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Council Minutes April 15, 2009



April 15, 2009


CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor Hartfield at 7:32pm)





            Those responding to the roll call were Councilmembers McGowan, Mershon, O’Keefe, Tegtmeyer, Vice Mayor Herman, Mayor Hartfield, Manager Holycross, and Law Director Crites.


Councilmember O’Keefe made a motion to excuse Councilmember Barsky.  Second by Vice Mayor Herman.  Motion carried (6-0).


The minutes reflect that Councilmember Barsky arrived at 8:05pm.



Councilmember McGowan moved to approve the agenda as presented.  Second by Councilmember Tegtmeyer.  Motion carried (6-0).   




As no one appeared to speak, Mayor Hartfield closed Citizen Comments. (7:35pm)




Vice Mayor Herman recused himself from the meeting.


Discussion of Non-Profit Applications from Kiwanis and Robbins Hunter Museum



Mayor Hartfield indicated that Council would be resuming a conversation regarding applications from Kiwanis and Robbins Hunter Museum. 


Councilmember O’Keefe questioned the advisability of providing funding when funds were not budgeted for 2009.  She indicated that she felt the Village should allocate a specific level of funding for non-profits.  Councilmember Tegtmeyer indicated that the EFP Committee discussed identifying a specific level of funding that could be allocated to non-profits on an annual basis.  The level of funding would need to be discussed by Council and a policy decision made by Council.  Mayor Hartfield indicated that EFP discussed a total level of funding available as well as a limit per organization.  Mayor Hartfield stated that a total funding level of $50,000 was mentioned as an initial level with a $10,000 cap per organization.  Manager Holycross indicated that the Committee was reluctant to identify a funding limit prior to discussions with Council.  The process was intended to be part of the overall budget process.  Manager Holycross explained that the organizations would submit their requests prior to the budget process so the amount of funding needed annually could be included in the budget process.  Councilmember O’Keefe asked if $50,000 would be available during the current budgetary year.  Manager Holycross advised that at the present time it would be available.  Councilmember Mershon asked if that level of funding would be available over the next five years.  Manager Holycross indicated that funding over a five year period could be problematic.  Councilmember Tegtmeyer stated that the decision as to the amount of funding available could be made on a year to year basis. 


Councilmember McGowan read comments from several residents who were not in favor of Village Council providing funding for non-profits.  “Public monies should not be given to private groups.”  He indicated that years ago he recommended the Village pick up the cost of the holiday lights instead of the Chamber covering those costs.  Councilmember McGowan indicated that in his research many other communities covered the cost of holiday lighting and perhaps fireworks expenses also.  He also suggested that communities fund firework displays through their local recreation commissions.  Councilmember Tegtmeyer indicated that she also received a similar opinion from a resident and appreciated the comment, but Council also had to look at the overall impact of not funding some requests.


Councilmember O’Keefe asked David Getreu of the Kiwanis, how providing the fireworks display related to their mission statement.  Mr. Getreu indicated that the event provided a communitywide activity for families for free.  Mr. Getreu indicated that in the past local businesses covered the cost of the fireworks.  Mr. Norm Ingle advised that this year he was unable to secure corporate support.  He also indicated that the event (the four day 4th of July celebration, parade and fireworks) was the largest fundraiser for Kiwanis each year.  The funds raised from this event support Kiwanis’ programs annually.


Councilmember Tegtmeyer questioned what Council’s role should be in the support of local activities, events or organizations that make up the overall character of Granville.  She indicated that these groups could be coming to the Village as a last resort.  Any program that the Village initiated would provide funding to groups on a one-time or very limited basis.  Mayor Hartfield indicated that many of these organizations bring in additional revenue to local businesses both during the event and through return visits.  These events help support local tourism as well as preserve the history, tradition and character of Granville.


