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Ordinance 01-1989

Section I: That the application of Maxine Montgomery and
others for the annexation of the following
described real estate in the County of Licking
and adjacent to the Village of Granville, to wit:
Situated in the State of Ohio, County of Licking
and Township of Granville, bounded and described
as follows:
Beginning at the intersection of the south right
of way line of Newark- Granville Road, and the, east
line of Granville Village Corporation line of
1987; thence north along said east line, to the
line between the first and fourth quarters of
Granville Township; thence east along said
quarter line to the northwest corner of Bryn Du
Estates (Vol. 13, p.90 Plat Records);thence south
and east along said Bryn Du Estates to the intersection
of the east line of said subdivision and
the west right of way line of Jones Road (Township
Road 126);thence north along said west right of
way line to the northeast corner of Bryn Du
Estates; thence east crossing Jones Road and along
the north line of Milner Road to its intersection
with the northeast corner of Alfred J. and
Marjorie L. Eckhardt' s property (744-21, 25 D.R.),
if extended; thence south along Eckhardt' s east
line to the Granville Township and Newark Township
line; thence east along said line to its intersection
with the west line of Lot 123, Morgan' s
North Forty Revised Addition; thence south along
the west lines of Lots 123, 124, 125, 126 and 127
of said addition to the west corporation line of
Newark; thence following said Newark corporation
line southerly to the north right of way line of
State Route 16; thence west along said north
right of way line to its intersection with the
range line between ranges twelve and thirteen;
thence south along said range line to its intersection
with the south right of way line of
Cherry Valley Road; thence southeasterly along
said south right of way line to the northeast
corner of Shorehaven, Inc.,property
5662-82 D.R.)th;ence west along the north line
of Shorehaven, Inc.,property to the Newark
Corporation line; thence northerly along said
corporation line to the point where said corporation
line intersects the south line of The Thomas
J. Evans Foundation property (809-1018 D.R.);
thence northwesterly along said south line to its
intersection with the line between Lots 2 and 3 of
the 2nd Range of Lots, 4th quarter; thence north
along said lot line to the center line of Raccoon
Creek; thence westerly along the center of Raccoon
Creek to the west line of Alice Virginia Jones
La Rue property (3501-47 D.R.)th;ence north along
said west line across State Route 16 and along the
west line of Newark Asphalt Paving Co.,property
771-159 D.R.)to the south right of way line of
Newark-Granville Road; thence westerly along said
south right of way line to the place of beginning.
Contains 1, 115 Acres, more or less.
Ordinance No. 1-89
Page 2
The above described property, which is adjacent
to and contiguous with the said Village of
Granville, Ohio, is owned by two-hundred forty
240) persons, namely:
Paul A.
Robert H
Jack W.
Mary L.
Ronald G
Alice V.
Ronald G
State of
Emily C.
Albert B.
Edward N.
William D
Ralph E.
Raymond R
Lester L.
Ronald &
Bonnie L.
Arthur C.
Christine M. Piper
Baker (16 Heirs)
Dorothy E. Essman
Judith K. Pyle
B. &Betty R. Hyatt
Jones Larue
Roberta A. Crocker
Penelope H. Ziegler
Minnies. Green
Bebout Trustee
Essie P. Coakley
Dede Cook
Britton &Barbara E. Claggett
J. Cochran (deceased)
Bette J. Piper
Dorothy J. Gilligan et al
Cherry Westgate Family Practice -
Patrick Scarpitti, M.D.)
Newark Leader (Ryan Joint Venture)
The Knoll Group Management
Cherry Valley Animal Clinic -
Donna M. Wyman, D.V.M.)
Family Travel (Charles A. Lust)
Mound City Products
Newark Termite &Pest Control
Ohio State Grange Mutual Ins
William L. &Dorothy M. Lavender (G&L Mower, Inc.)
Richard E. Layton et al
William J. II &Linda J. Dishon
James J. &Carol J. King
Robert E. Sr. &Betty R. Morrison
William D. Bero
Robert G. Stansburg
Bishop James A. Griffin
Mark Webster
Northtowne Partnership
Michael J. Willis
1333 North Corp.
Nancy K. Noecker
The Church Of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints
William L. &Dorothy M. Lavender
Bobbie R. &Mary K. Roberts
Lena E. Boyd
Gregory H. Reynolds
George H. &Beverly S. Fackler
George H. Fackler III
Clifford A. &Arlene Noe
Winston S. &Phillis M. Klopfer
Raymond K. Jr. &Maxine L. Montgomery
Edward H. Jr. &Mary L. Bradley
Newark Congregation of Jehova' s Witnesses
Gerald A.
