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Ordinance 16-1989

BY: 00400
ROUTE NO. State Route No. 16
DATE OF ENACTMENT 191, 9 )<9 £
An emergency ordinance enacted by the Village of Granville
T. irking - County, Ohio, in the matter of the hereinafter described improvement. and to request cooperation from the Director of Transportation.
the pWuHbEliRcEAS. the Village has identified the need for and proposes the improvm#ent of ortlon of highway which described as follows: Beginning at a point which is
tJ'inter- section of a westerly corporation line of the Vill&ge of Granville and State Route
No. 16 said point being westerly 0.48 miles from the intersection of said State
Route NO. 16 and Cherry VAlley Road; thence, easterly 0.67 miles along said State
Route No. 16 to its intersection with the easterly corporation line of the Village of Granville and there terminate.
This is a repair, resurfacing and related work project.
261, *-
Aff 1 61 9 '
said portion of highway within the municipal corporation limits being hereinafter referred to
as the improvement. and
WHEREAS. the Village further desires cooperation from the Director of Transportation in the planning. design and construction of said improvement.
NOW THEREFORE. Be it ordained by the Council of the Village of Granville
SECTION I (Cooperation)
That said Village hereby requests the cooperation of the Director 9f Transportation. in the cost
of the above described improvement as follows:
That the Sum of $
is hereby appropriated for the improvement of the highway as described herelnabove. by the Village.
SECTION Il (Consent)
That it 15 declared to be In the public interest that the consent of said Village be and such mcoennste.nitn is hereby given to the Director of Transportation to construct the above described improve- accordance with plans, specifications and estimates as approved by the Director.
SECTION III (Authorlty to Slgn)
That the Village Manager of said Village, 15 hereby authorized Contractual Officer's Title)
to enter into maintenance and parking agreements and special contractual obligations. _
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CS-2 Rev. 4
(Rev. 10-1-69)
I hereby certify that the money, to wit: $ D 1 ,
requi red for the payment of the cost other than that part thereof assumed by
the State of Ohio for the repair, resurfacing and related work on State
Route No. 16 in the Village of Granville.
has been lawfully appropriated for such purpose and is in the treasury to the
credit of, or has been levied, placed on the duplicate and in process of collection
for the appropriate fund and not appropriated for any other purpose; or is being
obtained by sale of bonds issued on account of said improvement, which bonds are
sold and in process of delivery.
I further certify that this certificate was made, sealed and filed with the
legislative authority of Granville - Ohio, after said legislative
authority passed the ordinancer/esolution in connection with the within
described project; and that this certificate was forthwith recorded in the record
of proceedings of said legislative authority, namely: Legislative Authority' s
Journal, volume at page
Fiscal Officer's Seal)
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand
and official seal as said fiscal officer, this
3 da-y of 19cfY .
Fiscal Officer of Granville , Ohio.
Expenditures for State Highways within Municipal Corporations.
Note: This certificate shall be made with seal affixed, in with duplicate and filed the District Deputy Director, Ohio Department of Transportation.
I hereby certify that 7 1/2%funds received pursuant to the
Ohio Revised Code are as follows:
1) Available and anticipated in fiscal year
2) Expended to date
3) Funds committed for other maintenance
4) Available for expenditure
5) Funds anticipated for use on
State Route No. 16 project.*
Not less than (4) above.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and official seal as
fiscal officer this day of 19
Fiscal Officer' s Seal) Fiscal Officer of Granville
Ohi o.
SECTION IV (Maintenance. Parking Traffic Control Signals and Devices)
That upon completion of said improvement. said Village. will thereafter keep said highway open to
traffic at all times. and
a) Maintain the improvement in accordance with the provisions of the statues relating thereto
and make ample financial and other provisions for such maintenance; and
b) Maintain the right of way and keep it free of obstructions in a manner satisfactory to the
State of Ohio and hold said right of way inviolate for public highway purposes and permit
no signs, posters. billboards. roadside stands or other private installations within the
right of way limits; and
c) Place and maintain all traffic control devices conforming to the Ohio Manual of Uniform
Traffic Control Devices on the improvement in compliance with the provisions of Section
4511.11 and related sections of the Ohio Revised Code; and
d) Regulate parking in the following manner:
Prohibit parking within the limits of .the project.
Right of Way. Utility Rearrangement and Saving the State of Ohio Harmless of Damages)
a) That all existing street and public way right of way within the Village which is necessary
for the aforesaid improvement. shall be made available therefor.
b) That the StateK/*S(w*i*ll acquire any additional right of way required for the construction
of the aforesaid improvement.
c) That arranaements have been or will be made with and agreements obtained from all public utility
companies whose lines or structures will be affected by the said improvement and said companies
have agreed to make any and all necessary plant removals or rearrangements in such manner as
to be clear of any construction called for by the plans of said improvement and said companies
have agreed to make such necessary rearrangements immediately after notification by said Village
or the Department of Transportation.
d) That it is hereby agreed that the Village shall at its own expense. make all rearrangements of
water mains. service lines. fire hydrants. valve boxes, sanitary sewers or other municipally
owned utilities and/ or any appurtenances thereto. which do not comply with the provisions of
Directive No. 28-A.
e) That the construction. reconstruction, and/ or rearrangement of both publicly and privately owned
utilities. referred to in subsections (c) and (d) above. shall be done in such a manner as not
to interfere unduly with the operation of the contractor constructlng the improvement and all
backfilling of trenches made necessary by such utility rearrangements shall be performed in
accordance with the provisions of the Ohio Department of Transportation Construction and
Material Specifications and shall be subject to approval by the State.
f) That the installation of all utility facilities on the right of way shall conform with the
requirements of the Federal Highway Administration Policy and Procedure Memorandum 30- 4
Utility Relocations and Adjustments'and the Department of Transportation' s rules on
Utility Accomodation.
g) That said Village hereby agrees that the said Department of Transportation of the State of
Ohio. shall be and is hereby saved harmless from any and all damages or claims thereof
arising from or growing out of the certification of obligations made or agreed to in Sections
a).b ().c ().d )(and (e) hereinabove.
CS-2'Rev. 4/1/83
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This ordinance ls hereby declared for expediting highway to be an emergency measure by reason of the need improvements to promote highway safety, and provided it receives the affirmative vote of twot-hirds of the members elected to Council, it shall take effect and be in force immediately upon its passage and approval by the Mayor; otherwise, it shall take effect and be in force from and after the earliest period allowed by law.
2.. Attest:
G6 » 9 /, 19.
7 n 11. 1A«t: Vitt Ma-yor
President of Council
Village of Granville
County Licking
1, 2 Catherine M. Miller as clerk of the Village of Granville , Obyhitoh,edolegheisrelabytivceertify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of ordinance adopted Authority of the said Village on the 19th day of 4pril 1989 , that the publication of such ordinance has been made and certifled of record according toT-aw; that no proceedings looking to upon such ordinance have been taken; and that such ordinance and certificaaterefoefrepnduubmlication thereof are of record in Ordinance Record No. 18-89 Page ------
SEAL) 2yfjz*»PZLiZA Clerk
Village of Granville
descrTibheeda. foregoing is accepted as a basis for proceeding with the improvement herein
For the Village of Granville ,01io.
IcoLnpc_tuaLl/OfLficer . T * a t e 1/&<1 ,//
For the' State of Ohio
Director, Ohio Department of Transportation
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CS2,-Rev. 4/1/83

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