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Ordinance 02-98

WHEREAS, by Ordinance No. 01-98, the Council established a procedure for the disposition of property owned by the Village; and 

 WHEREAS, The First Presbyterian Church of Granville has requested an exchange of real property with the Village, to permit the construction of an addition to its education building; and

 WHEREAS, the Council has determined that the property proposed to be exchanged by The First Presbyterian Church of Granville is equally suitable to municipal purposes as the property owned by the Village and the subject of the proposed exchange, and as a result thereof desires to approve the disposition and exchange. 

 NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of Granville, Ohio that:

Section I: That the tract of land owned by The First Presbyterian Church of Granville, which contains 0.050 acres, more or less, as is more fully described in Exhibit "A" to this Ordinance, is determined to be equally or more suitable to municipal purposes than the tract of land owned by the Village of Granville, Ohio, containing 0.129 acres, a description of which is attached to this Ordinance as Exhibit "B", and, as a result thereof, the exchange of such parcels is therefore authorized in accordance with the conditions and provisions of this Ordinance;

Section II: That upon the execution and delivery of a good, sufficient, and recordable general warranty deed to the Village, in a form acceptable to the Village as determined by its Law Director, conveying to the Village the real estate described in Exhibit "A", free and clear of all encumbrances whatsoever and subject only to those easements, conditions and/or restrictions as acceptable to the Village Law Director, that the Village convey to The First Presbyterian Church of Granville, the real property owned by the Village as described in Exhibit "B", attached hereto.

Section III: The Presbyterian Church shall continue to allow public parking during weekdays ie, non-church hours, as currently is the informal custom, to be further defined by a Letter of Agreement.

Section IV: That the Village Manager be, and hereby is, authorized on behalf of the Village to execute and deliver the instrument of conveyance to The First Presbyterian Church of Granville, as contemplated by this Ordinance.


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