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Ordinance 22-1995

BY: Sho/rnin
WHEREAS, pursuant to the provisions of Section 2.08 of Article 11 of the Charter
of the Village of Granville, Ohio, the Village Council is authorized to adopt the
Municipal budget for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 1995 and ending December
31, 1995, and;
WHEREAS, the Manager has recommended appropriations to supplement
previously made appropriations.
NOW, THEREFORE, Be it ordained by the Council of Granville, Ohio, that:
Section I:
Section Il
Account No.
Al -4-F-230
Section 111:
Account No.
The annual budget of the Village of Granville, as established by
Ordinance No. 44-94, be amended by the Council, as recommended by
the Manager, and is hereby adopted.
To provide for Operating Expenditures in the General Fund during the
fiscal year ending December 31, 1995, the following appropriations are
hereby made in the General Fund:
Contractual Services -
Water Service Faucet
To provide for Operating Expenditures in the Water capital Improvements
Fund during the fiscal year ending December 31, 1995, the following
appropriation is made in the Water Capital Improvements Fund:
Capital Outlay -
Well Re-establishment
Section IV: This Ordinance shall take effect and be in full force upon the earliest date allowed by law.
Passed this
MO-3 -
Clerk of Council
Approved as to F rm:
Q P . L (*,- LawDitorr *
day of 3>e- pJ-trribe- r
19 Mayor
CS-2 Rev. 4/9/92
NAME OF STREET Newark-Granville Road
ROUTE NO. Village of Granville
LIC-Newark-Granville Road-Village of Granville
006 1 < PID: 15260
DATE 9-6 -961
An emergency ordinance enacted by the Village of Granville , matter of the hereinafter Lickina County,Ohio, in the Transportation. described improvement, and to request cooperation by the Director of
the pubWlicHEREAS,the Village has identified the need for and proposes the improvement of a portion of highway which is described as follows:
College Street between its intersection with Sunrise Street and Newark-Granville Road, and the cNoerpwoararktiG-onralnimvililte. Road between its intersection with College Street and the Village of Granville's easterly
Wothoerkr srehlaaltleidnccluodnestrpuacvteiomneintetmwsid.ening and resurfacing, drainage, pedestrianb/ikeway development and
improvseamidenpto,ratinodn of highway within the municipal corporation limits being hereinafter referred to as the
planninWg,HEREAS, the Village further desires cooperation from the Director of Transportation in the design and construction of said improvement.
NOW THEREFORE, Be it ordained by the Council of the Village of Granville Ohio:
SECTION I (Cooperation)
That said Village hereby requests the cooperation of the Director of Transportation, in the cost of the above described improvements as follows:
The Village does hereby propose to assume and contribute the entire cost and expense of the improvement less the amount of FederalA- id funds set aside by the Director of Transportation for the financing of this improvement from funds allocated by the Federal Highway Administration, U1.S0. D0e%poaf rt)htmeent of Transportation, and further, the Village agrees to bear one hundred percent cost of the following items:
1) Preliminary Engineering
2) Rights-of-way
3) All costs for added construction items generating extra work contracts under Ohio Laws, unless performance is approved by the State of Ohio and the Federal Highway Administration before work is authorized.
SECTION 11 C( onsent)
That it is declared to be in the public interest that the consent of said Village be and such consent ascchoerrdeabnycegivweitnh tpolatnhes,sDpireecciftiocratoiofnTsransportation to construct the above described improvement, in and estimates as approved by the Director.
SECTION 111A (uthority to Sign)
That the ' Manager of Said Village, is hereby authorized to enter into Contractual Officer's Title)
maintenance and parking agreements and special contractual obligations.
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Cr '·=9'.
