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Ordinance 04-1984

Section I: That Sections 925. 01 through 925. 99 of the Code
of ordinances of Granville, Ohio, are hereby
amended as follows:
a. The public water supply system of the Municipality,
including all wells, pumping and treatment equipment, storage
tanks, water mains, laterals, valves, fire hydrants, meters
and services, is under the control of the Manager, and his
duly authorized agents or employees. Such control shall
include all piping from the municipal mains to the point of
ultimate consumption or to where the municipal water is
finally discharged freely at atmospheric pressure.
b. No person, firmorcorporation shall make or maintain
a physical connection between the public water supply and any
other sources of water or other liquid. No spigot or outlet
shall be physically connected to a sewer or drain, nor shall
such spigot or outlet be below a free overflow or submerged.
If such a connection is made it shall be considered as a
cross connection and if not removed, it shall be just reason
for discontinuing service.
c. The Division of Water does not guarantee consumers
full volume, fixed pressure or an effective continuous supply
of water, such matters being subject to the varying conditions
which may affect the operation and maintenance of the mains,
services, pumping stations, reservoirs and other parts of the
water works system. Those consumers using steam boilers or
other facilities which require a constant or uninterrupted
supply and take water directly from the mains, are advised to
have a tank of sufficient size to hold an ample supply for
emergency needs. No claim shall be considered for damages of
any nature alleged to have arisen from changes in pressure,
volume or any other fluctuations or interruption of water
service. The Division of Water, however, in case of accident
or necessity which requires the cutting off of the supply,
endeavors to notify its customers in advance.
a. No person shall tamper with or remove any meter seal
or insert a meter bypass without the permission of the Manager
or his authorized agents,
b. If the Division of Water finds that a meter seal has
been broken or any bypass inserted, or there is evidence that
the meter has been tampered with, the water shall be shut off
and shall not be turned on again until the consumer of the or owner premises pays for the estimated quantity of water which
has been used and not registered, and in addition thereto, a fee of ten dollars (10$. 00) is paid for turning on the water.
Ordinance No. 4-84
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c. The penalties herein are in addition to the penalties
provided by the criminal laws of Granville and the State and
making payment herein shall not in any way relieve any person from criminal prosecution.
d. No person shall operate, open or otherwise tamper with
any valve, stopcock, curbstop or other device, after the same
has been closed for violation of any rule or regulation of the
Division of Water, or unlawfully secure a supply of water through
such valve, stopcock, curbstop or other device after the same
has been closed for the violation of any rule or regulation of
the Division of Water or in any way take water for private unlawfully use or without first having secured the necessary permit
from the authorized representative of the Division of Water.
e. No person shall put filth, animal matter, drugs, chips,
shavings or any other substance into any municipal reservoir or bathe or swim therein.
a. Any water main or main extension intended primarily to
serve properties or premises abutting the street, road or way in which it is laid shall be known as a distribution main.
b. Any water main not less than eight inches in diameter
intended primarily to carry water for the supply of distribution
mains shall be known as a trunk main.
c. A pipe tapped into a water main for the purpose of
serving private premises shall be known as a service branch.
Installation of service branches shall be in accordance with
Section 925. 06.
Except as specifically provided by ordinance of Council,
all construction ofwater main extensions and water service
branches in streets and ways not already supplied with water
shall be in accordance with one of the plans set forth herein:
a) Plan No. 1 -Payment of Entire Cost in Advance. Any
one or more property owners may request the Manager
to determine the feasibility and the estimated cost
of the construction of a proposed water extension
to serve their premises. If the Manager and Council
approve the proposed extension and determine the
estimated construction cost, such property owners may deposit with the Municipality a sum equal to such
estimated cost and the Manager shall thereupon proceed with the construction.
Any surplus in the deposit over and above the con- struction cost shall be refunded to the owner or their
agent. Should the construction cost exceed the deposit
amount the owner or owners shall pay this excess amount and no water service shall be rendered from the extension
until the cost is paid in full.
b) Plan No. 2 -Construction by Owner. In undedicated
streets and in new subdivisions, the Water Division
may permit or require the owner or owners to arrange for the laying of water main extensions by private con- tract, the work to be under the supervision of the Water Division. In any such case, the Water Division
shall require a deposit in the sum of three percent of
the total estimated cost as a guarantee against defective
workmanship or materials. Sbch deposit, less any sums expended by the Department fbr repair or replacement of defective work or materials, shall be refunded one year after the water main extension has been placed in service.
