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GAC Minutes September 28, 2004

September 28, 2004 - Granville Arts Commission


I.    Roll Call

present: Lois Wernet, Jim Havens, Michelle Murphy, Marilyn Sundin, Jurgen Pape, Lesa Miller, Amber Mitchell, Stephen Trumbull, Kyle Morgan, Tom Carroll & Ron Abram.  Also present: Deanna Boorn from the Granville community & Millie Entrekin from the Columbus Dispatch 

II.   Approval of Agenda 

III.  Elect Officers

Chairperson - Steve Trumbull

Vice-Chair - Lois Wernet

Treasurer - Lesa Miller

Secretary - Amber Mitchell 

IV.   Other

Open Discussion -

confirmed with Joe Hickman that budget runs calendar year and funds will renew January 1.  Village Council has approved $10k per year, $2500 has been used this year for the Grand Prix, current balance is $7500. Mr. Hickman also advised that some money may be rolled over into the first quarter of next year if a request is made prior to end of the year.  Mr. Hickman also encouraged the Commission to conduct our own fund-raising and to modify the application criteria.  Lesa Miller will clarify our financial structure, bank account situation, handling of administrative cost and the writing of checks. There is need for clarification regarding the represented entities - application for funding 

possible events: “alley crafts”, a children’s event, arts festival to celebrate local artist, musicians & writers, art classes, garden concerts @ Bryn Du, film festival, conferences.  Also discussed the need for a community art schedule and/or a repository of information including events in surrounding areas & a directory of community

artisans(Marilyn) possibly available in a kiosk located downtown, at the library or linked to the Village or Chamber of Commerce websites. Ron Abram made the suggestion of a calendar featuring art from local residents as a possible fund-raiser in the future.  The GACC organizes the candle-light walking tour, scheduled for 12/4/04; a suggestion was made to check with the chamber and also the Bi-Centennial committee for ideas of where funding might be needed. Tom Carroll agreed to check with the Bi-Centennial committee for any special music needs. 

Jurgen Pape gave a status of renovations at the Bryn Du mansion; restroom & kitchen updates will be forthcoming once funding is in place.  Also discussed the availability of parking on the mansion property and a possible shuttle services to events held downtown. 

Stephen Trumbull brought up the need for a survey to get an idea of what the community residents would like to see happen from this committee, he suggested all members ask for feedback from friends and aquaintances; also discussed the possibility of including a survey in the Centennial. 

Next meeting will be 10/26/04

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