145v42I.,/.:'.,: 13li'./
1 ' I -
CS-2 Rev.4/9/92
SECTION IV (Maintenance and Parking)
That upon completion of said improvement, said Village will thereafter to traffic at all times, keep said highway open and
Maintain the improvement in accordance with the provisions of the statutes relating thereto
and make ample financial and other provisions for such maintenance; and
Maintain the right-of-way and keep it free of obstructions in a manner satisfactory to the
State of Ohio and hold said right-of-way inviolate for public highway purposes and permit
no signs, posters, billboards, roadside stands or other private installations within the right- of-way limits; and
Place and maintain all traffic control devices conforming to the Ohio Manual of Uniform
Traffic Control Devices on the improvement in compliance with the provisions of Section 4511. 11 and related sections of the Ohio Revised Code.
Regulate parking in the following manner:
Prohibit parking in accordance with Section 4511. 66 of the Ohio Revised Code, unless
otherwise controlled by local ordinance or restriction.
SECTION V (Right-of-Way, Utility Rearrangement and Damage and Liability Responsibilities)
a) That all existing street and public way righto- f-way within the Village which is necessary for the aforesaid improvement, shall be made available therefor.
b) That the Village will acquire any additional righto- fw- ay required for the construction of the aforesaid improvement.
© That arrangements have been or will be made with and agreements obtained from all public utility companies whose lines or structures will be affected by the said improvement and said companies have agreed to make any and all necessary plant removals or rearrangements in such a manner as to be clear of any construction called for by the plans of said improvement and said companies have agreed to make such necessary rearrangements immediately after notification by said Village or the Department of Transportation.
That it is hereby agreed that the Village shall at its own expense, make all rearrangements of water mains, service lines, fire hydrants, valve boxes sanitary sewers or other municipally owned utilities ando/r any appurtenances thereto, which do not comply with the provisions of Directive H-P-508.
That the construction, reconstruction, ando/r rearrangement of both publicly and privately owned utilitiesr,e- ferred to in subsections c( )and d( )above, shall be done in such a manner as not to interfere unduly with the operation of the contractor constructing the improvement and all backfilling of trenches made necessary by such utility rearrangements shall be performed in accordance with the provisions of the Ohio Department of Transportation Construction and Material Specifications and shall be subject to approval by the State.
That the installation of all utility facilities on the righto- f-way shall conform with the requirements of the Federal Highway Administration Policy and Procedure Memorandum 30-4 "Utility Relocations and Adjustments"and the Department of Transportation's rules on Utility Accommodation.
That the Village hereby agrees to accept responsibility for any and all damages or claims for which it is legally liable arising from the negligence of its officers, employees or agents in the performance of the Village's obligations made or agreed to in Sections a( ),b (), ( d),e )(and f()hereinabove. Likewise, the State agrees to accept responsibility for c), all damages or claims for which it is legally liable arising from the negligence any and employees or agents in the performance of of its officers, Sections a( ),b (), ( the State's obligations made or agreed to in c),d (),e ()a,nd 0( hereinabove.
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CS-2 Rev.4/9/92
This ordinance is hereby declared to be an emergency measure by reason of the need for expediting highway improvements to promote highway safety, and provided it receives the affirmative
vote of two-thirds of the members elected to Council, it shall take effect and be in force its immediately upon passage and approval by the Mayor; otherwise, it shall take effect and be in force from and after the earliest period allowed by law.
Passed: u 3694nb*er 6, 19 95.
Attest: x
U/9/,# .
Village of Granville
County Lickina
3311 \' 12E 6 & Law Director
1,x 6Lrio L. 7 /76/// / a s,Clerk of the Village of Granville Ohio, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of ordinance adopted by the legislative Authority of the said Village on the *O day of X Spptonhir 19 94 , that the publication of such ordinance has been made and certified of record according to law; that no proceedings looking to a referendum upon such ordinance have been taken; and that such ordinance and certificate of publication thereof are of record in Ordinance Record No.%43-95 , Page 56 . '
Village of Granville Ohio.
The aforegoing is accepted as a basis for proceeding with the improvement herein described.
For the Village of Granville Ohio.
Attest:x Ca.rce X 7 l/'ce#·«
y k\oLf-L .
Date *
qL J96---
Contractual Officer 1 1
For the State of Ohio
U 024,6 LMirep.VtdO rh /io&l e[ Vf.irtUrrlof Transportation
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