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Council Minutes March 19, 2008



March 19, 2008



CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor Hartfield 7:31 pm) 




 Those responding to the roll call were Councilmembers Barsky, McGowan, Mershon, O’Keefe, Tegtmeyer, Mayor Hartfield, Manager Holycross, and Law Director Gorry. 

 The minutes reflect that Vice Mayor Herman arrived at 7:32pm.



Councilmember McGowan moved approve the agenda. Second by Councilmember Tegtmeyer. Motion carried (6-0). 



David Brenner, State Farm Insurance employee and co-chair of the Columbus to Pittsburgh Corridor Committee, and Sandy Mapel, Technical Director of LCATS, appeared before Council to request Council’s support of Resolution 08-19 which would ask for the release $2 million for a study to develop the Cherry Valley Road interchange. 

 Mr. Brenner indicated that the Columbus to Pittsburgh Corridor Committee’s mission was to complete a limited access highway through central Ohio to link Columbus to Pittsburgh and open additional economic opportunities to this region. He indicated that the Committee was looking at four specific projects across six counties. The Cherry Valley Road intersection was one of those projects. In 2005, local officials worked on the Cherry Valley Road interchange along with the Thornwood Drive project. Out of that effort, Congressman Pat Tiberi was able to earmark $2 million from the 2006 Federal Transportation bill for the purpose of conducting a study of that intersection. 

 This committee came together taking a siege mentally to insure that this highway and these four specific projects were completed. He indicated that there are sixteen steps prescribed by law to remedy an existing highway connection. LCATs has already taken the Thornwood Drive study from 2005 and the Cherry Valley Road intersection and completed a study that suggested three possible options for that intersection. The most viable option was to move the interchange east of the existing intersection and use land currently owned by the State of Ohio. The current Cherry Valley Road intersection was rated an E (near failure) by the State. When the intersection rated an F (failure), the State would come in and make some temporary fix. This committee hoped to have this project to a point that the State could consider proceeding with construction versus opting for a temporary fix. 

 Mr. Brenner indicated that he was requesting Council to authorize the Mayor to sign a letter requesting the release of the earmarked $2 million to complete the study for this interchange project. The $2 million would go toward the preliminary design, hydraulic study and environmental impact studies. He indicated that once the environmental study was complete, there was a three year limit for the timeliness of the study results. 

 Mr. Brenner indicated that presentations were also being made to other affected municipalities including Newark. He thanked Council for allowing them to make this presentation. 

 Councilmember Mershon questioned if this resolution would compete with a previous Council resolution passed to keep the slip-lane open on the eastern portion of Newark-Granville Road. Ms. Mapel, from LCATs, indicated that this resolution would not compete with Council’s previous resolution. The maps provided in Council’s packet and on the easel were from the 2006 study and were not representative of any current designs or changes. Councilmember Mershon wanted to confirm that Council’s interest in keeping the slip lane open would not be jeopardized. 

 Lauren Kendall, a senior Denison University student, presented information regarding the organization Hope Initiative – Southern Africa. Ms. Kendall indicated that she formed this organization in the fall of 2007 after returning from a study abroad in Southern Africa. HISA has funded a soup kitchen in the past. The group currently is fundraising to construct a building to house solar panels that would heat the site. She indicated that the group was holding their first annual fundraiser at Brew’s on Wednesday, March 26th from 5:00pm to 2:00am. She invited Council and the community to attend. 


 No one appeared to speak.

 Mayor Hartfield closed Citizens’ Comments at 7:54pm.





 Resolution No. 08-12, A Resolution to Authorize the Non-Permanent Installation of a Sidewalk Café on the Public Sidewalk at 126 East Broadway in Front of the Business Known as the “Broadway Pub” for Calendar Year 2008, subject to Restrictions was moved for approval by Councilmember McGowan. Second by Councilmember Barsky. 


