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Council Minutes October 21, 2015



OCTOBER 21, 2015


CALL TO ORDER (by Mayor Hartfield at 7:32pm)



Those responding to the roll call were Councilmembers Johnson, McGowan, Montgomery, O’Keefe, Vice Mayor Barsky, Mayor Hartfield and Manager Stilwell. 

Vice Mayor Barsky made a motion to excuse Councilmember Lerner and Law Director King from the meeting.  Second by Councilmember McGowan.  Motion passed. 


Councilmember McGowan moved to approve the agenda.  Second by Vice Mayor Barsky.  Motion passed. 


As no one appeared to speak, Mayor Hartfield closed Citizen Comments at 7:35pm.


Finance Director Kraner made a presentation to Council regarding the 2016 budget.  A copy of that presentation will be attached to the final draft of these minutes. 

Councilmember Montgomery wanted to add pedestrian walk/don’t walk signals to the Main and Broadway, Broadway and Prospect and Broadway and Pearl Street intersections.  He requested staff provide the cost to install these signals. 

Councilmember O’Keefe requested that monies ($40,000) be transferred into the Pathway Fund again to rebuild those reserves.  Councilmember McGowan suggested that Council should first identify a pathway need. 

Councilmember McGowan suggested moving $100,000 into savings to be held back for projects once it is determined that revenues were strong. 

Councilmember Johnson supported the idea of the Village moving forward with additional safety measures.  He, too, would prefer to choose to pursue expenditures throughout the year rather than allotting funds for projects at the beginning of the year.  Excess funds could be transferred to the Capital Reserve Fund during the fourth quarter.  Councilmember Montgomery also supported a gradual distribution of funds for expenditures.


There was no Old Business.


Ordinance No. 12-2015, An Ordinance to Amend Sections 1135.01 and 1169.02 of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Granville, Ohio Pertaining to Zoning Definitions and Permitted and Conditional Uses in the Institutional District was introduced and a hearing date set for November 4, 2015 by Councilmember Johnson.  Second by Vice Mayor Barsky.

Mayor Hartfield scheduled a public hearing for Ordinance No. 12-2015 for November 4, 2015.


Councilmember Johnson asked if staff had considered dealing with solar energy issues throughout the whole code.  Manager Stilwell indicated that as Denison requested a specific change in the Institutional District regarding defining solar uses, staff made changes to just that portion of the code.  Staff could look at making further code changes in the future.

Vice Mayor Barsky asked if there were any changes from the current code to the amended code regarding a resident’s ability to object to installations of solar.  Manager Stilwell indicated that all the changes made were to more clearly clarify and specify how Village staff currently read the code; listing solar installations specifically.  There were no changes to the community’s ability to participate in the process.  Staff already considered solar installations as an ancillary use.

Councilmember O’Keefe advised that the Planning Commission recommended these amendments to the code.

Councilmember Montgomery indicated that he would be interested in permitting small scale solar installations as a Permitted Use.  Mayor Hartfield and Vice Mayor Barsky indicated a preference for all solar uses to remain a Conditional Use. 

Councilmember Johnson suggested that Council consider allowing the Institutional District the same rights as residential districts, which allow for small solar uses (i.e. a single solar roof panel) as a Permitted Use.  Manager Stilwell advised that staff would review the code and make suggested recommendations during Council’s next meeting.

Ordinance No. 13-2015, An Ordinance to Amend Section 1121.01 of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Granville, Ohio Pertaining to Required Street Widths and Right-of-Way Widths was introduced and a hearing date set for November 4, 2015 by Vice Mayor Barsky.  Second by Councilmember O’Keefe.

Mayor Hartfield scheduled a public hearing for Ordinance No. 13-2015 for November 4, 2015.


Councilmember O’Keefe advised that the Planning Commission recommended Ordinance No. 13-2015, over proposed Ordinance No. 14-2015.

Manager Stilwell explained that these two proposed ordinances were not about the Frolkings, but how to deal with issues that were impacting the proposed development by the Frolkings.  Manager Stilwell explained that Council had a couple of possible options:

  1. To turn down both proposed ordinances and maintain the existing code;
  2. To change the current code allowing for the reduction in street and right-of-way widths.

Council had two ordinances before them with different options to amend the code. Ordinance No. 13-2015 would grant Council the ability to grant a variance following a recommendation by the Granville Planning Commission and limited the reduction to no more than a twenty percent (20%) reduction from Licking County’s recommendation.  Ordinance No. 14-2015 would change the Village Subdivision Regulations for improvements to small volume subdivisions.  These options were provided to Council to be reflective of the potential value to reduce public investment in subdivision development.

Mayor Hartfield indicated that Ordinance No. 14-2015 was her least favorite option.  Manager Stilwell indicated that staff and the Planning Commission were more supportive of giving Council the ability to make decisions on a case by case basis. She questioned how many requests would be submitted.

Councilmember McGowan indicated that he would not be supportive of any changes that were not recommended by the fire chief.  Manager Stilwell indicated that the fire chief was in support of Ordinance No. 13-2015. 

