Granville Community Calendar

First Impressions

First Impressions is a program sponsored by the Ohio State University- Newark extension office.  The purpose of the program is to help community leaders assess the impact of their efforts to be an attractive community to shoppers, tourists, business travelers and potential employers.

The Ohio State University Newark extension office partners two municipalities.  Each municipality assembles a group of visitors (five to seven individuals) to secretly visit the other community and provide an unbiased, unique perspective and impression of the other community.  OSU-N then compiles the comments and opinions into a report that is shared with the other community. This report is not intended to provide an in-depth review of a community, rather give a general overview and impression.

The Village of Granville was paired with the City of Oberlin.  Below are the reports from each community describing their first impressions.

Oberlin's Visit to Granville

Granville's Visit to Oberlin


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