 Councilmember McGowan asked if the café areas were the same size as last year and worked well for each business. Manager Holycross indicated that the café areas were increased from fifteen to twenty feet out from each business. The design also allowed for a three foot walkway which should permit better design and flow. The business owners were included in this process.

Vote to approve Resolution No. 08-12. Motion carried (7-0). Resolution No. 08-12 was adopted. 

 Resolution No. 08-13, A Resolution to Authorize the Non-Permanent Installation of a Sidewalk Café on the Public Sidewalk at 138 East Broadway in Front of the Business Known as the “Whit’s Frozen Custard” for Calendar Year 2008, subject to Restrictions was moved for approval by Councilmember McGowan. Second by Councilmember Barsky. 


 Councilmember O’Keefe asked if this resolution was the same as the previous resolution. Mayor Hartfield indicated in the affirmative. 

 Vote to approve Resolution No. 08-13. Motion carried (7-0). Resolution No. 08-13 was adopted. 

 Resolution No. 08-14, A Resolution to Authorize the Non-Permanent Installation of a Sidewalk Café on the Public Sidewalk at 130 North Prospect in Front of the Business Known as the “Greek Eats” for Calendar Year 2008, subject to Restrictions was moved for approval by Councilmember McGowan. Second by Councilmember Barsky. 


 Councilmember O’Keefe asked if there was a map included with this resolution. Manager Holycross indicated that there was not a map with this resolution as there was very little variation for the Greek Eats design. Their area is restricted to only four feet from the building. 

 Vote to approve Resolution No. 08-14. Motion carried (7-0). Resolution No. 08-14 was adopted. 

 Resolution No. 08-15, A Resolution to Authorize the Non-Permanent Installation of a Sidewalk Café on the Public Sidewalk at 132 East Broadway in Front of the Business Known as the “Village Coffee Company” for Calendar Year 2008, subject to Restrictions was moved for approval by Councilmember McGowan. Second by Councilmember Barsky. 


 No Comment. 

 Vote to approve Resolution No. 08-15. Motion carried (7-0). Resolution No. 08-15 was adopted. 


Resolution No. 08-16, A Resolution to Authorize the Non-Permanent Installation of a Sidewalk Café on the Public Sidewalk at 134 East Broadway in Front of the Business Known as the “Victoria’s Parlour” for Calendar Year 2008, subject to Restrictions was moved for approval by Councilmember McGowan. Second by Councilmember Barsky. 

 Discussion: No Comment. 

 Vote to approve Resolution No. 08-16. Motion carried (7-0). Resolution No. 08-16 was adopted. 

 Resolution No. 08-18, A Resolution to Authorize the Non-Permanent Installation of a Sidewalk Sitting Area (Tables and Chairs) on the Public Sidewalk at 123 East Broadway in Front of the Business Known as the “B Hammond Interiors” for Calendar Year 2008, subject to Restrictions was moved for approval with amendments to typographical error by Councilmember McGowan. Second by Councilmember Barsky. 


 Councilmember Barsky asked if there would be food service available. Manager Holycross indicated that Ms. Hammond indicated that there would only be pre-packaged foods available and coffee. There would not be cooking on the premises. B. Hammond Interiors would also be bound by requirements outlined by the Licking County Board of Health. 

 Vote to approve Resolution No. 08-18. Motion carried (7-0). Resolution No. 08-18 was adopted. 

 Resolution No. 08-19, A Resolution Authorizing the Mayor to Request Release of $2 Million Earmarked for Cherry Valley Road Interchange was moved for approval by Vice Mayor Herman. Second by Councilmember McGowan. 


 Councilmember Tegtmeyer asked if any unused funds remained, could those funds be used for something else. Ms. Mapel, LCATS, indicated that Congress would need to redirect the use of any unused funding. Mr. Brenner indicated that the estimated cost of the study was $2 to $2.5 million with costs estimated to increase at a rate of 10%. 

 Councilmember Barsky questioned who was responsible for specifying the requirements of the study. Ms. Mapel indicated that ODOT would handle developing those specifications including the specifications regarding environmental and safety standards. 

