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GAC Minutes April 25, 2013

Granville Arts Commission (GAC)

Minutes of April 25, 2013


Members present:  Meg Ginther; Kyle Morgan; Jurgen Pape; Mickey Smith; Neal Zimmers.

Guests:  None

Meeting Started @ 7:10pm 

Approval of minutes:  Jurgen moved and Mickey seconded to approve the amended minutes of March 27, 2013.  Motion carried. 

Treasurer’s report:  None 

Old business:

The previously discussed findings of the sub-commission re. a Granville arts festival was briefly expanded on without further conclusions.

Thom Nelson could use some more photos for the website or at least the permission to put them there. 

New business:

No new grant applications were available for this meeting.

Jurgen promised to contact the Granville school’s art teachers to inform them of GAC grant money available to them.  (I did; see separate emails to you).

Jurgen also promised to contact the Sentinel for a possible article re. our website etc.

We decided to represent GAC at the Granville farmers market by having or sharing a table to widen interest and understanding. 

No new meeting dates were set. 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:430


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