Councilmember Johnson indicated that the fire chief was in support of Ordinance No. 13-2015.  He was also in favor of allowing Council to make decisions on a case by case basis.  Councilmember Johnson asked what the criteria Council would use to make any decision.  Manager Stilwell said that he was uncertain as to an answer.  The Village has worked to move this legislation forward in a timely fashion.  He indicated that staff could develop a set of criteria.  Councilmember Johnson suggested the language specify what the limitations were.  He wanted the code and process to provide for a clear and transparent process. 

Councilmember O’Keefe asked if the criteria would include things like the number of houses.  Manager Stilwell responded in the affirmative.

Councilmember Montgomery indicated that the third Whereas clause of the Ordinance provided some direction for Council.  Manager Stilwell indicated that staff would provide some additional compliance measures. 

Vice Mayor Barsky suggested the addition of development size as part of the criteria and maybe limiting it to a specific number of houses. 

Council questioned if there was a need to introduce Ordinance No. 14-2015.  Manager Stilwell responded that if Council was in support of Ordinance No. 13-2105, Ordinance No. 14-2015 need not be introduced.

Mayor Hartfield interrupted proceedings to recognize the retirement of Chuck Peterson as editor of The Granville Sentinel.  She thanked Chuck for coming to all of the many Council meetings and for providing fair and accurate news stories.  Mr. Peterson thanked Council for their kind words.  He had fun doing his job over the years.


Regular Council Meeting Minutes of October 7, 2015

Vice Mayor Barsky made a motion to approve the October 7, 2015 Council meeting minutes as amended.  Second by Councilmember O’Keefe.   Motion carried. 

MAYOR'S REPORT – September

The Mayor's report for the month of September was presented for review. 

Councilmember McGowan  moved to accept the September Mayor’s Report. Second by Vice Mayor Barsky.  Motion carried. 

Mayor Hartfield instructed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of the report will be included as part of these minutes. 


The Manager's Report for the month of September was presented for review. 

Councilmember Johnson asked if a new police officer has been hired yet and if staff were looking at existing staff to fill the position.  Chief Caskey indicated that he was looking at both internal and external candidates.  The Village was still in the interview and testing portion of the hiring process.  Councilmember Johnson also expressed appreciation for the great job the service department staff did in removing stumps along Newark-Granville Road and restoring the ground.  Councilmember Johnson also indicated his support for extending the Newark-Granville Road Pathway to the Village corporation limits.

Vice Mayor Barsky asked about the location of a new house being built in the Village.  Manager Stilwell indicated that the home was being built in the Tall Pines subdivision.

Councilmember Montgomery asked about the high number of responses to Granville High School in the last month.  He wondered if there was a specific problem.  Chief Caskey indicated that he would check and report back to Council.

Councilmember McGowan moved to accept the September Manager’s Report.  Second by Vice Mayor Barsky.  Motion carried. 

Mayor Hartfield instructed the report be filed with the Clerk. A copy of the report will be included as part of these minutes.


Granville Community Foundation – (Montgomery)

Councilmember Montgomery reported that the Foundation had developed a newsletter to promote name and logo recognition. 

Granville Recreation District – (McGowan)

Councilmember McGowan reported that the winter GRD programs were taking registrations.

Planning Commission – (Johnson & O’Keefe)

Councilmember O’Keefe reported that a sidewalk sign, privacy fence, air conditioner and a chimney cap were approved.  The GPC reviewed and made recommendations about the two code amendments.  The GPC also discussed the name of the new interchange roadway connector.  Thornwood Crossing was the name selected and the name recommended by the City of Newark. 

Granville Arts Commission – (O’Keefe)

Councilmember O’Keefe reported that a $1,000 grant was approved for the Ameche Ensemble.  This group would be performing at the invitation of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and the First Presbyterian Church.  Vice Mayor Barsky questioned if the funds were going to the group or the Churches.  Councilmember O’Keefe confirmed that the group was receiving the funding.  A grant of $150 was also given to Granville Historical Society for holiday decorations.  The GAC had spent $8,225 to date.

Open Space Committee – (O’Keefe)

No report.

Tree & Landscape Commission – (Lerner)

No report.

Union Cemetery – (Barsky)

Vice Mayor Barsky reported that the Union Cemetery Board met to plan for the Fannins visit for this summer.  An anonymous grant was received that would cover most of the costs of the Fannins.  Keith Boone was trained on how to pin and repair stones, which would provide local sources for continued stone repair and maintenance.  It is anticipated that Granville Township will also contribute $5,000 after the swearing in of the new Trustees in January, 2016.


Councilmember Montgomery wondered if there was any safety precautions that could be taken regarding the two hundred block of North Prospect Street.  That section of North Prospect Street was one-way north; however, the other day he was advised someone going the wrong way heading south and drove through the East College Street intersection without stopping.  He understood that placing a stop sign at that intersection could confuse people more by making it seem the road was not one-way.  He asked staff to suggest possible solutions to this potential problem.

Councilmember Montgomery asked if the speed bumps on East Elm Street and South Pearl Street had been removed.  Manager Stilwell responded in the affirmative.  The speed bumps would be removed during the winter months. 


Manager Stilwell reminded Council that they were invited to the Volunteer Reception on Thursday, October 22nd beginning at 6:30pm at the Bryn Du Mansion.


Councilmember McGowan made a motion to adjourn.  Second by Councilmember Johnson.  Motion carried.                                                                                              


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