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Council Minutes February 6, 2013



February 6, 2013


CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor Hartfield at 7:29pm)



Those responding to the roll call were Councilmembers Johnson, Lerner, McGowan, Montgomery, O’Keefe, Vice Mayor Barsky, Mayor Hartfield, Manager Stilwell and Law Director King. 


Councilmember McGowan moved to approve the agenda.  Second by Vice Mayor Barsky.  Motion passed 


Mayor Hartfield recognized Denison students in the audience, who were in attendance as part of an environmental science class. 

As no one appeared to speak, Mayor Hartfield closed Citizen Comments at 7:31pm. 


Ordinance No. 02-2013, An Ordinance to Amend Ordinance No. 22-2012 Providing for Adjustments of the Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year 2013 and Revising Sums for Operating Expenses 

As no one appeared to speak, Mayor Hartfield closed the public hearing for Ordinance No. 02-2013 at 7:32pm. 


Ordinance No. 02-2013, An Ordinance to Amend Ordinance No. 22-2012 Providing for Adjustments of the Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year 2013 and Revising Sums for Operating Expenses was introduced and moved for approval by Vice Mayor Barsky.  Second by Councilmember Lerner. 


Councilmember McGowan indicated that as he voted against the ordinance approving merit increases, he was not in support of this ordinance either.  He suggested that Council should take time to consider and determine how to proceed with merit increases in 2013.  He suggested that instead of money, employees be awarded additional time off.  Vice Mayor Barsky agreed that the process regarding merit increases should be looked at and a cap set.  Councilmember Lerner questioned if additional time off would be considered an incentive.  Manager Stilwell indicated that it would depend on the individual staff member.  Councilmember Montgomery commented that the merit increases only impacted non-bargaining employees. 

Mayor Hartfield called for a roll call vote to approve Ordinance No. 02-2013:  Councilmembers Johnson – yes, Lerner – yes, McGowan – no, Montgomery – yes, Vice Mayor Barsky – yes and Mayor Hartfield – yes. Motion carried 6-1.  Ordinance No. 02-2013 was approved. 


Resolution No. 2013-09, A Resolution to Award the Contract for the 2013 Street Improvement Project to the Shelly Company, as Per Specifications, and Authorize the Village Manager to Enter into an Agreement Therefor was introduced and moved for approval by Councilmember McGowan.  Second by Councilmember O’Keefe.


Councilmember Montgomery questioned if the $397,000 budget in this line item was for only this project as the current bid came in under budget.  Manager Stilwell indicated that the estimate for the Jones Road project was $350,000.  The additional funds in that line item included funding for paving the public parking lot as part of the pedestrian pathway project.  There would be funds still available.  

Councilmember Johnson asked for an explanation as to why the engineer’s estimate was so far under the bid amounts.  Manager Stilwell indicated that estimates were complied a year in advance so the Village Engineer used the information available at that time.  Additionally, the Village scheduled the bid process early in the year while contractors may be securing projects for the year and willing to bid more aggressively.  The Shelly Company also indicated that they like to work with the Village and bid to be sure to secure our projects. 

Mayor Hartfield called for a vote to approve Resolution No. 2013-09.  Motion carried.  Resolution No. 2013-09 was adopted. 

Ordinance No. 03-2013, An Ordinance to Adopt New Engineering and Subdivision Regulations for the Village of Granville was introduced and a hearing date recommended for February 20, 2013 by Councilmember O’Keefe.  Second by Councilmember McGowan. 

Mayor Hartfield scheduled a public hearing for Ordinance No. 03-2103 for February 20, 2013.

Manager Stilwell indicated that staff would provide a presentation about this ordinance at the February 20th public hearing.  The updated standards were based on the existing engineering standards of the City of Columbus and modified to meet the needs of the village.  The current Village standards were last updated in 1988.  The new draft standards were sent to contractors for their comments and suggestions.  Village Engineer Jerry Turner and Village staff would be happy to answer any questions. 


Regularly Scheduled Meeting of January 16, 2013

Councilmember McGowan made a motion to approve the January 16, 2013 minutes.  Second by Councilmember Johnson.   Motion carried. 

Councilmember Johnson excused himself from the meeting at 8:05pm. 


Granville Education Foundation – (Lerner) 

No report.  

Granville Foundation – (Montgomery)

No report. 

Granville Recreation District – (McGowan)

Councilmember McGowan reported that the spring programming brochure was being prepared. 

