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Ordinance 20-1982

BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of Granville, Ohio, that:
Section I:
Section II:
Article 43 of Ordinance No. 17-2 is hereby repealed.
Ordinance No. 16-76 is hereby amended by adding thereto the following Article 33:
1. Purpose and Intent
Signs are a means of communication to the general public as well as a design element that can be a vital contribution to the unique and historic character of the Village. It is recognized that signs are as much subject to control as noise, odors, and debris which, if not otherwise controlled and regulated, may become a nuisance to adjacent properties or to the community i'n general. It is, there- fthoere, the purpose and intent of these sign regulations to accomplish following:
a. Protect the general health, safety, and welfare.
b. Provide for attractive ·and brderly appearances. c. Encourage compatible and well planned graphics.
2. Definitions
a. Sign: A name, identification, description, display or illustra- tion which is affixed to, painted or represented, directly or indirectly upon a building, structure, parcel or lot and which directs attention to an object, product, place, activity,
person, institution, organization or business. The word sign (s) as used throughout this ordinance shall mean sign (s) that is visible from adjacent properties or streets. A sign that is placed inside a building which is not intended primarily for observation from outside shall be excluded from these regulations.
b. Building Face: That portion of the exterior building wall (s) parallel to street right (s)o-f-way.
c. Signs Area: The allowable sign area shall be as measured by the background context of the sign as measured within an imagi- snyamryboolrs reuatillizreecdtangle that would enclose all of the numbers and within the sign.
3. Administration
a. fPoerrmthite: A permit issued by the Zoning Inspector shall be required erection of all signs within the Village except as exempted in Section 4. An application for such permit shall con- tain a scale drawing of the sign, a plat plan showing the sign' s proposed size and location in relation to any building, and other information necessary to fully explain the proposed sign. A ddaeycsisoiofnsusbhmalilssbioenr.endered on all applications within thirty (30)
b. sFiegens:peArmfeite. of $10. 00 shall accompany the application for each
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c. Inspection and Maintenance: It shall be the responsibility of
the Zoning Inspector to administer and enforce these regulations.
Any sign for which a permit has been issued may be inspected
at any time to determine its compliance with this sign
code, applicable building regulations, and acceptable safety
standards. If violations are found, the Zoning Inspector shall
notify the owner of the sign of the alterations, repairs,
support replacement, cleaning, repainting, or maintenance
necessary for compliance. Failure to comply within thirty (30)
days, unless otherwise extended by the Zoning Inspector, shall
constitute a violation of the Zoning Ordinance and subject the
owner of sign to the penalties herein.
4. Exemptions and Limitations
The following signs do not require a permit and are otherwise from these exempt regulations except for safety requirements.
a. The flag, pennants or insignia of any nation, state, city or other political unit.
b. Signs of a duly constituted government body.
c. Cornerstones, commemorative tablets and historical signs, not
to exceed ten (10) square feet or signs not exceeding two (2)
square feet in area bearing only property address, post office
box numbers, or names of occupdnts of premises.
d. For sale, rental or lease signs, and contractors' signs limited
to no more than six (6) square feet with one such sign per street front (maximum of two).
e. Church or school bulletin board.
f. Signs for the civic promotion of school, church, or community service activities which may be displayed for a maximum of
finourteen (14) consecutive days and no more than thirty (30) days one calendar year.
g. Signs and sources of illumination clearly in the nature of decorations customarily associated with any national, state, local or religious holiday.
h. Signs or posters indicating candidates or issues on the public ballot provided such material is posted no earlier than sixty 60) days prior to said election and is removed no later than ten (10) days following said election. Such signs shall be no larger than eight (8) square feet.
i. Traffic directional signs indicating points of entry or exit to off-street parking, provided that such signs are not located in public right (s)o-f-way, limited in area to four (4) square feet per sign and three (3) feet in height.
j. Temporary window advertising sign (s) providing the Chief of Police does not find that undue problems are created in assuring adequate protection to the premises.
k. Sandwich boards in the Business District, limited to one (1) per business, provided they are limited to four (4) feet in height when folded and two (2) feet in width.
1. A legally existing sign not in compliance with this sign code at the time of its adoption shall not be required to be removed if it is not altered, rebuilt, enlarged, extended, or relocated. Such sign shall be deemed a nonconforming use under the terms of this Ordinance, provided, however, that all signs prohibited in Suburban Residential Districts and existing at the effective date of this sign code in any SRD' s or at the effective date of sub- sequent zoning changes in SRD classifications, shall be removed within two (2) years of said effective date. The repainting or repair of signs shall not be deemed to be an alteration within the meaning of this ordinance.
