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GAC Minutes August 20, 2014

Granville Arts Commission (GAC)

 Minutes of August 20, 2014


Members Present:  Lois Foreman-Wernet, Kyle Morgan, Marilyn Sundin,  Neal Zimmers, Mickey Smith, Meg Ginther, Jodi Melfi

Members Absent: Ron Abram, Maggie Sobataka

Guests Present:  Dan Katona


Meeting Started:  7:05pm


Approval of Minutes:  Minutes of July 30, 2014  were read.  Kyle  moved and Meg seconded to approve the minutes as amended.  The motion carried.


Treasurer's Report:  Marilyn distributed the budget report.  $625 was paid for the Daffodil Show poster.  Marilyn and Jurgen compiled a list of grants that have been approved over the last few years.  This information will be helpful if the commission needs to approach the village for additional funds for the rest of the year.  Jurgen moved and Neal seconded to accept the treasurer’s report.  The motion carried.


Old Business:  




New Business:   


Guest Dan Katona, Deputy Director of the Ohio Arts Council, offered an overview of how the OAC works, and the relationship it has with community arts groups such as ours.  If we were to apply for funds, it would be under the category of Project Support, which is designed for new applicants.  The deadline for submission is April 1st.  The amount is normally between $3-5,000.00, which must be matched.  A report is then given at the end of the year.  It is recommended to submit a draft proposal early to seek advice on how the application may be strengthened.  The commission expressed their gratitude to Dan for taking the time to enlighten us about this process.


There was some discussion about the desirability of having an ex-officio member of the Village Council on the commission.  Lois will talk with the mayor or vice mayor about this idea.


Mickey suggested that at a future meeting we have an agenda item focusing on our overall mission and goals for the commission.


Meetings:  The next meeting is scheduled for September 25th at 7pm in the Village Offices.  The October  meeting is set for Thursday, October 23rd at 7pm.


Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm.


Respectfully submitted:  Kyle Morgan




 Minutes of September 4, 2014


Members Present:  Kyle Morgan, Lois Foreman-Wernet, Maggie Sobataka, Jurgen Pape, Marilyn Sundin, Tom Carroll, Jodi Melfi, Mickey Smith, Meg Ginther.

Meeting Started: 7:10pm


Grant #14.17 – Evan Stoler and Khari Saffo, art students from Denison University,  request $200.00 for art materials for an exhibit in the Bryant Gallery.  Meg moved and Maggie seconded to approve this extra curricular event.  Motion carried unanimously.


Grant #14.18 – The Granville Federation for the Advancement of the Blues requests $1,000.00 for artist fees and equipment rental for the Blues Fest to take place on Sept. 6, 2014.  Kyle moved and Mickey seconded to approve the request.  The motion carried with Tom Carroll abstaining.


Adjournment: 7:25pm

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