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Ordinance 15-98

 WHEREAS, there is presently available for purchase certain real property located within the Village commonly known as 200 E. Broadway; and,

WHEREAS, the location of this property is in the heart of the Village Business and Historical Architectural Review Overlay District; and,

WHEREAS, in the opinion of Village Council the acquisition of this property would represent a significant contribution to the municipality and its citizens; and,

WHEREAS, under Section 3.01 of the Charter for the Village of Granville, all action relating to the purchase of public property shall be taken by ordinance; and,

WHEREAS, under Section 3.05 of the Charter, ordinances may, under appropriate circumstance be adopted as emergency ordinances; and,

WHEREAS, in the opinion of Village Council, the ability to acquire the above described property will in all probability be diminished or lost without immediate action.


Section I: The Village Manager, Law Director or such other designee as determined by Council is hereby authorized to immediately proceed with the presentation of a formal offer to purchase that property which is commonly known as 200 E. Broadway, and to cause the preparation and execution of any and all documents necessary or appropriate to such offer. 

Section II: The offer herein authorized shall, within the terms, conditions and guidelines as may be finally negotiated, be limited by and conditional upon final Council approval.

 Section III: This ordinance is hereby declared to be an emergency measure necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, safety and welfare of the Municipality and its inhabitants. Wherefore, this ordinance shall in full force and effect from and immediately upon passage.

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