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5. General Requirements
a. Signs are prohibited in all residential districts, including but
not limited to Village Residential, Suburban Residential, and
PUD Districts.
b. Signs shall not be placed in street right (s)o-f-way, shall
not create a demonstrable safety hazard for pedestrians or
vehicles, shall not resemble by design, color or shape any
governmental sign, and the level of illumination emitted by or
reflected from a sign shall not be of an intensity or direction
sufficient to create either a safety hazard to the safe movement
of vehicles on adjacent streets or a nuisance to adjacent proper- ties.
c. Banners, pennants, streamers, portable signs, flashing or
animated signs, or a source of illumination that flashes, blinks
or fluctuates shall be prohibited.
d. All signs shall be constructed and maintained so that they shall
not constitute a safety hazard.
e. Temporary or permanent off-premises signs shall be prohibited.
f. Sign Area Measurement: Sign area shall include the face of all
the display area of the sign not including the bracing, framing
or structural supports of the sign unless such members are made
part of the message or face of the sign. Where a sign has two
or more display faces, the area of all faces of the sign shall
be included in determining the area of a sign unless the two
faces are joined back to back, are parallel to each other and
not more than twenty-four (24) inches apart, or form a "V" angle
of less than forty (40) degrees. For spherical signs, the sphere
shall be bisected by an imaginary plane through the center of
said sphere and the surface of this imaginary plane shall be
counted as the sign face.
g. Sign Location: All ground signs shall be subject to the set-back
requirements herein. In specific instances, if the exact existing
or proposed right-of-way line cannot be determined, all
required setbacks shall be increased by twelve (12) feet and shall
be measured from the edge of existing pavement.
h. Sign Height: Permitted sign height shall be as measured from the
highest point of a sign or its structural members and the existing
or proposed final grade of the site where such sign is to be located.
6. Requirements For Permanent Signs
a. Wall Signs: Walls signs may not project outward from the building
more than twelve inches.
b. Projecting Signs: Projecting signs shall indicate only name, address and logo of an occupant and, at the discretion of the
Development Commission, may be excluded from the total allowable
sign area for specific use or building. Projecting signs shall be
no less than ten (10) feet above the sidewalk or ground level, extend no more than four (4) feet from the face of the building to
which they are attached, and have a maximum area not to exceed eight (8) square feet.
c. Roof Signs: Signs that are placed above or supported on the top of a building or structure shall be prohibited.
d. Window Signs: Window signs shall not exceed fifteen percent of the total allowable sign area but in no case shall exceed twelve (12)
square feet and shall be limited to first floor windows only. For uses that are located in the second or higher stories of the build- ing, special sign provisions indicating occupant and use may be granted by the Development Commission.
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e. Ground Signs: Ground signs shall include by definition signs
supported by poles, by uprights or braces or other structures on
the ground and which are free-standing. No more than two ground
signs shall be permitted on any one lot and no more than sixty
percent of allowable sign area for any one use shall be utilized
in a ground supported sign.
f. Joint Identification Signs For the purpose of these sign
regulations, joint identification signs shall be considered
appropriate in three categories:
1) Shopping Center/ Mixed Use: A joint identification sign may
be granted by the Development Commission to identify a complex
or mix of uses as opposed to a single-use, provided that such
sign shall not exceed one hundred (100) square feet in maximum height of fifteen (15) feet, area, a and a minimum setback
from all public right (s)o-f-way of eight (8) feet.
2) Single-family Subdivision Identification Signs: Major
entrance features indicating the project entrance (s) to a single-family subdivision may be permitted upon review and
approval by the Development Commission. No specific area or
height limitations shall be required, however, such signs shall
be shown to be of compatible scale, height and design to the
residential community it denotes and in no case shall freestanding,
pole signs be utilized. Such features shall have at
least an eight (8) foot setback from public right (s)o-f-way.
3) Multi-family Project Signs: Such signs shall have a maximum
height of eight (8) feet, a maximum area not, to exceed twentyfour
(24) square feet, a minimum setback of eight (8) feet from
public right (s)o-f-way and shall be subject to the review and approval of the Development Commission.
7. Requirements For Temporary Signs
Temporary signs shall conform to all requirements of permanent signs
unless otherwise noted. Temporary signs shall be non-illuminated.