Planning Commission – (Johnson)

No report. 

Open Space Committee (O’Keefe)

Councilmember O’Keefe reported that the Open Space Committee would meet on February 7, 2013.

Tree & Landscape Commission – (Lerner)

Councilmember Lerner reported that the Commission was working on the upcoming pest seminar.  Councilmember O’Keefe requested that Commission and Village be as environmentally friendly as possible when using pesticides.  Vice Mayor Barsky commented that the Tree & Landscape Commission were sensitive to the types of materials used when dealing with various insects including deciding not to spray.  The Service Department was also sensitive to the types of products used on Village roadways.

Union Cemetery – (Barsky)

Vice Mayor Barsky indicated that the DAR grant was submitted.  The Union Cemetery Board thanked Council for providing the additional funding needed to submit the grant.  The Fannins would be coming for three weeks this summer to work in the cemetery.  Denison offered housing for the Fannins at a very reasonable cost. 

Mayor Hartfield asked Council if they were in agreement with resuming Council Committee meetings.  Council agreed with the concept of small committee meetings to discuss issues that may need to be brought to Council’s attention. 


Licking County Humane Society Memorandum of Understanding 

Manager Stilwell provided Council with proposed legislation to complete a memorandum of understanding with the Licking County Humane Society to have LCHS handle issues involving animal cruelty in the Village at a cost of $10 per month.  State law establishes the authority of humane societies and assigns a minimum contribution by municipalities.  This memorandum would enable Village staff and police officers to better handle disputes that happen within the Village as the Humane Society would be more suited to mediate these issues.  

Councilmember McGowan questioned whether the eighth Whereas was an additional cost above the $10 monthly fee. Council asked Manager Stilwell to clarify the cost and language to ensure that there were no additional fees above the $10 per month.  

Vice Mayor Barsky asked staff to determine the number of municipalities in the area who were also developing a similar memorandum. 

Draft Lease Agreement with the Granville Recreation District 

Manager Stilwell provided Council with a draft lease agreement with the Granville Recreation District.  This information was provided to Council originally in June, 2012.  The Village proposed an exchange with the GRD for use of Village office space.  The GRD would handle mowing services that the Village currently covered with an estimated exchange value of $14,000.  

Councilmember McGowan commented that the GRD should pay rent as they were a government entity that received funding from municipal levies.  The GRD originally asked for use of Village Hall for one year.  The five-year lease proposed in this agreement was too long of a period.  The rental fee of $1 was also too little.  Councilmember McGowan commented that there were other locations that the GRD could rent such as Bryn Du.  The Bryn Du Commission would probably be happy to offer a location.  He indicated that he would prefer if the GRD paid rent and the Village continued to pay for mowing services.  

Councilmember Montgomery indicated that he did not have a problem with swapping mowing services for office space and copier use initially; however, now that the Law Director needed office space and the conference room was moved into the second floor lobby area, having the GRD look at other possible locations might be practical. 

Vice Mayor Barsky commented that a five-year lease was too long.  She also wondered if the GRD had looked at alternative locations. 

Council advised Manager Stilwell that they would be in support of a one-year lease.  They also would like to see the GRD look at other options for office space including using Bryn Du. 


Councilmember McGowan commented that he felt residents were doing a better job removing snow from Village sidewalks with the new snow removal policy. 

Councilmember Montgomery commented that he liked and appreciated the new meeting participation guide developed for residents. 


Vice Mayor Barsky moved to enter into Executive Session, pursuant to ORC §121.22(G)(3) – “conference with an attorney for the public body concerning disputes involving the public body that are the subject of pending or imminent court action.” Second by Councilmember Lerner. 

Mayor Hartfield called for a roll call vote: Lerner – yes; McGowan – yes; Montgomery – yes; O’Keefe – yes; Barsky – yes; Hartfield – yes. Motion carried 6-0. Time in: 8:15pm. 

Councilmember Johnson returned to the meeting at 8:23pm. 

Councilmember McGowan moved to return to regular session.  Second by Vice Mayor Barsky. 

Mayor Hartfield called for a roll call vote: McGowan – yes; Montgomery – yes; O’Keefe – yes; Johnson – yes; Lerner – yes; Barsky – yes; Hartfield – yes.  Motion carried 7-0. Time in: 8:38.  


Councilmember McGowan made a motion to adjourn.  Second by Vice Mayor Barsky  Motion carried. 

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