James W. &
Richard L.
John W. &
Thomas I.
Robert M.
A. Namie
Katherine L. Crosby
Donna J. Wendoroff
Kathleen L. Gummer
Rose M. Wingert
Christine M. Montis
Carole L. Keontz 797-461
Ordinance No. 1-89
Page 3
Margaret R. Adams
Larry N. &Susan E. Pasley
Jay K. &Kerry L. Freedman
John D. &Clare M. Green
Linda H. &Larry E. Harvey
Wesley &Janet I. Filipow
Randall P. &Kathy J. Crothers
James J. Rieder
Michael B. &Rebecca R. Johnson
Richard E. &Annette K. Salvage
Michael J. &Deborah L. Kocsis
G. Carl &Shirley M. Shipston
Grant &Janice M. Carruth
Don A. &Dorothy M. Forte
Dale H. &Betty Gleason
Loren S. Carlson
Thomas H. York Jr.
James M. &Deborah L. Matesich
William R. &Adajune Parker
Donald F. &Nancy F. Carlisle
Thomas &Patricia A. Lecorchick
I.D.&Mary Voldness
Loren R. &Virginia R. Yeakley
Carol S. Rugg
Richard P. &Joan P. Anderson
Albert Eitel
Lawrence M. &Arabille Reynolds
Caroln C. Mugavin
Bryon W. &Donna Jengen
William L. &Marti J. Shrigley
Siegel G. Roush Trustee
Roger D. &Bettie J. Sidwell
Marsha A. Vachio
William F. &Ellen R. Miller
David C,.K. &Amy H.H. Lin
G.B. Price
Robert F. &Joan P. Kocak
James F. &Gloria J. McCarthy
Thomas E. &Judy Elk
Thomas K. &Kathy A. Thompson
Richard E. &Kathleen B. Wallace
Peter A. &Constance E. Jiran
Jeffrey D. &Elizabeth A. Downing
Michael &Marion Spaul
George H. &Anne B. Warner
Frank K. Denutte
Selung H. &Esther D. Park
Eugene J. &Margaret M. Murphy
Sharon J. Wills
John D. &Kathryn J. Phillips
Gary N. &Marilyn L. Fields
Robert J. &Debbie L. Springs
Nancy C. Graham
Ken R. &Karen M. Axline
Carl R. &Pauline E. Strauss
Everett D. Reese
Sophia E. Erhard
David L. &Zelma J. Craig
Joan F. Jeffers
Gerald L. Jeffers
Newark Asphalt Paving Co.
Roney J. Murphy
Northtowne Prop. Co.
Brian D. &Antoinette M. Cororan
Chin Huei &Shue G. Chen
Scott &Barbara Griswald
Kent F. &Marilyn V. Pitcher
Ronald R. &Karen L. Schenk
Omar P. &Pattye A. Whisman
Ordinance No. 1-89
Page 4
Section II:
Passed this
Brian 0. &Linda K. Boling
F. Kendall &Margaret H. Carpenter
William R. Bowman
Paul D. &Darlene S. Queen
The Quest National Center
William M. &Ortha A Wright
William Wright
Donald P. &Carol Schlesselman
Joseph &Carol D. Ogg
Patricia Murphy
Donald Shackelford et.
Thomas J. Evans Foundation
The foregoing description was filed with the Board
of County Commissioners of Licking County,
Maxine Montgomery, Agent, Granville, Ohio, on
July 11, 1988.
An accurate map of which territory, together with
the petition of its annexation, and other papers
relating thereto, and a certified transcript of
the proceedings of the Licking County
Commissioners in relation thereto are on file with
the Clerk of Council of the said Village, be and
the same is hereby accepted.
That this ordinance shall take effect upon the
earliest date allowed by law.
Prnest: - -
41156, 1111 1 0 *. CIerk of- 06uncil
Approved as to form:
LuU46f*= Law Director
day of 52/4631)
u 2.r 1 1121J<l i/
I, Catherine M. Miller, Clerk of Council of the Village of Granville,
Ohio, do hereby certify that the foregoing ordinance is a true and
exact copy of Ordinance No. 1-89 passed by Village Council at their
regular meeting of March 1, 1909.
Catherine M. Miller, Clerk of Council

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