 Mayor Hartfield and Council thanked David Brenner and Sandy Mapel for coming to address Council and providing their time and effort toward this project. 

 Vote to approve Resolution No. 08-19. Motion carried (7-0). Resolution No. 08-19 was adopted.



Special Council Meeting of February 23, 2008 

 Councilmember Tegtmeyer moved to accept the minutes as amended. Second by Councilmember O’Keefe. Motion carried 7-0. 

 Regularly Scheduled Meeting of March 5, 2008 

 Councilmember O’Keefe moved to accept the minutes as amended. Second by Councilmember Barsky. Motion carried 7-0. 


The Mayor’s Court Report for the month of February was presented for review. 

 No Comments. 

 Councilmember Barsky moved to accept the February Mayor’s Court report. Second by Councilmember O’Keefe. Motion carried 7-0. 

 Mayor Hartfield instructed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of the report will be included as part of these minutes. 



The Manager’s Report for the month of February was presented for review. 

 Councilmember Tegtmeyer asked if there were any specific problems that needed Council’s review. Manager Holycross indicated that there was nothing specific. However, regarding previous questions about the level of current income tax receipts, the tax receipts have increased by 5%, but were still lower than expected. 

 Councilmember O’Keefe asked about a specific report of an attack that the Prosecutor declined. She asked why the Prosecutor would have declined the case. Law Director Gorry indicated that the Prosecutor may have felt that there was not enough evidence to pursue an indictment or the complainant may not have filed a complaint. 

 Vice Mayor Herman asked when Council could expect a new format of the Monthly Manager’s Report. Manager Holycross indicated a new format would be available at Council’s second meeting in April. 

 Councilmember Barsky moved to accept the February report Second by Councilmember McGowan. Motion carried 7-0. 

 Mayor Hartfield instructed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of said report will be included as part of these minutes 



 Economic, Finance, Personnel Committee (EFP) – (Herman, Mershon, Tegtmeyer)

No Report. 

 Granville Foundation – Tegtmeyer

Councilmember Tegtmeyer reported that the grant monies were delivered. 

 Light, Safety, Streets/Sidewalks, Utility Committee (LSSU) – (Hartfield, Herman, McGowan)

No Report. 

 Planning Commission – O’Keefe

Councilmember O’Keefe indicated that the following applications were reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission: 

 A historical plaque for Opera House Park submitted by the Granville Historical Society A sign package including wall, tenant and sandwich board signs for Fred Abraham A temporary wall sign for a Westgate Drive applicant The removal of a shed and the addition of a covered porch 

An application from Dr. Mark Alexandrunas, Granville Dental Clinic, for a sign was tabled as the sign requested and suggested by the building owner was not acceptable to the Planning Commission. 

 The Commission also held a work session with George Fackler regarding signage for this property on Newark-Granville Road. 

 The Planning Commission will hold a work session regarding the revisions to the zoning code on April 7, 2008. 

 Planning & Zoning Committee (P&Z) – Barsky, Mershon, O’Keefe

A work session to review proposed zoning changes by the Planning Commission was announced for April 7th at 7:00pm. 

 Recreation Commission – McGowan

No Report. 

 Tree & Landscape – Barsky

Councilmember Barsky indicated that at the Tree & Landscape Commission’s next meeting on April 8th, there will be a discussion regarding the infestation of the gypsy moth. The discussion will include ways to prevent and treat the infestation using Eradicoat. 

 The committee suggested aerating and fertilizing the trees along Broadway to help with preserve the trees. 

 Arbor Day will be Friday, April 25th. The committee requested that the Mayor again present a proclamation at the event. 

 Councilmember Barsky also indicated that fourteen trees will be removed by ODOT. These trees are located on the northeast corner of State Route 16 and were estimated to have cost $18,000. An outdoor advertising company made the request for the removal of these trees. ODOT has agreed that the trees are a safety hazard and will remove them. A proposal has been made to reimburse the Village in the sum of $5,000 for the trees. 

