Granville Community Calendar

Ordinance 01-99

 WHEREAS, On October 26, 1998, Joan Hepsworth & Carolyn
Carter submitted an application for a PCD Development Plan
to install a Service Shop (health message therapy business)
in an existing building at 1287 Cherry Valley Road; and,

    WHEREAS, that application was considered by the
Granville Planning Commission on December 28, 1998; and,

    WHEREAS, the Granville Planning Commission
determined the development plan as submitted should be
accepted; and,

    WHEREAS, Council has considered the recommendation
of the Planning Commission pursuant to Chapter 1171 of The
Granville Codified Ordinances; and,

    WHEREAS, Council has determined to approve the PCD
Development Plan of New Day Spa with conditions.

    NOW, THEREFORE, be it ordained by the Council of
Granville, Ohio, that:

Section   I:    The development plan as submitted to the
Planning Commission is     approved with the following

1.  Screening, 42 inches in height (hedge or fence), shall
be installed on the northwest sides of parking lot.
2.  Two exterior lights are permitted to be installed,
located at the rear of the middle building and on the
business building, and one next to the new main entrance on
driveway side of the business building.  The lighting shall
comply with Village Lighting Standard Guidelines.
3.  Trash/recycle bins shall be stored inside the middle
building (garage).
4.  A new window like those existing shall be installed in
the wall section (currently a garage door) which is to be
5.  A five foot portion of the existing driveway, located
front of the existing attached garage, shall be removed and
6.  Recommend that a new arm and frame be installed on the
existing parking lot security light similar in appearance
the standard Granville Esplanade fixture.  

Section  II:    This Ordinance shall take effect and be in
full force and effect upon the     earliest date allowed by

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