Ordinance No. 4-84
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No other refund or payment shall be made. Materials
and plans used for water main extension under Plan 2
must be approved by the Division of Water.
c) Plan No. 3 -Assessment in Accordance with Ohio Revised
Code. The owners of property to be served by a proposed watir main extension may petition for, or Council authorize, the construction of such may extension and the
assessment of the cost thereof in accordance with the
provisions of the Ohio Revised Code.
d) Plan No. 4 -Construction Authorized by the Municipal
Division. If in the opinion of the Water Division
Superintendent and the Manager it is necessary to extend
a water main through an area not suitable for immediate
development or an area the ownership of which is such as to make Plans 1, 2 and 3 undesirable, Council may then
authorize construction of such main and charge a front
foot rate for tapping the same in addition to the regular
service branch charge, as shown in Section 925.11 (a). The front foot rate shall be the same for all premises
involved and shall be sufficient to ultimately return the
entire cost to the Municipality, except that in the case of a trunk main, the front foot rate shall only return to
the Municipality such an amount as would have constructed
a main of sufficient size to serve the area with water
and with fire protection.
The installation of a service branch to serve each lot
with water shall be required under any of the above water main extension plans.
a. No extension of a water main shall be approved for less than the entire frontage of the application and the necessary length from the existing main to that frontage.
b. Plans for subdivision shall be drawn by a registered
engineer and must include complete circulation within the area and between the area and the existing system.
c. All water mains shall be installed to plan and profile in accordance with standard specifications of the Division of Water and be approved by the Manager on advice of the consulting engineer and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.
d. The Division of Water and consulting engineer shall in all
cases specify the size and location of the water main to be installed
aasppwuretellnaanscethsethneumrebteor. and location of valves, fire hydrants or other
e. The Manager, on the advice of the consulting engineer, may designate any street or way as one requiring a trunk main. Where mains are to be installed to serve both trunk and distribution re- quirements, the installation cost shall be divided between the Municipality and the owners of the abutting property, with the owners paying the cost of constructing a line of sufficient size to serve the area with water and fire protection (a minimum of eight inches) and the Municipality paying the remainder.
f. All water mains extended or installed under these- rules and regulations, shall upon being supplied with water become the sole property of the Municipality and all maintenance and repair costs and charges shall be assumed by the Division of Water.
Ordinance No. 4-84
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925. 06 PERMITS
a. Any property owner, firm, corporation or contractor desiring
a service branch to the municipal water mains shall make
application in person or by agent at the municipal office for such
connection and sign a contract for water and sewer service, if
sewer is available. Total charges for such permit, as determined
from Capacity Fees shall be paid at the time of application. The
application for a permit shall be reviewed by the Manager and
Director of Utilities. Notification of approval or disapproval
shall be given within three days after receipt of the application.
b. A permit for a water service branch to serve a property
or premises shall be issued only after a County Health Department plumbing permit has been issued.
c. Contractors and tradesmen for building construction shall
pay a monthly flat rate water charge of twenty-five dollars (2$5.00)
per month or fraction of month for each unit of residential construction.
Such charge shall begin on the date that water is first
turned on at the building site and shall continue until the Division
of Water is notified that the final plumbing inspection has been
made by the County Health Department and the premises are ready for water meter installation.
d. No permit shall be issued for a service branch to serve
any premises unless such premises abuts on a street or road in
which an adequate size main has been installed across the entire
frontage to be served. A permit for a service branch may be re- fused if, in the judgement of the Water Division Superintendent and the Manager, the water main is of insufficient size to supply the
additional water demand and maintain satisfactory service to established consumers.
e. No person shall make any extensions or alterations for
water service into any premises until he first obtains a written
permit from the Manager' s office for each separate job.
