75.00 per couple.

Councilmember Tegtmeyer stated that Adelphia Cable is now owned and operated by Time Warner. She stated that she is still trying to have conversation with them to negotiate a cable access channel for Granville. Councilmember O’Keefe asked if the current contract will stand even though Time Warner is taking over. Law Director Crites stated yes. Councilmember Mershon indicated that there will be an assignment for the contract.

Councilmember McGowan asked if Burg Street is still on schedule to be finished later this week. Manager Holycross stated yes.

Councilmember Barsky asked Manager Holycross to check with the coordinators for the Tri-City Bike Event so the Village can know their expectations and have more lead-time this year than they did last year.


(8:00 pm)

Councilmember O’Keefe moved to adjourn. Second by Councilmember Tegtmeyer. Motion carried, 5-0. Meeting adjourned.





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