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Council Minutes November 4, 2009 Special Meeting



November 4, 2009


CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor Hartfield at 5:35PM



Those responding to the roll call were Councilmembers McGowan, Mershon, O’Keefe, Vice Mayor Herman, Mayor Hartfield, Manager Holycross, and Law Director Crites.


The minutes reflect that Councilmember Tegtmeyer arrived at 5:42pm and Councilmember Barsky arrived at 6:03pm.




Planner Terry provided Council with a summary of responses to Council questions and concerns from the October 21, 2009 work session.


Tim Rollins of Metropolitan Partners reported to Council that after discussion with their civil engineer regarding on site storm water management, the estimated water retention should be close to 100%.  Mayor Hartfield asked how the storm water containment would be quantified.  Mr. Rollins indicated that storm water would be controlled by roof size, pervious pavers in the terrace area, the bio swale, and degrading the property resulting in close to full containment.  Engineer Turner indicated that the development would have to meet Mid Ohio and Ohio EPA standards.  Mayor Hartfield indicated Council’s appreciation for Metropolitan Partners sensitivity to the local environment. 


Mr. Rollins provided Council with a summary of the additional site development and utility costs that Metropolitan Partners would be incurring.  Metropolitan Partners was requesting a waiver of the tap fees to help offset these additional costs.  Mr. Rollins outlined these costs as:


  1. land easements for utility and roadway corridors              $208,683
  2. Up charge for northern roadway construction                                    55,000
  3. additional utility line runs                                                                    15,400

                                                                             Total                $279,083


Mr. Rollins indicated that Metropolitan Partners was requesting water and sewer tap fee waivers of $115,856 to offset these additional expenses.


Councilmember O’Keefe questioned if developers usually contributed land or do municipalities usually purchase easements.  Manager Holycross indicated that developers typically provide the easements and road development costs.  Mr. Rollins indicated that providing the road easements were being provided to allow for future development of the area.  The future roadways would not benefit or be necessary for their property development.


Councilmember Mershon asked if the Village had addressed issues similar to this development previously.  Manager Holycross indicated that he was not aware of any other examples.  The Kendal development did not waive tap fees for future property development.  Property easement rights were traded for tap fees.  Village Engineer Turner indicated that he was not aware of any other similar situations.  Mr. Rollins indicated that Metropolitan Partners was providing a number of items for the common good of the community.  Many of these items would not be needed if the Metropolitan Partners property were a single development.


Vice Mayor Herman asked the value of infrastructure costs being provided by the Village.  Manager Holycross indicated that the Village was paying $88,000 for the extension of the water line across Raccoon Creek.  Councilmember Mershon indicated that the Village was receiving the preservation of future options by providing the half-acre in easements.  Waiving the tap fees could well be setting a precedence.


Council agreed that waiving tap fees would set a precedent.  Councilmember McGowan suggested that perhaps a reduction elsewhere or a sharing of future costs could be considered.  Councilmember Mershon suggested that it would be more advantageous to provide a cost split on current costs rather than future costs.


Councilmember Mershon suggested that he would support a $40,000 waiver for the easements provided against the Village $88,000 cost for water extension.  After further discussion, Council recommended that a percentage of relief be provided against the roadway upgrade ($55,000) and the cost of the additional utility line extension ($15,400) for a total waiver of $50,000.


Council discussed the various options for a pathway through the development.  The general consensus was a pathway through the property could present potential safety issues as well as concerns that the pathway would need to be closes if the development developed in phases.  Council also expressed concerns regarding a pathway along South Main Street due to the crossing of access points.  Planner Terry indicated that the pathway would be thirteen to fourteen feet away from the roadway edge.  Councilmember Mershon suggested that weighing safety factors the pathway along South Main Street might be the best route.


Mayor Hartfield questioned if Metropolitan Partners had information regarding the gas line easement that runs along the River Road side of the property.  Mr. Rollins indicated that no gas line easement was discovered on the current Phase One assessment.  He indicated that he would research the matter further.


Councilmember McGowan asked Metropolitan Partners’ current timeline.  Mr. Rollins indicated that they hoped construction could begin within three to four months after approval, perhaps as early as March with potential tenants moving in as early as October 2010.  The present plan was to build buildings A and B (as shown on site plan).


Mr. Collins asked if Council would be willing to introduce the annexation, agreement at tonights meeting.  Council indicated their willingness to introduce the ordinance.


Jurgen Pape, 403 East Broadway, provided Council with an alternative pathway design plan.  He expressed he concern for the safety and circulation of traffic in that area.  He suggested that the bike pathway be designed on the eastern portion of the property.


The work session ended at 7:12pm.


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