925. 07 SERVICES
a. The existence of a service branch to private property shall bind the owner thereof to comply with the water rules and regulations
of the Municipality and shall be evidence of his guarantee of all water rents and assessments even though a tenant occupies the property.
b. The service branch from the main to the property line
curbstop shall be installed by a bonded contractor at the property
owners expense. The contractor shall furnish all supervision,
labor, equipment, tools, pipe fittings, paving materials and any miscellaneous items necessary to complete the tapping of the main and installation of the service branch up to and including the curb stop and box which shall be located as near the property line
as practicable. All work is to be performed in the presence of a Water Division inspector.
c. The service branch from the water main to the point of
connection with the building plumbing shall be installed by the property owner or his agent and insofar as possible shall be in a straight line. A service branch may be of type K soft copper tubing pipe for sizes three-quarter inch up to and including two inches. Sizes four inches over shall require approval of the Water Superintendent and the Manager.
d. All single living unit dwellings for which municipal water service is required shall be individually provided with water through a service branch equi pped with a shuto- ff valve and meter, according to Division of Water standards. There shall be but one such dwelling or building on a service branch and each service branch shall be metered. The service branch to each such dwelling or building shall have a separate and distinct curbstop located
Ordinance No. 4-84
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outside the premises, opposite the premises and on a public right-of-way.
e. Each living unit in a multiple unit dwelling shall
have its own service branch, shut-off valve, located outside of
the structure, and meter. Easements must be provided for these
services as required by the Division of Water.
f. The Division of Water shall determine the size of water
service line required to provide adequate service to all living units.
g. Whenever a break or leak occurs in a service branch between
the main and the curb box the Division of Water shall this repair at its own expense as soon as possible, but if such break or leak occurs back of the curb box at any place upon the premises supplied, the property owner shall have the break or leak repaired
at his own expense. Failure to make repairs may result in water being turned off with the property owner being charged for the estimated quantity of water wasted.
h. Any person, firm or corporation or water user may discontinue
water service by proper notice to the municipal office
and be relieved of their responsibility when the water is turned off at the curb box and the account cleared on the records of the Municipality.
i. Any property owner or his duly authorized agent desiring
water service from an existing service branch must sign for such
service at the municipal office before' such service shall be provided. Water service shall be refused' an applicant or premises owing for previous service or assessments.
925. 08 METERING.
a. The appropriate size water meter to supply the anticipated water demand shall be furnished and installed by the Division of Water in accordance with standard meter setting specifications, a copy of which shall be furnished with each service branch permit. A
new meter with generator and remote register shall be installed by the Division of Water, the cost of which is to be paid by the
property owner (cost of the meter, fittings, etc.,plus twenty percent).
b. Water meters may be installed either inside the building
or residence or in an approved type pit on the outside of the
building. The Division of Water shall specify the meter location.
c. Each meter of 58/ inch by 34/ inch size or greater shall be provided with a gate valve on the inlet side and a gate valve
on the outlet side. Such shut-offs, shall be readily accessible.
d. Inspectors, meter readers or employees of the Water
Division, whose duty it may be to enter upon private premises to examine meters, pipes or other fixtures used in connection with the municipal water supply, shall be equipped with a proper badge
or such other credentials as the Manager may deem necessary to identify them as agents of the Water Division. Such inspectors, mhaevteer readers or employees authorized by the Water Division must free access at all reasonable hours to all parts of the build- ing for the purposes of inspecting meters, examining fixtures and observing the manner in which the water is used. In case any authorized inspector, meter reader or employee is refused admittance to any premises or shall be hindered or prevented from making such euxnatmil ination, the water shall be turned off and not turned on again free access is given and the fee of ten dollars 1(0$.00) is paid as determined by Section 925.02 (b).
e. The Water Division shallon its initiative undertake to test and correct any meter, which in its judgment is registering incorrectly, without the consent of the property owner. The Water Division shall not be responsible for breakage of pipes or valves
Ordinance No. 4-84
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occuring during removal or installation of a meter where such
breakage is due to old or faulty plumbing.
f. Upon request from an owner or consumer and agreement
to pay for test charges, the Water Division shall remove any
meter to the meter shop for test, upon payment of Fifteen dollars
15.00) for a 1/2 inch by 3/4 inch and 5/8 inch by 3/4 inch
meter and for all other sizes the actual cost plus twenty percent.
