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GAC Minutes February 18, 2009

Granville Arts Commission (GAC) 

Minutes of February 18, 2009


Members Present: Steve Trumbull, Kyle Morgan, Marilyn Sundin, Mark Forman, Mickey Smith, Meg Ginther 

Guests Present: None 

Meeting started: 7:00 PM 

Steve welcomed new GAC members:  Mickey Smith representing the Township and Mark Forman, representing the Chamber of Commerce.  The new members were given an overview of the history and charge of the GAC.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes of 11/12/08 were amended and approved unanimously.

 Treasurer's report: A statement was received from Lee Hanford for $100 for two lectures at the library, Grants #08-3 and #08-3A.  The second talk will be given in April at the Library, but payment was requested now, since it comes from the 2008 budget.  Notice will be sent for disbursement of funds. 

Old Business:

There was a brief discussion about the idea to possibly recognize people in the community who are strong supporters of the arts.  Different categories could be proposed, such as individuals or organizations.  This program would not only benefit the recipients, but would also raise awareness of the GAC. The group will continue to develop this possibility over the coming year. 

New Business: 

Grant request #09-1 from Carol Phillips Whitt was considered. The request was to fund a marketing plan for the Whatever Works Art Space,


1) Membership dues for the Chamber of Commerce for $110.00,

2) Fee for an ad to be placed in the new magazine, "Granville 43023" for $250.00, and

3) Funds for flyers and posters for $140.00.  There was concern that paying for membership dues is not appropriate.  Marilyn moved and Kyle seconded to

approve $390.00 for the second two items.   The motion carried with 5

for and one abstention. 

Grant request #09-2 from Kerry Dixon at the Granville Studio of Visual Arts was considered, to assist in funding the GSVA Studio and Gallery Grand.

Opening.  Kyle moved, and Meg seconded, to approve up to $500.00 to be spent on music, art supplies and/or invitations to the event.  The motion passed unanimously. 

Grant request #09-3 from Sandy Libertini and Melinda Moore from Grand Scheme Promotions, LLC was considered to assist in funding the Granville Art 

Affair.  Meg moved, and Mark seconded, to approve up to $500.00 to be spent on arts oriented programming and/or arts entertainment at the event.  The motion passed unanimously. 

Next Meeting: Tentatively scheduled for 7 PM on Tuesday, March 24th, upstairs at the Village Hall. 

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM.

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