 Vice Mayor Herman asked if this decision was appealable. Councilmember Barsky indicated that it was not. Councilmember Barsky asked if staff could determine if the outdoor advertiser needed to renew their sign permit at anytime in the future. Councilmember Mershon asked if staff could get an audience with someone else at ODOT. Vice Mayor Herman asked if staff could determine the chronology of the planting of the trees and who was involved. 

 Union Cemetery – Mershon

Councilmember Mershon indicated that at the Board’s last meeting the audit was approved. Also at that meeting, a meeting resolution was approved along with a public records policy. The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, April 24th at 5:00pm in the Cemetery. Mayor Hartfield asked when the Fannins would be returning. Councilmember Mershon indicated that they would return the week before July 4th and the week after July 4th. They will also be spending time in June in Phillips Cemetery. 


 Discussion of Committee Restructuring 

 Mayor Hartfield reported that she met with staff to pull together Council’s suggestions regarding restructuring Council committees. A summary of that information has been provided to Council for their review. Mayor Hartfield requested Council’s input on the final restructuring issues. 

 Councilmember O’Keefe asked if a definitive response has been received regarding Council members attending committee meetings. Manager Holycross indicated that Council members, who were not members of a committee, may attend meetings, ask questions, and make comments during meetings, but may not participate in deliberations or in any decision making process. 

 Councilmember Barsky questioned the linkage between the annual budget and the strategic plan/capital plan. She did not have a solution to providing this linkage, but felt it was important that Council try to tie those items together. Mayor Hartfield indicated that setting a timeline for Council with specific goals to meet each meeting should help Council achieve their goals and more to complete their tasks. Councilmember Tegtmeyer questioned how the strategic plan and the capital budget can be integrated between committees without EFP taking on the entire task. Mayor Hartfield indicated that timing agendas to coordinate between various committees could facilitate this process. Vice Mayor Herman asked if staggering department recommendations was also possible. Manager Holycross indicated in the affirmative 

 Vice Mayor Herman suggested allowing fluidity of membership on committees. Fluidity might allow members, who have interest in specific topics, to be part of a committee during the discussion of that topic. Members could possibly flow in and out of committees as their interests dictated. Mayor Hartfield indicated that agendas could be set possibly up to one year in advance so Councilmembers and the public would know when specific topics were being discussed. 

 Councilmember Barsky asked when Council could expect the Comprehensive Plan from Poggemeyer. Manager Holycross indicated that the draft was due by the end of the month (March). 

 Mayor Hartfield indicated that she had specific questions of Council including:

· Committee preferences · Meeting schedules · Council’s opinion of proposal presented 

Councilmember Mershon indicated that he would like to expand the number of members on a committee to allow for greater participation and decision making. He also indicated support for supplying all Council members and the public access to all materials provided to Council. He suggested scanning packets, adding that information to the web site and discontinuing the delivery of packets to each Council member. Mayor Hartfield indicated her support for these suggestions and requested additional input. Councilmember O’Keefe asked how committee members would be selected if more than three individuals were interested in a specific topic. Jim Gorry responded that if a majority of Council served on a committee (which four or more members constitute a majority), they would be bound by the rules set for Council meetings. Mayor Hartfield indicated that the committees would provide only recommendations that would go to the full Council for a vote; no decisions would be made at the committee level. Mayor Hartfield requested that further research be conducted to determine the legality of larger committees. 

