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Ordinance 38-1994

OHIO, that:
Section I: Chapter 1189 of the Codified Ordinances of Granville, Ohio, is hereby amended to read as follows:
1189.01 Purpose and Intent.
1189.02 Definitions.
1189.03 Administration.
1189.04 Exemptions; Limitations.
1189.05 General Requirements.
1189.06 Permanent Signs.
1189.07 Temporary Signs.
1189.08 Signs in the TCOD.
1189.09 Abandoned Signs.
1189.10 Variances from
Sign Requirements.
OBBC requirements -see OAC Ch. 4101:2-19
Unauthorized traffic signs -see TRAF. 313.07
Attaching signs to trees prohibited -see S.U. &P.S. 909.07 Variances -see P&Z. Ch. 1147
Signs are a means of communication to the general public as well as a design element that can be a vital contribution to the unique and historic character of the Village. It is recognized that signs are as much subject to control as noise, odors and debris which, if not otherwise controlled and regulated, may become a nuisance to adjacent properties or to the community in general. It is, therefore, the purpose and intent of these sign regulations to accomplish the following:
Protect the general health, safety, and welfare;
Provide for attractive and orderly appearance;
Encourage compatible and well-planned graphics.
All signs erected in the Village, except as exempted in Section 1189.04, shall be subject to review by the Planning Commission to insure overall compatibility with the unique historical, architectural, and overall character of Granville. Applicants should CreofemrmtoissSioenction 1161.05(i)for additional guidance on criteria used by the Planning in evaluating sign applications.
a) Sign"means a name, number, symbol, identification, description, display oinrdiirlelucstltyration which is affixed to, painted or represented, directly or attention tuopon a building, structure, parcel or lot, and which directs organization any object, product, place, activity, person, institution, strip lighting aofrfixbeudsiness. This definition includes backl-ighted panels or to any wall or roof where any such panels or lighting serve to identify a business ando/r attract attention rather than illuminate wsphaicche for human activity. Any outdoor displays ando/r outdoor storage activity,are intended to attract attention to any object, product, place, and reguplaetresdonb, yinstitution, organization or business is considered a sign sign( this chapter. The word s"ign(s)a"s used herein means insides)visible from adjacent properties or streets. A sign that is placed outsideashbaullildbiengexwclhuidcehd ifsromnot intended primarily for observation from these regulations.
thBeuisldtrienegt fraigchet"(means that portion of the exterior building wall(s)facing s)of way.
c) "Sign area"means the area contained within an imaginary or real
rectangle that would enclose the entire sign, excluding supports. Only
one side of a two-sided sign shall be counted in the sign area.
Sign design"includes all elements of the sign, including, but not limited
to, size, material, graphics, color, and lighting.
Permanent sign" means a sign that exists or is planned to exist for a
period exceeding one year.
Temporary sign" means a sign that exists or is planned to exist for a period of one year or less.
a) Permit. A permit issued by the Village Manager or the Manager's
designee, shall be required for the erection of all signs within the Village
except as exempted in Section 1189.04. An application for such permit
shall contain a scale drawing of the sign, a plat plan showing the sign' proposed size and location s in relation to any building, property lines, and
rights-of-way, and other information necessary to fully depict the
proposed sign. All signs except those specifically exempted shall be
reviewed by the Planning Commission for compliance with these
regulations, for acceptable design and construction standards, and for
compatibility with its property and structures and surrounding properties
and structures. The following procedure shall be used for all applications:
1) An application and accompanying materials as required in Section
1189.03(a)and (b),shall be submitted to the Village Manager, or the Manager's designee, at least seven days prior to the next
regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission. The
Commission shall have thirty days from the date of said meeting to reach a decision, unless an extension of this deadline is mutually agreed to by the applicant and the Commission.
2) The Planning Commission may approve, approve with modifications, or deny a sign application in accordance with these regulations, and shall send a written notice of its decision to the applicant within ten days after the decision, such written notice to be delivered to the address stated in the application by U.S. mail. In the event of denial, the Planning Commission shall state the reasons for the denial.
3) Right of Appeal. Any party who is aggrieved or affected by a decision of the Planning Commission involving a sign application
may appeal to Council. The appeal shall follow the procedures established in Chapter 1137. Such appeal shall be submitted to the Village Clerk no later than ten days after the decision of the Commission is filed with the Village Clerk or sent to the applicant by personal service or by deposit in the U.S. Mail, postage prepaid, return receipt requested, whichever shall last occur.
Fees. A fee payment shall accompany the application for each sign permit, which fee shall be established by Village Council.
