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GAC Minutes September 24, 2014

Granville Arts Commission (GAC)

minutes of Sep. 25, 2014

approved Nov. 20, 2014

Members present: Lois Foreman-Wernet; Meg Ginther; Kyle Morgan; Tom Carroll;

Jurgen Pape; Maggie Sobataka; Mickey Smith; Marilyn Sundin; Neal Zimmers

Guest: none

Meeting started @ 7:05 PM

Approval of minutes: Marilyn moved and Jurgen seconded to approve the minutes of

Aug. 20 & Sep.4, 2014 as amended. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report: Marilyn handed out the latest treasurer’s report which showed that,

as of now, we had approved $7,625.00 of which $4,589.79 has been paid out and $

2.975.00 pending payment. This leaves $435.21 in GAC’s 2014 budget. Jurgen moved

and Meg seconded to accept the report. Motion carried.

Old business:

Discussion continued about requesting a budget increase for this year with 3 months yet

to go and some grant requests anticipated; Neal suggested requesting $2,000 to take

this year’s budget to a total of $10,000. Maggie moved and Tom seconded to request

$2,000 additional funding for this year.

Lois contacted the village suggesting that a council member become ex officio GAC

member; this should be brought up at the next village council meeting.

Kyle mentioned that she still got the old application form showing up at our website. She

contacted Tom Nelson who set up the website and will request the password from him

so we can update the website including making grant requests online. Meg has the PDF

file of the most recent grant application.

New business:

Tom suggested to contact potential grant applicants to get applications in earlier in the

year; this would make budgeting easier and increase GAC’s visibility.

Marilyn read a very nice response from the students who were funded for their “Optica

Fascinata” show at Denison.

Lois presented the nominations for the next 3 year term.

Chair: Jurgen Pape

Vice-chair: Meg Ginther

Treasurer: Marilyn Sundin

Secretaries: Kyle Morgan & Mickey Smith

Neal moved and Kyle seconded to close the nominations. The vote by acclamation was


The board thanked Lois for her past leadership.

Grant application # 14-19: the Granville Vintage Voices requested $326.91 to support

their presentations during the Candlelight Walk on December 6. Meg moved and

Maggie seconded to approve grant # 14-19 for the requested amount. Motion carried.

Following up on the discussions to request additional GAC funding for this year, Lois

and Jurgen will prepare a letter to be given to Steve Stilwell during a requested meeting

with him. A separate article will be prepared to submit to the Granville Sentinel; this will

include listing the new board members, refer to a simpler grant application form and to

increase exposure of GAC.

The next meeting is scheduled for October 23, 2014.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50

Respectfully submitted by Jurgen Pape

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