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Ordinance 02-99

WHEREAS, existing Section 1163.03(a) contains an incorrect

    NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of
Granville, Ohio that:

Section I:    Section 1163.03(a) of the Codified
Ordinances of the Village of Granville, Ohio be amended to
read as follows:
(a)  Lot and Building Requirements by Subdistrict.
             MINIMUM YARDS
       Min.    To A            Total    Min.    Max.
       Lot    Public            Side    Max.    
Bldg.    Max.
Zoning    Area    Row    Front    Side    Yard    Rear    Lot
District    (Sq.Ft.)    (Feet)    (Feet)    (Feet)    
(Feet)    (Feet)    Coverage    (Feet)
 SRD-A    20,000    90    35    14    30    50    15%
 SRD-B    10,000    75    30    12    26    40    20%
 SRD-C    8,000    65    30    10    21    40    25%
 SRD-R        *See below
 *The average permitted density in SRD-R is one dwelling
unit per one and one-half acres of land.  However, the
average density may be reduced to one dwelling unit per one
acre of land, provided density incentives are met pursuant
to Chapter 1171 of this code.

Section II:    This Ordinance shall take effect and be in
full force upon the earliest date allowed by law.

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