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Ordinance 24-1984

WHEREAS, Council has adopted Resolution No. 84- 22 on April 4, 1984,
declaring the necessity of making the improvement described in Section I; and
WHEREAS, Council has adopted Resolution No. 84-46 on
August 15 1984, approving the report of the Assessment Equalization
Board appointed by Resolution No. 84- 36 adopted on June 27, 1984;
Section I.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of Granville, Ohio,
Section II.
Section III.
Section IV.
Section V.
Section VI.
Section VII.
It is determined to proceed with the improvement in the
Village of Granville of Thornewood Drive and Beechwood Drive
between certain termini by grading, constructing a new base,
providing drainage ditches and facilities, paving with
asphalt, and providing other necessary appurtenances.
The improvement shall be
provisions of Resolution
specifications, profiles
approved and now on file in
made in accordance with the
No. 84- 22, and with the plans,
and estimate of cost previously
the office of the Clerk of this
All claims for damages resulting from the improvement that
have been legally filed shall be inquired into after
completion of the improvement, and the Director of Law is
authorized and directed to institute legal proceedings in a
court of competent jurisdiction to inquire into those claims.
As provided by law the total amount of damages, if any,
resulting from the improvement, assessed in favor of any
owners of lands affected by the improvement and interest
thereon shall be included as a cost of the improvement, and if
the jury summoned under Section 727.20, Revised Code, finds no
damages, the costs of the inquiry shall be taxed against the
claimant or claimants; in other cases, the costs shall be
taxed against the Village.
The portion of the cost of the improvement to be assessed in
accordance with the Resolution No. 84- 22, less that amount to
be assumed and paid by the Village as part of the Village's
portion of the cost of the improvement in accordance with the
report of the Assessment Equalization Board, shall be assessed
in the manner and the number of installments provided in that
resolution and on the lots and lands described therein.
The estimated special assessments previously prepared and
filed in the office of the Clerk of Council, and as equalized
by the Assessment Equalization Board, are adopted.
The Clerk of Council is directed to deliver a certified copy
of this ordinance to the County Auditor within 15 days after
its passage.
Subject to the provisions of Section 727.24 of the Revised
Code, the Village Manager is authorized and directed, as soon
as the funds are available, to make and execute a contract for
the improvement with the lowest and best bidder after
advertising according to law, and the improvement shall be
financed as provided in Resolution No. 84- 22; provided,
however, that the amount to be assumed by the Village as part
Page II
Ordinance No. 24-84
of the Village's portion of the cost of the improvement in
accordance with the report of the Assessment Equalization
Board shall be paid, as shall be the balance of the Village' s
portion of the cost of the improvement, by the issuance of
bonds in the manner provided by law or from other funds
available for this purpose.
Section VIII. This Council finds and determines that all formal actions of
this Council concerning and relating to the passage of this
ordinance were adopted in an open meeting of this Council and
that all deliberations of this Council and of any of its
committees that resulted in those formal actions were in
meetings open to the public, in compliance with all legal
requirements including Section 121.22 of the Revised Code.
Section IX. This ordinance is declared to be an emergency measure
necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace,
safety, health, morals and welfare, and for the further reason
that the immediate construction of said improvement is
necessary to eliminate existing and potential hazards to
pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and provided this ordinance
receives the affirmative vote of five members elected or
appointed to Council, it shall be in full force and effect
from and immediately after its passage; otherwise, on the
earliest date permitted b he Charter of this Village.
1984 14-@
i/14- Mjiyor
Passed: August 15 ,
Attest: (]
25**2f>,* Clerk of CoQncil
I, Catherine M. Miller, Clerk of Council of the Village of Granville, Ohio, do
hereby certifj that the foregoing ordinance is a true and exact copy of Ordinance
No. 24-84, passed by Village Council at its August 15, 1984 Regular Council Meeting.
Catherine M. Miller, Clerk of Council

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