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GAC Minutes May 15, 2014

Granville Arts Commission (GAC)
minutes of May 15, 2014
approved as amended, June 16,2014
Members present: Lois Foreman-Wernet; Kyle Morgan; Tom Carroll; Jurgen Pape;
Maggie Sobataka; Mickey Smith; Marilyn Sundin; Neal Zimmers
Guest: none
Meeting started @ 7:12 PM
Approval of minutes: Marilyn moved and Mickey seconded to approve the minutes of
April 16, 2014. Motion carried.
Treasurer’s report: Marilyn handed out the latest treasurer’s report which showed that
we had approved $5,200 so far this year. Neal moved and Jurgen seconded to accept
the report. Motion carried.
New business:
Grant application # 14-12: the Grand Scheme Promotions requests $ 1000 for artist
fees for the Granville Art Affair scheduled for June 13 & 14, 2014. Neal moved and
Maggie seconded to approve grant # 14-12 for the amount of $500. Motion carried.
Grant application # 14-13: the Newark Symphony Orchestra requests $ 1000 to
support the volunteer youth orchestra partnering with professional musicians for a
performance in late February or early March 2015 at Swasey Chapel. We discussed
whether we should approve events scheduled for next year. We felt this to be a
worthwhile event and by approving it now, this would give the organizers the time to
plan for our support and get GAC’s logo on brochures. The GAC funds would have to
come out next year’s budget, however. Lois will mention that this approval is pending
GAC’s next year’s budget approval. Jurgen moved and Tom seconded to approve this
grant. Motion carried.
Grant application # 14-14: the GSVA requests $400 for art supplies and materials and
$100 for signage for the GSVA’s Art Affair scheduled for June 14. 2014. GAC
questioned the signage support. Maggie moved and Neal seconded to approve $100
total for this grant. Motion carried.
GAC discussed the fact that we had already allocated a large portion of our budget for
this year and that we expect to get grant requests for at least $1,500 yet this year. Neal
raised the subject of approving larger blocks of money for groups GAC has supported in
the past. This would reduce the amount of individual grant requests, allow those
applicants to better budget their events and assure GAC listings. It would also allow
GAC to better allocate funds. Specific invoices would still have to be submitted in order
to get reimbursed.
This discussion is expected to be continued regarding developing GAC budgets and
approaching village council for an increase in funding the increased requests for GAC
Lois reminded that GAC officer elections are to be held in September.
The next meeting is scheduled for June 18, 2014.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30
Respectfully submitted by Jurgen Pape

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