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Ordinance 28-99


Section   I:    Section 921.07 of the Codified Ordinances
Granville, Ohio, is hereby amended to read as follows:


For the purpose of providing for the cost of the
maintenance, operation and repair of the sewerage system
sewage pumping, treatment and disposal works, and for the
enlargement or replacement of the system and works, and for
the construction and reconstruction of main and interceptor
sewers and the payment of interest on any debt incurred for
the construction thereof, there is hereby levied and
assessed upon each lot or parcel of land in the Village of
Granville on which a building, commercial, industrial,
institutional or residential is located, which is connected
to the Village of Granville sewer system, a sewer service
charge as hereinafter provided. All classes of users shall
be levied charges on the same basis as described

The sewer service charge shall be calculated on the volume
of waste-water discharged directly or indirectly into the
sewer system and shall be measured by the water used by
sewer user as shown by water meter readings. The sewer
service charge for the Village of Granville shall consist
a debt service charge of one dollar and ninety nine cents
($1.99) per thousand gallons and a user charge for
operation, maintenance and replacement (OM & R) of  two
dollars and ninety-five cents ($2.95) three dollars and ten
cents ($3.10) per thousand gallons. If the total sewage (as
measured by water meter readings) discharged in any one (1)
month period is less than one thousand (1000) gallons,
shall be a minimum charge of four five dollars and
ninety-four nine cents ($4.94) ($5.09).  Such minimum
shall be for debt service in the amount of one dollar and
ninety-nine ($1.99) and for OM& R in the amount of two
dollars and ninety-five cents ($2.95)  three dollars and
cents ($3.10).

The sewer service system charge will be audited annually by
the Village with the charges being adjusted upwards or
downwards in order to assure that the system is and will
continue to be self sufficient and that sufficient revenue
is being generated from each user class in the proper
proportions. No free service shall be provided in this
service charge system. Each user will be notified by the
Village, at least annually, in conjunction with a regular
bill, of the rates for that year and that portion of the
service charges which are attributable to the user charge
for operation, maintenance and replacement of the system.
addition, rates will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly
compensate users of each class for any overages and
underages accumulated during the previous rate period. The
sewer service charge herein assessed shall be in addition
the charge made for water used.

Where a private supply is used, the sewer service charge
be calculated by requiring the property owner to meter the
private water supply, such metering to be at the property
owner's expense and such measurement to be used in the same
manner as a public water meter in determining the charge.
The Village may, at its option, in lieu of such metering,
apply a sewer service charge of fifty dollars ($50.00) per
month to such premises.  Each resident, institution,
commercial or industrial establishment shall be subject to
separate sewer service charge even though such
may be served by a sewer connection common to other
premises. If it be found by the citizen that the water or
waste measured or metered for any customer is greater than
that actually being discharged directly or indirectly into
the sewage system, the Village may modify and adjust such
volume in accordance with the facts and with justice and
equity, but no charge less than the minimum shall be made
for any customer subject to the sewer service charge.

Where a private water supply is used and/or the user
to meter his water use or sewage flow, the owner shall
all expenses related to the installation of said meter.
Prior to installation of the meter, the type of equipment
installed and its location must be approved by the Village.
Prior to placing said meter into use after installation,
Village shall inspect and approve or disapprove the meter
installation. Any modifications required by the Village
shall be made at the user's expense and prior to the
use. The meter shall be located in a suitable location that
will accommodate readings by Village personnel. Tampering
with the meter by the user to cause inaccurate readings
shall make the user subject to the penalty provisions of
Section 921.99.

Section II:    This ordinance shall take effect and be in
full force from and after the earliest period allowed by

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