The permit for a temporary sign is to be given only after review and
approval of the Development Commission of a temporary sign application
and shall be for a maximum of one (1) year.
a. Subdivision Signs: Signs advertising the sale of platted lots
in a subdivision may be erected and displayed in said subdivision
provided that not more than one such sign facing on any one street shall be permitted in any subdivision. Such signs may also
be utilized to advertise the sale or lease of multi-family units,
or store or office space in a commercial development, however,
such signs shall not be utilized to advertise the sale, lease or development of land. Such signs shall be limited in size to thirty-two (32) square feet, maximum height of ten (10) feet and
a minimum of fifteen (15) feet from established right (s)o-f-way.
b. Contractor Signs: Signs announcing the names of contractors,
subcontractors and material suppliers participating in the construc- tion of a building shall be permitted during the actual construction period, provided that such signs shall be located only on the parcel of land being improved. Such signs shall be limited in area to thirty-two (32) square feet, be no more than ten (10) feet high and have a minimum of fifteen (15) foot setback from any established right (s)o-f-way line.
c. The Development Commission may set such other standards and requirements
as are in keeping with the intent of this section for other temporary signs not otherwise listed.
Ordinance No..20-8-21
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8. Special Regulations for Village Districts
a. Purpose: It is the purpose of the sign regulations that apply
specifically to the Village Districts to recognize the unique
historical, architectural and overall environmental character
through the use and regulation of signs. In addition to the
requirements set out in previous sections, the following
regulations shall specifically apply to signs in the Village Districts.
b. Architectural Review: All signs erected in the Village Districts
except as exempted in Section 4, shall be subject to architectural
review by the Development Commission to insure overall
compatibility with the character of the Village Districts.
c. Development Commission Procedure:
1) Such application and accompanying materials as required
above in Article 33, Sections 3. a.,b.,shall be submitted
to the Village Manager or his designee at least days prior to the next regularly seven (7) scheduled meeting of the
Development Commission. The Commission shall have thirty
30) days from the date of submission to reach a decision,
unless an extension of this deadline is mutually agreed to by the applicant and the Commission.
2) The Development Commission may approve or deny a sign application in accordance with these regulations, and shall deliver a written notice of its decision to the applicant
within ten (10) days after the decision, such written
notice to be delivered to the address stated in the applica- tion by ordinary mail. In the event of denial, the
Development Commisison shall state the reasons for the
denial and may suggest modifications to the application.
3) Right of Appeal: Any person who is affected by a decision of the Development Commission involving a sign application may appeal to Village Council. The appeal shall
follow the procedures established in Article 17. Such appeal shall be submitted to the Village Manager' s office no later
than fifteen (15) days following the mailing of the written notice of the decision as provided in paragraph 2 above.
d. Allowable Sign Area: Allowable sign area for non-residential
uses shall be expressed in a ratio of sign sizes determined by the range between 1-34/ to 2 square feet of sign area per lineal foot of building face. The ultimate determination of exact sign
area within this range shall be dependent upon the specific use of the property, the quality of the submittal, architectural compatibility and the overall selection of design and materials, however, in no case shall total sign area exceed one hundred
square feet. If a building occupies a corner lot and has a building face on a secondary street, an additional fifteen (15) percent allowable sign area shall be permitted for a Wall Sign
s),providing at least 15%of sign area faces the secondary street. Within the Village Districts, signs on awnings or canopies attached to a building face are excluded from sign area and height requirements.
e. Wall Signs: One hundred percent of allowable sign area may be utilized in a wall sign.
f. Ground Supported (FreeS- tanding) Signs: A maximum of fifty per- cent of the allowable sign area may be utilized in a ground supported sign. Ground signs shall be setback at least eight (8) feet from public right (s)o-f-way,
Ordinance No. 20-82
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g. Window Signs: Window signs shall not exceed fifteen percent
of the total allowable sign area and the area shall be considered
over and above the range of total allowable sign area.
h. Sign Height: Wall mounted signs shall not be higher on a
building face than six (6) inches below the sills of the second
story windows or thirteen (13) feet, whichever is less, nor
shall a free-standing sign be higher than fifteen (15) feet of
the top of the sign to the overage grade of the sign.
i. Design Material (s) and Color (s) Utilized: For general
criteria for these items, reference shall be made to Article 17.
Section III: That this drdinance shall take effect upon the earliest date
allowed by law.
Passed this 1st day of
f Y .
C 7#16,4c,dPRY7. 41tkN,
Ll-&rk of Council
Approved as to form:
Law Director
September 1982.

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