Granville Community Calendar

Ordinance 18-99

    WHEREAS,  Pursuant to the provisions of Section
of Article II of the Charter of the Village of Granville,
Ohio, the Village Council is authorized to adopt and modify
the Master Plan for the municipality; and,

    WHEREAS,  the Village Council adopted a new
Comprehensive (Master) Plan in 1990; and,

    WHEREAS, a joint task force from the entire
Granville community – both Village and Township – was
appointed to review the community’s zoning and to develop
overall plan to preserve the distinctive appearance,
pedestrian orientation, and small town character and peace
of Granville; and,

    WHEREAS, such task force, with additional community
participants, conducted extensive research and held
public hearings to ascertain the public will in terms of an
update to the Comprehensive Plan’s various components; and,

    WHEREAS, the efforts directed toward revising and
updating the Comprehensive Plan for the Village and
have resulted in the compilation of the 1998 Strategic
Update to the Granville Comprehensive Plan;

    NOW, THEREFORE, be it ordained by the Council of
Granville, Ohio, that:

Section    I:     The Comprehensive Plan of Granville be and
hereby is adopted.
Section   II:    The entire Village Council expresses its
appreciation to those who have contributed their time and
talents towards this worthy goal.

Section   III:     That this ordinance shall take effect and
be in full force from and after the earliest period allowed
by law.

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