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Council Special Meeting Minutes July 31, 2013



July 31, 2013



CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor Hartfield at 7:30pm) 


Those responding to the roll call were Councilmembers Johnson, Lerner, McGowan, Montgomery, O’Keefe, Vice Mayor Barsky, Mayor Hartfield, Manager Stilwell, and Law Direction King. 


      Ordinance 16-2013, An Ordinance Authorizing Local Aggregation of Retail Electric Loads in                     Accordance with § 4928.20 of the Ohio Revised Code, and Declaring an Emergency

As no one appeared to speak, Mayor Hartfield closed the public hearing at 7:33pm. 


      Ordinance 16-2013, An Ordinance Authorizing Local Aggregation of Retail Electric Loads in                     Accordance with § 4928.20 of the Ohio Revised Code, and Declaring an Emergency was introduced           and moved for approval by Vice Mayor Barsky.  Second by Councilmember O’Keefe.


Mayor Hartfield indicated that Council would need to adopt the emergency measure of the ordinance first as a procedural matter. 

Vice Mayor Barsky indicated that she was not in support of passing ordinances by through an emergency process as it did not allow residents that opportunity to object and recall legislation.  However, with this ordinance, she understood the necessity of the emergency measure and the ordinance was providing the community with an opportunity to vote on the issue.  She would be in support of this emergency measure.  The legislation would also allow both the Village and Township an opportunity to work together. 

Mayor Hartfield indicated that she would be in support of the measure so no specific choices were being made with this legislation.  There should be more research completed to allow Council to make an intelligent decision regarding the suppliers, type of contract and type of program selected.  Councilmembers Lerner and Montgomery supported the Mayor’s comments. 

Councilmember McGowan indicated that the emergency measure was only needed due to the late request for this issue to be addressed.

Vice Mayor Barsky moved for the approval of Ordinance No. 16-2013 as an Emergency measure.  Second by Councilmember McGowan. 

Mayor Hartfield called for a roll call vote to approve the Emergency for Ordinance No. 16-2013:  Councilmembers Lerner – yes; McGowan – yes; Montgomery – yes; O’Keefe – yes; Johnson – yes; Vice Mayor Barsky – yes and Mayor Hartfield – yes.  Motion carried 7-0.  The Emergency measure for Ordinance No. 16-2013 was approved. 

Councilmember Montgomery clarified that this legislation would only give Council the authority to provide aggregation services with no obligation as to who a supplier would be, when the aggregation process would begin or a specific aggregation program.  Working with the Township would provide a greater number of residents to reduce the costs, but the Village should be certain the select the best deal for the Village.  He would support this legislation as long as it did not obligate the Village pursue anything further and would allow the Village time to assess the next best course of action.   Law Director King indicated that this legislation would not obligate the Village to any future course of action.  The Village currently had the authority to work with the Township or any other municipal entity and the authority to aggregate an opt-in utility program.  This legislation would give the Village the authority to initiate an opt-out program for residents.  Should the legislation pass, the only obligations to the Village, should the Village move forward with an aggregation program, would be to hold two public meetings and receive a certification from the PUCO to act as an aggregator.  The Village would need to negotiate a contract with any supplier and determine what specific contract issues were important to the Village. 

Vice Mayor Barsky questioned who would be controlling and providing the community educational component for a ballot issue.  Manager Stilwell indicated that Village staff would work with AEP and the Township to provide information that could be directed toward the community.  Law Director King indicated that this campaign would be educational only, not an advocacy campaign.  Councilmember Johnson questioned the amount of money and staff time that would be devoted to this event.  Manager Stilwell indicated that it should not be a big distraction for staff.  There may be additional funding needed for attorney fees to develop contractual agreements. 

Councilmember McGowan asked how soon a program would be effective should an aggregation program move forward.  Manager Stilwell indicated that he did not know. 

Councilmember O’Keefe commented that Council was doing a service for the community by helping them learn about aggregation and providing them with an opportunity to secure the best electrical rates. 

Manager Stilwell indicated that staff would continue to gather and research information regarding aggregation.  Staff spoke with representatives of the cities of Orville and Upper Arlington regarding their programs and experiences.  Staff would gather as much additional information as possible to provide Council with the most options available to make informed decisions as the process moved forward.

Township Trustee VanNess indicated that both the Township and Village had the opportunity to provide a lot of educational information to residents through both entities websites. 

Mayor Hartfield called for a roll call vote to approve for Ordinance No. 16-2013 with an Emergency:  Councilmembers McGowan – yes; Montgomery – yes; O’Keefe – yes; Johnson – yes; Lerner – yes; Vice Mayor Barsky – yes and Mayor Hartfield – yes.  Motion carried 7-0.  Ordinance No. 16-2013 was approved and the Emergency was adopted.  


Councilmember McGowan made a motion to adjourn.  Second by Councilmember Lerner.  Motion carried. 

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