If, upon examination and test, it is found that the meter registers
over the tolerance limits of the following percentages of water
through it, viz. two percent over on disc meters sizes 1/2 inch to
2 inches on flows from one to twenty gallons per minute, five
percent over on all other types and sizes of meters on flows from
low to high rating, then it shall be consi dered inaccurate and
the most recent water charges shall be adjusted upon basis of that
test and no charge shall be made for testing, removing and installation.
g. Meters damaged by abuse, misuse, accident or any act of
carelessness shall be repaired by the Division of Utilities at the
expense of the owner. Meters damaged beyond repair shall be replaced
at the expense of the property owner by the Division of
a. Applicants for connection with the municipal mains for
the purpose of obtaining a supply of water for a sprinkler systems
must first furnish plans and specifications of the same to the
Water Division for approval. Plans and specifications shall
include a detector check or equal instrument. Plans or blueprints
showing the fire system as completed, with all measurements, outlets,
etc.,must be filed with the Water Division office before water
shall be allowed to supply the system. Pipes intended for fire
protection must not be tapped or used for the general supply building, of any structure or premises.
b. No persons except an authorized agent of the Division of
Water, or the Fire Department, shall take any water from fire
hydrants under any circumstances. In case any damage is done to a fire hydrant by any person, he shall, upon demand of the Division
of Water, pay such damages and all costs and expenses incurred by
reason thereof. Procedure and rules for water taken from the fire
hydrants for any reason except fire fighting shall be established
by the Manager.
c. In case of fire the Fire Department shall have the right
to use water from any hydrant, hose, pipe or other fixture wholly
or in part for fire protection.
a. For the purpose of accounting and billing the Municipality
shall be divided into five districts with each district being
billed monthly. The accounts shall be lettered by district and shall be numbered within the district.
b. Meters shall be read semi-monthly and as near the same date as possible. If the meter reader is unable to gain access to the premises or meter, or if the meter is out of order, an estimated
charge shall be made from previous readings or similar services of the same water use. Water service shall be discontinued if the
property owner fails to provide access for the Division of Water
to the premises or water meter for a prolonged period of time as specified in Section 925. 08 (d).
shall c. Industrial accounts, factories or other large consumers have their meters read monthly and be billed accordingly un- less a written request is made to the Division of Water requesting quarterly meter reading and billing.
Ordinance No. 4-84
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A water system capacity charge shall be made for each service
branch to any property and shall be paid at the time a service
branch permit is issued for a service. This charge shall be in
addition to any other fees or charges made for water connection
and shall be payable to the Village of Granville.
No person, firm or corporation shall install a service branch,
or any part thereof, to the water system of the Village of
Granville, Ohio, unless he or they for by have been issued a permit there- the Village.
A Water System Capacity Charge shall be paid whenever an application is made for water service to a structure whenever such property is or may be serviced by a service branch connected to a main water line built by or under the supervision and direction
of the Village, when single family units are rezoned and used as multi-family dwellings or when additional family living units are added to or derived from existing single or multi-family dwellings. The charges shall be according to the size of the connection, pro- perty location, property use, ando/r number of family living units. In the event single family residential property is rezoned to commerciali/ndustrial, the charges described herein for commercial/ industrial property shall apply.
Capacity fees shall be as follows:
1) For each family dwelling or structure that has a Village service branch made available through existing service and to which a family living unit (s) is derived by addition of new structure or by division of existing structure, the fee shall be uFinviet. Hundred Dollars 5(0$0. 00) for each newly derived family living
2) For each dwelling or structure that has Village water service made available through exising service branch for which
a water connection permit is granted, the capacity fee shall be Four Hundred Dollars 4(0$0.00) for each newly constructed or derived convalescent or retirement living unit located within nursing homes, convalescent homes, or community retirement centers. The tap and water supply line size must be approved by the Village Water and Sewer Superintendent.
