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Ordinance 11-1989

5 2',S, An Ordinance Setting The Speed Limit On Newark- Granville Road, A Through Highway Between Clouse Lane And Jones Road at 45 Miles
Per Hour, And Setting The Speed Limit Between Jones Road and the
: Eastern Corporation Limit at 50 Miles Per Hour, Speeds Higher
Than The Prima-Facie Limit Set By Granville Codified Ordinance
.4,# Section 333.03(b)( 3),And Declaring An Emergency.
NOW, THEREFORE, be it ordained by the Council of Granville,
Ohio, that:
Section II:
In accordance with the authority granted by
Granville Codified Ordinance Section 333. 03( j)
and Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.21(k),the
speed limit on Newark-Granville Road from
Clouse Lane east to the east line of Jones Road
is hereby set at 45 miles per hour.
In accordance with the authority granted by
Granville Codified Ordinance Section 333.03( j)
and ohio Revised Code Section 4511. 21(k),the
speed limit on Newark- Granville Road from the
east to the corporation limit is hereby set at
50 miles per hour.
Section III: That this ordinance is hereby declared to be
an emergency measure necessary for the immediate
preservation of the health, safety, and welfare
of the said Village of Granville for reason that
immediate passage will permit enforcement of the
speed limit on Newark-Granville Road; wherefore
this ordinance shall be in full force and effect
from and immediately after its passage.
Passed this 605#
C.[ erk of Cbuncii/
Approved as to form:
Law Director 1
day of 456 1989.
1C)A - 1AU 1.1. j<7.. Vice Mayor

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