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GAC Minutes December 2, 2013

Granville Arts Commission (GAC)
minutes of December 2, 2013
approved Jan. 16, 2014
Members present: Tom Carroll; Lois Foreman-Wernet; Meg Ginther; Jurgen Pape;
Maggie Sobataka; Marilyn Sundin; Neal Zimmers.
Guests: none
Meeting started @ 7:05 PM
Approval of minutes: The minutes of October 23, 2013 were unanimously approved as
Treasurer’s report: Marilyn handed out the most recent treasurer’s report. For 2013,
$7850.00 were requested and $5850.00 approved. However, only $2960.79 was
submitted in the form of invoices. Marilyn said she was going to contact the grant
recipients again to submit the required invoices within the next week according to the
stated deadline. Jurgen promised to also contact the GSVA for that same reason.
The treasurer’ report was unanimously accepted.
A general discussion followed re. the grant ranges as stated in the application. Raising
the ranges would allow greater flexibility in approving larger amounts if appropriate.
Marilyn moved and Meg seconded to change the grant money range from $50 to $500
to the new range of $100 to $1000. The motion carried unanimously.
Old business:
At the last meeting, grant # 13-15 (St. Luke’s music series) was tabled to get a
clarification that this was an appropriate event to be funded by GAC. The village law
director stated that this was a legitimate request.
New business:
Neal suggested that grant # 13-15 be re-opened; Lois moved and Meg seconded to
take grant # 13-15 off the table, motion carried. Marilyn moved and Maggie seconded to
approve grant # 13-15. Motion carried unanimously.
Grant #13-18: As in the past, “Ladies Night Out” performed during the Candlelight Tour
on the first Saturday of December. They had received stipends from GAC.
Grant #13-19: Harpist Rachel Clemente has previously requested funding for harp
repairs (grant # 13-11) which was denied due to its inappropriate funding under GAC
In trying to encourage both applicants to apply for GAC support, Maggie moved and
Jurgen seconded to approve a $100 honorarium each for both grants # 13-18 and 13-19
if they so desire. Motion carried. Marilyn will contact both potential honorarium
Grant application # 14-01: This request is for $500 for the Denison Suzuki program;
these programs are quite successful and have previously received GAC funding. Meg
moved and Maggie seconded to approve grant # 14-01 pending GAC’s budget approval
for 2014. The motion carried unanimously. Lois and Meg will also tell the applicants for
grant # 14-01 that they could apply for additional funding due to the complexity and wide
support of the program.
The next meetings are scheduled for January 16 and February 13, 2014.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:55

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