Inspection and Maintenance. It shall be the responsibility of the Village Manager, or the Manager's designee, to administer and enforce these regulations. Any sign may be inspected at any time to determine its compliance with this chapter, applicable building regulations and acceptable safety standards. If violations are found, the Village Manager, voiroltahteionMsanager's designee, shall notify the owner of the sign of the and of actions required for compliance. Failure to comply within thirty days, unless otherwise extended by the Village Manager, or the Manager's designee, shall constitute a violation of the Zoning Ordinance, shall subject the owner of such sign to the penalty provided in Section 1137.08, and shall be grounds for revocation of any sign permit issued ando/r commencement of proceedings to cause removal of the sign at the owner's expense.
The following signs do not require a permit and are otherwise exempt from these regulations except for safety requirements and those restrictions imposed in this section and by 1189.05(b),1189.05(d),1189.05(g)and 1189.07:
The flag, pennants, or insignia of any nation, state, city or other
governmental unit.
Signs of a duly constituted government body and signs determined by the
Planning Commission to be in the public interest.
Cornerstones, commemorative tablets and historical signs, not to exceed
eight (8) square feet in sign area and signs not exceeding two (2)square
feet in sign area bearing only property address, post office box numbers,
and/ or names of occupants of premises. However, there shall be no more
than one such sign per building. Address numbers used to identify the
property, whether in written or numeric form, are not considered to be a
sign and are exempt from this regulation.
Temporary for sale, rental or lease signs, and contractors' signs limited to
no more than six (6)square feet in sign area with one such sign per street
front (maximum of two signs per lot). Signs to be used for more than
fourteen days in a calendar year must be submitted to the Planning
Commission for review and approval, or be of a design previously
approved by said Commission.
Signs for the civic promotion of any one school, church or community
service activity may be displayed for a maximum of fourteen consecutive
days and no more than thirty days in one calendar year. Such signs limited to are no more than eight (8)square feet in area, with a maximum of
one such sign per street front at any one time (maximum of two signs per lot).
Signs and sources of illumination clearly in the nature of decorations
customarily associated with any national, state, local, or religious holiday.
Signs or posters indicating candidates or issues on the public ballot
provided such material is posted no earlier than sixty days prior to an election and is removed no later than ten days following the election.
Such signs shall be no larger than four (4)square feet in sign area.
Political signs other than election signs listed in 1189.04(g).S ,uch signs
are limited to no more than eight 8( )square feet in area, with a maximum of one such sign per lot at any one time.
Traffic directional signs indicating points of entry or exit to offs-treet parking, provided that such signs are not located in public right(s)o-fw-ay, limited to two 2( )square feet in sign area per sign and three 3( )feet in height. Such directional signs shall contain only directions and no advertising or promotional material. No more than two such signs may be erected per entrance or exit.
Temporary window sign(s)providing the Chief of Police does not find that undue problems are created in assuring adequate protection to the premises. In this context, t"emporary"shall mean a maximum of fourteen days per sign per year. Such temporary window signs shall be limited to fifteen 1( 5)percent of total building window area, or eight 8( )square feet total for all window signs, whichever is smaller, and shall be located so as not to impede visual observation through the window.
A legally existing sign not in compliance with this chapter at the time of its adoption shall not be required to be removed if it is not altered, replaced,
or relocated. Such sign shall be deemed a nonconforming use under Chapter 1149 of this Zoning Ordinance. Repair and repainting of signs is permitted provided the existing design is reproduced. Any change in tdeersmigsnofsthhaisll require that the sign be brought into compliance with the ordinance.
a) Signs are prohibited in all residential districts, including but not limited to Village Residential, Suburban Residential and PUD Districts, except that;
1) A single wall sign not exceeding four 4( )square feet in sign area may be allowed for legal nonc-onforming uses in residential zoning districts with approval from the Planning Commission. A different type of sign may be allowed by the Planning Commission in cases of unusual topographical or building features of the property.
2) A single wall sign not exceeding two (2)square feet in sign area
may be allowed for conditional uses and home occupations in
residential zoning districts with approval from the Planning
Commission. A different type of sign may be allowed by the
Planning Commission in cases of unusual topographical or building
features of the property.
Signs determined by the Planning Commission to be in the public
interest can be exempted from this requirement. Such signs are
subject to continuing Planning Commission review, and may be
ordered removed should they be determined not to be in the public
Permanent subdivision and multi-family project identification signs
are permitted as governed by Sections 1189.06(g)and 1189.06(h).
Temporary subdivision and contractors' signs are permitted governed by Sections as 1189.07(a)and 1189.07(b).
