Granville Community Calendar

Ordinance 03-99

WHEREAS, on November 4, 1998, Village Council adopted
ORDINANCE NO. 23-98 which addressed the regulation of truck
traffic within and through the Village Of Granville; and,

    WHEREAS, on November 23, 1998, Village Council
adopted ORDINANCE NO.  27-98 amending the effective date of
 ORDINANCE NO. 23-98; and,
    WHEREAS, since the adoption of ORDINANCE NO. 23-98
and ORDINANCE NO 27-98, discussions have been pursued
between members of Granville and Newark in an effort to
resolve the concerns addressed by ORDINANCE NO. 23-98; and,

    WHEREAS, it is the opinion of Village Council that
the discussions with the Newark community to date have been
productive and are likely to lead to a long-term solution
the concerns which led to the adoption of ORDINANCE NO.
23-98; and,

    WHEREAS, a number of the businesses that utilize
Cherry Valley Road south of SR16, including Tamarack and
Englefield Oil, have agreed to undertake immediate
self-policing efforts to improve the traffic situation in
Granville and have offered certain other assistance during
the progress of such discussions.

    NOW THEREFORE, be it ordained by the Village of
Granville, State of Ohio, as follows:

Section I:    Granville recognizes and lauds the
statesman-like approach taken by certain Newark community
leaders, as demonstrated by their actions during recent
Section II:    The application of ORDINANCE NO. 23-98 to
Cherry Valley Road south of SR16 is hereby suspended until
July 19, 1999, to provide Newark and Granville an
opportunity to seek a mutually acceptable solution to their
common problems, as well as to evaluate the progress of the
businesses in pursuing their commitments.

Section III:    Village Council endorses the suggestion by
certain Newark community leaders to form a joint committee
to address the problem of through-truck traffic in the
historic and/or residential districts of both
municipalities, as well as other issues.

Section IV:    Village Council suggests that
representatives of the two municipalities jointly invest
such time and energy as is necessary to resolve the issue
through-truck traffic in the historic and/or residential
districts of both municipalities, including aggressive
enforcement of all local and state laws and regulations,
whether such efforts require requests for assistance from
appropriate state regulatory authority or otherwise.

Section V:    That ORDINANCE NO. 23-98 be amended by
deleting the word "Village" in section 301.44 and
substituting therefore the word "Granville".

Section VI:    This ORDINANCE is hereby declared to be an
emergency measure necessary for the immediate preservation
of the public peace, health, safety and welfare of the
Municipality and its inhabitants.  Wherefore,this ORDINANCE
shall be in full force and effect from and immediately upon

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