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Council Minutes May 2, 2012

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May 2, 2012


CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor Hartfield at 7:40pm)


Those responding to the roll call were Councilmembers Johnson, Lerner, McGowan, Montgomery, O’Keefe, Vice Mayor Barsky, Mayor Hartfield, Manager Stilwell and Law Director Crites. 


Councilmember McGowan moved to approve the agenda as presented. Second by Vice Mayor Barsky. Motion passed.


Mike Lafferty, 1159 Welsh Hills Road, indicated that he was there for the appeal hearing for 198 Welsh Hills Road.  Mayor Hartfield advised Mr. Lafferty that this meeting was only for Council to accept the appeal and set the hearing date. 

As no one else appeared to speak, Mayor Hartfield closed citizen comments at 7:44pm.


There was no old business. 


Rsolution No. 2012-32, A Resolution to Establish a Pay Grade Position for a Utilities Director as Recommended by the Village Manager was introduced and moved for approval by Councilmember O’Keefe.  Second by  Vice Mayor Barsky.


Manager Stilwell commented that with the retirement of Wastewater superintendent Erik Holmquist he suggested that the Village would best be served by returning to a previous management organizational system.  The Village had previously always had a Utilities Director with individual supervisors managing the water and wastewater plants.  The wastewater plant was currently manned by two employees with limited experience. Kyle Zimmerman has worked with the Village for three years and was acting supervisor.  Mike Hopkins, who possessed a wastewater Class 1 license, has worked for the Village for six months.  Manager Stilwell indicated that he and Brian Coghlan of Bird & Bull arranged for John Figgon to work as a temporary, part-time, contract employee to provide Ohio Environmental Protection (OEPA) mandated oversight for the Villages "Class 2" treatment.  This position would be filled within the next four months by a new Utilities Director.  The selected individual would provide direct, daily oversight of the wastewater treatment plant and a general overview of the water treatment plant operations.  A qualified Utilities Director would provide the necessary administrative and technical supervision for these complex utilities especially with all of the future projects on the horizon.  Manager Stilwell stated that he did not have the technical background or capacity to provide appropriate oversight.  The hiring of a Utilities Director would increase wage and benefit costs compared to hiring just a wastewater treatment plant supervisor; however, any increased costs would be more than offset by the anticipated savings from reduced engineering costs, better coordination of services and proper analysis of the working operations of both plants.  Additionally, a vacant position within the water treatment plant was left vacant providing additional cost reductions. Proper coordinated supervision over both plants would allow for the cross training of staff and effective use of equipment. The pay range would be from $42,000 to $65,000. 

Councilmember Montgomery commented that when Water Treatment Plant Superintendent Fruth retired, there should be some cost savings as there would not be a need for his replacement to have the same level of experience.  The Village could have one manager over two departments with a supervisor over each department.  

Councilmember O’Keefe questioned why the Village had a thirty percent water loss.  Manager Stilwell explained that most water systems experienced water loss.  An optimum water loss for a municipality was fifteen percent.  This water loss was caused by hydrant flushing, water leaks from residential pipes or mains.  It was very difficult to locate these leaks especially due to all of the sandstone in the area, but the water department works hard to locate leaks throughout the Village. 

Councilmember McGowan indicated that he had concerns about adding a new position and the need for three supervisors, a Utilities Director and two department heads.  This proposal seemed to be adding administrative personnel costs for a Utilities Director to supervise two department heads.  The Village Manager should provide supervision for the department heads.  Manager Stilwell indicated that he understood Councilmember McGowan’s concerns.  He indicated that he was not intending to hire additional staff above the individuals currently working at the wastewater plant.  The current staff make-up included two individuals at the wastewater treatment plant and four individuals at the water plant, which included Superintendent Fruth.  Whoever was hired would need to have licenses to fulfill OEPA licensure requirements. 

Vice Mayor Barsky indicated her support for hiring a Utilities Director especially if that person could think strategically and problem solve for both plants.  

