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Ordinance 01-98

WHEREAS, Article XVIII of the Ohio Constitution authorizes a municipal corporation to dispose of property owned by the municipal corporation as within the powers of local self-government; and,

 WHEREAS, Section 1.04 of the Charter of the Village of Granville establishes, in those instances where no procedure is established either by Charter or by Ordinance, that the procedures established by general state law shall be employed until Council establishes a procedure by ordinance; and,

 WHEREAS, the Charter and the ordinances of the Village of Granville are silent as to those procedures to be employed relative to the disposition of real property of the Village other than Section 3.01 of the Charter which requires that the lease or transfer of public property be accomplished by ordinance; and,

 WHEREAS, it is the determination of the Council of the Village of Granville that it is desirable and in the best interests of the Village to establish procedures other than those set forth in the Ohio Revised Code for the disposition of real property owned by the Village;

 NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of Granville, Ohio that:

Section I: The Council is authorized to dispose of real property owned by the Village, whether such disposition is of the entire interest of the Village in such property or a lesser included estate in such property and whether for an established period by lease or permanently by conveyance, upon such terms and conditions and according to such procedures as the Council determines are in the best interests of the Village under the circumstances; Section II: The Council is authorized to exchange real property owned by the Village for other real property upon the determination that the property received in any such exchange is equally or more suitable to municipal purposes than that property owned and the subject of the exchange;

Section III: Any disposition of property of the Village, whether by sale, lease or exchange and whether of the entire interest in the property or any lesser included estate of such property, shall require the affirmative concurrence of five, (5), members of Council. 

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