 Vice Mayor Herman suggested the Mayor determine the level of interest in each committee first. Mayor Hartfield asked what procedures would need to be followed to add additional members to committees. Mr. Gorry indicated that Council rules provide for “the creation of ad hoc and standing committees and may prescribe the procedure to be followed by such committees.” Mr. Gorry suggested that the rules should identify the committees, provide how many people may be members of the committee, and define the jurisdiction of each committee. Councilmember Barsky indicated that increasing the committee size to more than three members could cause a problem in regard to the perception of impropriety. Council meetings allow for citizen comments and citizens understand that process. Using the larger committee meeting process, citizens could be attending multiple committee meetings each week. Committees of four or more could be perceived as a decision-making body, not an advisory body. Councilmember Barsky recommended that Council move forward, but more deliberation should occur prior to increasing the size of any committee. 

 Vice Mayor Herman summarized the changes recommended to the committee structure as follows:

Meetings have been scheduled Each committee will be assigned a plan of work Increased transparency of information Agenda information sent ahead Packets available on the web site Councilmembers may attend committee meetings 

Mayor Hartfield indicated that Council needs to provide their committee requests to the Mayor by Friday, March 21, 2008. She also indicated that increasing the number of individuals on a committee could be problematic, but the work load on some committees may warrant an increased number. The option of an increased number of members on a committee will remain open, but Council will proceed with three members on a committee. Other Councilmembers may attend the meetings and if specific topics warrant increasing the number of committee members, Council will address that issue at that time. Councilmember Barsky recommended not proceeding with a resolution at this time. 

 Mayor Hartfield indicated that Council also needs to set-up a Charter Review Committee this fall. 

 Mayor Hartfield requested that Manager Holycross update Council on the Denison-Pathway collaboration. Manager Holycross indicated that staff met with Abram Kaplan to discussion how Denison could assist the Village with a pathway development plan. He indicated that Denison may be able to provide an intern this summer that could help set priorities and complete a community-wide survey. Manager Holycross also indicated that he would be meeting with Bill Hoffman, Bill Lozier and Bill Habig tomorrow and could solicit the Township’s interest in participating in this pathway process. Manager Holycross asked Council if they were in support of securing a Denison summer intern to assist the Village in establishing a process to identify alternatives, costs, and a priority list of improvements. Mayor Hartfield requested that local community members, who had shown interest in pathway development, should also be included. Manager Holycross indicated in the affirmative. Councilmember Mershon asked if this process would update the 1994 pathway plan and establish a method to assign priorities. Manager Holycross indicated in the affirmative. Vice Mayor Herman agreed with this process, but wanted a process to move ahead in 2008 to utilize the funding set aside for pathway development. Councilmember Tegtmeyer indicated that the Village may need to move forward, separate from the proposed larger group, on Village specific projects.

Councilmember Mershon expressed his concern for public input in the process in order to get the right answers. Councilmember Tegtmeyer indicated that she felt sure staff would have a plan in the next couple of weeks that would address Councilmember Mershon’s concerns. 

 Councilmember Tegtmeyer advised that Open Space Committee submitted their initial report to the Township Trustees at the March meeting and will follow-up with the Trustees at their April 9th meeting. 

 Councilmember O’Keefe and Mayor Hartfield recused themselves from the Executive Session.



 Councilmember McGowan moved to enter into Executive Session, Pursuant to ORC 121.22(G)(3) – “To confer with the Law Director concerning a matter that is the subject of pending court action.” Second by Councilmember Barsky. 

 Roll call vote: Barsky, McGowan, Mershon, Tegtmeyer, and Herman.

Time in: 9:15pm. Motion carried 5-0. 

 Councilmember Barsky moved to return to regular session. Second by Councilmember McGowan. 

 Roll call vote: Barsky, McGowan, Mershon, Tegtmeyer, and Herman.

Time in: 10:14pm. Motion carried 5-0. 

 Councilmember O’Keefe and Mayor Hartfield returned to the meeting. 

 Clerk Prasher confirmed Council’s Work Session for Wednesday, April 9th at 7:00pm to discuss the Gateway Zoning ordinance. Council agreed. 

 ADJOURNMENT (10:23pm)

 Councilmember McGowan moved to adjourn the meeting. Second by Councilmember O’Keefe. Motion carried 6-0. Meeting adjourned

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