Councilmember O’Keefe asked Kiwanis if they received a proposal for the cost of the fireworks.  Mr. Ingle indicated that Kiwanis hired Pyrotecnico of Pennsylvania for the past number of years.  Kiwanis signed a contract and paid a deposit in December for $11,500 for the 2009 display.  Kiwanis negotiated a reduced cost as the fireworks were scheduled for non-peak days.  Local businesses that have given a little bit each year were still participating and Kiwanis had cut back on other areas of the overall event and services provided.  Councilmember Tegtmeyer asked if Kiwanis had approached other service groups for financial support.  Mr. Ingle indicated that Kiwanis had not contacted other group.  Councilmember Tegtmeyer suggested that Council provide a portion of the total request.  She indicated her support for funding the request on a limited basis.


Councilmember O’Keefe indicated that she would prefer to address the Kiwanis request and wait to consider the Robbins Hunter request after all other proposals were submitted.  Councilmember Mershon indicated his support for addressing emergency requests that were allowed by law and for a public purpose and wait to address all other requests at a later date.  Councilmember Mershon asked if additional non-profits could apply for funding.  Councilmember Tegtmeyer indicated that any group could still apply.  The information was published in the newspaper and available through the Village for several weeks. Mayor Hartfield indicated that providing assistance to local groups was not a new concept for Council.  The Village Council helped with many different groups in the past including the Chamber and Senior Fellowship. 


Councilmember McGowan recused himself from the meeting.


Councilmember Mershon questioned if Council could respond by resolution to Kiwanis’ request tonight as long as the amount funded was less than the budgeted amount in the community service line item.  Manager Holycross indicated that there was $80,000 in that particular line item.  There were several items that were funded by that line item, but funding would be available to cover both appropriations being discussed tonight.


Councilmember Mershon questioned Council’s ability to provide taxpayer general revenue funds to non-public entities, and not requiring any specific service for the funding.  He indicated that Ohio law prohibited lending aid and credit to private institutions.  Law Director Crites indicated that each request should be looked at on a case by case basis to determine if monies being advanced from the general fund were being used to promote some public service.  Title 57 could be reviewed to determine how levy money could be used.  Law Director Crites indicated that Council needed to review each application to determine if the request promoted a public service.  Law Director Crites indicated that the fireworks probably did promote a public service.  The Robbins Hunter request would be more problematic, as the purchase of a furnace would not necessarily promote a public purpose.  Law Director Crites indicated that he could review case law to determine if capital improvements could be funded.  Councilmember Mershon reiterated that any funding provided should be tied to specific, achievable outcomes. 


Councilmember O’Keefe again suggested that Council consider Kiwanis’ proposal tonight and set a deadline of May 5th for all other proposals to be submitted for funding in 2009.  She also suggested a need for deciding on a total amount of funding available in the 2009 budget. Councilmember O’Keefe indicated that she would like public input regarding these funding issues also.  Councilmember Mershon suggested that the EFP Committee meet and suggest a cap for funding all 2009 requests.  All applications would be submitted to Council by May 5th which Council could review through a budget appropriation ordinance.


Councilmember O’Keefe moved to grant $7,000 to Kiwanis to support the fireworks display on July 2, 2009 for one year only.  Second by Councilmember Barsky.  Motion passed.


Councilmember Barsky asked if Kiwanis would be able to reduce the cost of this year’s show.  Mr. Engle indicated that he was not sure if that was possible, but he would look into that suggestion. 


Councilmember McGowan returned to the meeting.


Mayor Hartfield returned to the discussion regarding the Robbins Hunter Museum request.  She indicated that Council needed to determine if the Village could fund a capital improvement such as a furnace.  If funding a furnace would not be possible, Robbins Hunter would need to revise their application.  Mayor Hartfield indicated that the application should indicate any restrictions regarding funding.  Law Director Crites indicated that he would review the Robbins Hunter request and advise staff.  Manager Holycross indicated that staff will advise applicants of the legal opinion from the Law Director as soon as available.  Councilmember Tegtmeyer advised that no further applications would be accepted after May 5th for the 2009 budget year.


Vice Mayor Herman returned to the meeting.




Resolution No. 09-25, A Resolution to Appoint Members to the Bryn Du Governance Commission was moved for approval by Councilmember McGowan.  Second by Councilmember Barsky.