Mayor Hartfield commented that the Utilities Director was not a new position.  Joe Hickman was the Utilities Director for many years.  When he became the Manager, he had the skills to oversee the utility department, so no one was hired to fill that position.  She indicated that it was beneficial for the Village to hire someone who could provide the Village with a more global view.  Hiring a Utilities Director would provide the Village an opportunity to work toward building toward the future of maintaining both facilities.

Councilmember Johnson hoped that the Village would be able to rely less on the Village engineering firm of Bird & Bull with the hiring of an Utilities Director.  It would be beneficial to hire an individual with some engineering expertise, who was a good manager, forward-thinking and was willing to “roll-up his sleeves.” 

Mayor Hartfield called for a vote to approve Resolution No. 2012-32.  Motion passed.  Resolution No. 2012-32 was approved. 

Mayor Hartfield acknowledged receipt of the appeal of a Granville Board of Zoning and Building Appeals decision for application no. 2012-34 for 198 Welsh Hills Road and scheduled a hearing for June 6, 2012.


Regularly Scheduled Meeting of April 18, 2012

Councilmember McGowan made a motion to approve the April 18, 2012 minutes as amended.   Second by Councilmember Johnson. Motion carried.


Granville Education Foundation (Lerner)

No report. 

Granville Foundation (Montgomery)

No report. 

Granville Recreation District (McGowan)

Councilmember McGowan reported that the Recreation District was discussing placing a levy on the ballot for this fall to support the construction of recreation center and indoor/outdoor aquatic center.   The total cost of the project was estimated at $21 million.  The levy would be for 4.75 mils averaging $130 per year for residents owning a $100,000 home.  Approximately eight to ten acres of land would bee needed for such a facility.  Vice Mayor Barsky commented that the public should know the location of such a facility prior to voters passing a levy.  Council expressed a number of concerns and questions regarding this proposed levy.  Manager Stilwell indicated that Recreation District Director Wildman indicated that he would like to come before Council and make a brief presentation regarding this proposal.  

Planning Commission (Johnson)

Councilmember Johnson reported that a request for a variance for a stone wall by Kevin Reiner garnered concerns from a neighbor; however, the application was passed. 

Tree and Landscape Commission (Lerner)

No report.

Union Cemetery (Barsky)

No report.


Mayor Hartfield reminded Council that they were welcome to march in the Memorial Day parade.  There was a breakfast at 9:30am with the parade kicking off at 10:30am from Centenary Methodist Church.

Councilmember McGowan questioned why a single parking spot in the Village lot behind St. Luke’s Church was restricted.  Manager Stilwell indicated that one spot was temporarily restricted as vehicles parked in that location restricted access.  Once the pass-through issue is resolved, the Village will reevaluate parking spots for the parking lot as well as parking on East Broadway. 

Councilmember O’Keefe asked if additional parking handicapped parking could be made available in front of the post office.  Councilmember McGowan asked for additional handicapped parking next to the mid-street crosswalk also.  Manager Stilwell indicated that he would review these parking needs. 

Councilmember Montgomery questioned if an official use or policy of the requirements for Village website use were needed.  He questioned if there was public confusion about the expectations of the website.  Manager Stilwell indicated that he did not have information available, but the website was just provided as a courtesy and did not need to meet any legal requirement. 

Councilmember Lerner asked about the status of the demolition on West Maple Street.  Councilmember O’Keefe indicated that she was told the garage had been demolished.  Manager Stilwell indicated that he had received an email from the adjoining neighboring indicating that the roots of her tree had been damaged, but no other contact had been received.  Clerk Prasher indicated that the surety bond needed to proceed with the demolition had not been received by the Village. 


Manager Stilwell reminded Council that the upcoming month would be very busy in the Village with the Great Granville Garage Sale on May 5th, Denison’s graduation on May 13th and the beginning of the Farmer’s Market on May 19th.


Councilmember McGowan made a motion to adjourn.  Second by Vice Mayor Barsky.  Motion carried. 


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