Signs shall not be placed or may not extend within ten (10)feet from the
edge of the existing pavement or in street right(s)o-fw- ay, whichever is
greater, shall not create a demonstrable safety hazard for pedestrians or vehicles, shall not resemble by design, color or shape of any governmental or public safety sign, and the level of illumination emitted by
or reflected from a sign shall not be of an intensity or direction sufficient to
create either a safety hazard to the safe movement of vehicles on adjacent streets or a nuisance to adjacent properties. This requirement
applies to all signs within the Village, including those not otherwise regulated under 1189.04.
Balloons, bench advertising signs, billboards, inflatable signs, pennants, portable signs (except sandwich boards), spinners, streamers, changeable message signs e(xceeding ten (10)square feet in sign area), flashing or animated signs, or signs with a source of illumination that flashes, blinks or fluctuates, signs using illumination derived from noble
gases from Group VIll of the Periodic Table, signs using laser illumination, signs attached to trees or any other natural feature, vehicles used primarily as signs, and permanent banner signs are prohibited.
Temporary or permanent off-premises signs are prohibited except that,
1) Open house r(ealty)directional signs and garagey/ard sale signs are allowed without a permit so long as the signs are placed not
more than two (2) hours before the start of the open house,
garagey/ard sale hours and removed within two 2( )hours after the end of the open house or garagey/ard sale. These signs shall not exceed four (4)feet in height (folded); shall not exceed eight (8) square feet in total sign area; and shall not be located within ten 10) feet from the edge of the existing pavement or in street right(s)o-fw-ay, whichever is greater.
2) The area in the median on West Broadway just West of the intersection of Broadway and Main Street may be used for off- premises signs of community interest, subject to the approval of the Village Manager o(r designee)for signs of fourteen or less days duration, and subject to Planning Commission approval for longer duration. Such approval shall govern materials, size, location, color, and all other elements of the sign and its installation.
Sign Height. Permitted sign height shall be as measured to the highest point of a sign or its structural members from the existing or proposed final grade of the site where such sign is to be located. Wall signs and projecting signs shall not be higher on a building face than six inches below the sills of the second story windows or thirteen 1( 3) feet, whichever is less, nor shall a ground sign have a sign height more than twelve (12)feet from the top of the sign to the average grade at the sign.
Sign Area. For all signs not specifically mentioned in this ordinance, maximum sign area may not exceed six (6)square feet.
All signs shall be kept in a state of cleanliness and good repair.
4- 1
a) Wall Signs. Wall signs may not project outward from the building more
than twelve inches. A wall sign shall not exceed a maximum of eight (8)
square feet in sign area. No more than two (2)wall signs are permitted
per structure.
Proiectinq Sians. Projecting signs shall not be installed to impede
pedestrian/ vehicular traffic, shall not extend more than four (4)feet from
the face of the building to which they are attached, and shall have a
maximum area not to exceed eight (8)square feet in sign area. No than more two (2)projecting signs are permitted per structure.
Roof Sians. Signs that are placed above or supported on the top of a building or structure are prohibited.
Window Signs. Window signs shall not exceed fifteen (15)percent of the
total window area, but in no case shall exceed eight (8)square feet in
sign area for the building and are limited to first floor windows only. For
uses that are located in the second or higher stories of the building,
special sign provisions indicating occupant and use may be granted by the Planning Commission.
Ground Signs. Ground signs are those signs supported by poles, uprights, braces or other structures on the ground and are freestanding. No more than one ground sign shall be permitted on any one lot. Such ground signs shall be limited to a maximum of ten (10)square feet in sign area.
Reverse Sides of Signs. Reverse sides of signs, if visible, shall be unobtrusive and shall blend with the surroundings.
Singlef-amily Subdivision Identification Signs. One sign per entrance indicating the project entrances( )to a singlef-amily subdivision may be permitted upon review and approval by the Planning Commission. Maximum sign area shall be twelve (12)square feet and maximum height shall be six 6( )feet. Such signs shall have at least an eight (8) foot setback from public rights( )o-fw-ay.
Multif-amily Proiect Sians. Such signs shall have a maximum height of six 6)feet, a maximum area not to exceed twelve (12) square feet, and a minimum setback of eight 8( )feet from public right(s)o-fw-ay.
Sandwich Board Signs. Sandwich boards associated with a legal business, limited to one (1) per business, may be allowed provided each of the two panels is limited to four 4( )feet in height and two 2( )feet in width. They shall be placed only on the lot of the business establishment to which they refer and must be removed and secured within each business during non-business hours.
Awning Sians. Signs on awnings or canopies attached to a building face may have a maximum size of six 6( )square feet. Location of the sign on the awning or canopy shall be restricted to the vertical face of the awning or canopy.