Councilmember Mershon moved to remove “Governance” from the title and Be It Further Noted section.  Second by Councilmember McGowan. 


Vote to approve amendment to Resolution No. 09-25. Motion carried (7-0).  Resolution No. 09-25 was amended as moved.


Councilmember O’Keefe indicated that Council was grateful for the volunteer’s contribution.


Vote to approve amended Resolution No. 09-25. Motion carried (7-0).  Resolution No. 09-25 was adopted.




Regularly Scheduled Meeting of April 1, 2009


Councilmember Tegtmeyer made a motion to approve the April 1, 2009 minutes.  Second by Councilmember Mershon.  Motion carried 7-0.




The Mayor’s Court Report for the month of March was presented for review.

Councilmember O’Keefe moved to accept the March Mayor’s Court Report.  Second by Councilmember Barsky.  Motion carried 67-0.


Mayor Hartfield instructed the report be filed with the Clerk.  A copy of the report will be included as part of these minutes.  




The Manager’s Report for the month of March was presented for review.        


Councilmember O’Keefe moved to accept the March Monthly Manager’s Report   Second by Councilmember Tegtmeyer.  Motion carried 7-0.


Mayor Hartfield instructed the report be filed with the Clerk.  A copy of said report will be included as part of these minutes




Economic, Finance, Personnel Committee (EFP) – (Hartfield, Herman, Tegtmeyer) 

Mayor Hartfield indicated that the EFP Committee would meet prior to Council’s May 6th meeting.


Granville Foundation – (Tegtmeyer)

No report.


Light, Safety, Sts/Sidewalks, Utility Committee (LSSU) – (Herman, McGowan, O’Keefe)

Manager Holycross indicated that a meeting would be scheduled.  Councilmember Barsky asked if the leaning pole on the southeast corner of South Prospect and East Elm Streets had been checked.  Manager Holycross indicated that the appropriate provider had been notified. 


Planning Commission – (O’Keefe)

Councilmember O’Keefe reported that the Planning Commission denied a change of use of 123 South Prospect Street.  The owner’s indicated that they would appeal.  A change of use was granted to the Robbins Hunter Museum for use the “woodshed” portion of the building as an antique and gift shop.  The school district was also granted approval to use property along the southern edge of the elementary school as garden plots.  Three of the plots will be used as an organic garden for the school district.


Planning & Zoning Committee – (Barsky, Hartfield, O’Keefe)


Recreation Commission – (McGowan)

Councilmember McGowan reported that 5,000 eggs provided for the Easter Egg Hunt and were collected in about three minutes.  The Rec Commission’s spring and summer programs were available with several new offerings.



Tree & Landscape Commission (Barsky)

Councilmember Barsky reported that the Tree & Landscape Commission approved a landscape plan for Centenary Methodist Church.  The Church was adding additional landscape using deer resistant materials.  The fall tree plantings were in the planning stages.  The wrapping of trees was underway to protect trees from the Emerald Ash Borer.  Spring flowers will be planted beginning in May.  The Commission also decided to reimburse a resident on Brennan Court for a tree planted in the common cul-de-sac area.


Union Cemetery (Mershon)

Councilmember Mershon asked when the Township Trustees would be meeting with Council for their annual meeting.  Clerk Prasher indicated that the annual Union Cemetery meeting was scheduled for the May 6th Council meeting.




Mayor Hartfield indicated that Council received updated goals and objectives. She asked Council if there were any changes or additions. 


Councilmember Barsky asked if the goal to improve communication between the police department and Village residents should include all Village staff.  Councilmember Mershon responded that a friendlier front desk, water department and Court Clerk staff could not be found.  Councilmember Barsky indicated that she was not aware of any problems, but was concerned by a fairness issue.


Councilmember Tegtmeyer expressed concern about the impact of staff time and financial costs in implementing all of these goals.  Manager Holycross indicated that staff would provide Council a work plan which focused on the top ranked goals in each category.  The plan would identify items that were costly or more time consuming.




Councilmember McGowan moved to adjourn the meeting.  Second by Councilmember Tegtmeyer.  Motion carried 7-0.  Meeting adjourned.

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