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Ordinance 16-99

 WHEREAS, the Village Council of Granville, Ohio, wants to
promote the health, safety and general welfare of the
village and its inhabitants by providing suitable areas for
a mixed use, visually integrated neighborhood with a
moderate concentration of various types of compatible
businesses to service neighborhood needs, and residences
while providing neighborhood and Village enhancing
such as adequate parking, appropriate landscaping,
screening, desirable aesthetics, and site design intended
eliminate adverse effects of traffic congestion, and;

WHEREAS, in addition, the Village Council wants to provide
for increased tax revenues to both the local schools and
Village, while minimizing costs to the Village for
infrastructure acquisition and maintenance, and with
preservation or enhancement of, rather than harm to,
neighborhood, Village, and Granville Township quality of
life and property values, and;

WHEREAS, the 1990 Granville Comprehensive Plan provides for
periodic review of "plan goals and objectives and
and that the "…Village… could then add amendments to the
plan as necessary to reflect community attitudes", and;

WHEREAS, the Granville Village Council has reviewed the
Community Service Districts and related community attitudes
and has incorporated and documented the resulting changes
this ordinance.

NOW, THERFORE, Be it ordained by the Council of Granville,
Ohio, that:

Section I:    Section 1167 of the Codified Ordinances of
the Village of Granville be amended, and enacted to read as
shown in Exhibit A, attached hereto and incorporated herein.

Section II:    Wherefore, this ordinance shall be in full
force and effect upon the earliest date allowed by law.

ATTACHMENT A (revised)

Community Service District

1167.01    Purpose and intent.    1167.03    Development
1167.02    Permitted and conditional uses.

Off-street parking and loading - see P. & Z. 1183
Signs - see P. & Z. 1189
Satellite ground stations - see P. & Z. 1191.02

The Community Service District is designed to provide for
those businesses and commercial uses which require
production, service space or extensive storage areas, and
for compatible sales operations.  The purpose and intent of
the district is to provide suitable areas for the
development of business service facilities, community
service facilities, repair services and suitable types of
sales operations; and further, to promote and encourage the
introduction of limited manufacturing and light industrial

(a)    Permitted Uses.
(1)    Sales at wholesale or retail, of building
paint and other hardware items; lumber and milling
operations and products, plumbing, heating and electrical
supplies; other home maintenance and improvement sales to
the general public; automotive parts supplies; and also
manufacture, fabrication or assembly of such products for
on-premises sale, providing that no such activity shall be
permitted which is objectionable, due to noise, fumes,
smoke, odor, vibration or related environmental or social
(2)    General business services, duplicating, addressing,
reproduction operations, stenographic, mailing services,
advertising services, newspaper operations, sheet metal
shops, sign painting shops and mechanical and metalworking
(3)    Business machine service and repair operations;
repair of small mechanical items such as watches and
electrical appliances and other durable item service and
repair;    automotive mechanical and body repair and service.
(4)    Farm and garden-related, milling operations,
and sales of grain and livestock feed; retail sale or
of farm implements and products; and sale of livestock and
related activities, including temporary storage, providing
such operations are not detrimental to surrounding
(5)  General equipment, materials and heavy vehicle
and sales and related interests, offices and facilities for
general contracting, heavy equipment contracting,
mechanical, metalworking and electrical contracting and
facilities for warehousing, storing and selling materials
and equipment used in such businesses; storage yards or
plants for rental or sale of construction equipment;
building material yards; chemical packaging, sales and
storage; concrete, masonry, sheet metal, plumbing and
heating shops and facilities for warehousing, storing and
selling materials and equipment used in such businesses.
(6)    Car wash operations.
(7)  Trade or business schools, provided machinery which is
used for instruction is not objectionable due to noise,
fumes, smoke, odor or vibration.