3) For each single or two (2) family dwelling for which a water connection permit is granted, the fee shall be Five Hundred Dollars 5(0$0.00) for each family living unit. A two (2) family dwelling consists of two (2) family living units. The diameter of the tap and service branch shall be not less than three quarters 3/4) inch nominal diameter.
4) For each multi-family dwelling for which a water con- nection permit is granted, the fee shall be Five Hundred dollars 500. 00) for each family living unit. Each of these units may be served by multiple three-quarter (34/) inch taps and service branch or multiple threeq- uarter (34/) inch service branch of one larger water supply line. The tap and service branch size for multi-family dwellings must first be approved by the Village Engineer.
5) For dwelling units within a commercial structure for which a water connection permit is granted, the fee shall be the
msamueltip-fearmfailymidlywelilvliinnggs. unit as for single, two (2) family and
Ordinance No. 4-84
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6) For commercial or industrial connection units for which a water nominal permit is granted, the fee shall be determined by the diameter size of the service branch. For each commercial
or industrial unit within a multi-unit commercial or industrial structure for which a water connection permit is granted, the fee shall be based on the size of the service branch to each unit with a minimum size to be not less than threeq- uarters (34/) inch. These service branches may be supplied from a larger supply line. In the event a service branch or tap is enlarged, the fee differ- ence between the two diameter sizes shall be paid to the Village.
500. 00
850. 00
1912. 50
7650. 00
is85g0.r0e0atpeerr) inch diameter squared d( 2) or $500.00, whichever
Any service branch larger than set forth herein shall be the subject of a special action by Village Council prior to the issuance of a connection permit.
7) Capacity charges for standby services where connection permits are granted solely for fire protection shall be based on tap size. In the event a tap is subsequently enlarged, the adsifffeorlelonwces: between the two tap sizes shall be paid. Charges are
2200. 00
Any connection size larger than set forth herein shall be tishseuasnucbeject of a special action by Village Council prior to the of a connection permit.
A commercial unit is defined as a building or structure or dpiasret thereof wherein the principal activity is to provide merchan- or a service to the public.
An industrial use is defined as any activity where materials tahreen reschei pivpeedd,inarethealtered by one or more internal operations and altered form.
All building and structures of municipal, county and state aincttihveities shall be classified as commercial and shall be charged same manner as a commercial structure.
All buildings and structures of churches, schools and other organizations of service to the public shall be classed as pcoromvmideerdcial unit (s) as previously defined and shall be charged as for commercial unit (s).
that A family living unit is a self-contained living quarters consists of a sleeping area, full or partial bath, and kitchen or kitchenette.
A convalescent living unit is a non-self-contained living quarters that consist of an enclosed sleeping area for not more than two people and contains a full or partial bath. It contains no food preparation facility.
Ordinance No. 4-84
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The developer, owner or subdivider of Village any lands in the he or to which a water connection will be made may, if so elects, prepay the connection fee at any time. However, if charges provided for by this ordinance have been increased between the time of prepayment and the time the service con- nection is made the owner, developer or subdivider shall pay the difference between the new rates and the prepaid fees at the time the connection is actually made.
a. The rates for water service to consumers located out- side the municipal limits shall be in accordance with Section 925.20. The location of water use shall control and not the location of the main.
b. The provisions of Ohio R.C. 743.14, S" upervision of Territory Having Water Service Outside Municipal Corporations," shall apply to this chapter. Any firm, person, corporation or premises, either presently connected or desiring to be connected with the City water supply shall comply with the requirements and provisions of all pertinent municipal ordinances and departmental rules and regulations.
For each trip requested in turning off service for repairs
or6o. n00af)te.r repairs there shall be a charge of six dollars
Ord. 15-74. Passed 9-4-74.)
