Granville Community Calendar

Ordinance 09-99

NOW, THEREFORE, be it ordained by the Council of Granville,

Section   I:    That Section 921.04(c) of the Codified
Ordinances of Granville, Ohio, is hereby amended as follows:

921.04 (c) (1) Capacity Charges
(1)  Sanitary Sewer system capacity charges for sanitary
sewer service shall be as follows:
        Nominal Tap Diameter             
Capacity Charges
    3/4"    $  1,935
    1"    3,440    
    1-1/2"    7,741
    2"    13,768
    3"    30,962
    4"    55,044
    6"    123,848
    8"    220,175
Section II:    That this ordinance shall take effect and
in force from and after the earliest date allowed by law.

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