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GAC Minutes January 12, 2010

Granville Arts Commission (GAC)

Minutes of January 12, 2010


Approved March 9, 2010 

Members Present: Lois Foreman-Wernet, Mark Forman, Kyle Morgan, Jurgen Pape, Mickey Smith, Marilyn Sundin, Stephen Trumbull.

Guests Present: none

Meeting started: 7:05 PM

Approval of Minutes: Minutes of 12/17/09 were approved unanimously as corrected. 

Treasurer’s report: Marilyn showed the 2009 grant application list and explained the status of the grants. She confirmed that the group “Ladies Night Out” performed as per proposal. Grant #09-11 for $100 was approved and sent to the village for payment. Marilyn sent a letter to Carie Kraner, Granville finance director, requesting clarification whether the village can apply for GAC funding.

Marilyn will follow up on the matter of the village owing GAC $1000; the background is that consultant Chris Moore was paid $2000 out of GAC funds after which GAC applied and received $1000 funding from the Ohio Arts Council which was mailed to and cashed by the village but never added to our budget. 

Old Business:

No update on the grant application form. 

New Business:

Stephen will ask Mollie Prasher who is the village website designer so GAC could coordinate sites. There has been some confusion as to the correct name of our commission and the duration and/or replacement of GAC members.

Stephen had sent out his annual report to GAC members. In it he requested that the Granville schools have a representative on GAC. Our minutes presently are sent to Mollie Prasher after approval; GAC members felt that this was sufficient to keep village council abreast of our activities. After review of the report by the members, we decided to send the text portion to the Granville Sentinel for publication. 

Grant request # 10-01: The Granville Art and Wine Festival applied for a grant of $500 to cover costs for their upcoming 2-day event in June. Discussion ensued regarding the mix of a non-profit art event with a wine tasting money raiser for the Rotary Club. Questions were also raised who would replace funds if not granted by GAC and whether GAC should support a sound system; GAC prefers to support art directly. GAC essentially only approves one grant application per event; the grant cover letter mentions another likely money request for the same event.   Lois moved and Mark seconded to table grant # 10-01 given our limited resources and the fact that our 2010 budget was not yet confirmed. A specific art-related grant application for this same event would be considered in due time. The motion passed unanimously.

Stephen will contact the grant applicant and explain in more detail. 

Meetings: In order to make 2010 meetings available to as many members as possible, a rotating meeting date schedule was established with alternating the first Tuesday and Wednesday each month; the dates are: 2/10; 3/9; 4/14; 5/11; 6/9. Meetings will be held upstairs in the village hall conference hall.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.

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