1167.02  PLANNING AND ZONING CODE                      82

 (8)    Research testing and development activities within
entirely enclosed buildings, which are not objectionable
to noise, fumes, smoke, glare, odor, vibration or related
environmental or social interests.
(9)     Retail outlets:   furniture, clothing, jewelry,
stores, shoe and variety stores, hardware stores.,
appliance, lighting, paint and wallpaper stores.
(10)     Retail food preparation: meat markets, bakeries,
specialty food shops, ice cream stores, delicatessens,
coffee shops, tea shops, confectionery stores, and other
similar facilities all of which shall be limited to
on-premise sales only.
(11)     Specialty shops: antique shops, gift shops,
magazine, book stores, card shops, stationery stores,
florist shops, arts and crafts supplies stores, bridal
shops, health food stores, musical instruments stores,
stores, bicycle stores, toy stores, audio equipment stores,
video equipment stores, china stores, glassware stores,
linen stores, computer stores, software stores, quilting
stores, fabric stores, office supply stores, picture frame
stores, video rental stores, camera and photography shops,
sporting goods outlets, and clothing consignment stores.
(12)     Service, and places of assembly:  dry-cleaning and
laundry pick-up stations, barber and beauty shops, tanning
facilities., physical fitness centers, shoe repair and
tailor shops, print shops, and copy shops.
(13)     Business and professional offices: such as medical
and dental offices and clinics, law offices, insurance
offices, real estate offices, advertising agency offices,
answering service offices, architects' offices, certified
public accountants' offices, engineers' offices, interior
decorators' offices, and financial services offices
including financial planner offices, and stock brokerage

(b)    Conditional Uses.
(1)    Light manufacturing, industrial and assembly
operations which are not objectionable due to noise, fumes,
smoke, glare, odor, vibration or related environmental or
social interests.
(2)    Automotive related retail sales, including new and
used car dealers and miscellaneous marine, motorcycle or
similar dealerships as determined by the Planning  
Commission to be in keeping with the intent of this
(3)    Retail sale or rental of recreational vehicles such
as campers, trailers and other such vehicles, principally
for recreational use, being sold or rented separately or in
conjunction with a permitted use.
(4)    Movers and moving equipment with temporary, limited
storage of moved goods.
(5)    Food and beverage services.
(5)    Residential uses:  single-, two- and multi-family.
(Ord.  12-92.  Passed 6-17-92.)
(6)    Daycare facilities.
(Ord.  13-98.  Passed 8-19-98.)
(7)    Retail sale of modular homes, specially excluding
mobile homes.
    (Ord. 07-99  Passed 02-17-99.)

   (c)    Interpretation of this Section. Each use must have
its own independent approval, whether permitted or

1167.03 PLANNING AND ZONING CODE                      83

(a)  The Planning Commission shall require a site plan and
perform an architectural review of all developments
pursuant to this Chapter.  The site plan shall indicate:
(1)    A traffic and parking system plan that details
points of access, identified and numbered parking spaces,
and pedestrian walkways.  The plan shall be so designed to
minimize conflict points between pedestrian and vehicular
movements.  Minimizing the number of curb cuts within the
lot frontage and joint curb cuts between adjacent uses for
multi-family units and commercial business centers shall be
(2)    Storm drainage runoff collection points.
(3)    Outdoor trash container systems shall be
specifically located and screening shall be provided to
enclose such containers from view.
(4)    Landscape and outdoor lighting plans.
(5)    The applicant shall design and provide a program to
control other nuisances related to the carrying out of the
land use.

(b)  Lot Requirements.
(1)    Minimum lot area.  None, except that lot size shall
be adequate to meet all yard parking requirements.
(2)    Minimum lot width.  None, except that all lots must
abut a public street and have adequate width to meet
and yard requirements.
(3)    Parking areas.  Parking may not be provided in the
front of structures, but shall be provided at the rear or
side of structures.  Parking areas shall be no closer to
main structures than five feet and shall not be located
within ten feet of any lot line.  Parking areas adjacent to
a residential district shall be screened.

(c)  Building Requirements.
(1)    Maximum height: thirty feet.
(2)    Any accessory buildings shall have the same
requirements for yards as main buildings.
(3)    Storm drainage collection points shall be indicated
and outdoor trash containers shall be specifically located
and sufficiently screened to avoid nuisance to and avoid
being viewed from surrounding properties.
(4)      The screening of open lot storage from all abutting
and     adjacent lots shall be     required.
(5)      Setbacks:  Side and rear yards shall have a setback
of 8 feet.
(6)      Retail outlets,  retail food preparation, specialty
shops, and service, and places of     assembly as
in 1167.02(a) 9 - 12 respectively, shall be no larger than
12,000     square feet for any single tenant or use.

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