When water is shut off for nonpayment or other violation of rules and regulations, it shall not be turned on again unless the amount of charge, including all back charges, is paid in full, plus the turn on fee provided in Section 925.02 (b).
a. Bills shall be due and payable upon issue by the Municipality and must be paid at the municipal office by the fifteenth of that month. Accounts not cleared by thirty days from the date of issue shall be considered as being delinquent and water service shall be discontinued at any time thereafter.
b. The Division of Water shall endeavor to give proper notice of water ando/r waste water charges but by law cannot guarantee delivery of mail. Failure to receive notice by mail shall not excuse customers from prompt payment of bills.
c. It shall be the established policy of the Division of bWiallteerdt.o accept only total and complete payments for charges
d. It shall be the responsibility of owners of property to maintain their piping and plumbing fixtures in good condition manedtenros.adjustments shall be made for leaks that register on water
Ordinance No. 4-84
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e. Payment of all charges for water used through a meter
and for waste water shall be the responsibility of the owner
of the property upon which the meter is located. Bills may be
rendered to the owner or to any other person properly in
possession of the property. A change in ownership of property
shall not relieve any new owner from liability for unpaid
charges, some or all of which may be for water and/ or waste water
services supplied prior to his commencement of ownership. All
unpaid accounts for water and/or waste water charges shall
become a lien against the property served.
The prices to be charged for water furnished by the Water
Division to residential and business consumers situated in the
Municipality, as of May 1, 1983, and for each month thereafter
are hereby fixed as follows:
a. If the total water used in any two (2) month period is
no more than 400 cubic feet or 3000 gallons or less, there shall
be a charge of three dollars and ten cents 3(.$10).
b. If the total water used in any two (2) month period is
more than 400 cubic feet or 3000 gallons, the charge for all
water used, up to and including 10,000 cubic feet or 75,000
gallons shall be at the rate of one dollar and thirty-eight cents
1. 38) per 100 cubic feet or one dollar and eighty-five cents
1. 85) per 1000 gallons or for any fractional part thereof.
c. For water used in excess of 10,000 cubic feet or 75,000
gallons per two (2) month period, the charge shall be attherate
of one dollar and thirty-five cents 1(.$35) per 100 cubic feet or
one dollar and eighty cents per 1000 gallons.
The price to be charged for water furnished by the Water
Division to all users classified as commercial c (o"mmercial "
shall be defined as use in excess of 100,000 cubic feet or
75,000 gallons per month,)shall be at the rate of one dollar
and thirty-five cents 1(.$35) per 100 cubic feet or one dollar
and eighty cents (1.$80) per 1000 gallons and shall be billed
The price to be charged for water furnished by the Water
Division to consumers situated outside the Municipality on all
water used after July 1, 1981, are hereby fixed at one and
one quarter times the rates charged to consumers situated in the
a. Purpose. This section establishes rates to be charged
for bulk water supplied on special requests for water to non- subscribers for filling swimming pools, or other uses not requiring regular tapping and regular service whether inside or
outside of the Municipality.
b. Application and Approval.
1) Request shall be made to the Superintendent of the
Water Division and shall indicate the anticipated
amount of water that is desired and the time or times it will be required.
Ordinance No. 4-84
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Section III:
Passed this
2) Permission to purchase water shall rest with
the Water Division Superintendent. If in his
opinion the amount of water required cannot
be supplied without jeopardizing service to
regular subscribers, the request shall be denied.
3) In the event a request for bulk water is approved,
the manner and time that water is supplied shall
be controlled by the Water Division Superintendent
who shall assure that such water is supplied at time and a place that it will cause the least draw
on the municipal water supply. He shall supervise
the sale to insure that proper computation of
water use is effected.
c. Charges. A charge of three dollars and thirty cents
3. 30) per 1, 000 gallons of water shall be made.
The Water Division Superintendent shall transmit the necessary
billing information to the administrative and fiscal office
at the completion of the sale and all purchases shall be billed
promptly for such purchase.
925. 99 PENALTY.
Whoever violates any provisions of this chapter shall be
fined not more than one hundred dollars 1(0$0.00).A separate offense shall be deemed committed each day during or on which an offense occurs or continues.
II: That existing Sections 925. 01 through 925. 99 of the
Code of Ordinances of Granville, Ohio, are hereby
That the water rates herein set forth will be in effect
May 1, 1984.
IV: That this ordinance shall take effect and be in force
from and after the earliest date allowed by law.
Terk- of Counci
Approved as to form:
Law Director
day of March
3\ 60@
4441 J Vice Mayor

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