Allowable Number of Signs and Allowable Sian Area. There may be a maximum of two 2( )signs per business and a maximum of four 4( )signs for any single building or lot. Total sign area for an entire building or lot umnadyernoSteectxiocene1d18t9w.e0n6ty(i)foofuthri s2(C4h)saqputearr.e feet, excluding signs permitted
It is recognized that in certain builtu-p areas of the Village Districts, street rightso- fw-ay are subject to question, and that private structures may be in the righto- fw-ay. Therefore, in the following areas, the Planning rCigomhtmsoi-ssf-ion may vary sign regulations regarding location relative to way.
1) Broadway from Plum Street to Granger Street.
2) Prospect Street from East College Street to East Elm Street.
3) Main Street from Broadway south to the AROD boundary.
All temporary signs shall conform to all requirements of permanent signs unless
otherwise noted. Temporary signs shall be non-illuminated. Except as exempted in
1189.04, all temporary signs shall require a sign permit. The permit for a temporary
sign may be given only after review and approval of the Planning Commission of a
temporary sign application and may be for a maximum of one year.
Subdivision Siqns. Signs as set forth in 1189.04(d)advertising the sale of
platted lots in a subdivision may be erected and displayed in such
subdivision provided that not more than one such sign may be permitted
on any platted lot. Any other sign advertising sale of lots within a
subdivision shall be restricted to one in number, whether such sign is at
the entrance to the subdivision or within the subdivision. Any such sign
may also be utilized to advertise the sale or lease of multi-family units, or
store or office space in commercial development. However, such signs
shall not be utilized to advertise the sale, lease or development of land.
Such signs shall be limited to a maximum area of sixteen (16)square feet, a maximum height of ten (10)feet, and be a minimum of fifteen (15)
feet from established rights( )o-fw-ay.
Contractor Siqns. One (1) sign announcing the names of contractors,
subcontractors and material suppliers participating in the construction of a
building may be permitted during the actual construction period, provided
that such signs shall be located only on the parcel of land being
developed. Such signs shall be limited to sixteen (16)square feet in sign
area, be no more than ten (10)feet high, and be a minimum of fifteen (15) feet from established right(s)o-fw- ay.
The Planning Commission may set such other standards and
requirements as are in keeping with the intent of this section for other temporary signs not otherwise listed.
One purpose of this district is to protect and preserve the visual qualities of major community entrance points. Since signage is an important part of visual aesthetics, additional regulations are placed on signage in this district.
a) Only wall signs and ground signs are permitted, and then only in those districts in which such signs are otherwise permitted by this chapter.
A maximum height of six (6)feet for ground signs.
Signage is permitted only as part of a comprehensive landscaping plan as required under section 1176.04(d).
a) A sign shall be considered to be abandoned and shall be removed at the owner's cost:
1) when the sign is associated with a use abandoned more than ninety 9( 0)days, or when the sign has been abandoned more than ninety (90)days, as determined by Planning Commission; or
2) when the sign has been ordered removed under Section 1189.03.
b) The Village Manager, or the Manager's designee, may present evidence to the Planning Commission that a sign has been abandoned. The Planning Commission may then declare the sign to be abandoned and order the sign and/ or any supporting structures to be removed. This decision
may be appealed within ten 1( 0)days to Council using the procedure of Section 1189.03(a)3().
a) Notwithstanding any other Chapter or Section of the Codified Ordinances to the contrary, any application submitted under this Chapter which requests a variance to allow deviation from the strict interpretation of the regulations established by this Chapter shall be heard by the Planning Commission.
Section 11:
b) Separate or additional application for a variance under Chapter 1147
of the Codified Ordinances shall not be required. Rather, the
application required by Section 1189.03(a)shall, in addition to the
requirements set forth therein, clearly indicate that the applicant is
seeking a variance to allow deviation from the strict interpretation of
the regulations established by this Chapter.
c) No additional fee beyond that established by Section 1189.03(b)
shall be required for applications that include requests for a
d) In considering a request for a variance, the Planning Commission
shall, in addition to the criteria and consideration established by this
Chapter, apply the criteria set forth in Section 1147.03 to the extent
those criteria are not otherwise inconsistent with the criteria
established by this Chapter.
e) Approval of an application under this Chapter shall be deemed an
approval for any variance requests necessary to such approval. In
these instances, however, where the granting or denial of an
application is based upon the granting or denial of a variance
request, the Planning Commission shall separately set forth its
findings of fact, conclusions and reasoning relative to its
Passed this
This Ordinance shall take effect and be in full force upon the earliest date allowed by law.
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026-1 /A.6 3« ) Clerk of Council
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day of A677&
Mayor '
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